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I just received my 5k Elizabeth and James reward, here is the pic. Please Share your rewards
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.34.35 PM.png
Just a place to talk about these rewards with each other. I know I'm super excited to see what roles out
Hi Everyone,   We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are hearing your feedback regarding today’s Extraordinary Rewards experience. If we haven’t been able to respond to you personally yet, please know that we have read your feedback and definitely understand your frustration. The rewards sold out much quicker than we anticipated, so we were unable to send out the planned email or post to our social channels. We’re sorry if you missed out on these exciting rewards. The response has been overwhelming and we are happy to announce that there will be more extraordinary rewards coming this year.   If you have specific questions or need assistance, please PM a moderator for help. We appreciate your understanding and value the helpful feedback you’ve provided here on BeautyTalk.  
I should get paid by Sephora marketing for starting this thread for them.   What, if anything, could Sephora do at this point to regain your trust and loyalty to the company?   For me, I would be appeased by a year of 500 point perks and a $50 gift card. I would be miffed still, but might be willing to sweep this guffaw under the rug.
I know we're all hating on Sephora these last few days and I'm absolutely in agreement with everyone on that. I too have spent a sleepless night and I'm Canadian so we all know what happened there...   With that being said, just wanted to share some positive Sephora experiences.   Being from Canada (Toronto), prior to Sephora opening up here, Shoppers didn't carry fancy brands so all we had was The Bay, Sears and Holt. Being a young and poor high school/college student, I would save up for months to buy that one or two coveted items and more often than not be disappointed - not knowing how to apply them or just the product not working for me because I was never able to get a sample before trying. That money was very hard earned and experiencing the sadness of getting a product, having it not work out and having no ability to return and exchange for something else, I had to really limit my purchases and think long and hard about whether the cost was justified.   When Sephora opened here, a world of possibility opened up as well. All the products were out to sample, I could spend hours playing with makeup and trying things on. I was able to get help when I needed, try what I wanted and purchase with full confidence knowing that I had an amazing return policy to back up my purchases. Along the way, I fell in love with all kinds of different makeup, was able to try so much and love and enjoy so many products. For those few duds, I was able to return and exchange for something else I loved. I'm now an adult with a full time job and a bit of a beauty addiction which I'm happy to say has been fully attributed to Sephora (in a good way! )   Yes, the loyalty program could be better. Yes, the custom service could also be improved. Yes, other retailers are catching up and passing Sephora on loyalty/rewards. But for me, personally, it is still a girl's makeup wonderland and there are still many things that keep me coming back.
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As some of you know I was able to get the 10K Josie Maran perk. There was no information about where the trip was, when it needed to be redeemed, etc... when the perks went live. It wasn't until AFTER I placed my order that I noticed the trip is for PA. I LIVE in PA! So obviously this is not a perk that is worthwhile to me, let alone worth 10K points. I wanted to be able to just cancel it and get my points back so someone who would truly enjoy the trip would have a chance at it.   Sephora CS messaged me to essentially say: my reward was non-refundable non-returnable according to their terms of service. (Paraphrased since a mod deleted what was actually written) This is absolutely disgusting in my opinion. Sephora gives out points like candy... they've been doing it ALL day! And I can't even offer up my trip to anyone else! Someone who would actually enjoy it! For the record, my order has not shipped or anything like that.    So thanks, Sephora... for really outdoing yourself! Just when I thought your customer service couldn't get any worse. ***Edited to add my response*** **Oh and apparently my message from Sephora CS was edited out by a mod***     So what you're telling me is that because your IT people didn't have any sort of description up when the perks launched (at 4am EST by the way), that we as consumers are supposed to just take responsibility for whatever it will eventually say? I thought being clear and concise was the responsibility of the MERCHANT not the CONSUMER. I'm not sure how that is binding in any way, shape, or form. Traditionally these trips are for places like Paris and LA, there's no way anyone would assume that this year's perk would take place in Pennsylvania. That's ridiculous. Additionally, last year people were refunded for their "mega" points that were unsatisfactory (the purses and the custom Bite lipsticks) so I'm not sure why this doesn't count in the same way. It's beyond outrageous to do this when you could've made this customer happy by simply returning my points and another customer happy by offering this reward again when so many people missed out. All with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. There were several people on Beauty Talk (you know, the place where your most loyal customers gather) who would've really enjoyed having this trip, so it's honestly awful the way you're handling this situation. Just remember, you're alienating customers who have accumulated 10K+ points. Those points don't come without purchases. It's Sephora who is losing money and garnering bad press because of "customer service" like this.   Melissa
  No Rouge promo: no Becca Lowlight Perfector I wait in anguish         Write your own!
I, like so many of you here, am completely over Sephora after this "Extraordinary Rewards from 4-4:02am EST" fiasco. I was sleeping, so I could work at the job where I make the money for beauty & skincare. Sooooo, my question is, where should I go now that I am completely done with Sephora?    Ulta's layout & website has always confused me to no end, but apparently their reward system let's you use $ rewards for products? Does that include what Ulta considers "elite" brands (e.g. UD, Tarte, Becca, etc)? Right now where I live, I have no high end department stores around. But in a few months I am moving to LA & will have many more options . Which department stores give the best rewards & have the best customer service experiences at the counters? I have had pretty bad experience with super pushy & judgey Tom Ford & Guerlain reps when I've been at department stores in big cities in the past. Thanks in advance for all recs!
I just want to thank beauty2sample for her work, which sephora should do, i should say beauty2sample informed us, if not her we didnt even know, and by the sephora sends emails, all will grabbed by someone, but now most of them are grabbed by BT members. Im not saying thank u because i grabbed one, but even if i didnt grab i will post this thread, she is just awesome, she detected the date, some perks, more promos before, i think sephora should join Beauty2sample in there IT dept.     Finally Thanks To B2S, ur very helpful to BT
Like as most BTers here I too am very disappointed with Sephora. I stayed up late last night, dozed off for a few minutes and woke to realize all (except a few 1000, which not interest me) rewards were gone. I attempted to call the Rouge Line and kept getting disconnected. At first I thought it was the Rep who hung up on me and got really upset. But when I called back, two more times, that got cut off too. I guess I wasn’t the only upset customer bombarding their phone lines. I decided to give it a break.   I called a few hours later and again, after reaching a Rep, I got cut off. Why? I called again for the fourth or fifth time today and now it wasn’t only to complain about their rewards system or lack of, but also their customer service. After a few minutes of my uninterrupted speech all the Rep told me “I’m sorry you missed the rewards, we will be having more rewards in the future so stay tuned” When ? What? I asked her. She said she didn’t have any info only that Sephora keeps adding new rewards constantly. And that’s all I got …a simple “I’m sorry you missed the rewards” that felt like she said ' Ha ha that’s what you get for not taking those extra cans of energizer drinks to keep you up all night!! ' no points or anything, not that I care since I can't redeem for something I really want.   I’m so angry but not as much as how disappointed I am with Sephora right now. I haven’t received any email or notice about this. Honestly, I ask myself why even bother shopping at Sephora anymore. I feel like I’m in a bad relationship with Sephora; keeps me awake up all night and doesn’t satisfies me. I give and give to Sephora and I don’t receive much back. Isn’t that a really bad relationship? I get more perks/rewards at other places than here, seriously. Yes some products/brands I can only purchase here and those will be the only products I purchase from Sephora from now on. I may not spend tons and tons of $$$ at Sephora but I do spend a good amount of my income here. Let this be a lesson to me. To put myself to sleep and not rely on Sephora’s rewards anymore.   I do want to add that the true reward that I have received from Sephora and I cannot find anywhere else, is this BT community. I come here everyday, yes everyday. I might not comment much but am stalking threads and reading people’s comments. It’s has become something kind of therapeutic for me. I have learned so much here and to me this has been the greatest reward Sephora has given me.   Thank you BeautyTalk! 
seriously but wtf what was the point in still having the email about the rewards still go out ?? i feel like it only pisses me off more now to see that and not be able to get them . 
This is just a master post for those who were wondering what the rewards were, it seems access to a lot of these perks are limited in terms of seeing what they are. Again, these are just estimated retail values I have looked up, its hard to determine how much an autograph is worth etc. Starting out with 2k, 5k, and then will try to do 1k, 10k   2000 POINTS   Limited Edition SIGNED Urban Decay Naked Vault  (ESTIMATED VALUE at $280 USD) - Urban Decay Naked   - Urban Decay Naked 2 - Urban Decay Naked 3 - Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss (in **bleep**, Rule34, and Streak) - Urban Decay Naked Flushed (in Streak, Naked, and Native) - Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil (in Naked, Naked 2, and Naked 3)   Full Service Dry Bar Package (ESTIMATED VALUE AT $312) - Buttercup Blowdryer -- $195 - Sake Bomb Shampoo  -- $24 - Sake Bomb Conditioner  -- $24 - Lemon Drop Brush -- $16 - Sparkling Soda Shine Mist -- $28 - Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray  -- $26 - Hot Toddy Heat Protector Frizz Fighter Deluxe Sample - Drybar-branded mug   Bobbi Brown's Everything Eyes Book Set (ESTIMATED VALUE AT $279) - Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown, Signed  $14.95 - Hydrating Face Cream  -- $56 - Hydrating Eye Cream  -- $50 - Limited Edition Long-Wear Smokey Eye Kit (includes long-wear gel eyeliner, mini ultra-fine eyeliner brush, smokey eye mascara deluxe sample, and soothing cleansing oil deluxe sample)  -- $52 - Shimmer Brick with Mini Face Blender Brush  -- $44 - Bobbi Classic Lip Color Trio in Salmon, Sandwash Pink, and Pink  -- $62   ATELIER COLOGNE COAST TO COAST COLLECTION (ESTIMATED VALUE $340) - 1 oz. Sud Magnolia  -- $85 - 1 oz. Mandarine Glaciale  -- $85 - 1 oz. Figuier Ardent  -- $85 - 1 oz. Cedrat Atlas  -- $85 - Leather case    
I am starting this thread to bring attention to the exclusion of Canadians from the Mega Rewards promotion. I myself tried to add the KVD 1000 point perk, which in the fine print stated Valid for US and Canadian residents, when I added it to my bag and checked out, it said it was not available for Canadians. This is very unfair treatment of the Canadian customers, who spend as much (or more considering the products are more expensive in Canada), to have these rewards available on the Canadian site and then not allow us to redeem them was wrong. Any other Canadians who experienced this (or supportive Americans), use this thread to bring attention to this issue!
So as this mega rewards rolls out we have seem to see the not so organized side of Sephora, having rewards come out at a horrible time with no email regarding so and Canadians getting the short end of the stick.  Now in store service can vary,  What Sephora stores do you enjoy visiting that has great service/stock/Aamazing SA's ? &  What Sephora stores have you had gone too that you probably won't go again due to the lack of good service/ Stock ..ect
Hey guys! I thought it would be nice to have a thread (like the new rouge promos thread) that you could "follow" and when the new Extraordinary Rewards are available on the site, one person could post to let everyone else know. I know I usually receive an email notification when I'm following a thread so it'll be nice to help each other out as BTers by letting all of us know sooner when the big point perks arrive sometime next week (especially because the email system tends to be faulty otherwise!).   Please note, keep discussion on this thread to a MINIMUM. I'll routinely bump the thread to make sure it has visibility to everyone in the next couple of days but it's to be used as an email notification       EDIT: I reiterate, please   DO NOT POST on this thread UNLESS the new Mega Point Perks have been released. I appreciate the thanks but a heart will suffice if necessary lol. This is because the email notification from any further posts on this thread will be used as a sign that the new perks are available. 
Now that they've totally messed up this "Extraordinary Rewards" and so many are ticked off about the promotion, what will everyone do now? Just leave and let Sephora have all the points you've accumulated or will you actually wait it out for the alleged Mega Surge at the end of the summer?
Hi everyone,    Since there are many LE items or discontinued items that we search for, I wanted to know if there is any interest in maintaining a thread to post any unicorns we stumble upon and list where it can be found so others can try to find these items that they are looking for. I thought this might be useful as I found a few items on my trip and also found it extremely helpful when a fellow BT member posted about the availability of Tom Ford's Nude Dip on Selfridges a couple of months ago so that a few of us could finally order this LE item.  I also thought that if there are LE items that people are looking for, they could PM me and I could add it to the main thread so that others would know what others may be looking for. I could update the Found Unicorns on the main post weekly. Looking for your thoughts, suggestions? This would be strictly for limited edition items and discontinued items. Please include location, date found, and price if it is selling for less or more than regular retail price. Thanks in advance!   Wanted Unicorns:   ABH amrezy palette ( minibux, BeautyIsPassion)   Chanel Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil in Notorious (minibux,KateLovesYSL) Chanel Camelia de Plumes (michelleshops) Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in New Moon (Greenporchlights)   Chantecaille Rose Face Powder (kateye7)   COTY Sephora Marsala eye palette (jcmb, julietta343)   Dior My Lady Blush in 001 and 006 (jellybean917) Dior Amber diamond (aviscardi)   Divergent set (ImHisAngel)   Estee Lauder Heatwave (aviscardi) Givenchy Confetti Powder (MK89, KateLovesYSL)   Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (Rhiannon1419) Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Turandot (2012 LE) (jenpred) Guerlain's Rouge G's in Gigolo and/or Bee (MK89)   KVD palettes (NIB) including Gypsy, Mi Vida Loca, Sinner and Truth (AmyC)   Lorac mega pro (sdbeautyjunkie)   MAC pressed pigment in Summer Honey (StephaniLynn) MAC True Romantic Blush and MAC Petal Point blush (Javadoo) MAC Alluring Aquatic Bronzers/blush (MK89) MAC whisper of guilt (aviscardi) MAC Bao Bao Wan Opal Beauty Powder (ohsotatooed)   Nars Douceur blush: (bea0t, Ivyxox)   Paul & Joe's kitty lipsticks (FireSpinner, Lynni98)   Sephora Cinderella mirror (Mk89, AmyC, Panda168)   Sigma Creme de Couture shadow palette(StephaniLynn)   Tom Ford Guilt cream shadow (killahbabe) Tom Ford Emerald Lust (Poisonivy9) Tom Ford Violet Dusk Eyeshadow Quad (KateLovesYSL) Tom Ford Lips & Boys in Stavros (minibux) Tom Ford She Wolf (lipstick4soul) Tom Ford Ginger Fawn lipstick (greenchilli)   Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow (Gwenhwyfar)
I never received any email notification about the rewards. The same thing happened during love note and my email subscription was supposedly refreshed. This is so annoying, now all the rewards are gone.  
How do you feel about the 500 point perks offered at sephora? I check from here and there to see what the perks are and never really find its anything I am interested in. There have been a couple within the last few years that I liked including a kit by Benefit that included a full size Coralista blush whick I still use, among other items I still purchase and currently use I just wish they would have better offers more than once a year or every 2 years lol so I could actually use my MUCH (for lack of better words at this time of night lol) earned points that are just building up more and more in my beauty bank. I also think it would be more encouraging to spend even more $ if I knew the perks were a better pay off.....What are your thoughts? I mean to get 500 points you do afterall have to SPEND $500....Sooo a good "gift" in return would be a nice thank you!
seriously Sephora why is it that every time there's a special sale , or launch you guys have some mysterious "Glitch" that's always in the USA customers favour ?? Isn't our cash good enough for you ? I think this is now the  push I need to start spending my hard earned cash at Murale , Shoppers Drug Mart and heck maybe even  go back to MAC . Because at least I don't get treated like a second class customer with them .    
Please keep posting on this thread limited, unless you see the Extraordinary Rewards have launched. The goal is for people to follow this thread and then post when you see the rewards are available so that email alerts will go to those following the thread!   Rewards Boutique Link: ards_button
I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.
I recently purchased a perfume in store and the points weren't added to my account even though she scanned the card and my receipt indicates it was a beauty insider sale. Can I still redeem them? 
When I go into Sephora sometimes I'm very pleased with their point perk samples such as " Better then sex" mascara sample and sometimes I'm not. What are YOUR past/present favourite and non favourite samples you have received ?
Can BI's take advantage of the VIB sale?
I love Urban Decay Naked Skin, but need something with SPF coverage. Looking for suggestions.
 went into a sephora in Toronto today and when I went to go purchase my things, the cashier asked me " if I've gotten sephora emails" i told her yes, after that handed her my rouge card. She did not even take 15% off my order, after I asked her why she then proceeded to tell me that thats why she asked if I've gotten sephora emails but she never stated if i got any codes for the sale. Im sorry but does this make sense ? not only am I a loyal rougie , other sephora stores have a code scanner at the back that automatically take off 15% off after seeing your VIB or ROUGE card. I don't think this sale is a secret, seemed like they were scared to give me a discount.    *She had to refund my whole order and do it again THEN scanned a code thing at the back of the desk like I thought and gave me the discount *