I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

Re: Empties

I feel like this is carrying over to other aspects of my life.  For a second I got excited that I almost had an empty jar of pickles.  Then I remember I have no where to share it.

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hey! we like pickles too :smileytongue: its actually funny that you said that because my mom was teasing me that she was going to do an empties video with my recycling! 

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That's amazing Sparklekai.  And notcreative, not sure if that was directed at me but totally serious.  ;-)

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I say share it when you've finished it if you're serious.  I'd love to see the empty jar of pickles.  Although I love pickles, I have never finished a jar.  In the past, I always said I would use an empty pickle jar as a coin jar, but I always throw it out half full.  My husband and kids hate pickles, so I am always on my own eating them.  One day!


Put all your empty cosmetics in the empty pickle jar, then, it is even on topic!

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Hahahaha I love it Notcreative.  :-)

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Never finished a pickle jar?

my husband eats pickles like they're candy, so I'm lucky if I even get to it before the jar is empty again! :smileyvery-happy:

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The closest I've ever come to finishing a pickle jar is when I am pregnant.  I crave the darn things.  The problem is when I am pregnant I get pregnancy induced hypertension, and they're VERY high in sodium.  Basically, no bueno for blood pressure issues.  Once my blood pressure returns to normal, I do not crave them as much, but I still love them.

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Ugh, I had pregnancy induced hypertension too, so I completely empathize.  I feel like it completely ruined the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  The worst is trying not to stress out about high blood pressure readings, since stress only adds to the problem!

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My boyfriend and I eat pickles like candy too! :smileyvery-happy:

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Haha.  I can't tell if you're joking or serious, but I am laughing like crazy over here.

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Forgot to save smaller empties, will do that for next month.


I liked all four of these. 


The lip gloss is Napoleon Perdis lip gloss from a holiday set.

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I like the purple eos also, but stopped buying it when I realized only the yellow color has SPF :/

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Have you tried the yellow one? I will probably get it soon.

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I have that same dos balm with me on my trip right now.  Got it as a favor at a bridal shower and really like it.  I'm also all about saving my smaller empties.  Brought a bunch on a trip with me and will be bringing the wrappers/empty containers back home to document thanks to this thread.  This thread is definitely a good reminder to see what I actually have in my stash.

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I like eos, have a few backups in different flavors. They also have a Vanilla stick balm that I love.


I like this thread too! It is definitely helpful for finishing different things!

Re: Empties



Love (have repurchased, will repurchase):

Lush Yog Nog Soap (love the smell and how creamy it is)


Like (may or may not repurchase):

Lush Reindeer Soap (love the smell, but it can leave a colored red trail everywhere)

Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar (works good and smells good, but can turn everything pink)

Lush Snowcake Soap (not bad, but prefer other scents)

Lush Gold Fun (not bad, would like to try other scents in this formulation)

Suave Sleek Shampoo (basic, inexpensive shampoo)

Re: Empties

Yog Nog Soap sounds amazing.  I have a couple of lush soaps from when they did the 50% off holiday gift boxes.  For some reason I'm just not a bar soap user though they are very, very pretty.  Thinking of sticking mine in the drugstore TSB when it comes my way but not sure if people would think that was weird.


I wish I could get away with using something like Suave.  I swear my hair is so finicky and only can tolerate a few (and of course) pricey shampoos or it looks and feels like straw.  :-/

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I'm not really a bar soap user either, but I make an exception for these!  Some of the scents seemed so amazing or interesting, that I had to try them.  I can't use them up fast enough in the shower, though, so I started using them as hand soaps.  As for the Suave, I occasionally rotate in less expensive products because sometimes it's hard to justify spending so much on shampoo.  As long as I don't use too much at a time, conditioner will usually compensate for any straw-like consequences!

Re: Empties

Good to know!  I have a couple bar soaps from some holiday boxes that I had planned on adding to a TSB, but may try at least one of them based on your recco.

Re: Empties

I think this is probably a combo of May/June here.  Trying to get through samples and deluxes, with a plan ahead for finishing up skin care that's been started, but neglected, and grouping samples/deluxes for other stuff I want to try.




Love, would buy again: 


Algenist Genius-C - I really think this stuff has made a difference in my skin clarity and brightness. Love it!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil - I like it, I still have some more samples to go through.  I would buy this.

Byredo Mojave Ghost Perfume - Really nice, subtle fragrance.

Sephora Konjac Sponges - I love these way more than expected.  I keep one in the shower and one on the sink now - they are so soft and feel wonderful to clean without stripping. 

Fresh Soy Cleanser - I'm so behind the times, but I love how gentle this is, but effective for removing makeup.

Glo Toothpaste (Lavender) - Tasted great, made me enjoy brushing my teeth, not sure about whitening.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin sample - I already own full size, I love this for a sweet, foody floral

Phytojoba Shampoo

PTR Moor Mud - that was my last sample, I need to buy it.







Mini mascaras from Tarte, Lancome, Korres

D&G Intenso

Philosophy Sea of Love Body Lotion - nice but a tiny sample!

Caudalie Peel Mask

Lancome Genefique - I thought I was just using them up to use them up, but I actually really liked them and looking at pictures, I feel it may have helped my skin.  But I have too many serums to use up, so maybe some time in the future I would buy this!




Need more use: 



Lancome Tient Miracle - 1x I used seemed great, another time didn't last, nice coverage and finish though, would sample again before buying

Lea Journo - Shampoo & conditioner - was good but didn't blow me away

Dr. Jart Ceramidin - seems a nice basic moisturizer

Estee Lauder perfectionist - I never get a good result from foundations on cards, I don't know why they do it, but I'd like to get a sample in store some day.

Clarins Body Oil

Kiehls Wrinkle Reducing - didn't like the smell and it's very thick - I used on my decollete, which was fine

SKII Skin Signature moisturizer - finished up the last, it's nice but would need to try again to justify price!




Did not like at all: 



Kaplan Pout - Tasted horrible, who wants to be eating sunscreen? Balm was very short-lived on the lips. Saw no positive results from this.

PTR De Spot - Smelled bad enough and pilled under makeup so I didn't use beyond a couple of tries. (Sorry PTR, I usually love everything you make!)  

Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: I did not bother trying to finish, doesn't work on long wearing mascara, too much rubbing/tugging

Not pictured: Clinique Rinse Off Eye Makeup Remover Deluxe - I didn't use it up, I dumped it, it does not work on a lot of mascaras 





Full-sizes: upload_3912323042849258504.jpg

I liked the Mitchum deodorant a lot. Liked the Sun Streaks, but this was very old! Liked the Alba Botanica, but need something a bit more long lasting moisture for my hair.  Just using up the Bellederm serum and Salicylic Acid spot treatment form the dermatologist from a while ago.  The Vitamin serum was great after peels, or sunburns, etc. and I like the Salicylic for spot treatments, seemed to help them go away faster! The Grow Luscious and Cargo mascara are older items I was cleaning out - they were both meh for me.   Hated the Degree spray - every few years I buy a spray and hate it, feels like it's giving some horrible respiratory disease.  Note to self - NEVER buy these again!  


All in all - focusing on finishing up some products is helping me not to buy so much on impulse, and my skin is looking better by sticking to more of a consistent regimen vs constantly trying new things, so I'm feeling good about that, thanks BT!

Re: Empties

I 100% agree with what you wrote about finishing products as a deterrent to buying things on impulse.  Trying to fully use up my products made me realize how many products I have use before getting bored or moving on to  something else or how often I stock up on something because it's a good deal without really asking myself if I love it.


Also I love how many samples you used, and especially that you used multiples of skincare samples to better assess the results.  Some of those skincare samples are really hard to suss out otherwise.  I find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to tell if I like a serum, for example from just a single foil.


Your post is also a good reminder that if I don't love something it's better to pitch it than just letting it hog space in my drawer.  Sometimes I have a hard time parting with products that are perfectly good even when I know I'm unlikely to use them and they will just go bad anyway.

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