I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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I sometimes use my kids products, too. I've never heard of Live Clean, but this makes me want to look into it.

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What are the two products in the top right of the top photo?

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The purple bottle is a hair glossing spray... Bain De Terre is the brand, not sure if it's only available in Canada. It smells so good. I loved it! 


The white box was included in a Look Fantastic monthly box, it's face cream. I don't usually 'love' face cream, but the consistency of this one was perfect for me. I have way too many creams to justify buying it though! The brand is Ioma.

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The good:

PTR un-wrinkle 24k gold sheet mask- It actually stays in place (only sheet mask ever to do so for me)!! Says it "instantly imparts opulent glow" which it also does. My skin looked plump and healthy as soon as I took this off and for the next few days. I saved the package serum and refrigerated it and used for the next couple of days also. Will re-purchase

PTR cucumber mask- soothing. I'm not sure I'd purchase a full size but i got a few free TS and will use them

PTR pumpkin mask- SA made me a sample and YAS I'm buying a full size. Aside from how amazing it smells (especially for fall), it works! 

Dr. Jart BB- This has a soft finish (almost like hourglass mineral veil primer) and decent coverage. I have a lot of BB's/CC's so won't purchase but will use samples up.

ABH dipbrow- Where has this been all my life? My sad, spotty, over plucked brows needed this years ago.. Put in on before showering, still had great brows after. Then did the sheet mask, still had great brows. Then went to sleep and rolled around for 8 hours, still had decently filled brows. Purchasing FS.

Acure body lotion- didn't see any firming action but smelled great. Would get again if on sale.

Bite thistle amuse bouche lipstick- SO pretty, perfect everyday shade for me. Will purchase FS

Guerlain meteroties sheer makeup- a little less coverage than I need but went on smooth and wore well.

Smart profile clarisonic head- does its job well

Hourglass veil primer- like this but I have enough primer samples to last my life so probably won't be purchasing

Gimme brow- I happened to glance down and see this on a day where my brows were going every direction before a trim. Worked great but I will be using the ABH I got in my play box this month.

Not your mothers dry shampoo mini (not pictured)- Love. Have used this for a couple years, already had backups!



The okay:

Drunk elephant b-hydra gel: worked fine, no breakouts but didn't see any intense hydration. 

murad invisiblur sheild- didn't notice any blurring properties, but no breakouts or balling like some of the blurring things do.

fresh soy cleanser: worked well, not my favorite but no negatives

estee edit dissolve the drama cleanser (not pictured)- also worked well with no adverse reactions. Would use samples again but not purchase. 


The bad:

Up and up makeup remover cleansing towelettes: Were okay at first but after about a week started irritating my eyes, to the point where there was irriation burns above my eyelids, OUCH! Nope!

Tarte lights camera lashes FS: not used up, getting tossed. Only the FS clumps horrible for me. 

FAB ultra repair cream- thought it might be repairing for my chemical burns mentioned above. Not at all. Enhanced irritation and burn which my normal moisturizer did not do.

Caolion pore pack- No issues while using. I'd say slightly effective, but had severe redness after use on cheeks which continued for a couple days. 



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I want to buy that PTR mask sampler specifically for the pumpkin and 24K gold. I have so many masks, but that is one product I will always make room for.

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That's awesome that you still had mask benefits for subsequent days with the gold mask.  I love sheet masks but for me the benefits tend to seem more short term vs. long lasting.

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I think keeping the serum really helped with that too! 

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I have had the PTR 24k gold sheet masks in my wish list for awhile,glad to hear they are so great,might have to order them soon.

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@Seymore3 I was lucky enough to get them for $5 each during the PTR direct labor day sale. Maybe the 20% sale? I'm going to grab a few more then. I couldn't justify the full price not knowing how it would work for me. If you pull the trigger, have a container on hand to put the excess serum into. I use contact cases for extras/traveling etc and filled both wells up (and there was more, I just didn't have anywhere for it), there's quite a bit and you can lightly squeeze out the mask as well.

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I don't have pictures of my empties. but I have a list going. from the last month and a half. 







  • Estee Lauder - Take it away makeup remover lotion (Nope)
  • Korres - Greek Yogurt Sleeping facial (mini) (loves)
  • Ole Henkriksen - African Red Tea foaming cleanser, Travel Size (maybe)
  • Origins - Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash,Travel size (Loves)



  • Georgio Armani - SI, sample vial (loves)
  • Marc Jacbos - Mod Noir, sample vial (maybe)
  • Theirry Mugler - Alien, sample vial (Loves)
  • Tocca - Florence (nope)
  • Tokyomilk Dark - Tainted Love, Full-Size!!!!  (Loves)
  • Treehouse Royal - Pinrose, foil sample (loves)


  • April bath, generic shower caps (maybe)
  • Bumble & Bumble Surf foam wash, Foil sample (maybe)
  • Bumble & Bumble Surf conditioner, foil sample (maybe)
  • not your mother's , clean freak dry shampoo, full size (maybe)
  • OGX - Nourishing coconut milk shampoo (full-size) (Loves)



  • Dr. Jart: BB Beauty Balm, deluxe sample (nope)
  • Too Faced - Shadow Insurance Primer, foil sample (maybe)


  • Beauty Blender Cleanser liquid, foil sample  (maybe)
  • Colgate - Toothpaste  (loves)



  • Alba- Hawaiian sunscreen green tea SPF 45, full-size (loves)
  • Bath & Body works - Blushing Cherry blossom body lotion, full-size (loves)
  • Dove - Coconut milk beauty bar (maybe)
  • Earth therapeutics - triple butter foot balm , travel size (maybe)
  • Nivea - In shower body lotion, full-size (loves)
  • Schick - Intuiton replacement cartridge  (loves)
  • Sol Janeira - Braziliam bum bum cream, sample (loves)

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I have a Drybar shower cap, and I love it. I am able to skip a day of washing since it helps reduce frizz. The generic ones gave me so much frizz that I washed everyday.

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Hi notcreative Smiley Happy I have the dry bar one too!  I love it as well so I can skip a day of hair shampooing and not strip the natural oils from the hair so much.  speaking of which do you use dry shampoo in the meantime I find mine gets oil if I don't I am still searching for a good dry shampoo. I have bumble bumble pret-a-powder as my next candidate to try.  any recommendations for other dry shampoo if you use those between washes? also I agree with you about frizz problems with the generic shower caps. unfortunately they are the only method i have found so far to keep My hair masks locked in and plastered on my head while I let the product sit in I typically let it sit for 10 15 minutes so I don't wear it on my face and it doesn't drench the back of my neck. 

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Great list and I love cherry blossom scent so that B&B Works lotion sounds lovely.

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Hi Kelloua I  loved the Blushing Cherry blossom body lotion from bath and body works however I think they discontinued it a while back as i can't find it online or at nearby bath and body works Locations  this happens to a lot of the scents I like there. Smiley Sad  I  also love love love the Bath And Body works Sensual amber body lotion and body mist they had at one time. I've actually had someone grab my hands and sniff them once to both my amusement and anxiety once when I was wearing the amber scented body lotion LOL that is my all time favorite scent at Bath & Body works.now whenever i ask the representatives at the stores what happened to it they refer me to online. luckily I checked a few days ago and they still have the amber one. but sadly i have too many lotions on hand already to go through before I can even consider stocking up on new ones. favorites or not. they would likely go watery/change consistency before i get around to using them up. 

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I don't have pictures but I am so proud of myself for the full-sized (and a few deluxe) things I was able to finish over the past month and a half or so that I wanted to share with you guys:


Korres Vanilla Guava Body Butter

REN Glycolic Lactic mask


Korres Mulberry Vanilla Body Butter

Korres Mulberry Vanilla Shower Gel

Shiseido facial cottons

CeraVe SPF 30 daily moisturizer

Almay makeup remover sticks

Secret deodorant

Ulta Buttercream Cupcake 3 in1 Beauty Smoothie

Simple micellar water

Pixi Glow Mud Mask

Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser

Soap and Glory Heel Genius foot cream

*also some sheet masks and peel pads


I feel like there are a few more things which I'm not remembering, which is why from now on I'm saving my empties.

I have basically already repurchased everything in my FS list. Smiley Happy



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Pictures or no pictures that sounds like a successful month and it's great you had so many things you loved enough to repurchase.

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I love the Ulta Smoothies and am kicking myself for not buying any when they were on clearance. I am just super stocked on cleansers. I've wanted to try the Korres Body Butter for a while, so I am glad you liked it enough to repurchase. Cannot wait to read your Josie Maran empties. 

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I do like the Korres - HSN had a really good deal last year around the holidays with 2 full size shower gels and 2 full size body butters. With the coupon that was available I ended up getting them for ~$20. I keep buying the DS vanilla guava one from Sephora all the time. Not sure why I just haven't bought a full size Smiley Happy.


Yes, I can't wait to try the JM! I wish the other scents weren't so expensive!

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 A few empties from July and August, I did not like the B&B shampoo and conditioner or the YourMinerals loose powder. Everything else was a love or staple for me. I love the LM loose powder but then I tried the Tarte pressed powder and I had to go out and buy another one. It sets my foundation flawlessly and lasts all day. 






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Which Body Scrub is that?

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It is Tree Hut Almond & Honey, It smells so good!!!