I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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It's so funny how things wear different to different people! I'm actually wearing by the fireplace today and it was a reminder of how much I liked it Smiley Wink 

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Oh you like?  I can ship these guys off to you if you wish.  PM me your address if you're interested.  They smell good like smoked marshmallows at first but then turn musky on me.  

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@heartsmyface I really appreciate the offer, so thoughtful! Being US not worth the cost it'd be to ship them across for as little as I wear them.. There's a couple stores nearby that stock it so I can grab vials! :* 

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Lots of empties!  Youve been busy...love the baby foot, but I left a comment below on my last experience.  

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Ouhhhh, I have to go check that out!!!  😛

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I have a million empties, and laid them all out for pictures a while back, which for some reason totally disappeared from my phone. 😡😡😡


However, I did make a goal to use up some samples on my trips, so here are a few from recent travels:


Have to say I really liked everything except the Sephora eye makeup wipes were pretty terrible, not even worth getting more free samples (which is where these came from), imo. The glam glow smells like a pina colada, I wanted to eat it. Obviously didn't use any for an extended time, but they worked great for traveling.




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@sister13 were the sephora wipes ineffective at removing makeup or bad for your skin? i stocked up on a few for traveling and am now thinking i should test them first Smiley Frustrated

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I had previously tried the Sephora eye makeup wipes and hated them. Did not get all of my eye makeup off and I normally don't wear waterproof mascara or liner.

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Yes, agreed, they just didn't remove mascara and eyeliner and ended up smearing everything so I had to use a different face wash to get everything clean. i thought they'd be so convenient for travel, but pretty useless! MAYBE they work for some products but certainly not for long wearing eyeliner/mascara.  @whitepolkydots

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I had bought all the 'flavors' of the Sephora wipes and wished I hadn't. They are terrible at removing makeup. TERRIBLE. and they sting your eyes.


I gave some away for xmas, and trying to use up that last two packages I have (coconut and rose) by using them to take off my makeup remover oil.


They are seriously terrible.


Ole Henrikson ones are far superior.

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@Insomniacmuffin yikes!  Maybe they can be repurposed as WetOnes for on the go hand washing.

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haha @heartsmyface  this is probably TMI but.. I started using them to clean the outside of my ears.

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@Insomniacmuffin oh no.. thanks for that review! Smiley Sad i should've guessed when i tried to look up reviews and couldn't find the product. i just assumed it was the plain Sephora remover drizzled over a napkin for easier sampling..


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ha, I was wondering what that Glamglow product was and then realized I've been sampling it all week.  I had a sample made up last time I was in store and I'm loving it!  It smells wonderful and orange citrusy! 

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This is two month's worth of empties because I kept forgetting to post my January ones.




The only thing I hated from this was the Estee Edit Dissolve the Drama makeup remover. I came out of the shower looking like a raccoon. Love the UD Naked Skin concealer and the hand and foot sheet masks. Everything else is likes and alrights


February loves



likes and alrights





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Well that answers my question about the happy feet.  I'll stick with the baby foot ones.  

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I always buy the Baby foot from Amazon, but last time I used one about a month ago, I had no peeling.  I was really confused as to why it didnt work, I soaked, and left it on for an hour, and def needed the exfoliation...all the other times Ive used them, major peeling occurred.  I was super dissappointed, and now I wonder if I bought a bad batch or ???

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Hmmmm, maybe it was expired or something?  Or you used it too soon after your last foot peel?  They've always peeled crazy amounts of skin for me.  I would've been crazy disappointed as well cause heck I wanna be a molting snake for that price!  

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That was my first time using a foot peel. No peeling, just a little flaking at the heels. I've since bought the Tony Moly ones from Amazon. I plan on one package being in next month's empties.

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These are actually December empties but I've been so busy and forgot to post! 





Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol: I've been in the mood of retrying old favorites and this is one item i remember really loving and not using for almost two years. This is fantastic for my post break out pigmentation. I'm using up a small trial size of another brand but can't wait to repurchase this one.

Skinfood Aloe Daily Sunscreen: love the texture of this and it doesn't leave a white cast. I'm just having a problem finding a place to purchase it.



Brand MD tretinoin: I got suckered  into this at my dermatologist office. It wasn't effective as my original tretinoin even though it's the same percentage. I don't know it was the additional ingredients or it was just 'watered' down. Went back to my OG prescription tretinoin.


Everything else was kind of meh and didn't really leave much impression on me.

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I'm late to post for january empties too. Smiley Happy




- Bath & Bodyworks - Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion 

- Belief - The True cream - Aquabomb 

- Farmacy - Eye Dew total eye cream

- Fresh - Sugar lip treatment 

- Lush - Bright side bubble bar

- OGX - coconut milk conditioner 

- Secret - Scent expressions Coconut Splash Deodorant 

- Sephora - Coconut water cleansing wipes

- Sephora - Pomegranate Eye Mask

- Thierry Mugler - Alien Perfume 

- Too Faced - Chocolate soliel bronzer 





- Dior - Miss Dior absolutely Blooming 

- DKNY- Be tempted perfume 

- Maison Margiela - Replica: by the fireplace

- Simple -  Cleansing Facial Wipes

- Tini Me!  - lavender Lullaby Mini Bath Ice Cream

- Yves Saint Laurent - Mon Paris



not for me


- Paco Rabanne - Olympea perfume

- Pinrose - Gilded Fox Eau De Parfum

- Ulta - Hydro Prime 

- White Rain - Coconut & Hibiscus body wash