I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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how in the world is another month over already?!?!?!?!   



full size products




  • mixed chicks leave in conditioner - leaves my hair hydrated, helps with frizz and doesn't weigh my hair down
  • deva curl no poo shampoo - gentle, hydrating and makes my curls sing!
  • prada candy l'eau - I LOVE THIS SCENT!!!
  • glysomed hand cream
  • sugar advanced therapy 
  • urban decay subversion - fave lash primer - especially with coloured mascara!!!
  • anastasia beverly hills brow whiz



  • mary kay satin hands
  • sephora targeted eye remover swabs - i always have some of these - i'm not finicky on brand - these were good but not special - i would repurchase but right now i have others
  • elf high definition powder
  • fairy drops lash primer
  • glysomed body lotion - i prefer the hand and foot creams



  • avon eye makeup remover lotion - IT BURNS!!!
  • olive lips lip balm - dry when i got it!

deluxe samples



  • deva curl light defining gel - i like this one for day 3 hair that needs a little refresher
  • origins drink up intensive overnight mask 
  • urban decay all nighter
  • algenist eye balm
  • urban decay subversion lash primer


  • boscia tsubaki cleansing oil 
  • algenist firming and lifting serum
  • benefit they're real mascara
  • urban decay perversion mascara
  • too faced shadow insurance
  • shiseido ibuki softening concentrate
  • shiseido ibuki moisturizer
  • johnson's baby wash


  • buxom mascara






  • shiseido benefiance eye cream
  • tata harper resurfacing mask
  • tata harper regenerating cleanser


  • glam glow bright mud eye treatment
  • derma dr wrinkle eye cream
  • josie maran cleansing powder
  • omorovicza thermal cleansing 


  • nude treatment oil
  • strivectin 5 minute glycolic peel
  • bliss micro magic microdermabrasion - liked on body hated on face
  • ren - v cleanse flash rinse 
  • eslor replenishing scrub

things i forgot to include :smileytongue:



  • deva curl one condition
  • deva curl ultra defining gel
  • origins charcoal mask


  • equate makeup removing wipes
  • biore pore perfect strips
  • boscia pore purifying black strips


  • equate quilted squares



Re: Empties

I LOVE this thread! Here are the last few weeks of empties and items I've been testing out.



LOVES- already ordered and in rotation.

Sunday Riley Good Genes- a good amount of tingle since I use it night after my peel pads but not in a bad way. Within days saw a change in tone and texture. Very good product!

ABH brow wiz- never without my wiz 

MJ Daisy- It is a great scent but also carries good memories since my better half picked it out years ago for Christmas ❤️

Radical peel pads- I received these with the Barneys GWP. I'm not sure of the % in them but my skin reacted better with these then what I was currently using, ptr un wrinkle pads. Really pleased with the results. Followed with Luna oil and my skin has never been better.

Replica Beach Walk- went to sephora yesterday to get a sample because I need to test it a day or two on my skin but I really like it.

Conair paddle brush- lasted me an insane amount of years and I just repurchased the floral one at ulta.


So So products. Not LOVES but NOT BAD either.

BBW body wash, cream, and lotion. 

Ulta body scrubs

Living Proof hair serum- too heavy on my already thick and long hair

Pur-Lisse 4&1 cream cleanser- it was good with my clarisonic. Didn't wow me or break me out so eh.

Ole serum and eye cream- smells like orange sherbet. Again, didn't wow me or break me out so eh. 

Nivea shower lotion- I like it. I like unscented lotions under my perfumes so this was nice to try.

Ole melting truth cleanser- might revisit this when I get through some other stuff. 

Chloe, Stella, E&J white. Too sweet and powdery for my skin and dryer climate. The black might be a good fall scent.


Just Bad... For me

Rita Hazan hair treatments- didn't do anything 

Marinesse Curl- sample from birch box. Dry and clumpy. Maybe I received a bad one?

Keihls correcting night cream- it sat on my skin. It was a good size sample and I tried it various ways it just didn't seem to absorb. I'm finding this the case with most Keihls creams on my skin.

Clinique 3 step- this was my first foray into skin care at 12. It's not for me anymore.

Burts Bees face wipes- smells medicinal and drying to my skin.

Guerlain Royale serum- I need to get another sample. Mine was very thick and inconsistent in texture. Thinking bad sample not product per se. 

Smashbox BB- awful. Balled up with and clung to everything I wanted covered up. Tried a few methods of applications, still no.




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I have some samples of the Good Genes I'm waiting to try ou, and the Radical peel pads from GWP too. I love Beach Walk and I'm pretty picky about beachy perfumes. I bought it last year during triple points.

Re: Empties

I have some empties!  Mixed full-size, deluxes and samples.  Really trying hard to make it through some of my stash and this thread makes me happy and motivated.  I'm not much of a re-purchaser, since I always want to try new things, but I'll give some reviews below.  


Also, a while back, someone mentioned a place that takes recycling of all cosmetic products - can someone remind me where that is?  I'm never sure with some of the stuff if it can go in regular recycling.  Thanks!





LOVED - will purchase

Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel Powder - LOVED this stuff, I'm going to buy full size

PTF Black Moor Mud Mask - wow, this is so nice, no mask has made my face feel so nourished and glowing!


Liked, would consider purchase or re-purchase: 

Caudalie Serum - no miraculous results, but I think it was a nice, hydrating serum

Alterna CC Cream - I actually already have the full size, just used up the DS

GlamGlow Thirstymud Cleanser - I liked this one, but not something I would use every day, it seems like a lot of work!

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover - I seem to have an endless supply of these DS-sized, I love it, but can't imagine ever purchasing it for that reason!

Carol's Daughter and VS Body Cream 

B&B Creme do Coco - nice, hydrating for hair

Cle de peau le coton - fine, but I don't see any reason to get these over the Shiseido ones

Molton Brown DS - I just mix all these in my hand soap pump dispenser, they all smell amazing!


"Just wanted to use up" - EL perfectionist & Re-Nutriv


Not thrilled with - Dior Iconic Overcurl, I don't know if this was me, but this formala was super dry and barely showed up on me.  I love other Dior mascaras but this one was not for me.


Okay, foils & samples: Mostly just trying to use these up

That Benefit Flawless sample card with primer, foundation and powder lasted maybe 2 hours on me, not a fan.

Chanel foundation - nice, but not a HG for me as it is for others

Drybar Sake Bomb Shampoo & Conditioner - I actually already bought the full size, I loved it at first, but it's a little too much for my regular use.  I tried the Happy Hour conditioner and I might buy that one, but hard to tell from only one use.  

Renewed hope in a jar is something I've tried a couple of samples - not enough moisture for me at all.

Re: Empties

I know Origins takes empties😉

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Okay I will try there, maybe that was it, it sounds familiar.  Thanks!

Re: Empties

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Yes! Managed to save many of my empties this month, I usually throw them out. :smileyvery-happy:




Love - Tatcha Body Butter & Hand Cream (Repurchased), Sephora Green Tea Mask (Repurchased)

Like - Missha Mask, Glamglow Supercleanse (purchased full-size) & Brightmud (22 more packs to go, lol), Kate Nourish, Bite Lip Wipes (Might repurchase)

Indifferent - Boscia Cleanser, PTR Serum, Tatcha Serum, SK-II mask (Repurchased)


At least I didn't hate anything this month. LOL. 

Re: Empties

Nice! I'm so tempted by the Tatcha website and trial sets, but haven't pulled the trigger yet on anything.


(Also, I think I had my thread sorted the wrong way and replied to some posts from 2013 before I realized, oops! I'm sure 2013 will be so interested in my comments.)

Re: Empties

I've already picked out some products I'm targeting to use up in May (BM redness remedy and Jurlique Love Balm, I can see pan on the balm). I've also gotten reacquainted with my Vice3 palette and fallen back in love with it.


Like -

BM Blemish powder - it works, tames inflammation, red bumps and whiteheads alike when they come up.

Tata Harper Regen cleanser - sometimes I get bumps on my forehead that linger and never resolve to a point where the BM Blemish powder can do anything. This stuff polishes them off.

Ren Glycolic Lactic peel. I'm trying out a Jurlique enzyme product right now and not as strong smelling as Ren. This product is the bar for how a good a peel should be for me.

Perversion - I can see why it is a standby mascara for so many. Not quite the effect I want though.

ABH Brow Wiz ash brown - worked really well but the NYX micro brow is the exact same product with texture application and firmness AND a spoolie but it's $10 msrp. I broke off the tip to see how much was left in the ABH after I couldn't crank it up anymore. There was a quarter inch of product left in the dispenser tube- but it's firmly wedged in and who wants to use the little flimsy dispenser tube to try and draw on brows?! I nearly had my eyes roll back in my head when I saw that, for a $21 product I hated leaving that much on the table.

The purple Tarte bottle actually had PTR Oilless in it (who wants to use a liquid product without a dropper??). I am stalking the product on another site that regularly has this stuff 20% off, it works great under makeup by itself, or I use it after washing my face under moisturizer and my skin isn't as dry. I figure buying full size that would last around five months if my rate of usage on this sample was a good barometer. All the raves, all the stars for this review.

Jurlique Purely Bright - I've nearly fixed the uneven spots from a two year old sunburn spot. If I ever do something that silly again, you can bet I'd buy a bottle of this.


Ulta Nail Remover pads - Thicker polish or glitter, these don't do that well and they dry out fast. More like one pad does one hand... most of the time. I really want to get the OPI lavender wipes again, they were large and didn't dry out too fast or shred to bits.

Subversion - this stuff is a gloppy mess and doesn't stay on my lashes (well it only grabs on to a few). The UD rep was surprised and said maybe it is because I have citrus in my cleanser (Juice). uhhh maybe? I think other than how runny the formula is, the applicator isn't the best design for distributing product evenly. When you can get it on, it does enhance the look of dramatic longer thicker lashes but it really isn't worth the extra time in my routine to tease it there.


Re: Empties

Very thorough reviews - Perversion is one of my favorites.  I'll have to look for the Jurlique, I love their stuff.  

Re: Empties



Love (have repurchased, will repurchase):

Perricone Cold Plasma Eye (been buying this on and off for years, first time it's a love!)

Lush Cupid's Love Soap (smells great, love the Lush experience!)


Like (may or may not repurchase):

Drybar Southern Belle Mousse (like it, but wish it had more hold for my curls)

Drybar Sake Bomb Conditioner (almost a love, smells good, very conditioning, pricey)

Dial Triple Moisture Body Wash (basic, inexpensive body wash)

Tresemme Smooth & Silky Conditioner (basic, inexpensive conditioner)

Korres Greek Yoghurt Sleeping Facial (not bad)

Ole Henriksen Power Peel (good results, but intensive and long process)

Shiseido Green Honey Cake (almost a love, smells amazing, great experience, a little drying)

Tarte Eyelash Primer (not bad)

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel (still can't get this to work for my hair, wish it weren't so drying)


Dislike (won't repurchase):

Buxom Lash Domination Mascara (can't stand the brush, throwing these out)

Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate (smelled like alcohol to me)

Re: Empties

When I was debating switching to DevaCurl the advice that a SA with curly hair gave me is that it is most effective when you use their no poo and conditioner as well.  Accordingly, I use the no poo, their one condition, their styling cream and light defining gel and together I find that my hair is healthier and softer, my curls/waves are more defined than anything else I've tried.  I do still use regular shampoo + conditioner on the days I don't wear my hair curly (currently madly in love with Davines Oi).  I've experimented a lot with products and at least for me, no one product is a wonder product it's more about thinking about the whole system and how things work together.  I've also noticed that my routine is only as good as the worst product.  I was alternating Davines Oi with drugstore shampoo & conditioner to save money and sadly it wasn't until I stopped using drugstore products that my hair became much, much healthier.  (Having my ends trimmed more frequently definitely also helped.)  I know there are people who can get away with drugstore products and have amazing hair but that's just not me.  My hair is fussy and can look amazing or horrible depending on what I do to it.

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Unfortunately, I've tried the whole DevaCurl system, but still didn't like it for the same reasons I dropped Wen.  Using conditioner-type products as a cleanser messes my scalp up something fierce!  It just clogs and sufficates my pores.  Everytime I get sucked back into trying it, I get disappointed again.  


I also alternate between high-end and low-end hair products, just to see if I can tell a difference in my hair.  Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.  I'm a pretty steady user of Carol's Daughter, and have recently begun enjoying Drybar and Lea Journo.  Part of me just enjoys sampling different products, though, so I have a hard time sticking with anything for too long!

Re: Empties

Oh no!  That sounds absolutely awful I can fully understand then why it wasn't for you.

Re: Empties

I loved the Sake Bomb at first but now I find that it makes m hair greasy after only a day or two. And I only use a little bit.  I've never had anything be too moisturizing but this one is for me, I think.  Usually I can go 4-5 days in between washing my hair.   May try the Happy Hour next.

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Yeah, I was surprised that Sake Bomb was so moisturizing.  I'm interested to try it again, to see if I have the same favorable impression the second time around!

Re: Empties

I'm late but here are my empties for February and March. I must say, I'm getting pretty awesome at powering through my stash! I've purchased ALMOST zero makeup and significantly less than usual skin products because I've been committed to using up everything...only you guys understand why that feels like an accomplishment, my boyfriend rolls his eyes (though he does commend me for buying less...joke's on him, I just end up buying more tools and fragrances!).


Hot Tips! If a cleanser is awful, I use it up by cleaning my brushes with it. If a serum/moisturizer/SPF is not doing it or breaks me out, I use it up on my decollate and the backs of my hands.





Batiste dry shampoo....but only if I find it for $5.99 again!

Shiseido cotton, mine and everyone elses favorite excuse to get a good promo!

Beauty Protector detangler and heat protectant - my HG, love that I can get it free from Birchbox whenever I run out!

Korres Greek Yogurt cleanser - felt nice and smells awesome, would consider purchasing if I ever ran out of face wash...

Eclos Apple stem cell cleanser - Ditto, this is a great pump bottle, gentle cleanser, love it in the shower and it's cheap when it's on sale at Ulta.

Caudalie Polyphenol serum - this stuff smells and feels awesome, but I want to try their other serums before commiting to this one.

Algenist SPF 50 - I got this on super sale with a groupon for 50% off, but when I run out of all of them I will probably buy it again. This is a great high spf physical sunscreen, serum texture, and dries very quickly. Not moisturizing, which is great for layering with moisturizer and make up or during hot weather.


Everything else is a ok or meh, but won't go out of my way to repurchase, except for



Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean foaming cleanser - How is this meant for human skin? I have not at all sensitive skin, and yet this BURNS like crazy! What is in this stuff??? Anyhow, I finished it by using it as makeup brush cleaner.


Re: Empties

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Great empties and interesting about using a cleanser on brushes.  As long as it is a gentle cleanser that definitely seems like it would work.


Bummed that the Oi was just meh for you.  That's my HG conditioner.

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I like your cleaning brushes tip! This is just what I needed to hear right now, as I have dozens of face wash samples that I have not liked (I'm thinking of you Eve Lom), and I've been wondering how to justify tossing them! Now I don't need to :smileyhappy:

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