Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

Hey ladies,


Do any of you have personal beauty consultation experiences in Sephora that you would like to share?


Do any of you have custom makeover experiences in Sephora that you would like to share?


I have an appointment tomorrow for a personal beauty consultation and am wondering what to expect.  I was going to show up just wearing my moisturizer and sunscreen, and let Sephora do the rest.  Thinking about it now, I may have a little bit of anxiety with not wearing any makeup in public.  It's not that I'm ashamed of my skin (ok maybe I am a little), I just realized how comforting makeup is to me.  The routine, however brief it may be on certain days, is soothing.


The other thing is, I know before going in that I'm going to spend more than $125 so I was wondering if someone who has done both beauty consultation and make over can tell me what the difference is.  Was it worth it getting a custom makeover?

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Nice to know you had a good experience. Hope the things you got worked out for you.

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Sorry, I had to split my review up since I had too many links in the previous post and I didn't even get to list everything that I tried.


Anyway, my beauty adviser is really knowledgeable.  She explained why she picked the product for me, what each product did, how to use the product and let me try the application techniques by myself after showing me how.  I was exposed to many brands that I was not familiar with before and walked away with many ideas.  Ultimately, the limiting factor was my budget.  I walked out with the an AmorePacific CC compact, an Ole Henriksen set and the MUFE aqua eyes.  My beauty adviser was sympathetic to my budget plight, and included two more samples (Clinique serum and Urban Decay eye primer) for me to try.


I would definitely go back for another consultation at this Sephora for this specific beauty adviser.  I think I had a positive experience because I went into this with very specific needs and concerns.  People can't help you if they don't know what you need, right?  That, and did I mention that my adviser is fantastic?

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yes please do! I've always wondered about but it have never gone in. I mostly shop online so ...

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Thanks for all the input!  I am looking forward to tomorrow, and will do a write up after my beauty consultation and subsequent haul.

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I've done both. I've done several makeup applications, and on Friday I had a personal beauty consultation. I thought that my PBC was useful and helpful, even though I'm pretty happy with things. 


I did have makeup on since it was my birthday and I had been out in the city.b (If I was going from home to the store I would definitely not wear any makeup.) My consultant. Took everything off with a proper cleanser and was prepared to do so. She has a special station and since my questionnaire was detailed she pulled samples and new versions of anything that interested me or she thought would be useful.  She never spent time trying to find things except for something she thought I would like after we talked and she saw me. (And even though it wasn't right with my eyes done up, it was a great lip color that is now on my wish list.)


I think the most important thing to do is make sure you're clear about what you like and don't like. I think my time was about half and half skincare and makeup, but that was my needs. As a VIB Rouge I didn't have to get anything but I did get a new (and not inexpensive) serum both because it had interested me before and her explanation of how it fit with my current skincare regime made sense to me. I also got samples of some skincare and makeup items. 


I felt it was worth it and while almost everyone else in the store already knew me, I now have someone who saw when she saw me again she would let me know of anything new and interesting came in. 

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I had a consultation last January which got me into high end makeup. I went in wearing nothing but moisturizer, and came out looking magnificent. The process wasn't highly stressful at all, and I learned a TON from the cast member tending to me. Everything was customized for me, which made it much easier to navigate the right products. I only got the $50 one, though. The $125 one is more in depth. Have fun!

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I've had the shorter 45 min makeover about four times recently.  I've been happy with all of them.  It does somewhat depend upon who you get as to how good they do, but I've gotten something useful out of all of them.  It's really fun to try all of the different products and see what someone would recommend for you.  I would count on looking perfect from the makeover unless you've had one from the same person before, so I wouldn't book it for a big event or anything, but to try new products and have fun, they're great.  If you have a certain look in mind, tell the girl.  If you are interested in trying certain products, tell them.  They've all been really nice. 


The $125 one is supposed to be longer and go more into skincare.  I've found that sometimes they take a lot longer and do that for you anyway.  I don't know that it's worth booking the longer one. 


It's best to go in with just moisturizer, but if you really can't, it's okay.  They'll give you make-up remover.  The only thing is that rubbing it off might mess up your color match with color ID.  If you really can't go in plain face, though, they aren't going to care.


I'd be happy to answer if you have any other specific questions.

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I'm curious to see the responses to this as well. I've never went in myself because I just feel like I would be uncomfortable and wondered if they could really do my makeup better than I can...but I was always curious about them.

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I think it depends a lot on the person you get. I got a consultation and makeover once and the girl took FOREVER just going out to get some products.  She left for about twenty minutes to find some stuff, and forgot something else, left me for about ten minutes more, and finally started On my face.  She did everything well except for the eyes, which is very important may I add.  I had monolids and she didn't listen to a thing I said about shadow preferences, could not shade in a monolid crease and finally gave up and brought someone else in to finish the job.  Like I said, everything else looked great. Lol it was not worth it, given that the girls did not really talk about what products they were using on me, and didn't tell me tips on how to apply them. I just kinda sat there waiting For them to finish and I went home to remove my eye makeup.  

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I was about to post a similar question...Smiley Happy Thanks!

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