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Does anyone know if you can transfer Beauty Points to another account? Thank you so much for your help!
Hello. I wanted to add points to my account using receipt. Can you please help ? I can't find it online. Thank you
What do think about SK-II products (FTE and clear lotion in particular)? How long does it take for it to work?  I'd love to hear some advices, reviews from people have used it and have done research on it. Thanks.      
Hi! I usually order products online but I recently purchased from my local Sephora store for the first time. Since I never owned a physical Beauty Insiders card (since it was my first time purchasing in store of course) the lady who was cashing me out happily gave me one after I gave her my e-mail address. Once I got home I decided to go online to see how many Beauty Insider points I've accumulated and saw that nothing was updated, even in my recently purchased items log. I assumed it just took a day or two to process, but it has now been a week and my accounts has still not been updated?   If someone can help me out with this I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks!
I Tried  Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain. I love the formula and color.  
Any ideas on what it could be? If it's a Bite Beauty product I am going to be sad I will have to wait until next October!
My boyfriend purchased me some gifts for Christmas from Sephora, he was told that I could enter my beauty insider points from the items with the receipt online! I was wondering if anyone knew how I can do that? Thanks!
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Which promo codes sucked you in right away this year? Any you regret not getting?   I literally made an order as soon as I saw the RougeSkin promo code for the 3 Algenist products. Too bad it was one time use only.    Also loved these ones: RougeDior --dior mini Montaigne eyeshadow quint (I use this one zoo much!) Lashlove-dior lash primer and mascara (loved the lower minimum spend required for 2 products. And the lash primer is my HG)   I regret not getting the promo that gave the 3 BareMinerals products (lipstick, cheek colour and something else)--I was trying to stay on a no buy!    
I'm definitely done for 2014, and I qualified for Rouge with $3 to spare. I would be shocked to requalify next year, but I suppose you never know. But if I do, I need all the help I can get.    So do you ever decide to stop buying towards the end of the year so your purchases will count towards next year's spend total? Or do you know that you'll qualify for Rouge ten times over anyway, so it really makes no difference either way?
I have an existing VIB Rouge card, but when I signed up for an account, there was no option to link my existing VIB account to this online one. Is there any way to link my existing Rouge account to my online one?
I signed up for a Beauty Insider card in-store and have used it since, but I cannot see any points online. What can I do?
Hi I have a Beauty Insider card but reward points earned on the card aren't linked to my online account. Could someone help me with that?
I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else.. At last night's event the girl at the register next to me was trying to buy multiples of several items. The cashier told her that there was a limit of 3 per item, per customer. The girl's English was almost nonexistent because she just kept giving a blank stare and asking "how much?" so the cashier finally told her that she would just do multiple separate transactions so she could buy all of the items. I don't know what she was buying, and she very well might have been purchasing the same item for her nine sisters back home, but it made me wonder -- why even put these policies in place if no one is sticking to them?   Every time I check the sephorahaul tag on Instagram it's flooded with people selling Sephora and Ulta exclusives overseas through their accounts. I don't begrudge anyone for trying to make a living however they can but it is annoying to see tons of the Too Faced melted lipstick sets for sale on there when they're sold out online and in stores.   I also saw massive amounts of girls writing to Sephora's FB page about their accounts being locked and accused of being resellers -- an inordinate amount, it seems. Just wondering if anyone else has seen any of this stuff going on?
Best lipstick that matches Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin nail polish? Suggestions plz...
What did everyone pick up? The Tarte set seems to be on sale, so you get additional 20% off -cheek-lip-set-P392345?icid2=boxing_day_deals_1225 ... ess-contouring-palette-P388940?skuId=1633973 h-P278610?skuId=1393487 mazonian-clay-collector-s-shadow-palette-P385756?s ... lette-P375295?skuId=1437326 al-eye-palette-P286100?skuId=1328889 P242808?skuId=1180090 -blush-bronzer-duo-P381710?skuId=1557354 on-statement-lash-set-P381746?skuId=1554088 er-set-P387288?skuId=1632942 -bronzer-P310017?skuId=1404607 c-shadow-palette-P388744?skuId=1653542 racuja-gloss-collector-set-P377434?skuId=1498500 my fav- ze-maracuja-oil-P384589?skuId=1577980 uId=1652163 kuId=1652130 kuId=1652320
Is it wrong that opening a new palette brings me such sheer joy?  Especially considering I already have dozens and dozens of palettes?  Sometimes I worry about myself!   I bought the Stila Artist Essentials Set from Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago and just opened it this morning.   I've read some negative reviews about it but I felt it was a lot of decent product for $35.  And when I first flipped it open this morning it was such a fun little thrill.   I guess this is how an addict feels, eh?  
I am already Rouge through 2015. However does the status for 2016 start on Jan 1? I have well over $100 worth of stuff I want to buy but just wondering if I should wait until Jan 1 so it will count towards by 2016 status?? 
I just reached VIB and added a welcome kit to my order. But I don't know what's in it... 
Is it possible to get my yearly spend total in Canadian funds? The account page only gives the U.S. dollar spend total, which is not correct for Canadians. I tried to get an answer via email, but the person who responded just repeated the U.S. total. Are there really not enough Canadian orders to make changing this worthwhile? It's irritating to ask for a correction every time (which is only added to points total, not to spend total, harrumph). I'm sure it's annoying for everyone to see these messages on BT, too, as well as for the CS reps.
I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.
I just received my package, but couldn't figure it out whether the brush is regular size or mini? Did any one receive, plz help me.  
I bought foundation last week at Sephora and I handed them my beauty insider card but when I went in this week and bought concealer, the salesperson said my card wasn't active and I had zero points . Is there anyway I can get the points from the foundation I bought with the receipt I have?
Has anyone else been turned away, or is it just my store?
My Sephora account was hacked at 6:48pm EST yesterday! I got an e-mail from Sephora saying my e-mail address had been changed. Unfortunately I didn't get home until much later and the Rouge line is closed. For whatever reason, whoever hacked my account didn't bother to change the password, although they did change my e-mail address associated with the account so I've been able to regain access. I would very much like it if either Diana or Candace would contact me so we can discuss what the next steps are that should be taken and whether or not we can track the IP of the a-hole who decided to mess with my account.
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via nouveaucheap - The Wall Street Journal confirmed today that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is 18-1438 Marsala .        
  Today i visited SiJcp, I purchased what ever i want to, i didn't even check there reviews. I purchased Makeup forever studio case, is it worth $60? I also purchased KatVon D Star Studded palette, it is in sale for $28, i see bad reviews online, i want to here from fellow BTrs, are they worth? or should i return? I am confused   These are the palettes i have- UD Naked 2, Too faced chocolate Bar Palette, UD Vice 3, UD Electric palette, UD deluxe shadow box, Stilla snow angel palette, some drugstore palettes. FYI
Is there any way I can get points for it? I still have the receipt number
Today I came home and was super excited to have 8 Sephora boxes to open up even though most were gifts for my family and friends. I had purchased a few of  the Ocos Locos 2, Feminine Palettes, Philosophy make up removers , etc from the recent sale   First of all, I noticed that instead of receiving the Sephora gift bag like I requested, all 8 orders were in big gift boxes.   Then, after opening all of my packages, I was missing 10 samples in total. All of the ones that I was supposed to get the Kate Sommerville exfloiant were missing. I know that they are allowed to substitute samples, which they did for some, but I was still missing 10 !   To make matters worse, I was missing 2 of the Clinique Smart serums that I was supposed to get for using the SMART promo code.    I'm not impressed at all with the warehouse! Can someone please tell me what is going on with the warehouses?