I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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A lot of the full-size stuff took me more than a year to finish, and some I gave up on halfway. But I really tried to make myself use things up this past year and to weed out unused and unwanted things. That way I could break into my newest pretties. :smileyhappy:

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This is my second month of keeping empties.  I am finding it to be very satisfying!




Would/Have Repurchase:

Big Sexy Hair Get Layered - this was a really good hold hairspray

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel in Original and Extra Strength - love and already had backups

Amande Shower Gel - this was rich feeling and had a fairly nice scent

Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash - have been through many bottles of this

Lush Silky Underwear powder - I love this scent and formula

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel - this is probably the only rose fragrance I like

Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster - good hydration, easy to combine with other products

Glam Glow Supermud Mask - I liked this, I don't know if I love it for the price but have a backup mini

Lush Big Conditioner - like many things Lush, this smells so good I want to eat it

Kiehl's Creme de Corps - this was a good light moisturizer with minimal fragrance, I would consider buying it in the future


Would Not Repurchase:

HUM Runway Ready Vitamins - I bought these because I feel like I've been shedding a lot lately, not sure if it's coincidence but I broke out in several bouts of cystic acne for the month I took these.  Went away as soon as I stopped.

Agave Nectar Oil - this made my hair SO ridiculously full of static

Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream - this was so/so, there are so many other Lush creams I like better

Alterna Lengthening Hair & Scalp Elixer - this was also so/so to me

AG Fast Food Leave in Conditioner - not the first bottle of this I have bought but I now feel like it leaves a residue, on the hunt for something better

Alegenist Firming and Lifting Cream, Oil, and Serum - great products, I have other favorites and probably won't ever purchase these


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This may seem like an obvious question.  What is underwear powder?  I definitely want to explore that particular brand more and am intrigued as to how one would wear it and what purpose it would serve.


I used my second to last DDG peel pad today and am bummed that I have no backups.  They are really dry now though, so I have to put water on them to use them.  It is my fault, because they probably only stay dry for 4 months while you use them.  I took a couple weeks off, so it has been almost 5 months.


I love Kiehl's Creme de Corps as well.

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notcreative....Silky Underwear is a dusting powder, kind of like a grown-up version of baby powder.  It has grated cocoa butter in it, so it's moisturizing at the same time it absorbs moisture.  It's just a way to finish off your skin and give a nice, scented slip to areas like your arms and chest or wherever you care to use it.

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Okay.  I think I'll pass then, because I am not a huge baby powder fan.  I pictured it as a powder someone put in their underwear (and shook out so it did not travel into unwanted areas).  Almost like a powdered perfume of sorts.  

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Notcreative, Silky Underwear is along the lines of baby powder but slightly different.  It has extremely finely grated cocoa butter in it so it moisturizes but it also absorbs sweat.  It is meant as a "underwear" dusting powder to both absorb unwanted sweat and reduce friction.  It has a beautiful light scent (jasmine and vetiver I believe).  I think it helps reduce shave irritation really well.  The reviews on their site show people find all kinds of creative uses for it!  I go through a ton of them every year (hate the smell of baby powder and hate the idea of using talc).  A tiny bit goes a long way!

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I love looking at other people's trash :smileywink: here is mine:






  • L'Occitane crème- went through this rather quickly but already bought another one
  • Tatcha hand cream- I already bought the full size


  • TNS eye cream sample - this was a nice, light cream but wish it came in a pump or tube and not a jar.
  • Chanel Sublimage eye cream: I really saw a difference using this but sometimes had it "pill" a bit on my skin. I would definitely repurchase if it came in a pump.
  • Vichy deodorant- this worked really well but the scent was kind of masculine. I prefer the sensitive/unscented version
  • Kerastase hair cream- worked well and not as heavily scented as most of their products. I may repurchase if I don't try something new instead
  • Algenist cream- I really liked the texture of this one, might buy a full size
  • CereVe lotion- I had to mix this with a heavier cream because it wasn't enough on it's own but liked the exfoliation

Would not repurchase:

  • chanel hand cream- not really moisturizing enough for me but I was determined to finish it because I liked the scent and I like the packagin. It took well over a year so I am surprised I actually finished it. I used a lot of other products in the interim that I liked better.

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Ooh you liked the Tatcha hand cream!? I have uber dry skin in the winter (sensitive) on my hands, and I have been wanting to give this a try.  Trying to use my lotions and potions in the cupboard first!  Love to hear what you think of the Tatcha...

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I only had a deluxe sample/ travel size so don't have extensive experience. When I first tried it I thought it didn't do much and stuck it in a drawer, then revisited it and used it exclusively for a couple of days. I noticed my hands didn't dry out as much as usual after washing. It feels light but actually seems quite moisturizing, if that makes sense. It's been a few weeks so don't remember about scent, but I liked that it was a blue-grey color but faded instantly. It kind of looks like blueberry yogurt:smileywink: Tatcha offers free shipping on all orders as well as ability to choose samples and they sell "travel" sizes of a lot of the products including hand cream. I got it is a promo so not sure of the cost. Full size is $30 or $40, I think. Pricey, but I liked it enough to buy the full size. 

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I love looking through other people's trash as well.  This is one of my favorite threads.


I got a foil of that L'Occitane a while back and really liked it.  One day, I will buy it.

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I love looking at people's trash too. Never thought I would say that!

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I have empties!  I've been saving them for months!  Everything is laid out on a t-shirt because my coffee table's glass.  Please ignore the ghetto-ness.  Let me know if you are curious about anything.  The Smashbox and Benefit foundations are just old hence the trashing.  



Wipes - Ole Henricksen Grease Relief & Nurture Me, Clean & Clear nighttime, CVS exfoliating (HATED IT) Burt's Bees Grapefruit.  Benefit Rockateur, L'Oreal Youth Code (there was a sale...), konjac sponge, L'Occitane shower oil, Cover FX mattifying primer, FAB red clay deep clean cleanser (love, repurchased), FAB radiance pads, UD Naked Skin (in 5.0), UD De-Slick, Caudalie Beauty water (LOVE!  Thanks Jemly!), UD Primer Potion, W&W liquid liner, Benefit Gimme Brow, Korres sleeping facial, Smashbox HD foundation, Benefit Hello Flawless, Briogeo curl charisma, Dior Creme de Rose (not finished but it feel on the sidewalk in NYC.  It's dead to me.), Victoria's Secret mascara, Clinique airbrush concealer.  Foils - Kate Sommerville moisturizer & Hydra-clear gel, Philosophy time in a bottle for eyes, Murad Hydro-Dynamic moisture cream, Lancome Geniefque, Fresh rose eye cream.  WHEW! 

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"It feel on the sidewalk in NYC. It's dead to me." This made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

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Glad I made you laugh!  I thought about trying to clean it for a second but then I imagined kissing the sidewalk.  No thank you.

Re: Empties

Agree, not worth it.

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My Rockateur is almost finished up as well.  I've been trying to make it last through the spring and then pick up a new one in the summer.

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I finally just gave up on it.  There's still some left in the box but it took so long to build up on my face that I just got a new one.  It smells so good!!

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The stuff on the BTS mascara is tape residue, sorry.


I finally made it through a face base (Big Easy)..... Wow. I can't believe it. I actually... ACTUALLY finished a big product like that. Hahaha. Won't be buying it again. There's not a lot of shades out there and this one would make my face look pink.  

As much as I love the YSL touche eclat, I don't think I'll be buying it this year because it's pretty expensive and I'm trying to not buy any makeup anymore. What I love about it though is that I didn't have to wear foundation, I just used this and my face looked flawless... okay I might buy it if I see a discount somewhere? Hahaha.


Definitely buying the Laura Mercier polish once I'm done with all the scrubs I have  at the moment. 


As far as the mascaras. love them all. But I still have too many right now... soooooo.. yes. 


I also love the Benefit Fake up but it costs too much and if it's anything like this little sample, good luck making it last more than a month. Hahaha. 

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I want to say that my full size Fake-up lasted at least a good 6 months of regular (4+ times per week) use. It's possible that I have an exceptionally light hand compared to others, but I thought the full size had a respectable amount of product. 

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since i had the sample, i dont know exactly how much the real one has, but this one doesn't have a lot and i am not heavy handed with them 

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Yes, I just wanted to reassure you of the size in case you might want to purchase in the future since you liked it. 

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