Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

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This is a thread for Sephora inside JCP exclusives!


They often have some awesome sets and exclusive perks, so if you have one near you, it's definitely worth checking out!


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The links in the spoilers will take to pictures people have posted of the product and barcodes for the freebies! If there isn't a specific link, just look through the thread and chances are, someone will have posted it because people on here are awesome.


And of course, major thank you to all you lovely ladies who follow and post, please keep doing so(:


Exclusive Sets

May or may not be exclusive, sometimes I'm not really sure... but either way, they're great.


JCP exclusive Favorites Set: Ultimate Cleanse

$34 for 8 deluxe cleanser samples (honestly all a little bigger than deluxe samples) AND you get a certificate to redeem for a full-item (listed below)!

Algenist 5 oz Cleanser $38

Boscia 5 oz Cleansing Oil $28

Dr. Jart+ 8.4 oz Dermaclear $32

Josie Maran 6 oz Argan Cleansing Oil $32

Murad 6.75 AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser $36

OleHenriksen 7 oz African Red Tea Cleanser $30

Peter Thomas Roth 8 oz Cleansing Gel $38

Philosophy 8 oz Purity Cleanser $24

Sephora Favorites Fall Into Beauty

JCP exclusive Favorites Set: Skin-Fatuations:



Often left over from events and such

NARS Trio with drawstring bag (with $35 purchase): 
Deluxe samples of Blush in Orgasm, Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, and Pro-Prime Light Optimizing SPF 15 primer
Benefit Makeup Bag (with $35 purchase, may need to be Benefit):



Fun Free Samples

No purchase necessary, but you do need the barcode. There are expiration dates, but as long as your store still has stock, the codes should still work. Just print them out/save them on your phone!


Currently Active, based on date!
KVD Get Inked Ink Liner in jet-black Trooper

Tocca fragrance trio- Stella, Cleopatra, Florence (8/17-8/29)

dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion (8/15-9/15)

MUFE Artist Plexi-Gloss (8/12-9/12)

Expired, but worth a try!
Benefit Luggage tag (6/22-7/23):
ridiculously cute and pretty good quality

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM (0.4 oz) or Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield (6/18-6/28)

Formula X Nail Color in High Frequency (6/30-7/30):

Benefit They're Real Makeup Remover (starting 7/6, until supplies last):

Murad Transforming Powder Exfoliator and Cleanser (7/13-8/14):


Reward Boutique

This will vary from store to store, as some stores may have leftover stock from former months. But, here's a vague idea of what you might find at yours! (And yes, they are usually different than freestanding/online rewards)



St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion
UD 24/7 Glide on pencil in Vice
MUFE Step 1 Skin-Equalizer Mattifying Primer
NARS eyeshadow primer
FAB Antioxidant Booster Face Cleanser
Bite Trio- mirror, lip gloss, lipstick (250 pt)

Older, availability will depend on store
Beauty Blender Solid

Versace Bright Crystal

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft

White Glamglow

Tarteguard SPF 30

MUFE Plexi Gloss (forgot to check the shade ):    )

Bare Minerals 5 Oil Facial Oil

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation
Ralph Lauren Romance
Versace Eros




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@veensyes I will occasionally visit the SJCP in Manhattan, and they usually have at least 1 or 2 GOOD deluxe samples in stock FOR FREE, which they'll give you if you have the right coupon (paper or digital). The SAs there are friendly, but USUALLY won't go out of their way to really hook you up, unless you get someone new.  If you're there just to pick up free goodies, the SAs are not b$tchy or difficult with the samples because they understand not every customer is there to make an in-store purchase (especially since shopping online gives us more free samples, promos, cash-back savings, etc.).  Overall, I feel like the Manhattan SAs still respect customers who are there just to test/swatch the products in-person before ordering online though. 



By the way, if anyone here wants a sign-up bonus using a new cash back site, please feel free to direct message me (because I use them all depending on their rankings on


Some helpful SAs will go out their way to check in the back and tell you what promos/deluxe samples are in stock, so you can track down the coupons.  Other less helpful SAs won't tell you what they have in stock (like it's some big secret), but they will let you redeem your coupons for any in-stock items without requiring you to spend $25-50. If a purchase is required, the nicer SAs will just give it to you, or honor the coupon with no purchase minimum (which is what they're supposed to do).


I've noticed that most of the newer SAs have good attitudes, and my last few experiences have been positive overall.  During my previous visit, the SA gave me everything I asked for that was in stock [no purchases necessary], including a Lancome gel eyeliner. She almost let me take one of each color (score!), before realizing the promotion was limited to one mini liner per customer... (Fail!).. But at least she let me open the boxes and get a closer look so I could decide without swatching.  That was nice but she did not tell me what other samples they had in stock. She gave me a couple fragrance card samples too:  one for a coupon I had, and the other without a coupon, although it was probably a substitution for a different out-of-stock [OOS] coupon, which I prefer instead of the SA offering a decant a tester from a store bottle (although it really depends on the fragrance). 


One drawback is that there seems to be a lot of confusion among the SAs as to what is in stock and which items are OOS.  This is probably just because the Manhattan location is busy and maybe there are a lot of different employees who deal with giving out the promos.




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Went my local SiJCP and received the benefit lip and hoola!  Only had to have one purchase!  Spent $6.  Thanx to all of for your posts Smiley Happy

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Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

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I'm not sure who else may be interested but you're more than welcome to tag anyone Heart

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How do you sign up to get JC Penny sephora offers?

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The origins one also included a deluxe sample of eye cream!

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Again, I bow to down to you @ZombieMetroAnt your amazing!! I tried going in the past two days and no luck on the Benefit contour stick - I will try again for it this weekend and this skincare one. My Sephora JCP thinks I'm a total loser, but I could care less. I have no choice but to be a stalker - they only get a few of these promos so I go and they either don't have them (don't know what I am talking about) or they are all gone. I don't know why they act so weird about it, its not like every time I come in I don't spend a hundred dollars - promo or no promo...

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My local store told me that they received the Benefit contour stick weeks ago and had been offering it as a 100 pt perk. If the SA scans an item without scanning the bar codes in this thread/your e-mails, then the system will deduct 100 points. By the time I came around with the bar code, they were long gone. Both the Sunday Riley and Kate Somerville have also been int the 100 point display for about two weeks. I was told that the Algenist was the most recent promo they've received where they were told to save only for the promo bar codes.

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Does anyone shop at JCP in Manhattan Mall (NYC)? I recently got aware of the JCP exclusives through this thread and went there. It is very depressing looking store which is very small, claustrophobic and not many products. When I asked them about deluxe samples she said they never get any and only usually have a mascara to give. Just want to see if anyone else shops there and gets the good samples. It is not cool that we don't have a SIJCP in Manhattan that offers all these. 

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I've gone a few times and they are always out and/or usually have no idea what I'm talking about. They say they participate in the larger event promos but if they get any of the email ones, they don't get much so it's not around for long. It didn't seem like the employees were really aware of what was going on there, though. I would even ask about JCP Favorites sets and they didn't seem to know about them. It is sad, though...i've stopped trying!

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I hate going to that one. I don't think I've ever gotten to redeem a promo there. Granted I probably go a few days after it's posted here so maybe that's why. I've had better luck at the one in Brooklyn if you get around NYC a lot. 

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I went to JCP in Manhattan Mall during the Nov Sale and showed them the promos and she kindly said they were out of some of the promos and was happy to get me some replacements. I also got that cute benefit tote which I intentionally went there for.