March 2017: Sample Challenge

March Challenge is to dig into all your samples and try them out.  Post here what sample/foil pack you used and your thoughts about it.  Would you consider buying the full size?

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Sunday Riley C.E.O: I thinkkk my skin doesn't like this, but I will try it again another time. My skin was consistently red when I tested this, but not immediately after application. I was also testing foundation(s) so it could have been from that? It smells like orange candy and feels sooo creamy/luxurious.


Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask: a lovely hydrating clay mask! It reminds me of the Tata Harper Purifying Mask, but has a strong (to me) floral scent. My bf likes the scent though.. that's so rare that I likely will give it another shot.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: Got shade matched at Macy's by the sweetest SA Smiley Happy It was super dry when she applied it, but she gave me a sample to test at home. Good coverage, color match, and finish. But for the first hour on my face, it definitely looked dry up close no matter how much moisturizer/primer I used. Not bad but "I've tried better"


Tatcha Aburatorigami Paper: A large (fairy strong) blotting sheet that left me with a healthy satin finish. There are tiny gold specks in the paper, which is kind of cute!


Jo Malone Leather Artemisia (LE; Bloomsbury): "sweet smoke" is how i'd describe this. it's complex and interesting. I was really surprised by how much I like this! especially paired with a slightly sweeter perfume. 


Jo Malone Garden Lilies (LE; Bloomsbury): i really like this one sprayed on a piece of paper (is that weird?) sooo.. I guess I'd consider it for a room spray. I like the top notes on my skin, but there's a very sharp floral note that doesn't really edge off over the hours.. which my head/nose gets tired of


Testing Lipsticks. Spoiler bc they're not all sample sized:


Older Lipsticks I forgot about:

- Clinique Black Honey: clear / no

- Almay Smartshade Lip butter Nude Medium: clear / no

- Nars Dolce Vita: clear / no

- Urban Decay F-Bomb: too bright & shiny. Can't get a clean lip outline / no


Newer Lipsticks:

- Shu Uemura Lip Laquer RD01: My first time trying a pigmented gloss. Wowzers. Gloss isn't for me, but I wanted to try it just for fun. It was pigmented and not patchy. A very bold red.. will keep this just in case my tastes change

- theBalm Stainiac: interesting watery jello consistency... left a beautiful stain, but also accentuates dry patches if you don't prep your lips. I can see people liking this, but I think this "stain" concept just isn't for me.

- Starlooks Liquid Lip in Piquant: Love the color (a dark gray-mauve on me), but it smells like it shouldn't be on my lips lol. That's enough to make me not want to use it again. It LOOKS lovely on my lips though (smooth/pigmented).

- Ulta Beauty Matte Lip Crayon in Engagement: This looks sheer on my hand, but covers my lips perfectly. Love the color, applicator tip, and consistency. It's not as matte as I'd prefer, but is suuper comfortable. Haven't tried it out for a full work day yet -- will do that tmrw!


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Verb shampoo and conditioner- I loved this sample duo! It had a very light citrus type of fragrance, and left my hair feeling really soft and smooth. I have long, thick, course, wavy hair. I intend to purchase the full size of these!


FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer- This has a light but pleasant coconut fragrance, and did not irritate my sensitive skin. It did seem to help my foundation apply more smoothly. I need to try my other sample of this before I committ to the full size.


Shiseido Ultimune Eye Concentrate- This has a citrus fragrance that I felt was too strong. I don't like fragrance added to eye products, though. It irritated my under eye area with tiny red bumps. I had to wash it off. Smiley Sad 

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Tried a DS of Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.  I'll try out a few more times, but first impression is I like it. It gives me the nice thick volume that I look for. My eyelashes are long, but they are thin so I tend to go for the volumizing formulas.  The wand is an interesting "S" shape which I like too.  Only drawback for me is it has a strong scent, however it goes away within moments so not a big deal.  I would consider buying the full size of this product after I see how it wears throughout the day.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

 IT Bye Bye Under Eye concealer: Very stiff and thick, very hard to blend, creased immediately. Extremely thick coverage, so I guess it would be good if you had some serious things to cover up. For me, I had to remove immediately.


Iles Haute Performance shampoo and conditioner: Another shampoo with a strong fragrance - this one was powdery and perfumy. Stayed on my hair for about half a day. But it did make my fine hair smooth with a nice texture without weighing it down. If you like the fragrance, it'd probably be a really nice product.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Day 13- Juice beauty stem cellular booster serum-this is gel like and thicker than most serums.

Day 14-Peter Thomas Roth water drench hyaluronic cloud cream-I really liked this the texture was different and it felt nice going on.

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Becca First Light Priming Filter:


Much to my surprise, I'm really liking this! The first day I used it I had a really bad night the night before and my skin probably was not in the best condition. My coworker did comment later that day that my skin looked like it was glowing, so that was definitely one way to cheer me up! I do have a pretty oily t-zone so I did use a mattifying primer on my t-zone area on top. I'm thinking of trying to use it with the mattifying on bottom and becca on top to see how that might change it! It did layer well for me though. (: 


I feel like it did make a difference in my skin and that I didn't look tired.My skin looked brighter and more illuminated. It didn't give a glittery appearance on my skin and no purple color of course. My makeup in the areas where I placed this did stay on all day. It faded a little bit but wow there was a lot left on my makeup wipe at the end of the night! 


Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder: 


Maybe I'm getting lucky with the samples I try (or I'm just picking the ones I would mostly likely like..hehe), but I've been enjoying this too! Although I'm not 100% sure if it's the new primer I'm trying or this, the combination really seem to suit my skin and I don't need to blot as often. Part of me still prefers my Cinema Secrets better, but it might be because that one works with the brush I'm currently using better. 


It does give an airbrushed look to my skin and doesn't look cakey even when I pour a lot into the little cap. I have noticed at the end of the day my foundation can look a little more separated around my nose than usual, but again, this could be due to the primer! It's not a big deal since by that time I'm home and I want my makeup off my face haha


My skin does not particularly play well with Amazonian Clay (so sad because Tarte products have amazing quality) before so I'm hoping this doesn't happen with this setting powder! It's been good so far. (: 



Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Tried out Paul Mitchell Awapuhi conditioner.  I liked it.  It was nice and thick and my hair felt great.


I bought the Ouai sampler box over the holidays.  I need to open it up and try stuff out!

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Day 10: Benefit Porefessional: Licsense to Blot. This worked fine enough. Just not a product I see myself buying.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Day 9: Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Setting Mist. I got the DS of this when it was a promo. I hate coconut, but I can't really smell it or at least it isn't a sickening coconut smell. I wanted to love this. Everytime I use it, I get hit in the face with big drops. It doesn't mist out at all. 

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Completely agree with you regarding the MJ Coconut setting mist @Samtian. I have loved all the MJ products that I've tried. This one was a miss.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Day 12-Darphin stimulskin plus multi corrective divine cream- This was a nice cream,very thick and great for dry skin.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Clinique Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer - Dry Combination
I didn't like the scent, but thankfully, it wasn't strong. Unfortunately, this broke me out, with those deep under the skin pimples.


Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil

I avoided my eyes since I wear contacts. This didn't take off all of my makeup, & I wasn't even wearing a full face, so idk how well it'd do then. The only good thing about this was it made my skin soft.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Day 10-Too cool for school egg mellow cream.A bit thicker than I expected,it smells nice,not much more to say.I didn't dislike it.

Day 11-Skny Iceland the antidote cooling lotion,this felt cool at first but it made my face burn.I won't be using again ,throwing out the rest of the sample.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

The Skyn Iceland Antidote Cooling Lotion is the only thing I've tried from that brand that I actively DON'T LIKE.  (There are some others that are either underwhelming or just not for me, but this was irritating to my face skin, though I was able to use it on my neck and décolleté.)

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MUFE Excessive Lash Mascara: I'm more of a natural lash girl, and this mascara was pretty decent for that. Those who want big fat extended lashes should look elsewhere. It wasn't clumpy at all, and I really liked the way the brush distributed the product. It did weigh a bit heavy on my lashes, which was odd. It's not my absolute favorite, but definitely an adequate substitute.


Urban Decay Naked Concealer: I had the multi-color foil sample for this one, and I tried the green and peach color. I really liked how creamy and spreadable they were, but it did crease a bit. The colors weren't great on me; there are better redness-reducing options out there, and the peach was a little bit orange on my pale skin. I was disappointed.


Lagom Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser: I am loving this. I use it in the mornings in the shower as a lightweight cleanser and it leaves my skin incredibly soft. It doesn't foam, but you can definitely feel where it's going as it changes from a gel to a liquid. Definitely a keeper!


Drybar Sake Bomb Shampoo and Conditioner: The shampoo was incredibly thick and weighed my fine hair down, but it did make it shiny. But the worst part was that it is heavily fragranced with a smell like a hookah bar. It was overwhelming in the shower, and then it stayed on my hair for hours. I couldn't escape it! The conditioner was much less smelly, but also didn't seem to do much, either. Would not purchase either.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I have the UD concealer in Pink and it doesn’t work as well as my Becca under eye concealer so I definitely understand what you mean about the concealer disappointing you.

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[ Edited ]

These are the items I  finished to make room for more!  ;')



Hair Masks-  PTR 24 KT, DB, Briogeo, Ojon- I love them ALL!!! I use the Briogeo on top and the others on mid-ends. 


Peel Pads- DDG and Cane+Austin. This is my first time trying these even though I do get them here and there.  Wow! Love!!!!

Just can't do too much since I use PMD.  My skin is so soft, clear, glowy!!!!!!  


Algenist face oil cleanser- I LOVE this stuff! Do not need any moisturizer afterwards and keeps my face so soft and glowy.


Josie Maran butter- I don't like her scents.  They feel juvenile.  Grateful for her generous samples and love to use these body cream foils after I do my own mani/pedi.  The Diptyque cream is heaven! (need more of those foils! Lol)

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@wheeeeeI've been curious about the Cane+Austin pads.  Thanks for your review.  Great samples!

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I felt immediate softness and smoothness with DDG. 


The Cane+Austin I got 3 with a SF Kit. It says to use 2x a day.  After using during AM I noticed the pad stayed pretty wet so I folded it tightly and saved it for PM.


I am gonna say the DDG worked better but here is the thing with these pads.  I feel they work best (to give you that glow effect) the first few days you use them and then your face just sorta 'stays' the same.


(This is why I think the DDG worked better).


I will save the other 2 for 1x a week or when my face is looking dull.





Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I tried a few more samples this week:


MDSolarSciences Evening Facial Repair Serum – This was my first time trying a retinol product. I really liked this and have a few other retinol product samples that I want to try before I commit to one.


Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. I feel like a little goes a long way with this one. It’s nice but I tend to prefer liquid foundations as I like a more sheer to medium coverage.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless complete coverage concealer. I like this one quite a bit and would consider purchasing it.


Thanks again for the challenge!

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