Glitch with BI Points!

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Hello! I have a question regarding my beauty insider points -- it shows that I only have 14 online and only shows a single purchase I made months ago, but I've bought plenty of things at Sephora since then and I always use my BI card. I recently went to one Sephora that told me I have something like 45 points, and another that told me I have over 100! I'm so confused and would really like to get those missing points so I can utilize them. Is there any way to find out why my multiple recent purchases haven't been properly adding to my BI points? Thank you so much for your help. Smiley Happy

Re: Glitch with BI Points!

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Hi MeghanVee,


It sounds like your card and email address might not be linked together. I'll message you to help!

<3 Melissa
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