I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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Nice!! Thoughts on Take A Deep Breath, Scrub Cream and Truth Serum? (the tiny orange one I think?)

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I like all of them. Philosophy take a deep breath is a nice gel moisturizer, light blue with a mild pleasant not very detectable scent. I have combo skin and it's great for summer, comparable to Clinique Moisture Surge.


The Clinique scrub cream was my stable for 5+ yrs. It's a thick creamy scrub with round beads so there's plenty of exfoliation but it's not abrasive. I do recommend using a cleanser afterward tho or else it leaves a residue. I still have an unopened tube left, but after this I think I'm going to move onto Laura Mercier face polish, which is similar but with smaller beads and doesn't leave as much of a residue.


Ole Henriksen truth serum is my stable. Whatever effect it's suppose to have is not drastic, it does hydrate a bit and brightens a bit overtime, but most of all it have a very runny gel texture that sinks in easily in my combo skin and leaves no residue behind (unlike some of the lotion-y serum that I can only use in the winter). In the summer I would use this, then moisturizer only on the dry area like the cheeks and forehead. =)

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Thank you!! Can always count on you to give great reviews on products <3 Smiley Happy

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I am so bad at this.  I threw away a few sample packets the other day and recycled an empty jar without even thinking about what I was doing until it was too late.  Smiley Sad

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So...I just kept tossing the empties into a rush basket and opening up a new one...now I'm almost done with all my drugstore bath products and need to find a new gentle bubble bath and decide if I want to mix my own salts...And get a big  crock and scoop for powdered milk. Baths, srs bsns. Smiley Very Happy


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Do the Aches and Pains salts really work? Cuz I could sure use these for after visits to the gym Smiley Very Happy

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That's exactly when I use them most. They do work for me. So do Epsom salts but these have other things in. I like 'em. 

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Cool, thanks for the reply!

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I am late with my empties this month! Too many work days in a row... but now I have a week of freedom!


photo 3.JPG

3 candles- getting closer to clearing out my massive candle stash before moving... Lemon Gelato, Lemon Meringue, and Toffee

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo- have used for a long time, might eventually repurchase, but I have lots to use up...

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment- pretty dang good, might repurchase

B&BW Rio Rumberry Shower Gel

Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask- this is a repurchase, have another in my stash

Jessica Simpson Fancy Perfume- HOLY CRIKEY A FULL SIZED PERFUME. Was very excited about this; have another of this in stash that I received as a gift. Regardless, I'll be celebrating this empty with purchasing Gucci Glamorous Magnolia and possibly a Tocca trio Smiley Very Happy

Korres Pomegranate Wipes- love these! Especially since they were $3 at TJ Maxx... will be stocking up if I see them in the future.

MUFE Pro Finish Powder Foundation- already purchased in Pink Beige for contouring

Paula's Choice Hydralight Tonerx3

FAB Ultra Repair Cream- liked!

REN Glycol Lactic Mask- purchased full size, using up minis first

Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration- really liked! Smell isn't the greatest, but it fades fast. Have another identical size of this to use eventually.

Ulta Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

AmorePacific Future Response Cream- think this caused breakouts

Clinique Even Better Lotion x2

Becca Foundation

YSL Glossy Stain

Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara

Lancome Hypnose Drama- sorry guys, absolutely hated this. Will be giving another mini away in my next TSB box.

Anastasia Lash Genius- HOLY GRAIL. Already have another full sized and mini.

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara- also HOLY GRAIL. Wanted to cry when I finished. Will repurchase when I no longer have a mound of mascaras waiting.


Yippee! Off to the recycling bin they go!


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So excited that it's December.


Because I finally get to trash all of my 2013 empties on 1 January!


Best/worst resolution ever.  I have a better idea of my legitimate consumption levels, and can better budget/stock up on some items.


Y'all... I've almost filled 13 gallon trash bag #2. Thank goodness I have lots of storage.  I would hate to be a hoarder. Ick.

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I don't mean to be rude... but wtf? 


1. Who holds onto their empties unless it's for the Back to MAC program?  It's called trash, people.  Throw it out!

2. Who wants to see other people's trash?


I get haul videos but this is beyond me.

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It is also a record of what has been tried and what was liked or not. The stuff I love, I don't forget. But its the fragrance sample that I can't remember if I have tried or not, or the makeup wipes that I bought on a whim.


I also like to see what others have enjoyed or not.  If I see someone using similar products as me, I may want to try some of the other stuff they use/like.

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2- I LOVE seeing other people's trash.  I get excited every time I see a new picture on here. 

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This thread is months old with lots of participants and over 50 photos. Obviously, a lot of people in our community think it is fun. 

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To each his own. I like seeing that I'm making progress through my extensive stash. It's a motivator for me to try and use all my samples and products up.


You don't have to participate. You can simply skip over this thread. Taking the time to write a negative comment does nothing for anyone. I understand your opinion however I really dislike the way you worded your harsh criticism. I don't like feeling like I need to defend the way I share my makeup addiction.


It also gives a more true review of a product if someone has finished it in its entirety. I like reading what people are going to repurchase right away - it says a lot about the product.

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I love seeing everyone's empties because I am so terrible at finishing products Smiley Sad  *hangs head in shame*

And when I do have empties I always forget to keep them for this & throw them out. I do try to see what I can recycle. 

Also I believe Origins takes cosmetics empties year round (doesn't matter what brand). 

And I like to read who likes/dislikes which products, you can't really do an adequate review on a haul, but you can say "won't repurchase" on an empty Smiley Tongue 

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i can never seem to finish a product either..the only time i ever get to finish anything is if i'm sharing it with my boyfriend. we've gone through two 17.6 oz jars (which is the HUGE jar) of the borghese fango mud masks in the past year..and it hasn't even been a whole year left. i don't mind sharing with him because that makes me feel like i'm not wasting my money in the end. i feel so accomplished when i throw an empty out in the trash!

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Thanks, @dannyc Smiley Happy and everyone else. I knew I couldn't be the only one!

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Seeing others' empties inspires me to finish more of my things too. And organize the open ones. It also inspires me to pitch items that aren't working, just sitting. I've done that a bit and it's freeing.  And I get to tell others about things I've used sometimes, the good and the bad.

I love haul videos sometimes, it curbs my own impulse buying to watch them! But it's no reference point for whether that shiny new stuff even works or not. I can't keep more than 5 or so empties now after the bath salts jars purge though, I've gotten a smaller empties basket. Smiley Wink 

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Finished some things I'm sad about Smiley Sad The Better than Sex mascara is one of my favorites now!




*Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

Stila Face the Day Moisturizing Gel Cream

*Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm

FAB Ultra Repair Cream

Clarins Double Serum

Purity Face Wash

Fresh Rose Face Mask Sample

*=repurchasing or already bought!

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I used up a ton this month. I actually managed to use up  mua lot of lip products and I hope to continue to finish them up. I probably wont use up very much next month as I will be In Kenya for 2 weeks and Madrid for another so it will probably be just deluxe skincare in next months list
Full size:
Aussie mega Hair spray- I dont use hairspray 99.999% of the time so this took me about 5 years to use up and I wont be buying anymore because its just a waste of space in my life
Origins Ginzing energy boosting moisturizer- I love this stuff and will probably repurchase it again when I've used up most of my 9 other moisturizers that I have sitting around
Neutrogena advance sunblock spf 70- this stuff is great for my job. I work outdoors and need tons of sun screen
KVD Sinful lash mascara- I enjoyed the brush on the brush. This mascara made my already long lashes look so full and gorgeous
Victoria Secret Crisp apple and vibrant poppy body scrub- I liked it and I have 5 other vs boby scrubs to use since I buy them in bulk
KVD Lock-it Tattoo Powder Foundation Light 48- Loved this until most of the pan was showing and then it became very difficult to apply
LAQA & Co Lil Lip- I really licked this lipstick but I have a ton of hot pink lipsticks to use up
Maybelline Whisper lipstick in Bare to Bold- I'm not really big on nude lipsticks and was glad to see this go
Target 100 pack cotton rounds- I love these and buy them in bulk
3 VS eyeliners in hot slate, total fox and bluminescent- I hate these eyeliners and will never buy them again
Stila Stay All day waterproof eyeliner in intense black- I never use liquid eyeliners so I was glad to find this was all dried up and out of my life
KVD Tattoo liquid liner in maya- its ok but see above comment
Deluxe sizes:
Lancome BiFacil- it works well but I have a neutrogena makeup remover that works almost as well and is so much cheaper
Origins modern friciton- I love this and already have a fullsize
Living Proof no frizz nourishing style cream- I will probably buy the full size of this once I use up some other hair products that I have
MUFE lipstick in N45- I hated this lipstick and glad it was only a mini, I'm not big on reds so this wont get a repurchase
Sephora Daily Makeup brush cleaner- I like this alot and already bought the bigger version
Tarte Lipstick in Inspired- I liked this mini and might consider rebuying it when I use up some of the million other ones that I have
Stila Lip glaze in apricot- I liked the color but I hated the texture
GlamGlow YouthMud Tingleexfoliate treatment- I need to buy this, it is amazing
Too Faced Tinted BB cream- Dont like the texture or the shade
MJ OH LOLA perfume vial- I liked it and might consider buying a rollerball
MJ Daisy vial- I already have a rollerball and I like it a lot
V&R Flowerbomb vial- love it and bought the rollerball
Korres Greek Yoghurt sleeping facial- no opinion samples was to small
Smashbox primer- bought a mini size of it
3 lacome gloss samples- hate the texture
3 KVD liquid foundation- it was ok
3 YSL gloss samples- liked the texture not the colors
UD Anarchy lipstick sample- loved and have 3 more to use up before I buy the full size