I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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The It Cosmetics naturally pretty palette is worth every penny. Lovely colors with a great texture and pigment. They blend really nicely for mattes shadows.

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dec2013 001.JPGSo this is the biggest part of my empties for last month, There were more, but sadly I moved and they got pitched before the pictures! lol I have like 2 tubs of the Nutrix body lotion left to go through .THat is the one item that I always buy when Lancome has their gift with purchases!  I also finished up a glamglow tub after 3 months. I have my new pile being set aside for January  now.

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empty lipstick? I can never finish one ( How long did it take to use it all? Smiley Happy

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December empties!!! out with the old...in with the new!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 6.10.52 PM.png


  • vaseline problem skin therapy lotion
  • benefit porefessional
  • glysomed body lotion
  • fab facial radiance pads
  • rimmel scandal eyes mascara
  • bare minerals mineral veil 

would not repurchase

  • rimmel sexy curves mascara
  • neutrogena all in one make-up removing wipes
  • elf -eyelid primer

might repurchase but wasn't anything special

  • fab facial cleanser
  • nivea pure and natural day care
  • salley hansen polish remover 
  • maybelline the falsies big eyes
  • almay oil free gentle make up remover pads


Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 6.11.11 PM.png

would buy full size

  • Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base
  • korres -vitamin e face primer
  • algenist pore corrector-anti aging primer
  • tarte maracua c brightener
  • lancome energie de vie

not for me

  • bare minerals prime time foundation primer
  • fresh soy face cleanser
  • clinique superprimer universal face primer

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Nice empties post!


What turns you off about the Neutrogena Wipes? I've considered trying them (but haven't yet) because I hear people talk about them occasionally.

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Better late then never. Here are my...well, might as well call them December empties. Hey! That means I am early!



  • BBW body mist in velvet tuberose - not a huge rose fan, but this was subtle, got this as a gift, will not purchase
  • Vaseline spray & go in aloe fresh - for someone who will not wear moisturizer, this is a must, it dries so fast there is no excuse, I have already purchased another, I am trying the cocoa radiant
  • Yes to blueberries facial towelettes - great smell -lemony, did not notice any anti-aging benefits, was afraid to use near eyes, will not repurchase
  • Yes to cucumbers facial towelettes - so far, my go to but I am currently testing out a couple others
  • Uniq one all in one shampoo balm - great concept but my hair did not like it
  • Oscar Blandi volumizing dry shampoo - I have had this for so long! I am not a dry shampoo user, smelled nice, I have others to use, may repurchase
  • Sephora bronzer powder in archipel - not empty, it was a product that got tucked into a corner and then got forgotten, but I did hit major pan, time to toss
  • Secret invisible solid in spring breeze - I like the solids over other formulas, the scent was okay, will repurchase the same brand different scents
  • Pangea Organics - old product past its prime, when I first got it I loved it, I think the change of seasons affected its effectiveness for my skin
  • TF shadow insurance - the first eye primer I have ever tried, it is great but I have found others that will work for me at a less cost
  • Covergirl clear mascara - keeps the brows in place, my go-to
  • Sephora full action mascara - liked that it made my lashes look longer but naturally, dried out a little fast, on the fence with this one
  • Ultraflesh (?) mascara - have had it for a long time so maybe it dried out before I got to really experience it for what it really was, not really going to search for it to see if my hypothesis is correct

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image.jpgMore bathing...

out with the scented products in with better ingredients. 

Won't repurchase

Dr Teals Lavender salts

I Love Strawberries 

Village Naturals  Foaming Bath Oil & Body Wash

In with unscented salts, colloidal oatmeal.

I'll continue to repurchase Skin Below The Chin, I like the ingredients and my fiancé uses it too.

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I love Dr. Teal's Lavender Epsom salt soak! I used it yesterday to soften my feet!

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Very late here but here we go for November. upload_972744190273170808.jpg

Mouthwash x 2- Pictured because I'm super excited about finally finishing that gigantic monster bottle. Not picky about mouthwashes but I liked the ACT better.

VO5 shampoo/conditioner- Used both bottles in one sitting to wash the henna out of my hair when I dyed it. Would only purchase again if I need to redye my hair.

Vanilla buttercream sugar scrub- Would absolutely buy again if the store I bought it from didn't shut down. Smells heavenly.

Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast- Would consider buying again. Pretty color but dried out very quickly.

Kiss My Face Pore Shrink Deep Cleansing Mask- No no no no no no no. I'm tossing this 95% full. I've given it multiple chances and something about this mask gives me a 3 day headache and makes me heave.

Biore deep cleansing pore strips- Loved the nose strips. The face ones were only okay.

Desert Essence eye serum- Still undecided on. I have another sample for December so we'll see.

Jergens oatmeal crema- Once I go through my stash of lotion, I may purchase.

Reviva Labs eye gelee- Nope. Still 99% full. Never absorbed but acted like glue and got tacky/balled up when I rubbed my eyes.

Ballet slipper soap- No idea where my mom bought it but it's cute. Smells good. Would consider.

Neutrogena visibly bright cleanser- Not a fan. Smells like grapefruit and has golden shimmer added in.

Nude oil- Nope. Too thick and hard to remove. I had to wash my face afterward to get this all off.


Looking back at that, it's all super negative. Hope I like more of my empties in December lol.


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Shimmer in a cleanser?...interesting!

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My empties for November (late, I know...have been working on final projects) The pink in the top right is the bliss fatgirlcrub.empties november.jpg


Buying again:

Eyeko eyeliner

Ole Henriksen wipes (always)

Kate S. acne treatment

and the Amore Pacific moisturizer....eventually...when I can afford it.


Also here are the foil samples from November. I was inspired by the sample packet challenge and decided to keep count of how many I use a month.(http://community.sephora.com/t5/Beauty-Confessions/Sample-Packet-Challenge/m-p/678355#M12711)

foils november.jpgSeptember + October was 144 for me, and November adds 53 Smiley Happy

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This kind of makes me sad... so many great products, finished! (I hate finishing products that I love lol.)

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I think my eyes slightly bulged out of my head when I saw this post Smiley Very Happy (I know, incredibly attractive look for me, right?)


That is some serious accomplishment, keep it up! Any favorites/planned repurchases from the foils?

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I actually try to select foils of products I already use or have used already, and use them up before letting myself get back to the full-size stuff. That way I know I won't waste them. The few that I tried for the first time this month were the Naked foundation one, which was too dark for me. The guerlain foundation which was amazing and made my skin feel awesome...probably will buy when I run out of my current foundation. And the bagillion samples l'occitane sent me...most of which are nice, but not enough for me to switch what I am already using Smiley Very Happy

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Dermadoctor KP Duty Body Scrub: HG body exfoliant. I just repurchased another. If you have keratosis pilaris  (odd red bumps typically found on arms) you should definitely give this ago.

Vaseline Spray & Go's x3: I wanted to try these for the looongest time. I bought them in the summer and they are a decent summer moisturizer. For the winter months I need something much more moisturizing. I used these last month at the gym after a shower. Works well if you don't have ages to wait for moisturizer to sink in. The cocoa one smells soooo good, like spraying desert all over yourself. I would consider repurchasing, just not now.

Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner: Not too impressed with this. I think it would work great for natural hair or hair that hasn't had too much done to it. For my chemically achieved blonde hair it didn't do much and after a while of using it my hair was left dull and lackluster. You also have to really make sure you wash it out. Double rinse, if not you're left with lovely crunchy hair.

Samples: Urban Decay Primer Potion (already own) & two perfume samples.

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Do you have to rub in the moisturizer? I was thinking of getting it for my back when my boyfriend isn't around & I don't feel like twisting in all directions trying to moisturize my back. 

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It says on the bottle you have to rub it in. However, on my back I just sprayed it on and let it sink in. It usually took about 2-3 minutes to fully dry. Smiley Happy

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Awesome! Thanks so much, I'm going to pick some up for winter. 

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Vaseline Spray & Go you do have to rub in.  But that stuff dries so fast!

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Yay skincare empties.....

2013-11-19 21.25.22.jpg

Ok I lied, the True Blue Spa stuff aren't empty, but they are almost done, I had them for a yr, and it's getting grody. Toss.

20131208_113604.jpgFINALLY I finished that gigantic bottle of not very moisturizing Nivea body lotion, honestly I just brought it cuz it says Lotus and I was curious. Boots Botanic mask feels great, but my face needs something more heavy duty. I'm not gonna miss Origins Perfect World spf25...and I have another unopened full size. =/

I started cleaning the Super by Perricone body serum bottle before remembering to take a picture, so I stuck the sticker back on to take the pic. =P

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I want to try the True Blue Spa masks!  I saw this and looked on the BBW online store but I can't find them. ):