I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Love (have repurchased, will repurchase)

Lush Celebrate Body Lotion


Like (may or may not repurchase)

Suave Sleek Conditioner (good, inexpensive conditioner)

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo (been buying this for years, time to try other things)


Dislike (will not repurchase)

Drybar Shower Cap (the terry cloth elastic band never dries, so now it's moldy--lasted less than 10 months)

Drybar Lemon Drop Brush (most of the little rounded tips have popped off--lasted less than 10 months)

Wen Summer Mango Coconut Cleanser (I've been over Wen for years, but was trying to finish the bottle--it's rancid now, so I had to throw it out)


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This may sound like a dumb question, but how do you know it's gone rancid?  Most of my beauty products get used up in a timely fashion but I have a few that have been kicking around for awhile so now I'm curious.  And glad to know that lotion is good.  I think I have some from a holiday gift box...

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I know the Wen is rancid because it started smelling really funky.  Also, product stuck on the inside of the bottle (around the neck) was starting to turn color and get almost moldy looking.  To be fair, it's been sitting in my shower for a long time.  Also, because I can never get the pump to work, the bottle has been opened numerous times, and water has gotten inside.  It was only a matter of time!

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Gottcha.  I was just curious because I have definitely kept some makeup products long past when the packaging said I would toss them but at long as they seem to keep working, I keep using them.

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Totally late in sharing but so excited to participate in this thread.  Previously I haven't been great about using up products and have hoarded my samples so I think this will help!  I should note that I've also been using this as a kick in the pants to get rid of some empty containers that were used awhile ago, but still hanging out in my shower so I don't REALLY use this much shampoo and conditioner in a month.  Overall, I've been proud of how much I used up last month but challenging myself to use up the last little bit of some products that are on their last legs and to dip into my sample stash overall vs. just hoarding.  I also offloaded some makeup products that had been hanging around my drawers but that I knew I wouldn't use to my mom and sis when they were in town.








-Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action (Already repurchased)

-UD eye primer (Already repurchased)

-MUFE HD foundation (Didn’t repurchase as I wanted to try other things)

-Beauty Blender (Already repurchased)

-Fresh Rose Floral Toner (have samples of other toners to use up first and then may repurchase)

-Bliss High Intensity 24-7 (have other samples of similar stuff to get through first)

-Dior Nude Air (have other foundation to get through first)

-Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash & Treatment (This is a HG for me, already repurchased)

-Davines Oi Shampoo/Conditioner (Another HG, well stocked up)

-Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (Need to use up other lotions first and then will likely purchase)




-FAB Dual Repair Cream (good, but not as moisturizing as I’d hoped)

-Lancome Bi-Facil (works but not sure it’s dramatically different than what I already use)

-Philosophy No Reason to Hide (didn’t see any improvement using these samples, but likely not a long enough trial period to fully judge)

-Bare Minerals Prime Time (not sure this did much either way)

-Eyeko Mascara Wardrobe (this is an oldie I stopped using awhile ago. I think I’ll like just using all the wands with other mascaras. This seemed to dry out fast.)

-YuBe Moisturizing Body Lotion (Fine, but not unique)

-Boscia Luminizing Mask (Like it but still not sure I want a full size)

-Ole Henrisksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel (not sure this does anything and sometimes stings my undereye skin)




-Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (too harsh for my dry skin, took me YEARS to get through this)

-Soap and Glory Whipped Body Butter (holy fragrance. To me this just reeked.)

-Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 (This felt nice on but I ended up with weird bumps on my skin in the area afterwards. Not acne but reminded me of the irritated bumps I get after an eyebrow wax.)


Not pictured: samples of GlamGlow Thirsty Cleanse (Buying during the rouge sale), Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum (already stocked up on two bottles since this improved the hydration of my skin noticeably, Kate Somerville Eczema Therapy Cream (hated how it felt on my skin, felt greasy so a nope for me), Caudlie Beauty Elixir (Holy fragrance!  Still have a travel size of this as well I will use up but man is it stinky.)

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Ohh you have all the shampoo & conditioners I have been wanting to try out for a while now. I recently went super blonde (at least for my hair) and tried a bunch of purple shampoos but they just dry out my hair like crazy.  Smiley Sad What's your hair texture like? I'm thinking about ordering the Davines Oil Shampoo &Conditioner next but my hair is fine and am worried it's going to weigh it down and make it greasy.

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This thread has definitely given me some motivation to finish up some things and use my samples instead of just switching it up quite so much just to try something new. I love storing my empties up now!

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Do you always cut the tops off of your tubes or just if you love the product? I started doing it with my handrcream after seeing you post about it and I was shocked at how much was left even though I thought I had squeezed every little bit. 

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I know I do.  If you calculate the cost per ounce of beauty products, it's insane not toSmiley Wink 

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here are my empties for march:







  • hourglass ambient lighting palette – i love this!!! it is the perfect finisher for my makeup!  i have been without this for almost 2 weeks now and oh how i miss it!!! i’m trying to hold out until the sephora sale to repurchase it BUT I NEED IT!!!
  • boscia makeup breakup cleansing oil: i love the way this gets all of my makeup off – even mascara.  this is a daily product for me and i can’t see myself wanting to use another makeup remover again
  • shiseido cleansing water – i love this!! this is my morning refresher.  i don’t usually wash my face in the morning but use this instead.  i’m currently trying the bioderma cleansing water so i haven’t repurchased but i would in a heartbeat
  • benefit boi-ing concealer – i rediscovered this when i did a use it or lose it.  i had forgotten how much i liked this.  i will not repurchase right now because i want to finish up some of the concealers i have but this is one i would buy again
  • l’oreal carbon black mascara – i already repurchased.  i like this mascara in combination with my urban decay subversion primer.  the combo of these products gives me some pretty decent length and volume
  • urban decay native liner – i LOVE this liner! creamy, pigmented, its my perfect baby pink liner.  i find myself using this one almost every day – in combination with so many different colours
  • sugar advanced therapy lip treatment – my winter lips are not dry and cracked and i have this baby to thank!
  • urban decay setting spray – this is an essential in my makeup routine.  i feel like it finished my makeup perfectly and makes my makeup last forever!
  • glysomed foot balm and hand cream- i love glysomed!!! this stuff takes canadian winters and gives them a huge na na na na boo boo!
  • icing on the cake, buttercream and vanilla – I SMELL LIKE CAKE!!!! nuff said
  • algenist gentle rejuvenating cleanser – gets my face clean but doesn’t strip my dry skin
  • makeup forever brush cleaner – this works so well and quick!!



  • dr bronners pure castile soap – this was ok.  i used it to clean my brushes but i prefer my beauty blender solid
  • soft soap body butter coconut scrub – i like this, my son likes this, we go through a lot of this.  its good, but nothing spark-tacular!
  • urban decay zero liner: i used to love this…and then i tried perversion!  perversion just seems creamier and blacker to me
  • john frida 100% shine glossing mist – i like this for when i’m straightening my hair but i don’t’ feel like its anything special

no just no


  • quo brush cleaning wipes – these were horrid!! they were dry before i opened them, they were just useless!
  • quo brush cleanser – this cleaned my brushes but i feel like i needed so much product to do the job
  • simple pleasures snow flurries shower gel – HATED the scent and the feeling on my skin!





  • deva curl ultra defining gel and styling cream – these are my hg hair products!! i use nothing else in my hair.  from the scent to the way they make my hair look and feel – just perfection!
  • hourglass mineral veil primer – this is hg status for me!  i’m trying super hard to use up all the primers i have before i repurchase but i will repurchase this one in a heart beat.  my makeup looks smooth and flawless and lasts forever!
  • korres greek yoghurt sleeping facial mask – this hydrates my face sooo well!! my face feels smooth and moisturized after using!
  • algenist genius cream; overnight restorative night cream; eye balm; firming and lifting serum; triple action micro peel – algenist products are my hg skincare!  these products are gentle enough to not irritate my sensitive skin while still getting the job done
  • jack black deep dive facial cleanser – my son actually washes his face willingly because of this product – enough said!


  • makeup forever mist and fix – i like this, i just like my mac fix + better
  • shiseido power infusing concentrate – while i liked this i wasn’t a huge fan of the scent
  • algenist anti-aging repair oil – i like this but i can’t use an oil on a regular basis
  • too faced better than sex mascara – liked it but just didn’t love it
  • shiseido refining makeup primer – i like it but its not my hourglass mineral veil

lifes too short

these were products that i just couldn’t bring myself to use up.  things i legit couldn’t stand!

  • buxom mascara – am i wearing mascara? can’t tell!
  • benefit bad gal lash- clumpy short lashes? no thanks!
  • algenist regenerative anti-aging moisturizer – had a pepperminty smell and made my skin burn
  • too faced primed and poreless primer – balled up on my face

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Congrats on using up a whole Ambient Lighting palette--that's quite an accomplishment!


I love the Algenist gentle rejuvenating cleanser too--I love that you need just the tiniest amount so it lasts a really long time. 

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Oh wow!  You went through a whole ambient lighting palette!   Do you have a favorite colour?  

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That is what I was just going to say....that she finished an entire Ambient Lighting palette?


*Note to self:  Learn from others and use your stuff up!*



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i actually used up dim first  - almost a month and half ago!! then incandescent about a month ago and i just finished radiant!  i now have a full size dim that i've been using but i feel super naked without this!!!  i need to get another!!!!  


incandescent is my fave but i use dim as an all over setting powder which is why it went first!

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The palette looks really compact, but I made the mistake of buying two of the colours on it before they released it so it didn't seem like a good buy to me.  I haven't used up any of mine.  

I remeber getting dim and radiant first and using them to subtly contour my face.  Then I saw what it looked like in pictures and stopped that.  

My favourite for a finishing powder is ethereal.  

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radiant is my least fave of the 3...i'm hoping that the fact that the incandescent blush is coming out means there is hope for the incandescent single so i'm debating holding out! but i need it!!!!

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That would be nice since I am missing it from my collectionSmiley Happy   It seems to be a popular one as well.  

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I have empties!  They're not an exciting as most of the posts here but I get super proud when I finish something.  I've made it a point to not purchase a back-up or replacement until I'm completely dunzo with what I have so it's been a struggle.


Things to note: That beautyblender have been rattling around my bathroom cabinet for months because I refused to trash it.  I finally let it go, Elsa style.  

The Caudalie beauty elixir is in the L'Wren Scott packaging and had a wonky sprayer.  It was less "Ah a fine mist" and more "Get off the couch cat!  Imma squirt you!"

The Algenist primer is nice but I don't know if it's worth the $42 price tag.

Wow this is a random group of stuff.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  


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First, the "get off the couch cat!" made me laugh.  Second, I'm impressed by your squeezing of that hand cream.  Is that L'occitane?

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Hahahahaha!    Cat!!!!😂😂😂

I had to search hard in the picture for the tube you were talking about!  Omg!  That is so neat!  I am also impressed! 

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Also I will add my biggest issue with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is the smell.  If eel like I'm spraying perfume on my face.  Blech.

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