I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Second half of August empties! 


Loved (have/will or want to repurchase) // Liked // Didn't like or not impressed...



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I think that rinse in the middle is what I am getting in my upcoming Birchbox. Can you tell me more about it? Did it reduce frizz?

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I don't keep my empties physically, but I did keep track of what I used this month. I actually managed to go through some big items within a couple weeks of each other, which was pretty unusual for me.



first aid beauty ultra repair cream - foil

first aid beauty ultra repair cream - fs
l’occitane amande hand cream - ds

cerave hydrating cleanser - fs

bath & body works country apple body wash - fs

lancome eye makeup remover - ds



origins clear improvement active charcoal mask - ds


Meh/No Opinions

juice organics shampoo - foil
juice organics conditioner - foil
bag of cotton balls
urban decay beauty balm (illuminating, medium) - foils

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My son loves the Cerave Hydrating cleanser, and it is all he wants to use. I like the way it makes my skin feel, but I miss the squeaky clean feeling I get with other products when I use it.

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See, I hate the squeaky feeling!  But that's also because my skin is really dry, and I feel like it's even more dry after I wash with the squeaky cleansers.

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Mine is, too. The struggle between my OCD clean feeling and nourishment for my dry skin is real.

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August 2016 Empties


I finally have access to my whole stash since I'm back from my semester abroad, yayy ! I feel like my decluttering can be pursued in a more serious manner from now on Smiley Tongue


FullSizeRender (12).jpg




The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Face Mask : This was my first time using this sheet mask and I was not disappointed. My skin felt super fresh and not congested after using it. It also was very smooth and hydrated. The smell was pleasant and the mask itself did fit my face even though it was a bit big. There was plenty of serum in the packaging and I left the mask on my face for longer than the recommended time (20 minutes) to get optimal results. My skin was glowing after use. * Will totally repurchase it when it’s be available at my local The Face Shop store. 


Nest Dahlia & Vines Eau de Parfum Rollerball (Deluxe sample) : Beautiful fragrance which lasted all day long on my skin but that wasn't too overpowering at the same time. The smell is very unique and floral. It is definitely a smell for all year long.  I also enjoy that this product is often offered in mini sizes too, for example at Black Friday, so it's an excellent way to try it out & to get travel sizes for a good price ! Bonus point, I think the packaging is super cute too. * Will repurchase it in the future & probably will ask the full size bottle for Christmas.


Mac Fix+ (Travel Size) : Ideal size for travelling and the packaging doesn’t leak. The product worked wonderfully to set my makeup and it helped it to stay in place the whole day. Pleasant smell as well and the product doesn’t irritate my sensible skin. The only negative thing about the travel size is that it is a bit difficult to get the last drops out of it. * Would buy the travel size again in the future, currently using a full size of it.


The Face Shop Clean Face Soothing Face Mask For Oily Skin : Fabulous sheet mask to remove excess sebum and to help control oil. It helps to balance out skin and the results last for almost a whole week. I like to use these when my skin is out of control or if I want to prevent a breakout. The sheet mask does not slip out of my face as much as other formulas and the scent isn't strong. It contains green tea extracts which also help tired skin. Totally worth buying ! * Already have backups and will keep on repurchasing in the future.


The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Face Mask : I feel like I have this sheet mask in my empties bag almost every month, so it really shows how much I like to use it. It makes my complexion way brighter and glowy after using it and it does help with dark circles. The sheet fits my eyes area and the serum doesn't burn, so it's possible to bring it closer to the eyes and get optimal results in this area. The smell is pleasant as well and the mask is soaked in serum. * Have backups of it and will definitely repurchase in the future.  


Lush Mask of Magnaminty Face & Back Mask : Ideal to purify skin and to do a deep cleansing. It feels fresh and has a tingly effect thanks to the mint but it didn't irritate my sensible combination skin. It might be a bit strong for dry sensible skin however. I like how it controls oil and brightens up my complexion as well. The downsize of this mask is that it can be a bit messy to apply and remove. It is also a bit thick so it goes down faster in the packaging than other masks. * Will repurchase it soon when I go back to Lush.




The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask : I don’t know if the formula of this sheet mask changed or if this one was a dud, but I feel like it didn’t absorb sebum as well as usual. However, it was very soothing and made my skin feel more relaxed, as usual. The Face Shop’s sheet masks fit my eyes area very well.  * Will repurchase it in the future when The Face Shop has a sheet masks sale.


The Face Shop Real Nature Acai Berry Face Mask : Made my skin super smooth and moisturised, but that’s about it. My skin didn’t look brighter than usual after using it. However, it was very soothing and the smell was really nice. The sheet mask fitted my face well, even though it was a bit big. * Have some backups of it, would repurchase it when I need smoother skin and when there’s a sheet mask sale at my local The Face Shop store.


Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Gentle Foaming Hand Soap : I really enjoy using the Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps and this one was no exception. It cleaned my hands really well without ever making them dry. Also, these are always on sale and it is easy to use it all up until the bottle is empty, contrary to the deep cleansing ones. I enjoyed the smell of Cherry Blossom because it is very light and clean, but it wasn’t anything very unique. I did not particularly care for it and have many others that I prefer. * Would probably repurchase a bottle it if it was on sale and available during the semi-annual sale this December.


DM Ebelin 70 Wattepads : Excellent cotton pads, especially for the very cheap price tag it has. It did not leave any plush residue on my face and it was quite sturdy. It was also quite soft. Only problem is that it took several of those pads to remove all my makeup off, as they are quite small. * Would repurchase if it was available locally in Canada.


Adidas Control Ultra Protection Cool & Care 48h Anti-Perspirant (Travel Size) : Kept my armpits dry all day long and the spray formula dried instantly. The smell was very fresh and not overpowering, I really enjoyed it. However, the product left a weird residue on my armpits, which was difficult to remove, except in the shower. It didn't stain my clothes however. * Would repurchase if it was available locally in Canada.


Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Dream (Sample) : Nice light and floral smell. It is nothing too unique but I liked to use it in the spring and summer. It does not have the strongest power on my skin so I definitely had to reapply a couple of times throughout the day, which can be a bit of an hassle if you're out for the day. I would say that I prefer the Daisy Eau So Fresh over this one. I enjoyed the fact that it was wearable for both day and night time. * Have a rollerball of it, but would probably not purchase a full size. 


Lush Aqua Marina Face and Body Cleanser : As much as I can't get used to the smell of it, this cleanser works wonderfully to make my skin feel refreshed and soft. The product is also very soothing and doesn't irritate my sensible skin. It does make my skin look brighter.  It's a bit messy to apply and remove, so I do not use it daily for that sole reason. * Will repurchase it soon.




Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head in Normal : This brush was of very good quality and was easy to clean after use, as every other Clarisonic brushes I tried. However, I feel like it was still too rough for my sensible skin, so this is the only reason I didn’t enjoy using it as much as other ones. It would be great for anyone with non-sensible skin though. *  Won’t repurchase it since I switched to the sensible brush head.




Balea Pink Grapefruit Deodorant : Had to use it up with another deodorant to get decent uses out of it because this absolutely did nothing to control odors. It made me feel gross at the time. It did however keep my armpits dry, so it was quite strange for a deodorant product. I liked the smell but it didn’t have any lasting power. The positive thing is that it only cost me 0,55 euros.  * Wouldn’t repurchase if it was available locally in Canada.


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I always love your reviews. That Mask of Magnanimity is something I've wanted to try for a while. Thanks for the details, because it makes me want to try it even more.

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Thanks so much @notcreative ! Smiley Happy Let me know if you try it, hopefully it works great on your skin too ! I totally need to go rebuy it soon Smiley Very Happy

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This is my first month actively working on empties! I've been a sample hoarder for years, and I'm one of those people who uses something once but feels like they have to hold onto it instead of using it up. This thread is motivating me to use up what I have so I don't feel so bad about buying more Smiley Happy


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.47.44 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.42.13 PM.png

HUM Runway Ready (forgot them in the picture with everything else) - this was my second month on these and they're awesome. My hair grew about an inch each month, my nails are super long and strong, and I didn't break out from the biotin. I'm going to go off them for a while, though, since $35 a month is a little steep for a hair supplement on a college kid budget.
Amika Dry Shampoo x2 - obviously a favorite, lol
Redken Pillow Proof - made my hair air dry quite a bit faster.
DevaCurl One Condition - smells SO GOOD. I actually have straight hair, but it made my hair really soft.
Dr. Brandt Needles No More Mask - my skin looked and felt awesome after using this! I accidentally used it as an all-over moisturizer before I read the directions, but it made my skin feel so nice.


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.42.20 PM.png

Biore Pore Strip
Commodity Paper
Philosophy Mint Mojito Cupcake
It's a 10 Lite
Shrinking Beauty lotion
Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet
Living Proof Restore Instant Repair
Parlor Shampoo
Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair mask
GlamGlow YouthCleanse
Liquid BlenderCleanser
Verb Leave-in Mist
Sephora Green Tea Mask

Didn't Like

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.42.28 PM.png

Liquid BlenderCleanser - smelled really strong, I think it was a little old. Dumped most of it out.
Origins Retexturizing Rose Clay Mask - took FOREVER to wash it all off, and my skin did not look or feel good afterwards - it looked red and uneven.
Dr. Jart Pore Master Patch - the pore patch, the first part of the treatment, was just a typical pore strip. The second step, the moist nose strip, kept sliding off my face, so I took it off early. My pores didn't look much cleaner than before.
Exuviance Daily Antioxidant Peel Pad - I think this may have been one of the single grossest things I've used on my skin. My face felt disgustingly sticky after using it. The next day, I had three new breakouts. I've never used a peel pad that felt like this one.

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Was that Hum the item from last month's featured Birchbox? When Lorelei said it tasted good, I was intrigued. 

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I think the Hum that people got in their Birchbox last month was a detox powder - these were little packets of 3 capsules/liquid gels you take daily for hair and nail strength/growth. I was impressed with my results taking these, I would definitely consider trying more of their products (especially if they do taste good!)

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image.jpegLikes: LP dry shampoo, ole henriksen truth serum, lancome genifique eye, Marc Jacobs highliner in brown (out), hourglass immaculate foundation, ole Henriksen  sheer transformations, Ken a volume spray. Meh- klorane soothing eye patch s, ren micro polish cleanser, gla glow dual phase. 

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I have a sample of that Living Proof Dry shampoo and cannot wait to try it. Any loves?

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The LP dry shampoo is the best dry shampoo I have used so far @notcreative I do love the MJ! 

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Hi jen81 nice collection of empties! I'm Curious about the item in the center I think they are Yes to coconuts?  are they face wipes or remover? and what are your thoughts on it?

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@WhereYouStand they are makeup remover wipes. They smell good like coconuts! I think it does an ok good of removing my face makeup. Eye makeup wasn't removed as well. But I don't think that eye makeup is removed very easily with most wipes. I got these because I had a target cartwheel deal and they were pretty cheap! 

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August empties, featuring my cat Tuna 😂



May Lindstrom Problem Solver, my favorite clay mask for sorting out troublesome skin.  Already repurchased.


Odacite Jo+L serum, great for acne as well. Already repurchased.


PMD discs, self explanatory, already repurchased.


Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, use for spot treating, repurchased.


Odacite Clair de Lune serum, I like to switch this up with another serum and have repurchased the kit it comes in, but I'm not opening it until I finish the other half of the kit (face mist)  Really wish they'd sell the serum on its own.


Kate Somerville Exfolikate Acne, thought I'd repurchased, but it turns out I bought the intense version instead by accident.  I like the Acne version better. 


Body Shop Coconut Body Butter mini, I go through at least one of these a month, usually in cocoa butter or coconut scent, repurchased.


Tata Harper Purifying mask (not pictured because I forgot it), love this stuff, already repurchased.  So incredibly soothing and relaxing. 



Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip, I think I've tried better cleansers, especially at the price point.


DDG Gentle pads, not purchased, just samples that I use when I get them but I wouldn't buy otherwise.


NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%, I'm still deciding how I feel about it.  Used for nearly 6 months, I felt I saw results at first but I haven't seen any of the further cumulative results they promise.



Body Shop Green Tea Body Butter, smell was much stronger than expected for a green tea scent.  Distracting.


Armani Black Ecstasy mascara, too flaky for me.


MJ Velvet Noir mascara, also too flaky, which is a shame because otherwise this is my platonic ideal of mascara in terms of lift, volume and separation. Smiley Sad


REN Active 7 Eye Gel, I had this in my 'to finish' pile and I know it's not going to happen, as it's too old. 


Oskia Brightlight serum, like the NIOD, I saw results at first but moved on to others that worked better.  I did finish it, but I wouldn't repurchase given the price and difficulty to obtain in Canada, not to mention how difficult it is to layer with other products due to the silicone.

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I love that your cat is named Tuna. Super cute. No loves?

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Whoops, NC!  The 'likes' were my loves Smiley Very Happy

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I concur. tuna is a pretty cool name for a cat. Smiley Happy