I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Love all the empties.  Looks like you used quite a few sheet masks.  Also, the pattern on that tube (hand cream?) looks so pretty.

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September and October empties. We were traveling so I took this chance to request samples wherever we went and tried tons of new products. Found a lot of new loves and holy grails!

















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Wow!  Love this.  That is SO many samples.  How many stores did you visit to get such a big haul!  Were you able to completely leave skincare and cosmetics at home because of these samples.  If so I bow down to you because that is pretty resourceful!

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Whoa!! So many samples! Good for you Smiley Happy


and I really hope they're phasing out those clear clamshells because they leak!!

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Indifferent nothing wow


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Great candle empties as always. ;-)

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october empties!

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 6.58.19 PM.png

good standouts

  • phyto paris express conditioner
  • devacurl super cream
  • soap & glory scrub of your life
  • body shop peppermint foot rescue
  • essence false lash effect mascara
  • milani conceal & perfect foundation

bad standouts

  • soap & glory face soap & clarity
  • wet n wild last primer
  • melt lipsticks
  • formula x drying spray

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Nice empties!  Looks like you used up so many lipsticks.

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Okay ladies, I've been stockpiling for a long time. Way too long of a long time. My problem is that I convince myself if I just wait a week or so, I can add another empty to the pile, which is true, but I think it's about time I post these! Reviews are below but any questions just ask Smiley Happy 




John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo: love the smell, decently moisturizing without weighing down hair. Would repurchase

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo: bought on Amelia Liana’s recommendation; did provide volume, but isn’t a repurchase for me

Dove Youthful Vitality Conditioner: I like Dove conditioners, but no matter how they are marketed they really all work the same for me. I would repurchase a Dove conditioner, but nothing special about this one in particular

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Ginger Hydrocream Whip: I’m obsessed with the scent of this; it’s a strong natural ginger scent that lingers. I have purchased other items of the line for the scent, but have not yet repurchased the mousse although I might consider it in the future just because of the scent.

Keune 2-Phase Conditioning Spray: I bought this on Leighannsays recommendation; didn’t do much for my hair type. It does soften, but it also can weigh it down quite a bit. Also didn’t like that I had to purchase off Amazon, would not repurchase.

Tresseme Thermal Creations Heat Protector Spray: bought ages ago on Ingrid Nilsen’s recommendation. It took me forever to use up because I rarely heat style my hair, and when I do I always forget to use a heat protectant. I don’t get the hype behind this product and wouldn’t repurchase.

St. Tropica Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask: I really liked this more than I thought I would. It’s a lot like natural coconut oil and has a very natural fragrance. You can also put the whole packet in the microwave since it’s microwave safe. Would repurchase (bought in the mini section of Ulta)

Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo: I don’t remember much about this dry shampoo, I remember it worked pretty good for a dry shampoo, but I’d hesitate to repurchase because of the price

Herbal Essences Scrunch Hair Gel: Nothing special about this hair gel; I got a sample of it and my boyfriend and I ended up sharing using it on a trip; works okay, but it is pretty crunchy. Wouldn’t repurchase.

Macadamia Curl Cream: Didn’t like. It did help my hair curl, but not in a very flattering way. Perhaps better for traditionally curly haired girls rather than wavy like mine. Would not repurchase.


Body Care


Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion w/ Aloe: Love this lotion for both hand and body in the wintertime. It’s super thick but sinks in well; does not have an offensive odor (a tinge of the traditional Gold Bond scent, but nothing overpowering) and it really does have the “healing” effect that it claims, particularly on my cracked hands in the wintertime. Have and will repurchase.

Paula’s Choice Resist Body Oil Spray w/ Jojoba: Didn’t really care for this. It was a pain to use, even though it had a sprayer, it was pretty greasy so I would put off using it. Would not repurchase.

Lush Movis (facial soap?): I didn’t realize this was a facial soap, I was using it as a body soap but hated it nonetheless. It never really breaks down when you add water, it just turns to mush and gets everywhere. There are a lot of other body washes and scrubs I prefer from Lush and the scent of this one wasn’t even that great. Would not repurchase.

Sephora Lavender Foot Mask: I was surprised how easy these were to use! Liked the scent and while the effects were short-lasting, I would repurchase as a once in a while treat. I’ve also repurchased as gifts for folks.

Lush The Comforter Body Wash: LOVE. So glad Lush came out with a scent of this body wash. It smells very clean and has a hint of candy sweetness, almost like bubblegum. not the most moisturizing body wash, but I didn’t think it dried out my skin either. I have repurchased.

Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: This was fine, but there are other coconut oils I can purchase at a better value, there’s nothing special about this one.

Marvis Lavender Mint Toothpaste: Fun to use, although a bit pricy. I’m considering trying the sampler pack during the VIB sale since I want to try the other flavors. Works pretty well as a toothpaste, and it feels like a luxurious treat!

Le Couvent des Minimes Everyday Deodorant with Alum Stone: They used to sell this at Ulta, and now only sell online through Ulta, or you can get it through Amazon. It works decently well for a natural, aluminum free deodorant. The only downside is that it’s a liquidy form, so some people might not like the feeling under their arms. I really like the scent since it’s a bit herbally and would repurchase.

Green Tidings All Natural Lavender Deodorant: Purchased off Amazon. Works very well for a natural deodorant and I would repurchase although I’ve found similar brands on Amazon that work just as well.




Tony Moly Makgeolli Sheet Mask: Tbh I bought this as a gimmick only because I really love makgeolli, but it’s a typical sheet mask. It has a lot of glycerin so naturally it makes your skin feel smooth afterwards, but it’s nothing special and I probably wouldn’t repurchase.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen: I really trust this sunscreen and I use it every morning as a primer/base before putting on makeup. It does have a very strong sunscreen scent, but that doesn’t bother me. Have and will repurchase.

Nivea Anti-Age Sun Protection Sunscreen: I really liked this, it’s slightly more moisturizing than other sunscreens, but I’m not sure if I’m going to repurchase it only because I can only get it on Amazon.

Garnier Micellar Water: Works really well, will repurchase. I think this one works just as well as the Simple one, but this one is usually cheaper per ounce.

Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser: My absolute holy grail cleanser. I cannot be without this no matter what. It works really well on acne-prone skin but is NOT drying whatsoever. Have and will repurchase multiples.

Paula’s Choice Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution: Works well as a mild chemical exfoliant, I use this one and the BHA liquid interchangeably.

Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Pore Refining Treatment 2% BHA: Probably my favorite BHA formula from PC. I use this as a toner at night and it keeps my skin smooth and clear.

Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment: This stuff is expensive, but I think it lasted me over a year with sporadic use. I saw visible improvement in my skin after every use. It uses retinol along with a strong dose of moisturizing ingredients to counteract the effects of the retinol. I’d like to repurchase, but I’m waiting for a good sale since this bottle is about $50.

First Aid Beauty Instant Oatmeal Mask: I love the scent of this, it’s really mild and soothing. It doesn’t have much effect on my skin personally, but it is nice as a soothing mask, especially in the wintertime. I would consider repurchasing.

Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer: Great nighttime moisturizer! The tube looks small but I promise it lasts a long time. It has a very mild, almost non-scent scent. I will repurchase as it’s one of the few moisturizers that doesn’t make my skin feel clogged.

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer: Too thick for my skin type. Even though my skin is prone to be dry, it’s also acne prone and this really didn’t help my skin. I finished it but would not repurchase.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream: IMO a great formulation for a drugstore skincare product. Does similar things as the PC retinol, just more mild. Definitely would repurchase.

Paula’s Choice Superlight Antioxidant Serum: My holy grail serum, and the only serum I’ve used that doesn’t make my skin feel really clogged and congested. Will repurchase.

Paula’s Choice Daily Mattifying Fluid w/ SPF 50: I did not expect to like this and put it off for a while since I have dry skin, but it came in handy in the summer since I work outdoors and it helped me stay a little less “sweaty” in the summertime and it was an easy switchout for my normal sunscreen.

Clinique Moisture Surge: I used this as a neck cream since it’s too thick for my face personally. I got it as a sample so I wouldn’t purchase the full size.

Bobby Brown Ultra-Hydrating Eye Cream: I bought this ages ago on Ingrid Nilsen’s recommendation, but in my opinion it’s nothing special and not worth the $50 price tag. Woud definitely not repurchase.




Mac Fix+ Mini: Love, have repurchased in the full size

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation: I liked this foundation, it’s somewhat liquidy though so I felt like I went through it pretty quickly using my beauty blender. Might repurchase, but I’m not rushing to restock as I have other foundations I like better.

L’oreal Cushion Foundation: Was nice when I first bought it but I went through it (it dried out?) super quickly. Not a great value for money, although I loved the dewy glow it gave!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Foundation: Wow, this lasted me absolutely ages. I swear I had it half used up and went back to using it towards the end of Spring/ beginning of summer and I only just now finished it! Gives amazing coverage for a mineral foundation and it looks very natural. Would definitely repurchase!

Anastasia Brow Wiz (x2): Love, have and will repurchase. I am trying out the NYX Microbrow to see if it’s a dupe, but I still like this one better.

Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter Pen: Hated using this. I think I just don’t like Mac concealers. I found this to be really thick and hard to blend. Bought on Tati/ Glamlifeguru’s recommendation, would not repurchase.

Nars Creamy Concealer: I am one of the few who actually does not like this concealer. I don’t hate it, but I don’t think it’s as good as everyone claims. Maybelline Fit Me is just as good if not better IMO.

Origins Planscription: They’ve since changed this concealer, but anyways while I liked this okay, the lightest shade was still super dark.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer: I tend to like liquidy concealers like this one, but since trying the Maybelline Fit Me, I would repurchase that one over this since it has better coverage.

Elf Blush (shade rubbed off): One of my first makeup purchases. I definitely got my money’s worth and it’s fine as a blush, but I probably wouldn’t repurchase just because I got bored of it and I have so many blushes to get through.

Hoola Bronzer: Loved using, although for what it’s worth it felt like it took ages after hitting pan to get through. Definitely worth the price though!

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (loose): loved, would repurchase, but I’m trying out some others right now. I anticipate I’ll come back to this one at some point.

L’oreal Telescopic Mascara: I liked this as a lengthening mascara but the brush is super flimsy, so it doesn’t really last that long as a mascara for me.

Benefit Roller Lash: Doesn’t work particularly well for my lashes, would not repurchase.

Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Trooper: This was a sample size but it felt like it lasted me sooo long. I might repurchase, but Sephora gives these out so often as samples or point perks, I don’t see the point.

Maybelline Skinny Eyeliner: I really liked this, it’s a dupe for the Hourglass 1.5 mm IMO, but the only downside is that you can’t scroll the pencil part back down once you’ve scrolled it up, I ended up wasting a big chunk of the pencil this way. Would repurchase.


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I know what you mean.  I was putting off posting empties for awhile (mostly because I didn't feel like taking the time to write down my thoughts about them) and before I knew it I had over 6 months worth.


Reading your empties is reminding me that I need to use  my Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment more regularly.  Because I also use topical creams for acne I try to not use retinol or retinoid-based products too, too often but as a result I never seem to use it regularly enough to remember to use it consistently.  Must go back to that.

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What did you think of the foot mask? Sounds fun!

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I liked it! I was skeptical because I thought it would be really messy and difficult to use, I was also wary about the scent because often lavender can be so overpowering. It didn't disappoint on either account though! The mask fits like little booties and here's little sticky tabs to close them so you can still walk around the house and such. The scent is a pretty natural lavender scent. I even ended up giving a few to my grandma for her birthday since she likes pampering items!

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Belated empties.  Finished up a few HG products this month and also made a small dent in my sample stash.


Full size:


 Samples/Sheet Masks:






Epsom Salt – I’m a big believer in taking an Epsom Salt bath after a tough workout.  It does seem to help my muscles recover faster.

May Coop Raw Sauce – I absolutely LOVE this.  It feels really nice on the skin, smells fine and does seem to help with my skin hydration.  Already repurchased the larger size.

Caudalie Premier Cru L’Elixir – Love this.  Gives my skin the benefit of an oil without feeling heavy.  Also like the scent.  Already repurchased.

Hourglass Illusion – My HG complexion product.  It looks dark coming out of the tube but it’s the absolute perfect hue for my skin, feels creamy, helps with hydration, and blends easily with my fingers.  Already repurchased.

OH Lemon Strip Peel – I really like this followed by the chamomile mask in the same set (for whatever reason I used up the chamomile mask first so it was in a previous month’s empties).  It does a nice job exfoliating my skin so it feels soft, my fine lines are less noticeable, and my hydration products seem to work better.  I think I like Dr. Dennis Gross wipes better but really like this too.  Not yet repurchased, but have 2 back ups.

DevaCurl It’s That Good SuperCream – Love the results and scent of this even more than the original.  Already purchased in FS.

Tatcha Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream – I wish I didn’t love this because of the price but it feels so silky on.  Though I think I prefer their Indigo Cream slightly.







Swisspers Rounds – I got a BUNCH of these at Costco.  They’re fine and get the job done.  Know there are more luxurious brands of these out there that others love but I don’t want to tempt myself by trying them.

CoverFX Custom Cover Drops – I’m on the fence about whether this is a like or love for me.  Shade is a perfect match for me and I love the idea of these, but the dropper is messy and I never quite achieved the finish I like no matter what I mixed them with.  But still open.

Pure Silk Raspberry Mist Shave Cream – This is a solid shave cream.  No better or worse than others I’ve tried but gets the job done.

Missha Real Essence Platinum – Liked this although the shape of the mask was odd for my face

Make Up For Ever Mascara – Works well on my lashes.

Rata & Co Kiwifruit Seed Oil Face Mask -  Really different than others I’ve tried.  More creamy vs. a serum.

OH Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask – I don’t use scrubs on my face but I liked how this felt on my body and the orange scent.

Origins Plantscription Youth Renewing Night Cream – I didn’t mind this.  It was fine.

Lancome Absolue Premium PX – This too was fine.  I thought I would hate it because of the scent but I actually didn’t mind the texture.







Mybody Beat The Rush – Sadly did nothing to help with redness and I noticed that it would sting if I used my Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder in the morning, even though I’ve not had problems with other serums/treatments.

IT Cosmetics Mascara – Nope.  Too thick.

Klorane Dry Shampoo – Made my scalp itch. :-/


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Gotta love that May Coop Smiley Very Happy 

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Yep.  I'd give it all the hearts if I could. :-)

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Nice job on using up all of those full sized products.  I'm impressed! Smiley Happy


I haven't really dared to try much of Tatcha yet - I am terrified to fall in love with it! 

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Thanks!  I know what you mean about the Tatcha products.  I had the same fear.  Thankfully, I haven't loved everything.  I can't decide on how I feel about exfoliating powder (I think it does something but isn't enough for me to skip peels) and I haven't decided on the serums yet.  But ahhh that cream...

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I keep using foils of HG illusion and I think I'm going to have to cave on FS.. It does go on and match perfect, and has great coverage without drying out. You're inspiring me to try raw sauce, I keep talking myself out of it. 

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Yeah HG Illusion is great.  Prior to finding it I seemed to bounce around between brands but I haven't since.  The new one I opened is the 3rd tube I think I've owned.


And I really love raw sauce.  It helps that relatively speaking the price for the TS bottle isn't too bad.

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October Empties!

Loves: FullSizeRender-2.jpg

Standouts for me were the gimme brow (already ordered the full size), Kiss my Face Lotion (love, love, love the scent.  Have to get through 20 other lotions before I can get another one though!), and Kat von D Concealer (dying to pick one up, but I have way too many others to get through first).

Likes: FullSizeRender-4.jpg

Nothing too remarkable, but I got through a few foils and deluxe sizes this month, yay!  I've been keeping a box of them on my counter, and my goal is to use at least one a day.  I'm probably most proud of finishing the three perfume vials - I have the worst time finishing perfume samples!



Estee Edit Lipsticks - drying, and just terrible, terrible colors.  
Paula's Choice Resist Anti Wrinkle Serum - so, so, so sticky, and no results. So glad this is finally through!
Living Proof Style Extender - nope.  Made my hair feel dirty and limp.
First Aid Deep Cleanser - This probably would have been a just okay if the packaging hadn't broken and leaked all over everything! 
Shaveworks The Cool Fix - Dear god, no.  Absolutely not.  Burns like the dickens - even when I put it on skin that hasn't been shaved. Seriously, the CIA should use this in interrogations.  Just awful!


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YOWZA! Awesome job on using up all of these in one month. 


What were your thoughts on the cinnamon toothpaste? I used to love Crest (or maybe it was Colgate) that made a cinnamon toothpaste but it got discontinued. I've been on the hunt for a more natural toothpaste too so the product you used up looks interesting.