I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Algenist Genius C+ serum! New HG. Too bad it's so expensive, but I managed to get it 25% off from Algenist.

L'Occitane Milk Concentrate - but I'm not buying it, I'll drop cash on a serum but not on body lotion.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender - this a HG for me.

Caudalie detox mask - A bit like Glamglow, but more gentle.



Exuviance retinol night serum - I didn't even open some of those foils, I had a reaction to it and threw the rest out.

Dr. Brandt. D.N.A. pearl serum - I have a few more foils and I'm willing to give it another chance, but I didn't like the texture and it flaked off my face when I put moisturizer on.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer - Emphasized dry patches, also the wrong color.


The rest were just ok, nothing special.



Deluxe samples and travel sizes:



Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisture

Briogeo Rosarco Milk  - new HG!

Dr. Jart Premium BB Cream - best coverage from a BB I've ever found.



Bare Minerals serum foundation - clung to dry patches and pores, even with primer.


Full size:


My old MUFE primer! Sad, would repurchase if I could. Not sure about the new formulation yet.

Not repurchasing the others either; I'm trying the Bare Minerals spray brush clear from Ulta, and I didn't find the Algenist toner hydrating enough for me. I went back to my Murad hydrating toner, which also lasts a lot longer (and therefore better value), I think because it's a spray and product doesn't get eaten by the cotton balls.

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Nice empties.  I love that you used a bunch of Algenist foils.  That's always my one beef with skincare foils, it's usually not enough product to really have a sense if it actually yields results, but using multiple foils can get you closer.  Those tiny foundation bottles are also adorable.

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Nice!  I loved the Algenist Genius C too, and bought it.  Brilliant of them to do the 10-day sample set. I might have to try that Briogeo, I've seen several great reviews. 

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I'm saving my sampkes for my next trip.  I already know I love the creamSmiley Happy 

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Yeah I redeemed that promo about 3 times I think, trying to put off buying full size lol.

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They know what they're doingSmiley Happy. You'll be hooked for sure after a month! 

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4 months worth of empties: 



Not pictured: Kanebo Kate mascara base (full size), Clinique even better brightening moisture mask (foil)




Avalon Organics volumizing shampoo: made my hair so nice and soft after all the heat and products I put into styling, highly highly recommend. 

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra: if you have sensitive skin, this is a must try. I always always have a back ups of this. 

La Roche Posay Toleriane dermo-cleanser: new product discovery! and it was love a first sight, I am not big on the pour over packaging though. 

Shiseido Senka sunscreen: a Japanese drug store sunscreen by Shiseido. Japanese brands knows how to do good sunscreens--I totally believe you can skip the higher end versions, I felt no difference

Kiehl's Creme de Corps: simple, non-fragrant body moisturizer that I used for hand, highly moisturizing

Arbonne ginger citrus body wash: I found it in my pile of sample, and the scent is so amazingly awesome. Too bad it's not sold anymore 

Sephora lip balm: good, really moisturizing lip balm. I always have back ups of this too. 

Kanebo Kate mascara base: over took Dior lash serum as my HG lash base, love love love, so glad I bought 2 when I was in Japan 

Clinique Even Better brightening moisture mask: highly highly moisturizing, bought full size



Dr Bronner rose castile soap: it worked, the rose scent wasn't that strong 

L'occitane extra-gentle lotion: it was nice, but I will stick to the more moisturizing hand lotion from now on, it took me almost 2 years to finish, so happy it's done!

Paula's Choice skin recovery toner: it was a nice moisturizing toner for dry skin, not bad, not amazing

fresh sugar lip treatment: I prefer Sephora's, but this worked too

Amore Pacific moisture bound eye cream: it was nice, but the amount of fragrance is kind of bothering me

Clinique even better eyes: good morning eye cream since it was mini amounts of shine, works well under concealer



Kate Somerville Exfolikate: so glad I got this sample to try before I bought the full size, my ultra sensitive skin didn't take this well the second it went on

Benefit they're real push-up liner: I was curious about this type of applicator, but didn't want to buy the full size due to the negative reviews--the sample filled the gap perfectly. And I was right: it smudges on me

ELF mineral mascara: first time trying ELF cosmetics, it has glowing reviews on makeupalley, and I do like how it applies, but like numerous of its predecessors, it smudges on my eye (not really it's fault though, I still think it's worth a try)

MUFE mascara: smudge crazy, really dislike the wand, try the ELF instead 


Total (from January): 

Full size: 13

Deluxe sample: 7

Foil sample: 7

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Nice empties!  I'm not in love with Exfolikate either, though I hear they have a gentler one.  For me it's less about skin sensitivity as it is that I really don't care for the smell at all and with so many other exfoliating products on the market that smell better to my nose it's not worth it.

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I am starting to use FAB radiance pads now, and that's been going pretty well. Any other recommendations? Smiley Happy

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I've recently started using Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Peeling Gel and that also seems effective, but on the gentle side.  And if you don't mind a physical exfoliator, I've always found Laura Mercier's Face Polish to be gentle but effective.

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Okay this is a collection of empties over several months:


LOVES (everything in this list I either have more of or have repurchased)



Tree Hut Shea sugar scrub

Secret clinical strength

Caviar instant recovery shampoo and conditioner

Caviar replenishing moisture shampoo and conditioner

Butter London scrubbers (really like the actual scrubber, but I usually have to add Nail polish remover in order to get my polish off all 10 fingers/toes)

Shiseigo benefiance eye pad (I see instant results, but the next day it seems only a very slight improvement)

Caudalie hand/nail cream

OH power peel

MAC face wipes

ABH dip brow

ABH clear brow gel

Anthony glycolic face wash

UD all nighter setting spray (I feel setting powders work better, but this is a great substitute when I don’t want to wear a setting powder)

Dr.Jart premium BB

Guerlain maxi lash (my only complaint is this really only lasted me 2 months, I usually get at least 3 out of high end mascara)

Hourglass Film Noir

MMM replica beach walk

LOccitane almond shower oil (I love the product, but struggle with the packaging on these deluxe size samples)

OH sheer transformations

Boscia kojac sponge mini (I have tried the regular size and I actually like the mini one better it dries out faster and it is a little stiffer so it exfoliates a little better



Good, but won't repurchase



Dry bar sake bomb shampoo and conidtioner

Ultra repair cream

Dior miss dior

LOccitane lavendar bubble bath

Estee lauder eye makeup remover



Not for me



Jose bare naked wipes

Bobbi brown eye cream

Nude fizzy wash

Formula X cuticle remover and cuticle oil

Lavanilla deodorant

 Note: I edited my post because I accidentally posted before I was finished with it

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I love that deodorant, too. Once you start using it, you cannot go back to the regular stuff.



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Love your empties.  Caudalie's hand cream and OH Power Peel are loves for me as well.  I also think I like OH Sheer Transformation.  I go back and forth on that one.  I love that it's lightly scented and feels so smooth and lovely on my skin but I can never decide if something else could be doing more for my skin.  It's perfect for summer but I'm so chronically dry I feel like I need something a little stronger in the winter time.  Almost at the bottom of my giant container and then have some samples and other creams on hand I really should get through first.  May restock around Christmastime if they do another GWP.  Just took advantage of the Fourth of July one to get some sunscreen and facial cloths.

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Which Tree Hut scrub did you have? I have the Brazilian Nut and Almond & Honey. They smell so yummy!!!

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Almond and honey is my go to. It has made all the difference for my legs. 

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I finally got around to updating my empties on my spreadsheet. Some are recent and some are from months ago 


All the products shown above I have either full size, deluxe samples or foil  samples still left in my stash so I will continue to use. The SC serum and moisturizer I won't use right away because of the many other skin care products I have 



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Now you are making me wish I did a spreadsheet.  What do you put on it?  Those are some impressive empties, especially since you have so many full sized products and large deluxe samples.

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It is a must that I have a spreadsheet or else I bought buy things I already have and didnt even know it. Its especially helpful when it comes to colors/shades because I could never remember which ones I have and which ones I dont.


My spreadsheet tabs are broken down into the following categories:

Lippies, Single Shadows, Palettes, Eyeliner, Mascara, Highlight/Contour, Blush/Bronzer, Facial Cleaners, Makeup Remover/Toners, Masks/Peels, Serums/Eye Creams, Moisturizers/Oils, Hand/Body Creams, Fragrance, Points, Nail Polish, Hair, Empties


Then each tab is broken down into columns like Brand, Product, Color, Description, Size, Price, Set, Full Size, Full Size Price, Date, Quantity On Hand, Used/Empty, Additional Notes 

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Thanks for the message about this.  It definitely seems so helpful and like you said, perfect for making sure you don't have dupes.  I just got done swatching most of my polishes on swatch sticks this past weekend so this sounds like something I may have to attempt once I have some time free.  I have a feeling it's going to reveal just how much I already have in my stash in that it's a lot to go through.

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WOW TWO foundations! That's impressive! Any particular stand outs from all these skin care products?

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I just finished 1 foundation and the other one was months ago Smiley Happy


Some stand outs for me were the Shiseido eye masks (I already bought a full size box), Shiseido facial toner, belif moisturizer, Tarte eye cream and of course all the Algenist products.

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