Happy 1000 hearts to DoctorsMrs :D!!!!

Yaaaaaay I love chatting with Delilah here and I missed you at the 500 mark when I went to go check you had already gotten past 600! You're super nice and I honestly love coming home to find a message from you in my PM :smileyhappy:! I'm so happy that you were able to find your way to out BT family <3 here's to many more my BBFF!!cute-hearts-28170834.jpgimages.jpg

Also a beauty rap just for you! :smileytongue:

Pinky D,

buying up all those lippies.

No buy for the rest of the month?

I'll do it just for you this once.

Look at that blush!

It makes me flush,

Oh no its Limited edition? 

No easy task to get it'll be a mission.

I gotta go search online

My girl Pinky D will help it be mine.

I'm out!! 


Re: Happy 1000 hearts to DoctorsMrs :D!!!!

The only way to celebrate such a huge milestone :smileyhappy:!!! Also, at first I thought you said I adore you blushes... which would have made sense to me lol. No thanks are needed I honestly don't think I'd love coming on here as much as I do without you. 

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to DoctorsMrs :D!!!!

(0) Hearts

haha.  From now on whenever I send you a PM that's how I'm going to sign off.


I love you BLUSHES

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to DoctorsMrs :D!!!!

Yay! Congrats DoctorsMrs! You're such a great person to have around. You're sweet and funny, but also incredibly helpful and good at both enabling and being enabled :smileywink:

I'm on a