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Hello Everyone!


I've been meaning to make this thread for years! I want this thread to be a place where we can discuss what beauty products to check out while we are traveling, what places we are visiting/visited, what places we are saving to visit, and beauty travel tips. This can be near and far travel to include as many people as possible. I know there are individual threads about beauty products already, but I'm hoping to put them all in one place. Please link them so I can put in the info in the spoilers! Also, I'm curbing my spending to be able to travel more so I hope this encourages others who want to do the same! I'll post a new question each month to try to keep the thread active. I hope you come along with me! I'm also open to suggestions of what else I should include in this thread.


What beauty products should you check out while you're traveling?

Vermont: Tata Haper




What are your beauty travel tips? 


- learn to under pack instead of over pack; your back will thank you

- skip in flight alcohol and coffee; stay hydrated (via CC3616)
- hydrate the week before the trip by ensuring you're drinking enough water, add in some hydrating masks, keep lip balm on you, use minimal/no makeup for the flight, wear comfortable clothes for the flight, take foils that you know already agree with your skin, bring multitasking products like cream lip/cheek color, pack unbreakable items in your checked luggage and things you're worried about breaking in your carry on, don't bring something irreplaceable or expensive, pack every liquid/gel in it's own plastic baggy in case something leaks, and finally, always keep oil blotters with you, even if you have dry skin (via alexasteph)
- take a refillable water bottle and snacks to stave off temptation of airport food (via CC3616)
- brazillian blowouts for the curly haired girls (via CC3616)
- travel mists like avene thermal spring water are lifesavers for hot destinations
- save foils and deluxe samples for travel
- use a bobby pin to secure foils so you can use them more than once (via TXCATX)
- bring loose power over pressed powder to avoid accidents; I've had too faced and becca compacts shatter in my makeup bag; travel sized compacts have tended to fair better; nars minis have never broken on me
- if you're going somewhere dry, bring some mists to spray over your makeup so it doesn't look too dry; if you're going someone humid, bring power so you can set your makeup and it doesn't slide off immediately 
- if you're going somewhere sunny, lay off the acids and retinols and where lots of sunscreen (via CC3616)
- solids>liquids; check out lush for shampoo/conditioner solids (via IZ95)
- need a new passport? use the app It'sEasy to create passport photos (via TXCATX)


Question of the month: what questions of the month would you like to see in the future? Or anything else you'd like to see in this thread?

Re: The Travel Thread

I travel a ton! But I also love my skincare and makeup so its always hard to downsize but I always find a way to downsize as much as possible.



Whenever I travel (flying), I never wear any makeup. However, I do make sure I do my skincare prior to going to protect my skin. If it is a long international flight, I will bring a face mask sheet to help hydrate my face. It is so drying in the airplanes!


As for what I bring....

I definitely bring a ton of samples.

I transfer some large bottles to smaller bottles.

I bring onky one small eye shadow palette (urban decay naked basics 2 is a personal fave. So compact!

I bring basic makeup: foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara, setting powder. I also bring lip balm and 2 lipsticks (nude and red).



I am not big on contour or highlighting and I find these semi unnecessary so its a few less products to pack. I keep things simple. Sometimes I dont even bring mascara! I dont even bring concealer as my foundation is enough. So I really do my best to not bring too much. 


Re: The Travel Thread

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Calling all Canadians! I'm going back to Montreal shortly. I might stop in Toronto for a day, but that's up in the air. What should I check out while I'm there???


beautywise, I know I need to check out bourjois foundations, but that's all I have on my to do list.


also, would any Montreal ladies be interested in a meet up for lunch, site seeing, and/or shopping? PM if ya want to 

Re: The Travel Thread

May I know what your make up routines are when you travel? 

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Great question! So whether I'm driving somewhere or  flying, I don't wear any makeup. I nortiously sleep on planes or cars no matter what. I usually either have my hair up or in braids or blown out the night before so I don't have to worry about it. 


Travel mists and loose powders are musts for me and I generally take as little as makeup as possible so there is less risk in losing something. The travel tips spoiler up above have lots of people's travel tips so I definitely recommend checking that out. 


My routine doesn't change that much except I just have access to less product. 1-2 lipsticks, 1 blush. I usually don't bring eyeshadow when I'm traveling either. @xxalexa Was there something specific you wanted to know to help your travel routine? Or were you just curious? 


Gor skincare, i save a lot of foils so I don't have to take my full size products. 

Re: The Travel Thread

Has anyone been anywhere exciting recently?

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I was in Switzerland last month Smiley Happy 

I do my makeup for the flight and set with UD all nighter, then sometimes a spray and a mascara/eyeliner cleanup towards the end of the flight -then on to my regular routine!

I try to pack samples or travel sizes if can, buutttt that doesn't always happen Smiley Wink

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I want this thread to be as much yours and mine so onto the new question of the month:


what questions of the month would you like to see in the future? Or anything else you'd like to see in this thread?

Re: The Travel Thread

Hello all. This is my first post. I leave Monday for 3 weeks in the U.K. With a weekend in London. Aside of a trip to Rituals, I'm hoping to discover some other new stuff

Re: The Travel Thread

I love hearing about all the amazing trips everyone is going on.  I wish everyone safe travels, loads of fun and making of memories. 


I'll be traveling very soon and I've been thinking about what type of makeup to pack.  I pack light so I'm thinking of taking only one eyeshadow palette, bronzer/blusher duo, one lipstick, one eyeliner.  Of course I'll have my mascara and brow wiz, but I think that will be all I'll take as far as makeup goes. I should be able to get several looks from my shadow palette.


With luggage restrictions these days, it's either pack light or pay ridiculous prices Smiley Sad 



Re: The Travel Thread

Other than when I'm going to a wedding or some big, specific party, I wear very little makeup when I travel. I did a two-month trip around Europe this summer and I don't think I wore mascara once (my lashes looked super healthy by the end lol).

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Anyone have any recommendations for makeup and perfume shopping in Geneva?  I'm there next week for week.  I won't have much time for shopping, but would love any suggestions. Thanks in advance!!

Re: The Travel Thread

Hi everyone, I traveling to Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) at the end of May. Is there any specific stores (besides Kiko of course) that I should look out for that are more local to the region? What about products (I do plan to pick up more Retinol just like I did when I went to Barcelona  few months ago!!)

Re: The Travel Thread

Definitely Kiko, and check out the Sephora for possible LE items.  I found a quirky perfume shop while out exploring, but I don't know if it's worth a special trip.  I'll try to see if I can remember anything else from my trip to Lisbon a couple years ago...

Re: The Travel Thread

The only thing I went out of my way to buy in Lisbon was Zoeva at a store called Kitchen. I don't think I can post links here but good kitchen boutique makeup Lison. They had a good selection of brushes and a lot of the palettes.

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Figured I would post here instead of making a new thread...

Are there any makeup bags you guys would recommend for traveling? I liked the look of Bobbi Brown's travel bag and Laura Mercier's Portfolio, but they don't make those bags any more.

I'm kind of looking at the Esum Brush Book or even the whole set as I want to put my skincare and makeup together but the bigger set looks way too big. It's like half the size of a carry on luggage, haha. I don't particularily like the ones that you fold up and there's a hanger on either.

Any input would be much appreciated!

Re: The Travel Thread

I bought this one recently and can't wait to travel with it 

Re: The Travel Thread

Super late response, but I picked up Stephanie Johnson's ML Traveler and Grace brush case for our upcoming vacation. Both arrived yesterday and I'm super pleased with them. I've used the Diva case from PurseN in the past and while it's nice and well made, it felt like there was a lot of waste space. The Stephanie Johnson bag is smaller and still allows me to organize what I'm packing.

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@flyte that's such a good question! Honestly, I just bring my least favorite bag in case there are any accidents plus plastic baggies.


I'll have to do a question of the month in the future where I ask people to show their travel bags or something Smiley Happy

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Hello ladiesSmiley Happy. Has anyone got any reccomendations as to what I should be bringing home from St.Maartens?  I've been here over a week and so far have only bought a coconut candle and a swimsuit.  


Also, I'm feeling like I'm the only person who's ever left the Carribean as pale as I came in.  The sunscreen must be working! 

Re: The Travel Thread

New question of the month: What are you always forgetting or always terrified of forgetting when you travel?


I was in Florida and I "lost" my driver's license the day before I flew back home and had no photo identification to fly back. 

Luckily, they can verify you by a credit card with your name on it and TSA calls a higher up  to verify that you're okay to travel/confirm your identity. 


I found the ID when I got back home in the pocket of a dress. Pockets are great on dresses, but don't forget to check them! haha


Now, I always bring two types of photo ID to avoid the hassle.



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