I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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what is this reasonable thing of which you speak?

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It's this elusive thing I am struggling to achieve.   Like a spiritual exercise of sorts.  At this rate it'll take years to achieve. 

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Wow.  So many empties!

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I made a deal with myself I had to get through three foundations in order to buy one replacement, so I chose the emptiest ones to get through firstSmiley Happy.  It seems like more than it was, but I'm still pretty happy with my progress.  

I think I can hold out buying more for another bottle or so.  It feels good to be downsizing for what that's worth.  Four down.  Eleven to go. 

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I've been kind of trying to do the same thing with some skincare and eye creams.  Like the debt snowball trick (pay off your lowest balance first), but with makeup!  I have so many foundations, too, and I'm such a sucker for new ones.  So, now I'm trying to sample them for a few days, at least, to see if it's really worth investing in!

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great analogy! 


Isnt it better trying foundations out in your own skintone anyway?  

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I'm really impressed with the Philosophy shower gel. I find it takes freaking forever to finish one, even when I use a generous (read: excessive) dollop. 

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Then you won't be surprised that it took me what seemed like a year to use it up.  I'm sick of it.  I had to force myself to get through it.  It doubled as my shaving gel and I still thought I'd be smelling this scent forever.  There's only so much plasticy vanilla a girl can take. 

Re: Empties


how in the world is another month over already?!?!?!?!   



full size products




  • mixed chicks leave in conditioner - leaves my hair hydrated, helps with frizz and doesn't weigh my hair down
  • deva curl no poo shampoo - gentle, hydrating and makes my curls sing!
  • prada candy l'eau - I LOVE THIS SCENT!!!
  • glysomed hand cream
  • sugar advanced therapy 
  • urban decay subversion - fave lash primer - especially with coloured mascara!!!
  • anastasia beverly hills brow whiz



  • mary kay satin hands
  • sephora targeted eye remover swabs - i always have some of these - i'm not finicky on brand - these were good but not special - i would repurchase but right now i have others
  • elf high definition powder
  • fairy drops lash primer
  • glysomed body lotion - i prefer the hand and foot creams



  • avon eye makeup remover lotion - IT BURNS!!!
  • olive lips lip balm - dry when i got it!

deluxe samples



  • deva curl light defining gel - i like this one for day 3 hair that needs a little refresher
  • origins drink up intensive overnight mask 
  • urban decay all nighter
  • algenist eye balm
  • urban decay subversion lash primer


  • boscia tsubaki cleansing oil 
  • algenist firming and lifting serum
  • benefit they're real mascara
  • urban decay perversion mascara
  • too faced shadow insurance
  • shiseido ibuki softening concentrate
  • shiseido ibuki moisturizer
  • johnson's baby wash


  • buxom mascara






  • shiseido benefiance eye cream
  • tata harper resurfacing mask
  • tata harper regenerating cleanser


  • glam glow bright mud eye treatment
  • derma dr wrinkle eye cream
  • josie maran cleansing powder
  • omorovicza thermal cleansing 


  • nude treatment oil
  • strivectin 5 minute glycolic peel
  • bliss micro magic microdermabrasion - liked on body hated on face
  • ren - v cleanse flash rinse 
  • eslor replenishing scrub

things i forgot to include Smiley Tongue



  • deva curl one condition
  • deva curl ultra defining gel
  • origins charcoal mask


  • equate makeup removing wipes
  • biore pore perfect strips
  • boscia pore purifying black strips


  • equate quilted squares



Re: Empties

I can't remeber the last full bottle of perfume I used up... I think it was Ralph lauren her.    That was waaaay back!  I bought a second bottle and still have it.  It seems dated now. 

Re: Empties

I LOVE this thread! Here are the last few weeks of empties and items I've been testing out.



LOVES- already ordered and in rotation.

Sunday Riley Good Genes- a good amount of tingle since I use it night after my peel pads but not in a bad way. Within days saw a change in tone and texture. Very good product!

ABH brow wiz- never without my wiz 

MJ Daisy- It is a great scent but also carries good memories since my better half picked it out years ago for Christmas ❤️

Radical peel pads- I received these with the Barneys GWP. I'm not sure of the % in them but my skin reacted better with these then what I was currently using, ptr un wrinkle pads. Really pleased with the results. Followed with Luna oil and my skin has never been better.

Replica Beach Walk- went to sephora yesterday to get a sample because I need to test it a day or two on my skin but I really like it.

Conair paddle brush- lasted me an insane amount of years and I just repurchased the floral one at ulta.


So So products. Not LOVES but NOT BAD either.

BBW body wash, cream, and lotion. 

Ulta body scrubs

Living Proof hair serum- too heavy on my already thick and long hair

Pur-Lisse 4&1 cream cleanser- it was good with my clarisonic. Didn't wow me or break me out so eh.

Ole serum and eye cream- smells like orange sherbet. Again, didn't wow me or break me out so eh. 

Nivea shower lotion- I like it. I like unscented lotions under my perfumes so this was nice to try.

Ole melting truth cleanser- might revisit this when I get through some other stuff. 

Chloe, Stella, E&J white. Too sweet and powdery for my skin and dryer climate. The black might be a good fall scent.


Just Bad... For me

Rita Hazan hair treatments- didn't do anything 

Marinesse Curl- sample from birch box. Dry and clumpy. Maybe I received a bad one?

Keihls correcting night cream- it sat on my skin. It was a good size sample and I tried it various ways it just didn't seem to absorb. I'm finding this the case with most Keihls creams on my skin.

Clinique 3 step- this was my first foray into skin care at 12. It's not for me anymore.

Burts Bees face wipes- smells medicinal and drying to my skin.

Guerlain Royale serum- I need to get another sample. Mine was very thick and inconsistent in texture. Thinking bad sample not product per se. 

Smashbox BB- awful. Balled up with and clung to everything I wanted covered up. Tried a few methods of applications, still no.




Re: Empties



Re: Empties

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What an impressive amount of empties!

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I have some samples of the Good Genes I'm waiting to try ou, and the Radical peel pads from GWP too. I love Beach Walk and I'm pretty picky about beachy perfumes. I bought it last year during triple points.

Re: Empties

The tingle was.... Intense with the good genes since I used it after the peel pads but it absorbed right in and seriously in days my skin was singing praises. I have never experienced a wow moment in skin care like that. Also, cut ur peel pads in half to double the supply. They are packed with product and a half pad did my face, neck, chest,  and hands! 

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Oh, great idea, I probably would not have thought of that!

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Lol, I bought beach walk but have been using up my mini sample vials before opening the bottle.  Working at it. 

Re: Empties

Upon first sample it was impressive. I got a good 4 hours of wear out of it today and I love it! 

Re: Empties

I have some empties!  Mixed full-size, deluxes and samples.  Really trying hard to make it through some of my stash and this thread makes me happy and motivated.  I'm not much of a re-purchaser, since I always want to try new things, but I'll give some reviews below.  


Also, a while back, someone mentioned a place that takes recycling of all cosmetic products - can someone remind me where that is?  I'm never sure with some of the stuff if it can go in regular recycling.  Thanks!





LOVED - will purchase

Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel Powder - LOVED this stuff, I'm going to buy full size

PTF Black Moor Mud Mask - wow, this is so nice, no mask has made my face feel so nourished and glowing!


Liked, would consider purchase or re-purchase: 

Caudalie Serum - no miraculous results, but I think it was a nice, hydrating serum

Alterna CC Cream - I actually already have the full size, just used up the DS

GlamGlow Thirstymud Cleanser - I liked this one, but not something I would use every day, it seems like a lot of work!

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover - I seem to have an endless supply of these DS-sized, I love it, but can't imagine ever purchasing it for that reason!

Carol's Daughter and VS Body Cream 

B&B Creme do Coco - nice, hydrating for hair

Cle de peau le coton - fine, but I don't see any reason to get these over the Shiseido ones

Molton Brown DS - I just mix all these in my hand soap pump dispenser, they all smell amazing!


"Just wanted to use up" - EL perfectionist & Re-Nutriv


Not thrilled with - Dior Iconic Overcurl, I don't know if this was me, but this formala was super dry and barely showed up on me.  I love other Dior mascaras but this one was not for me.


Okay, foils & samples: Mostly just trying to use these up

That Benefit Flawless sample card with primer, foundation and powder lasted maybe 2 hours on me, not a fan.

Chanel foundation - nice, but not a HG for me as it is for others

Drybar Sake Bomb Shampoo & Conditioner - I actually already bought the full size, I loved it at first, but it's a little too much for my regular use.  I tried the Happy Hour conditioner and I might buy that one, but hard to tell from only one use.  

Renewed hope in a jar is something I've tried a couple of samples - not enough moisture for me at all.

Re: Empties

Nice job on all the empties!

Re: Empties

I heard great things about the Chanel Aqua foundation too. The SA was Nordstroms was nice enough to do a full application and give me a sample. It's good... But like you said not HG. So the search continues. What foundations are you having good experiences with?

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