Surprises in your mothers make up??

So I just got home from being away for over a month, I am too lazy to unpack but I have to run out so I was going to see what my mom had to offer. Low and behold SHE HAS A BUNCH OF STUFF ON MY WISHLIST! What the heck! How does my mother know about Too Faced shadow and lip primer? How does she know about Benefit Perk up artist! I am beside myself here.


Anyone else raid their moms make up and find surprises?


Re: Surprises in your mothers make up??

Awh thanks! Military family life is hard enough without sticking together. :smileyvery-happy:


Re: Surprises in your mothers make up??

My mom is the queen of all things Lancome... So I ALWAYS find things that need to come home with me :smileyhappy:


Re: Surprises in your mothers make up??

Well, I'm usually with my mom when she goes makeup shopping so nothing really surprises me in her bag lol. She has some Tarina Tarantino shadow, Chanel and MAC lipsticks, bare minerals primer, other random little things. She mostly sticks to drugstore brands though for her tried and true favorites. 


Re: Surprises in your mothers make up??

I don't have the opportunity to see my mom's makeup often, but recently I stayed over her house unexpectedly.  I didn't have any toiletries with me so I looking in her drawer a bit.  I was surprised to see Laura Mercier Blush in there and a couple other high end brands that I didn't know my mom used.  


Re: Surprises in your mothers make up??

My mom always Had the cool stuff you could get at our tiny Dillard's : Clinique, estee Lauder, Lancôme. It's partly why I'm so addicted! LOL


Re: Surprises in your mothers make up??

I used to love to look at my mom's makeup -- I would always borrow things and forget to put them back, and she was forever looking for her eyelash curler or tweezers (poor mom!). She doesn't wear much anymore, but the last time I was home, I did use her Prescriptives Comfort Cream and wound up really liking it, so she sent me some for my birthday. :smileyhappy:

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