I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Which shade of Smith& Cult is that and how did it wear?


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It is "The Lovers".  On my lips, it added shine more than color, but it lasted for about two hours on me without eating/drinking.  I liked it, but won't be rebuying because it was too sticky for my taste.  

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Glad this popped up. I forgot to share my March Empties


March 2016 Empties.jpg






Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Aloe Lotion- Moisturizing for a medium density formula. The slight greasiness prevents this from being a FabuFind, but the price helps it be something I love and will purchase. This was originally given to me by PINCHme, but I purchased this myself from Target.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream- This is a moisturizing cream that penetrates deeply and rubs in smoothly, because it is not as thick as some others. If I am looking for intense moisture, I will stick with Eucerin, but I will use this when I want something that moisturizes very well and works into the skin quickly.

Neutrogena Ulta Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 45- I almost never burn as long as I reapply this in a reasonable amount of time. It feels great on my skin, because it does not feel thick or sticky. There is almost zero shine added with this, too.

h2o+ Spa Sea Lotus Skin Smoother- This is incredible. It scrubs without being too gentle or too rough. There is oil in it that leaves my skin feeling soft. I do not even add a separate body cream on days I use this all over, and my skin still feels hydrated.

Ulta Peppermint Cracked Heel Treatment- This did not work as well as Egyptian Magic on my heels, because this does not seem to penetrate as deeply into the deep skin in my heels. Even though it is really thick, I still love it all over my feet after I work Egyptian Magic into my heels.

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF 50- This is thin, rubs in nicely, applies semi-matte, and is very effective. My skin does not burn when I wear this.

Essentielle Beauty Peppermint Balm- I love this balm, which is not as thick as Egyptian Magic, so it is great for dry patches of skin that do not need as much penetration. This smells like a mild peppermint, which is very pleasant.

Essentielle Beauty Rose Balm- I love this balm, which is not as thick as Egyptian Magic, so it is great for dry patches of skin that do not need as much penetration. This has a light rose scent, so it is tolerable. The formula is almost exactly the same as the Peppermint above, so I would select that one (as I prefer its scent).

Davines Anti Aging Hand Cream- I wish the price on this was more reasonable, because it smells lovely. The formula is great, too. It is deeply moisturizing and not at all greasy. Rarely does my husband love my hand cream, but he loves this one. He loves it so much that he claimed my second tube.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands- This is a lovely hand cream with an almost non-existent scent. It starts off medium to thick density, but it becomes thick the more you use it thanks to the open air of the jar. The formula is moisturizing and long-lasting.

Lush Hot Toddy Body Wash- It is a shame this was a limited edition item. Even with the glitter inside, which was not really as bothersome as I thought it would be, I loved this wash. This has a lovely cinnamon scent that is subtle and long-lasting. The lather is nice, and it rinses away clean.

Fekkai Reparatives Deep Conditioning Mask- This definitely helps with frizz and makes my hair softer. I love this. It is a nice mask, but I've tried better ones, including my reigning favorite.


Willing to Try Again

Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Mist- This arrived open and a lot of the product inside spilled. I cannot say if this made any difference in shine, frizz, conditioning, or anything. It really did not seem like it did. There is a chance the formula weakened when the bottle opened. I am going to use the replacement bottle Birchbox gave me to give this a real shot. If I still do not notice a difference after using a full, unopened bottle, I will move this into the not for me category.

Gold Bond Healing Hand Cream- This is feels almost the same as the general one. Even though I liked it and would use it again, I do not see myself purchasing it. The hand cream is more expensive than the body cream but produces about the same result. I'd buy the body cream and use it on my hands and body, which I did with the large one above.

Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner- I did notice a slight difference in my usual frizz (which is a lot), but I did not notice enough to justify the price. If I received this in a kit or gift, I would use it, but I would not buy it. There are cheaper formulas that do better.

Corioliss Argan Conditioning Mask- I did not notice much of a difference after using this, but the sample was small. Instead of using all the 0.5oz sample in one application like I should have, I separated it into 2 0.25oz treatments. It did not work through my hair as well as it should have, so I did not get to see what this product is capable of when used to its fullest. If I received this again, I would give it a fair shot.

St Ives Apricot Scrub- I read that apricot seeds can damage facial skin, and I prefer to use a scrub that is more gentle. Instead of using this on my face, I used it on my hands and feet. It was all right. The slight cleansing effect that accompanied it was nice.

Philip B Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse- This was another disappointing product. I did not notice a difference. Like the Corioliss above, I used it less than I should have. If I received this again, I would use more to give it a better shot.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara- This is a really wet formula, so it does not work well with hooded eyes like mine. It transfers to my face. I do see more definition and length in my lashes, but I do not like wiping this off my eyes multiple times during the day.

Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths- I purchased three of these for my boys who were always getting their faces dirty while we were out. After I purchased them, they magically stopped getting dirty most of the time. That made me remove them from my purse. They added unneeded weight, so I put them away. When I ran out of wipes, I saw them and thought they would expire soon. I decided to use them as makeup removers. They are not the best at removing makeup, but they do remove enough that I feel good in using the other two packages and not using them again (at least on myself).

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay- This is probably better suited for oily skin. When I use this all over, my dry patches of skin feel more dry than they usually do. It assists with removing impurities from oily patches of skin nicely, so I only used this on oily skin. I would definitely use this again, but I am exploring other cleansers and cannot say I love this one.

ATTITUDE 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash- When it comes to these two in one products, I feel like it always does one better than the other and usually does neither as well as a product devoted to one. This does work better as a body wash, but I did not think it did much as a shampoo. It is something I'd use, but it is not something I'd buy.


Not For Me

das boom industries Everywhere Lotion Denali- This is a thin lotion that does not moisturize as well as it could. It has a very manly smell, so it is not for me. My husband does not mind the smell and likes it even though it is thin, so it is important that even though I do not like it, he does.


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Great empties as always and glad you liked Hot Toddy.  I enjoy the fragrance as well.  I also have that Davines hand cream and can't wait to give it a try after I get through the hand cream I currently have open.  (If I can find it.  I swear it is one of those things that gets misplaced in my purses.)

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Yes, thanks. I was bummed when they said it was no longer for sale. The SA said she can suggest similar items when I am ready to buy more.

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FAB cleanser with the red clay does the same thing to me, with the dry flaky skin and the tight feeling. 


After checking out your empty moisturizers, I really should go put some on myself Smiley Very Happy

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Glad I inspired moisturizing,

Re: Empties

I'm always impressed by your moisturizer use. I never got into the habit of applying body cream and pretty much only use hand cream in the winter. I'll probably use up a powder highlighter before I ever finish a tube of body moisturizer. Smiley Wink

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I wish I could do without it but my skin gets so itchy at night when the weather is dry that it is a must before bedtime for me.

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I never skip moisturizer after a shower or a hand wash. It is the number one thing I use, so stockpiles never last me long. 

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How does your gold bond cream smell? I have the one in a tub and it's 6ish months old but it smells...odd. it doesn't smell natural (fruity/floral) moreso chemically? it works really well on my chicken skin though so i will try to get through more of it and see if i can live with the scent.

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I have a really good sense of smell and this has a very faint smell. I've repurchased several times and the current one has the same faint smell. If the one in the tub is something other than aloe, it may have a different smell. I do think a lot of the lotions that try not to have a scent end up with a scent similar to what you're describing, so it is probably safe.

Re: Empties



Loves: Have repurchased or will

EOS shaving cream

FAB Red Clay Cleanser

MRE Smokey Mascara

Bite Lip Mask


Like: Did the job but probably won't repurchase

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Fresh oil

Stella perfume

Argan Oil



Didn't like at all:

Shampoo and Conditioner samples I didn't like the smell at all!

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Looks good.  I am close to finishing up that SK-II.  I like it but don't love it for the price.

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Seeing this reminds me that I am so close to finishing up my FAB red clay mask. I'm going to make that a goal for April.

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For Christmas I got a mask kit (the Sephora favorites) but I'm trying to use all my opened delux samples before I open anything new! 


How owe do you like the mask so far? I tried a sample oncebut wasn't enough.

Re: Empties

It's fine. It's not a life-changer, but I also probably don't use it regularly enough to see real change.

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I am in the same boat with the skII. I want to think it is working, but it is too expensive for me to experiment long enough to find out.

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Re: Empties

Maybe if I see one of their kits in Costco but for now won't buy it. 

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My March Empties!


Would Definitely Repurchase:


The Body Shop Moringa Soap: One of my favorite bar soaps, great scent
Glade Spruce and Sage: Good throw and lovely scent
Prada Luna Rossa: it may be meant for men but my husband and I loved it on me!
Dior J'Adore: one of my favorites
Parlor Detangling Leave-In Conditioner: fantastic scent and very effective; rivals my HG Beauty Protector
Parlor Conditioner: same great scent; would like to try more but I liked this sample
The Body Shop Body Butter in Virgin Mojito: Oh, if only they sold this in California. I'd also love this in a lotion instead of the thicker butter.
Guerlain Meteorites Pearl Base: a choix sample; I was more impressed than I expected to be and love that Guerlain scent but I need to use more primers I have before I shell out $$$ for this one!
FAB Ultra Repair Cream: Always and forever.
Philosophy White Peach: fun and sparkly though the scent wasn't as strong as I usually get from philosophy.
Dermaclear Micro Water: My favorite cleansing water; maybe even HG status
Bath & Body Works Fresh Picked Farmstand Apple Soap: love these soaps and this scent was really fresh and pleasant
Ole Henriksen POWER peel: I liked the system. The first peel I've actually enjoyed, honestly. The almond scrub smells like cherry poptarts and that's super weird but I still liked it.
Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque: Nice scent and consistency, one of my top but probably not my favorite
L'Occitane Amande Milk Concentrate: One of my top favorite lotions. Seriously can't get enough.
Sephora Rose Eye Mask: Nice moisture and light scent
Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser: Great scrub and I really like the scent of this line
Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser: I was impressed by this one; smooth and creamy, not too drying, and again I just like the scent of this line
Commodity Rain: This one is light and lovely, with just enough lasting power
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner: While I will never buy the travel sizes again (suuuuuper leaky) I really liked these and would absolutely buy the full size.
The Body Shop Shower Gel in Wild Argan Oil: The scent is reminiscent of L'Occitane Amande Shower Oil which is amazing because it's sure less expensive!
Escada Turquoise Summer: Not a particularly long lasting scent, but absolutely lovely nonetheless - I already own a full size
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes: So far, my favorite wipes. They may not be scented as well as others but they work better than most!



Glade (some kind of apple): old candle, but I like all of this line
Dior Addict It-Lash: this sample was clumpy and difficult but would try again
Giorgio Armani Si: reminded me of Lancome La Vie est Belle, which I have mixed feelings on anyway
Guerlain KissKiss Roselip in Chic Pink: a choix sample; extremely moisturizing but too sheer and I was really hoping for a rose scent
REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot: I'm really torn on this one and will keep trying the samples I have.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: whichever shade this was worked just well enough with my vacation tan but it isn't really a perfect match. I liked the formula though.
eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil: I liked the scent and it was different but I'm not sure it lasts long enough to be worth it; I'd want to try another sample or two
HASK Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner: Would need to try more
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day: no matter how many times I try it, I can't decide if it's worth the money, which probably points to no?
AHAVA Time to Smooth Age Perfecting Hand Cream: good consistency and very light scent, but not my favorite
Korres Wild Rose Brightening Moisturizer: I don't love this or hate it. I'll obviously use it but it's not a favorite necessarily.
Disney Resorts H2O+ Shampoo & Conditioner in Grapefruit Bergamot: I don't mind these; I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them but I'll snag them if we stay at a resort again happily!
Earth Tempo Shampoo & Conditioner: These worked fine; better than some hotel shampoos and conditioners I've used recently



Glade Live Loud Rosehip & Plumeria: not enough throw
Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof: immediately clumpy and frustrating
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: hate the scent of this stuff but I want to keep using the samples that appear to come with everything...
FAB Facial Radiance Polish: great texture but despised the smell
Sephora + Pantone Universe Liquid Lash Silk Mascara Emerald: okay, so I've had this sitting off to the side with the normal mascaras I rotate, and I just kind of became blind to it until this St. Patrick's Day when I realized the last time I'd tried it was LAST St. Patrick's Day - so this isn't exactly an empty so much as a "good riddance I'm tossing you" but still. Obviously I wasn't impressed!
John Frieda Touchably Full Shampoo & Conditioner: Just wanted to use this up; I don't color treat my hair so I wouldn't buy a shampoo for color treated hair.
YSL Full Metal Shadow in 6 Pink Cascade: I got one sample of this in my first Choix box and couldn't even get enough out of the tube to test it. Choix was great and sent a couple of other testers so I could actually try it. First, it's a stretch to call it pink. Second, it dried out almost instantly and applied worse than most drugstore liquid shadows I've owned. Not impressed.
Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango Mandarin: Not a good smell and the consistency was almost greasy.

Opinions in the spoilers.  I've been writing them all month instead of waiting until posting - so much easier!

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