Opening new palette...is it wrong?

Is it wrong that opening a new palette brings me such sheer joy?  Especially considering I already have dozens and dozens of palettes?  Sometimes I worry about myself! :smileywink:


I bought the Stila Artist Essentials Set from Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago and just opened it this morning.


I've read some negative reviews about it but I felt it was a lot of decent product for $35.  And when I first flipped it open this morning it was such a fun little thrill.


I guess this is how an addict feels, eh?




Re: Opening new palette...is it wrong?

I feel this way with all my loves, new running threads, nail polishes, YARN, reg clothes, and now make up. Sometimes I will have new clothes in my closet that I haven't even taken the tags off but I like to look at them.  The longer I wait, the more "special" the moment I wear it first has to be...I'm a bit ridiculous. 

Enjoy the new palette, it looks beautiful and fun! 


Re: Opening new palette...is it wrong?

Mostly yarn for me, lol. Even if I know what shade it is, I'm still in amazed. 


Re: Opening new palette...is it wrong?

[ Edited ]

Yes to the makeup and all clothes. Especiallly now I have some really nice shorts that I scored last fall that were on clearance that I've been dying to wear!!!  Oh the anticipation for when I finally do.... So yes I feel you! PS I already have the same model of those shorts in a different colour :smileyhappy:

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