I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Is that the bronzing maracuja oil? 

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No ma'am, it is a 0.5 of the oil alone.

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Oh, all my samples are in little purple jars that look like the big jars.  That one is super cute! 

Ma'am?  Lol!  I've never been called that before! 

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I try to be more polite when I have to deliver contradictory news. Lol. I received the brown bottle in trade, I am under the understanding it came with one of the mega kits from QVC. I think it's charming too, I wish they would use this as an "alternate" design to jive with the apothecary look.

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Lol, ma'am it is!  I love products that come with droppers!  The droppers themselves are a bit annoying but I get this irrational sense they work better.  

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You finished a lippie.  Color me impressed.  I still have not tried that lippie you sent me, but I look forward to trying it soon.

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I'm also impressed!

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I can't wait, ping me when it it the LotD! And this is the first Strawberry gloss from September, I'm close to finishing Currant.

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These are my empties from Oct-Dec. I've been trying to use as much as possible since I'll be moving soon!


























Loves - Would Repurchase

Glamglow supermud - I wouldn’t repurchase a big size but if they came out with a mini I would! Used it as a spot treatment

TATCHA - As a whole will always repurchase everything and anything from them!

Caudalie SOS Serum - I finish one of these then I tell myself I need to find something else. I try to find alternatives since this stuff runs out crazy fast!. I always go back to it though.

La Mer Tinted Moisturizer - Was my HG since I prefer a more natural look. This product was discontinues and this was my last back up :smileysad:

Power Glow Peel Pad - Bought a full pack of this stuff

Bobbi Brown Corrector - Already repurchased

Kneipp Lavender Bath Oil - I use this every night while in the shower. It’s my 25th bottle  O.O

Maybelline Rocket Mascara - Would repurchase if I was ever in the market for a drugstore mascara

Laneige Water Bank - Amazing! Laneige is always amazing for my skin

Dior Pro Styler Concealer Palette -  Discontinues but loved this palette!

D.L. & Co Candle in Rhubarb - Beautiful scent and very long lasting

Diptyque candle in Pomandre - Nice light scent

Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Butter - My HG Body cream. So thick and moisturizing I wake up with the softest skin! Been using this for almost 10 years now!

LPS Lipikar Baume AP - A staple for when my psoriasis flares up

Prada L’eau Candy - Loved this! I usually don’t like scents like this but I will be buying this again during the perfume point sale

Bioderma 100 UVA/UVB sunscreen - Use this on my scars, hands and chest when I’m working out outside or hiking.

Philosophy Vanilla Cream Topping Shower Gel - Got this as a Valentines gift have since repurchased it 2x! It was LE but I will repurchase if I ever come across it! It smells sweet and usually wouldn’t be something I would of ever been attracted to since I like Woodsy scents

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel - Gentle yet effective scrub

Target Microfiber Wipes - The best! Cleans my eyeglasses like nothing else!

MAC liner - Was LE but great for opening up the eyes.

Dior Addict lip Glow - I will forever repurchase this!

Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliator - Love all of clarins products. I use this on my chest/back/shoulders. I work out every single day and this is great to keep those areas acne free. I prefer chemical exfoliator my my face.

Chanel Giggle Gloss- My HG lipgloss. It’s a my lips but much much better shade on me. I panic if I don’t have at least 2 backups of this O.O

DHC Cleansing oil -  Been using this since I was 17. Always have one of these around just in case.

Diptyque Baies Candle- I have two more of these. Burns evenly and scents a whole room up.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Already have 2 back ups(on this size)! I have a big bottle in my medicine cabinet and 2 little ones inside my travel bag

One Kings Lane candle in Black Orchid -  Black Orchid is my absolute favorite smell! Got this as a freebie from OKL on a recent order.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask - Always repurchase this mask! Makes my skin glow! Discovered this in 2008 when I visited the Bliss Spa.

Fresh Rose Mask -  I absolutely fell in love with Fresh last year. I have sensitive skin and love their Rose line. I use this daily when my skin is extremely dry.

Molton Brown Pink Peppercorn Body Wash - OMG I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SCENT! Will for sure repurchase!

Abreva - Alwyas keep this when I wax my upper lips. My derm told me to use this to prevent irritation after waxing and it works!

Biologique Recherche P50V - Already have a full size and a travel size

YSL Baby Doll Mascara - Will always repurchase and try to get as many DS as possible!

Korres Lip Butter - Love these

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner - Will repurchase once I run out of my Fekkai

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish - This is my favorite Body Scrub EVER! I love a good body scrub and have tried easily over 50 of them. I like to stock up on them when Fresh has a good coupon code

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack - Smells great and gets the job done! Will Repurchase

Diptyque Feu de Bois - Will Repurchase a bigger size next time!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - I have dry skin but whenever I travel to tropical places I always bring this with me and keeps me shine free! Already repurchased.

L’occitane Almond Oil - Repurchased it!

OH Lemon Peel - Have a full size and 3x DS. Love this stuff

Eucerin Aquaphor - Use this 3x a week.

Bobbi Brown Concealer - Already repurchased

Eucerin Calming Creme - Keep this in my purse. It’s heavy duty!

Pai - Always go back to this brand whenever my skin is breaking out.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - HG overnight mask

Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream - HG eye cream. Will repurchase once I run out of all the samples I have



Likes - Maybe I’d repurchase

Nars Primer - It works but I have so many primers wont be repurchasing any new ones.

Dior Mascara Unlimited- Was OK I have way better mascaras. Did give me good length. I have too many mascaras to repurchase it right now

NIVEA Strawberry Lip Balm - Got this while in Japan. Loved it! I since tried the US version it’s just not the same

Clinique Overnight Mask - It’s solid but I won’t be rushing to buy this.

The Balm Mascara - Got this on a whim because of the cute guy on the packaging O.O I was so surprised because this stuff was craaaazy good! Will repurchase it for sure.

Koh Gen Do - Great line. This got the job done but I’m not a fan of Micellar Water

Dior Blackout mascara - I always like to keep one waterproof mascara in m stash. I’d repurchase this if again I didn’t have so many mascara

Agave hair Oil - Will Repurchase once I run out of hair oils. This sample lasted me FOREVER!

DDG Original Pads -  I have soooo many pads to go through but this worked great.

Kings & Queens - Got this in London. I will hunt this down once I’m done with a few more shower Gels.

Choosy Lip Mask - It works but it isn’t something that’s a must for me

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub - I prefer sugar scrubs over salt. I liked it this one though.

Korres Body Butter - I like this during Summer time. I have too many lotions to repurchase this right now.

Supergoop SPF30 - Use this on my hands will repurchase

Dr Jart Mask - Good sheet mask I’ll repurchase if I’m ever in the market for new sheet masks

IOPE Serum - Already have a full size

Versace Bright Crystal - I don’t love this but I got it as a gift and reminds me of my teenage years.


Meh - Not for me

Batiste Dry Shampoo - It works ok... Not the best and I hate the crazy white cast.

B&BW Twilight Woods Shower Gel - Smelled great but oh so drying!

Chanel Chance Rollerball - Smelled good but it’s too common. I prefer heavier scents this has too many florals in it

Bliss Incredi-Peel - It works but a little too drying on my skin

Yellow Mascara from the drugstore - It’s from Covergirl I believe? I got this while I was in Mexico. Dried out within a month

Glamglow ThirstyMud - I just don’t know about this stuff. I don’t find it moisturizing at all.

B&BW Oahu Shower Gel - Smells good but again so drying

Laura Mercier Primer - This works for sure! It made my foundation last over 8 hours in humid weather but I noticed I always get random white heads when I use this.

Sephora Sheet Masks - The second one I try and again gave me white heads

MJ liner - Didn’t get a chance to try this since it came broken -.-

REN - Anything from this brand is a NONO for me. I used to love their brand but ever since it got reformulated it’s been nothing but a let down for me :smileysad:

Bath and Body Works Candles - They smelled good. However, they don’t burn evenly! Too much of a hassle. I still have a few that were given to me as a gift but I wont purchase them.

Maybelline eyebrow pencils - NO! I used them up just to get rid of them

Korres Face Primer - I used this 3x before it went off

Guerlain Lingeries de Peau Foundation - This foundation is beautiful once you put it on. IT matched me just fine. However, by the end of the day it would oxidize and turn pink. I have yellow undertones so this was a no for me!

Algenist Brightening Mask - This stuff was so drying! Nothing from Algenist works for me :smileysad:

CHI Infra treatment - It works but it’s nothing special for me to repurchase

Origins GinZing Eye cream - NO! This stuff is not moisturizing for my eyes. Did absolutely nothing for me.

EOS Lipbalm - It’s good but I have so many chap stick will not be repurchasing this!

Crazy Rumors A La Mode Chapstick - I hate mint ANYTHING! It irritates the skin around y lips

Argan Du Maroc - I got this in Morocco. It’s good but I wont be able to get this again.

PTR Rose Stem Cell - This stuff is just bizarre. It’s way too much foam. Not for my dry skin.

Dior Hydra Life - I used to love this but then they reformulated it and now I break out every time I us this

Paulas Choice Skin Recovery - Clogged my pores and wasn’t moisturizing at all.

Crew Pomade - Was more of a gel then a pomade.

Maybeline Baby Lips - Not for me.

Clarisonic Luxe Brush - Used this 4x and I got the worst break outs of my life! I have good skin but this gave me under the skin little lumps. NEVER AGAIN!

Ren Glycolic Mask - I know everyone loves this but I just find it ok. I prefer other resurfacing masks I have.

Caudalie Premier Cru - Was good but the price just doesn’t justify the results.

FAB Deep Cleanser - This was so drying! I ended up using this to clean brushes

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It's too bad GlamGlow doesn't have a mini of the Supermud, as it sells minis at the checkout line of the blue, black, and green masks.

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I've trid samples of them all but I don't love any of them to even purchase the mini. 

Also, I have over 30+ masks in my stash O.O 

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I love the black biore strips!  Lol!  The gross shows up better! 

And those choosy lip masks are so funny!  Did you ever read the back?  You can lighten your nipples with them! 


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Yes I totally saw that! I was like hmm interesting but I'll stick to the lips :smileytongue: lol

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I am just finishing off Nutrix (not the body formula).  I loved it at first but grew not to like it as I used more.  It is so sticky that whenever I tried to use it in other places, I just got annoyed.  I can handle sticky on my face before bed, by not my hands and feet.  Anyway, I may give the body one a try down the road.


I am super impressed with everything you used in such a short period of time.  Lots of awesome products, too.  There are so many I already love or am dying to try.  

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I had a lot of half empty products and like I said the move really motivated me not to let so many good products go to waste!

I absolutely love nutrix (body) and hate the other one. I had the exact same feeling as you. I hate feeling sticky or "greasy" it was a no no for me.

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Nice job!

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Thanks! You also did good with your empties!

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I just emptied my trash under my vanity yesterday. Next time I'll take a pic of my empties. Although I don't think they're as exciting as these are but I like to see/read the reviews of the products other people used up.

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January Empties (Disclaimer: I have been trying hard to use up stuff in my stash before moving onto new things. I think it shows)




  • Johnson’s baby lotion vanilla oatmeal- good body lotion, not too scented, moisturizing but not greasy
  • Tree hut shea sugar scrub almond honey- holy grail body scrub
  • OH eye lift-part of my daily routine
  • FAB ultra repair cream- didn’t like it for my face but it worked wonders on my feet
  • OH sheer transformation-part of my daily routine
  • E.L.F. lip exfoliator- this is the only stuff that works when my lips are so dry they are peeling
  • Guerlain LdP- Love, trying to use up samples to put off buying a full size
  • OH power peel
  • NARS stick concealer
  • BITE dual luminous crème lipstick musk/lychee- perfect nude for me
  • YSL touché éclat in No 2
  • Korres wild rose sleeping facial- my face drinks this up during the winter
  • Doir abricot cream- Will forever repurchase awesome for my nails
  • Fresh sugar lemon perfume- love the smell but it doesn't last long
  • LOccitane hand cream


Liked but will not purchase

  • Living proof no frizz shampoo and conditioner
  • Algenist complete eye renewal balm
  • Loccitane divine cream
  • Phyto secret de nuit
  • OH the clean truth clothes (I like the MAC clothes better)
  • Maybelline mega plush mascara
  • OH blue/black berry mask
  • Shiseido eye masks


Did not like

  • Living proof full shampoo and conditioner
  • Dermadoctor KP duty
  • Soap and glory flake away
  • Texas tea volumizing conditioner
  • Crabtree and evelyn evelyn rose hand therapy

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The Korres Rose Sleeping Facial is quickly becoming one of my go-to products.  It makes my skin so darn happy in the depths of winter.  

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I can't beleive you finished your dior cream!  Mine is almost half gone after almost a year. 

I'm trying to work on my stash as well.  So much clutter has already cleared since October!  I just got excited cause I got to move onto a new body wash!  

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