I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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My first month saving my empties!  Very glad to be rid of a big group of foils used on a few trips.  Shocked to have used up both a full concealer and a lipstick - never thought I'd see the day.  


Im very sad to say goodbye to my la mer eye cream sample, but that is not on the repurchase list.  It's a nice thick eye cream but nothing more special than that.  I got the Tata Harper cleanser as part of a set and enjoyed it, though the scent was a bit strong. Would like to try the dr Brandt microdermabrasion before deciding.

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I totally saved my Jurlique mini spray bottle. It was just too cute to get rid of after using up the product.

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Nice job everyone so far.  My empties will be late this month since I'm traveling and not getting back till Wednesday night.  Is it weird that I'm excited to share?!?  I've got 2 months worth!

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I always get excited about posting my empties also!  It's fun to see that I actually have finished things!

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August empties




Nude Skincare Omega Cleaning Jelly

Living Proof PHD Shampoo and Conditioner

FAB Ultra Repair Cream

Cover FX Drops

My favorite soap of all time (and the only one I keep in my bathroom for washing hands) is this Turkish rose soap directly imported from Turkey

MUFE Hydrating Primer

Jack Black lip balm

NYX Control Freak Brow Gel

Glamglow Youthcleanse


Just ok or completely no

Glamglow Thirsty Mud (this is the mask) - I had forgotten how much I hate the smell

Sephora sleeping masks pearl and rose - neither did anything for me


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Great empties.  I brought those PHD shampoo and conditioner samples with me to wash my hair while traveling. Also glad you explained what was in that package.  I have never heard of turkish rose soap.  Sounds interesting! I too have also fallen in love with the Cover FX drops.


Also interesting to see how so many of our choices are personal.  I LOVE the smell of Thirsty Mud.

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Yes I love the PHD line.  I didn't have to actually purchase it for a long time because I had so many samples and those samples are quite generous!  Haha yeah I'm sure I'm the only one here who uses this soap.  Turkey is well known for rose production and I just cannot get enough of it.  The Cover FX drops are amazing!  I still have 1 or 2 promo bottles left but I just bought the full size today.


I just cannot stand all things coconut.  It's the only food I totally dislike.  I like how everyone has their own personal preferences.  Smiley Happy

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Wow.  Good for you on snagging so many ColorFX deluxe samples.  And of course the coconut smell is what u absolutely love about that glamglow

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July-August empties

These items I Loved and have already re-purchased every product pictured. I feel like several of these items were in my last empties post. sorry for the repeats but I just like them. haha




Sun bum spf 50 spray sunscreen: This is actually my husband's empty, I don't like the spray ones I don't think they cover well enough. But he LOVES it, I am just so excited he finished a container of sunscreen I had to share it.

Sun bum spf 70 sunscreen lotion: This is my body sunscreen and it has not disappointed me all summer. I have read that sunscreen can't really go over spf 50 but I am going to keep buying the spf 70 cause it doesn't cost any more than the spf 50. 

MD solar sciences spf 50 mineral creme: My face sunscreen. I definitely think its worth the money. only complaint is that I wore it during a VERY hot, sweaty workout and it made my face itch. I just remember to wear a different sunscreen during intense workouts.

Tree Hut sugar scrub (alomnd honey): This is seriously in every one of my empties. Love this stuff, harsh enough to exfoliate my legs but gentle enough not to cause damage.

Dr. Jart+ premium BB spf 45: This is my everyday BB cream. It has pretty good coverage and has spf 45.

OH sheer transformation: This is my everyday moisturizer I just like it cause it works for me.

Alterna instant recovery shampoo and conditioner: This stuff has really really helped my hair. I don't use any chemicals on my hair and I don't heat treat my hair very often, but I have naturally dry hair and this shampoo/conditioner works better than any other moisturizing brand I have tried (I am looking at you dry bar Sake bomb, and living proof restore)

Lush mint julips: great lip scrub and I loved the flavor. It took me almost a year to go through this jar and I used it often so its a good value.

Dior Diorshow mascara: Love this reformulated version. Fans out my lashes and lengthens them.

MAC makeup wipes: Gets my makeup off and slightly exfoliates at the same time. win-win.

OH power peel: my face feels so soft after I used this.

YSL touche éclat #2: I like that this is such a thin under eye concealer. This conceals but doesn't cake into my fine lines.

Belief true cream aqua bomb: I actually use this on my legs once a week (I know very expensive leg moisturizer) but it only takes a little bit and oh my goodness my legs feel so soft. I always test products on my legs or arms before my face just to see how my skin will react.

Butter London scrubbers: These do not come with enough nail polish remover on them, but the clothe itself is good and holds up to even removing glitter polish. So I just add some extra polish remover to them and they work great.

Boscia mini konjac sponge: i like the mini one better than the big one because it dries out faster.



These items I did not like, and pretty much all for the same reason... they just didn't do well what they were supposed to.



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Great empties.  I love how Sheer Transformation feels.  Unfortunately I need something heavier at night and in the wintertime otherwise I'd make it my year round moisturizer.  I also love that Lush lip scrub though mine dried out before I could finish it up since it takes me FOREVER to use it.  Need to see about reviving it.



And those BareNaked nail wipes.  Terrible!  Seems like almost all of us who have posted about them on this thread hate them.

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I used to have to use a thicker moisturizer at night, but I started run a humidifier in the bedroom and that help so much. I will still probably have to switch to a more moisturizing moisturizer during the nights this winter. 


My lush lip scrub was definitely starting to get crusty towards the very end. haha


Yep, those JM nail wipes just don't work. 

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Sun bum! It's such a good brand, I use the spray.  How does the Sun Bum lotion apply?

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The lotion definitely takes longer to soak in than the spray. I personally prefer lotions. My husband prefers the spray and he does not like the thick spf 70 lotion, so you may not like it.


Side note: my computer keeps auto correcting spf to "sf" so annoying. haha

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Have you tried Coola? I'm on my third bottle of it in the past two months but have heard great things about Sun Bum (without trying it yet, similar to NC)..

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I haven't tried any Coola sunscreens yet. A couple of their products got really good ratings on the EWG guide to sunscreens. I want to try the Coola baby mineral sunscreen but I haven't gotten around to it because I figured it was similar to the MD solar sciences mineral sunscreen. How do you like the Coola products? I can never have too many sunscreens.


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You're spot on about the Coola baby mineral being similar to MD - I have both and don't have a preference when deciding between the two. I really like Coola products .. I'm primarily outside for work and have found that they're non-drying (don't leave my skin feeling parched), doesn't leave me looking like I took a ride down the baby oil slide, and using it directly onto my face - I don't experience the nasty eye sting that I experience with other product lines. The one Coola item that I highly recommend is the Radical Recovery lotion .. for as much sunscreen as I use, there have been a few times where even a slight burn on my arms makes it hard for duty carry and this lotion has saved me.



Sorry for the long reply!

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I am glad for the long reply! I will have to look into that recovery lotion. Thanks!

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I've been interested in Sun Bum products but have yet to try them.

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I recommend it. Even my husband likes it, the spray sunscreen smells good and dries quickly.  The lip balms are really good as well, the pomegranate flavor smells really good and tastes good too lol.

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I think they are definitely worth a try. I get my sun bum products at Ulta, but I have been seeing them pop up in the major grocery stores too.

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