I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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I love Dollface, but it is light.  I can see it not showing initially on your beautiful skin tone.  


I laughed at your description of your legs sliding, because I hate dry skin but also hate when the moisturizer never really "sets" and skin slides.  I know exactly what you mean.

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This is my first time posting on this post thread.


These are all repurchased items.



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Would love to hear your thoughts on the Paula's Choice item.  I've received a few samples from her but have yet to try anything.

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@notcreative, this is the Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. I like it a lot because sometimes serums can be too heavy for me and I have pretty sensitive skin, and this serum is lightweight and gives me no issues such as greasiness.


I also use her Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser (for combo skin and skin with blemishes) and her Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (which I use as a toner after cleansing). These two seem to have helped reduce the oiliness in my T-zone area.


I also like her Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Resistant Retinol Serum, which I use at night. The retinol serum is pretty weak in retinol but I don't mind because it's the first retinol product I've ever been able to use faithfully w/o it damaging my skin or causing major irritation. She just came out with a super-duper 1% retinol solution but if you read the reviews, it's super strong so that many people can't handle it (I'm afraid of it myself). The retinol serum I'm using now is in a neat twist-up pump that helps protect the contents inside.


I overlook her snarky reviews and like that her products are no-nonsense w/o unnecessary, unproven or irritating ingredients and are very reasonably priced. She has a 60-day return policy and I think if skin reactions occur after that point, she lets you exchange or get store credit (but wants to know about it--she always wants input to keep improving).

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Thanks for the info.  I will definitely start trying one of her samples very soon.  I think I have at least one of the Resist serum samples among others.

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I'm not very good with empties, so here's my stash from April till now!


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Yay.  You tried the H2o+ sleeping mask I sent you!  What did you think?  I love it.


I keep meaning to try that Alterna Caviar Cream.  I ended up giving one away, but I still have another.  Is it any good?

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The H2O+ mask was really nice! I think I'd like it better if I had more time to get ready for bed. Because of how thick it is, it kept pilling with everything else.


i liked using the Alterna CC cream after showering as a leave in treatment. It smoothed down my hair and made it really soft. I can't say how good it is as a heat protectant though since I straighten/curl my hair once every month or so. I do prefer this over hair oils. That greasy feeling doesn't sit well with me.


i also used up the Disney H2O+ hand cream you sent me! Just didn't have time to properly dissect it, so it wasn't in this batch of empties :smileyhappy:

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I hate hair oils too.  The greasy feeling does not sit well with me either.  I am currently using a hair oil I bought a long time ago, because I hate wasting things.  It makes me look greasy, which I hate.  My hair is so frizzy with zero help though, so it is a lose/lose if I use nothing or not the right amount of help.  I rarely use heat in my styling.  I air dry 360 days a year.  

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A Youtuber said she slathers her hair in hair oil, leaves it in for a few minutes or even a few hours, then washes it out for smooth, soft hair! When I'm at home and don't plan on going out or seeing anyone, I do that and tie it up so that it's out of my face. I hate waste too, so I can't throw away my hair oils. I have a bottle from an LE Birchbox (the John Frieda Frizz Ease Oil Elixir). It's a pretty sizable bottle, so I'm glad I have this alternative way to use it. Maybe you can try that? It'll be easier to turn it into an empty as well. Granted, I don't ever look like a mermaid with slicked hair, but it's definitely more than the amount I'd be using as a hair protectant.

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Thanks for the tip.  That is a really good idea.

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Empties! Finally I have some! There's a lot of repeats from my sample challenge...


Top Row...

Bare Escentual brushes x2: Way to scratchy for me, and still shedding! Used them for 1-2 years, ignored them for 3, now it's time to trash 'em!

FAB "Radiance Pads": Amazing, already repurchased!

Kate Somerville "Deep Tissue Repair cream": I loved this, but there has to be better options out there... More affordable options perhaps? Or I may crack during the VIB sale...

Second Row...

Mac "brush cleanser": My cinema secrets blow this one out of the park. But it's finally empty!

Josie Maran "Pure Argan Milk": So, I only used this one, and proved to myself that I'm still not a fan of argan oil, even in a lighter milky formula.

Korres "Mattifying Primer": I actually enjoyed this! But not enough to go out and purchase it. There's a two year supply of nice primers to work through first!

Amore Pacific "Luminous Effect Brightening Serum": I luuuurve this stuff. But it's expensive. And my boyfriend loves it too. Between the two of us, this puppy will only last 2 months. Guess I better wean us both off of it. Sniff.

Third Row...

Marula "Cleansing Lotion" x2: My skin loved this, and drank it up quite well. It's on my purchase list once I finish another cleanser. Or when the vib % sale is happening... :smileyvery-happy:

Urban Decay "Eyeshadow primer - antiaging": just like every other eye primer... meh. Doesn't last past 6 hours on my slick eyelids.

Fourth Row...

Murad "Essential C-Eye Cream": Nice for daytime use, nothing special for me.

Lancome "Dual Finish": Leaves a nice texture, and is very slightly less powdery than my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Coverage from the sample was good for half my face, and had a sheer/light coverage. Skip.

Fresh "Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion": My skin is a normal/dry combo that will devour every ounce of moisture from anything, unless if it's gel. Skip!

Ole Henriksen "7 Day Wonder" kit: So I lost the box, and the foils for the day and night serums were threatening to take over my counter and got thrown out. The Truth serum and the Invigorating Night serum were both utterly fantastic, and have been bought. As for the Sheer Transformation... It's no where near hydrating enough!

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I can't help but ask you more about the FAB radiance pads as I'm new to starting a good anti-aging routine. I have posted in "Ask the Experts"....I've read these pads are good for sensitive skin (?)....What results did you notice?  TX. ~KAM :smileyhappy:

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The FAB radiance pads are, in my opinion, a great way to break into the world of acids. I had originally tried a sample of Dr Gross's alpha beta peel in regular strength, and noticed my skin getting dry and flakey due to my skin not being used to acids. It's like working out, and building up your tolerance to weights and the dreaded treadmill! :smileyhappy:


FAB radiance pads are 5% blend of glycolic and lactic acid. For my combo(normal/dry) dehydrated skin, I had to break into it by once every other day. Now I use this regularly, and Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads(10% glycolic and lactic with 2% salicylic for PMS breakouts)


While my face is quite a bit glowy, I'm starting to see some fading of some old cystic acne. I had started using acids consistently about 6-8 weeks ago. Also, there is only a third of the deep pore blockage, so it's helping to regulate my skin. Skin tone also seems to be evening out too! Most days I can get away with powder instead of foundation :smileyhappy:

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I'm interested in your thoughts about these as well!

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I got three uses out of my Dual Finish sample last month.  I have never been able to finish a full sized Dual Finish powder either.  I've thrown two away half full.  Maybe, I am not using enough with each application.  

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Hmmm... I was trying to use it as foundation. It would probably work awesome as a powder though!

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September was fairly successful for me! I don't keep track of any foils I use, so those aren't included.




Will buy again:

  • Barefoot Venus Vanilla Shake bath soak - loooooove this! It smells amazing and my skin is so soft. I just wish there was more product in a tin!
  • Hourglass Veil Primer - I really do like this primer. Nice and light. 
  • I always buy more B&BW hand sanitizer. I liked this pineapple scent!



  • Stila CC - the colour is a tad too dark for me, and I'm a little too oily for this at times but it blends so well and has good coverage. 
  • GlamGlow Supermud - I like this but not sure I love it. 
  • Caudalie cleansing water - I'm not sure how I feel about cleansing waters in general. I might come back to this one day, but I'm just not sure yet...
  • UD All-Nighter spray - This is decent but I'm not sure it's amazing. 


Everything else is a "never again"!

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Another great month for me!






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What June Jacobs item is it and what did you think of it?

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It was an exfoliating mask. I wasn't impressed much, it was very very gentle, and I didn't feel much results. it might be a good product for a sensitive skin, though, but not for mine. I like Exfolikate better. 

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