I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Lol, good question!!! I love it, and after the Black Friday GWP I think I have enough to last me until the next big GWP Smiley Tongue

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Ok so...I need to know more about the Animal Cracker, how is the scent?

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The scent is delicious - very sweet/gourmand, kind of a vanilla frosting scent (I'm so bad at describing scents, my apologies!). However, it's not a love because the scent is quite a bit lighter than most other Philosophy 3-in-1s that I've tried. It's nice smelling it out of the bottle, but in the shower it's pretty lightly scented (which might be preferable for some people, but I like stronger scents)!

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@maddieb25Do you have any tips on using the Ole Melting Cleanser? I can't seem to get it to turn into a milk and it always feels like there's product left on my face.. I wonder if water is not enough and I need to wash it off with a cloth (like the Omoro balm) Smiley Frustrated


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I wet my face just a bit first - too much water and I find it's too runny. I do use a washcloth, but I actually use a washcloth with all cleansers since I do wear a LOT of makeup daily, lol. So washing it off with a cloth might help some for you - it's worked really well for me!

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Here are my empties for February. Somehow I think I managed to use up even more than last month.



Peter Thomas Roth - Water Drench Cloud Cream
Smashbox - Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Ren - Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask
Origins - GinZing Refreshing eye cream
Peter Thomas Roth - Irish Moor Mud mask
Urban Decay - Multi-Purpose Primer pen in Ozone
Peter Thomas Roth - Blue Marine Algae Mask
fresh - Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment
hey Honey - Relax! Propolis & Honey Soothing Cream
Lorac - Highlighter in Moonlight
Sephora Collection - Waterproof eye makeup remover
fresh - Soy Face cleanser
Tarte - LipSurgence lip gloss in Magic


Peter Thomas Roth - Acne-Clear Invisible Dots
fresh - Soy Face Cleansing Milk
Too Faced - Glitter Glue
Peter Thomas Roth - Rose Stem Cell Mask
Peter Thomas Roth - Cucumber Gel Mask
Dermalogica - Skin smoothing cream
Urban Decay - Pore Perfecting complexion Primer Potion
Josie Maran - Whipped Argan Oil in Sweet Citrus
Soylicious Lip Balm in French Vanilla
Harvey Prince - body cream in Sincerely
fresh - Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment bar
Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer Water
Harvey Prince - eau de parfum in Signature


Bath & Body Works - Ultra Shea Body Cream in Frosted Wonderland
amika - Silken Up Dry Conditioner
Lorac - Light Source 3-in-1 primer
belif - The true cream aqua bomb
Ole Henriksen - Pure Truth Melting Cleanser
Farnacy - Firming Night Balm
Lush - Imperialis
Ole Henriksen - Sheer Transformation
skyn - Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
skyn - Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
Harvey Prince - eau de parfum in Perfumista


Origins - Modern Friction
Lancer - The Method: Polish
Ole Henriksen - Walnut Complexion Scrub
Boscia - Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder

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I'm really impressed by the number of lip products you managed to use up!  (Also, love that all your dislikes are exfoliants - not my favorite product in general either). 

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  • cosRX Hydra Power Essence
  • bifesta Eye Makeup Remover
  • Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm DS size
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
  • First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser DS size


Buying Again:

bifesta Eye Makeup Remover: A water based eye makeup remover that is the best i've ever used. Works on fiber mascara. I'm on my like 4th or 5th bottle of this now lol. Oil based ones never worked for me and gave me milia so this is a holy grail!

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm: The deluxe sample size lasted me so long and I loved it. Maybe when I'm done with my current one I will repurchase this. The $68 price is so high for an eye cream Smiley Sad But the one included in my Sephora Play Box was half the size and lasted me half a year, so worth it?

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: Already purchased a set from the holidays with 2 of these in it Smiley Happy Love it as a night cream! Sinks in, moisturizes, doesn't break me out. A done deal.
Not Buying:

First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanse: It's alright, I might repurchase it someday, but for now I like my Sunday Rules Ceramic Cleanser a lot more. This item did always make me feel really clean though! I feel after long term use, it will be more drying than the Ceramic Slip cleanser. 

cosRX Hyda Essence: I don't feel like it provides enough moisture to my face. I am using the Whitening Power Essence by cosRX now and I feel it gives me more moisture, plus brightens up my scar spots on my face.

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January + February Empties


Loved:  These items I either have already repurchased or purchased full size for first time).


Additional discussion and comments:

The Lush bag is a place holder for a wide variety of bath bombs, bubble bars, and massage bars. I've haven't been disappointed with one yet. If you read the description of any of these products and think, "gee, that sounds great", try it. You won't be disapointed.

The DDG peel pads is a favorite of mine. The packet shown here is unopened. I use so many of these I can't bear to keep them for the purpose of photographing later.


Liked:  I appreciated these, but may or may not repurchase.


Additional comments/discussion: 

Clarins eye serum:  This would be a "loved" and repurchase, but the packaging is so wasteful. When the pump stopped dispensing, it still felt heavy. I broke it open and started filling little sample containers. I filled 2.5 containers, which means the packaging was incapable of dispensing the last 1/3 of the included product! I have no intention of repurchasing before I exhaust all other options for eye serums, as I do not want to reward such nonsense.

Puff off:  It worked. I tend to get enough sleep and such, so I don't really have issues with puffy eyes. I might revisit this one as allergy season approaches later this spring, but, there is an eye serum from Ahava that also does great at de-puffing (so, having a dedicated puff off product might not be necessary for me).

Revlon Cream Shadow:  I love how easy these are to work with, but sadly, they just don't last long on me. They do have some novelty colors that would be an affordable and easy way to play with colors for a short-duration event, so it's on my "maybe some day" radar if the need arises.

Lancome lash primer/booster:  Most days I don't even wear mascara, so I don't see myself bothering with a purchased lash primer. That being said, it did a great job. Any 100 pt perk or GWP of this stuff will be enjoyed, and I highly recommend this product for those of you who like big lashes. 

Urban Decay lipstick:  Old formula in "Naked". Was a great formula and color for me. I already have some dupes in different brands, but may revisit Naked in the new formula at some point in the future.

Tatcha Serum:  I liked it. Sadly, I didn't get a full enough feel for it in the small foil to be compelled to purchase a full size.

Not for me:  These were not for me. Lots of makeup products this time around because I cleaned out my collection.


Liquid Lips:  Liquid lip products are not for me. Stains, glosses, you name it. I haven't found one yet I love. I give up. 2017_02_empties_notforme_liquidlips.jpg

Other makeup:  In some cases, it was the formula (Color Pop too drying, Revlon crayon not long-lasting and bled on me, butter London too slippy), in other cases, the color was not great on me (MJ in So Sophia, Bite crayon in cafe). Either way, it's time for these to go.

That being said, if someone is really wanting this lot, PM me. The eco freak in me might want to see someone else enjoy them instead of sending to a landfill. The lazy in me only wants to go to the post office once, so it's an all-or-nothing thing.


Misc. "Not for me":  Pixi eyeliners were nice & soft, but made my eyes itchy. Neutragena sunscreen had nice texture, but I've found some non-chemical ones I like too. Nothing was wrong with the Beauty Blender, but I'm just a fingers kinda gal for foundation application. I did cut it open for fun to see if it was nasty inside (it was pristine).


While I did discussion on some, I didn't cover all. I'm happy to answer any questions on omitted items.


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February empties - I have the wrong TH box pictured - that's supposed to be the Resurfacing Mask.



Farmacy Sheet Masks (soothing, mixed) - love these, use some form of them every month. Lots in February because it's been dry.

Tokyomilk Bittersweet hand cream - my favourite hand cream. I wish Sephora Canada carried more scents.

Odacite JoL, GtL - regular repurchases. I've talked about these before, so I'll spare you.

Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm (sample) - liked this enough to purchase a FS. Similar in concept to Blue Cocoon, but thinner in texture. Will probably be amazing in the summer.

MUNskin Anarose Toner (sample) - another one I loved enough for FS. Love the smell, and how hydrated I feel when I use it.

PMD Sensitive disc - use these every month.


Quo nailpolish 

Mahalo Vitality Elixir (sample) - didn't find it hydrating or moisturizing, and I hated the peppery smell.

One Love Organics Vitamin D Mist (sample) - didn't feel refreshing and left a film.

Graydon Clinical Broccoli serum (sample) - smells terrible and feels thick/heavy.

Body Shop Cocoamania butter - great for feet, pills everywhere else.

Dr Jart Water Fuse Gel - this was ok but I dislike how the Waterfuse line smells.  Also annoyed that when my husband knocked it into the sink, the jar separated.

Mahalo Pele Mask (sample) - works fine, but feels similar to Problem Solver, which I prefer because it's finer textured and doesn't smell.

Mahalo Petal Mask (sample) - this is ok. I don't like the smell and I really didn't feel like it did much of anything.

Mahalo Balm (sample) - this stinks SO BAD. It works fine as a face balm but OMG, the smell lingered on my face all day and even transferred onto the makeup brushes I used, which then smelled for a week until I washed them.

Essence Drying Drops - no opinion, other than the dropper doesn't reach the bottom of the bottle.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask - works fine, but I find it too gentle. I have other resurfacing products I prefer.


Kypris Antioxidant Dew - this was the grossest, almost slimy texture.

MUNskin Akwi cleanser (sample) - thick, greasy, has castor oil, would not wash off. NOPE.

Drunk Elephant Marula oil - so thick and breaks me out. I finished my bottle by using it on my neck and chest.


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Do you have an IG account you post about skincare?

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@tuinamasterI do. mostly makeup and skincare 

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Diorshow mascara primer- makes even bad mascaras look okay!

Benefit roller girl x2- one was from work and drying up. My HG

florapy sunflower lemon sheet mask- smells great, fits great, small improvements.

ABH brow gel- like superhold for your brows

SR good genes- so much skin tone improvement

Ole Henriksen salt scrub- loved the lemongrass in this. Smells heavenly. Would repurchase on sale.

Davines Oi conditioner
Orbie supershine moisture cream
- this is great on my hair and the scent stays just enough subtly. 

Too cool for school egg mellow body butter- great on my sad winter skin.

Farmacy deep moisture sheet mask x3- Love these. Hydration for a couple days which is hard to find during cold, dry winters.

Sephora almond foot mask x2- 

PTR 24K gold mask- I didn't like this at first but glad I gave it another try. Hydrating and works well with my skin.

PTR unwrinkle night- One of the few things I've found that I wake up with still hydrated skin.

Orbie dry texture spray- Works well with my hair

Milk makeup sunshine oil- Surprise love. Iffy on anything milk, but it mixed into my tinted moisturizer, BB/CC's really well for winter use.

Shisedo power infusing concentrate-

bobbi brown cleansing oil-

nude cleansing oil x2-

Hand cream-

DDG AB peel regular-

DDG AB peel gentle x2-







Florapy hydration mask- not hydrating and felt really sticky when I took off.

Fresh black tea mask

Borghese body scrub

Body shop scrub

It cream- is okay on my face but I have things that are better. I use the jars as hand cream and it works great as such.

Farmacy sleep tight- I want to love this. It smells so relaxing and refreshing. Sometimes it works great and others it's meh and I can't pinpoint the trend.

Shisedo instant eye patches- They really work, for about 10 minutes (which is the intention) and then I look worse as the wrinkles creep back in. Probably an effect of them being minimized briefly but not my jam. 

Dr. Brandt NNM- Doesn't do much for me. 

Derm institute hydrating mask- not as hydrating as I'd hoped. 

Tony moly green tea moisturizer- ok. 

colbert MD cleanser







Ven effect lip treatment- reacted to this

Ren evercalm mask- also reacted to



Another successful month of using up. 41 empties this month. Would have liked to use more foils. I have a couple small getaways in March and looking forward to taking some foils and using more up.


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My empties from February.

Loves (will repurchase)


Likes (not planning to purchase, but will use the sample).


No way (did not finish. In my personal top Oribe is most overrated product)no.jpg


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Sometimes I wonder if different products work differently for different body/hair chemistry.  Because I know Oribe works really well for me but also know that it's not for everyone.  I personally like that spray when I want to curl clean hair because it seems to add more grit to my hair for the iron to hold onto and the curls hold better.

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Yes, we all are different Smiley Happy

When I use this Oribe, I look like I put whole bottle of hairspray on my head. The most annoying part that this Oribe is in all GWP bags.

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I feel that way about bumble and bumble sea salt spray.  It came in everything for a while and made my hair look dirty, 

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@heartsmyface, how interesting about b&b sea salt spray. That is a HG product for me. It's the only one I've found that gives nice volume & shine to my fine & sparse hair without making it crunchy & nasty.


I agree some products work differently on different people. x10 true for mascara.

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IMG_7915.JPGHa, well, this was fun trying to lay out.  I had a little thief nabbing at the goods!!! IMG_7906.JPGIMG_7913.JPGIMG_7910.JPGAnd here are my absolute loves from January and February.  I just picked out the rockstars.  Sorry these pictures are so darn dark.IMG_7920.JPG

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@heartsmyfacethanks for posting the pic of all the empty foils! It motivated me to finally put some real effort into using mine. I'm going to choose at least 7 every Saturday and use a minimum of 1 per day. Smiley Happy

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Which Tom Ford lipstick did you finish?I am so curious,I can never finish a lipstick.