I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.

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I decided to stash mine in one of my black fabric sephora bags.  Discreet.  I don't think I'll end up having to answer to anyone.  Haha, I'm hiding garbage!!! Smiley Happy 


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You know you are an addict whennnn - you hide the empties!!! At least you're in good company Smiley Wink

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Oh my you guys!!! I have no clue what I've gone through this month!  i normally throw my empties out as I empty them.  This looks like such a fun thread though.  Perhaps I'll get a separate bin so I can keep track of what I use. Smiley Happy 

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I started collecting empties about two months ago, because seeing what people actually think of the products is more helpful than just seeing the haul.  Now, that I think about it, this is my second favorite thread bumping hauls to third.  The mini reviews are the best part.


It is hard to remember to place them in a bag under the sink at first when your OCD is telling you to toss it.  I threw a couple of things away before I remembered I needed to save them.  Of course, once they're in the garbage, they stay in the garbage!  No reviewing that item.

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This is one of my favorite threads for sure. I had a hard time not tossing stuff out but now that I've been doing it for six months it feels like a habit. I actually use that old Sephora gift bag, the striped one with the lips for my empties.

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I use that one as well. works perfectly!

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Maybe I will join too...I've yet to run out of anything.  I'll have to hide the empties from my husband...he is a simplest and doesn't like clutter.  I used to collect clothing tags (and bags) in a box and he thought I was crazy so I threw them out.  He would think I was completely insane if he saw a bag of saved bottles haha ;-)

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Clutter drives me insane, so I keep my empties bag hidden. Even though I hate seeing a pile of beauty junk collecting, there's something so oddly satisfying knowing that I used up all that stuff. I kind of justify a big splurge knowing I've used up so many products.

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Oh good point.   Something to rationalize!! 

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Mines gonna think I'm nuts saving my trash.  

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My husband laughed at me the first time he found my bag under the sink too, but he barely goes under there.  I think it is like an outta sight out of mind thing for him, because he has not mentioned it since. 

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Haha, yeah I think I might try hiding my stash of empties As well,  I've already had to explain a lot of weird habits.  Taking pictures of my makeup, wandering around looking for the right lighting ( hey! He promised me a camera a white back!!!)  this is gonna top the cake! 

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Yup.  They just do not understand.  


That's okay, because I do not understand everything he does either. 

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I started doing this in April of 2013! After a while it becomes a fun habit Smiley Happy

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You should definitely join us! I stick a bag or box in my bathroom in a cabinet and toss things in there as I finish them Smiley Happy It's very satisfying to see what you use up each month, especially when you have a mountain of things waiting to be used!

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Hehe!  I have a couple things already.  

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Can't wait to see your July empties Smiley Happy

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FAB - Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay - loved! My face felt so clean afterwards and never dried out.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - this is a HG item for me Smiley Happy 



Dior One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum

Dior Hydra Life BB Creme

Benefit Porefessional (full size - yay!)

Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream

CVS Nail Polish Remover

Go Smile PM Luxury Toothpaste (only included this because it was given as a free sample from Ulta)



BareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush - I have never had much luck with these brushes. No matter how carefully I take care of them, they always fray and get scratchy. This one is going to the trash.

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Nice! UD Sprays are HG for me too Smiley Happy

Re: Empties

I am really loving my First Aid Beauty Cleanser with red clay too.  I alternate it with quite a few other products, so it will probably take me a while to finish it.


I like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray too.  I always forget to use it though.

Re: Empties




Ole Henrisken Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask- this isn't truly empty, about 2/3 full. Hated so much that I have to get rid of though, stings like crazy and I hate the feeling of gel products. Hate the smell too! Smiley Sad


Body Shop Vit E Sink-In Moisture Mask- meh. Used it up, but wasn't fond of it. Also stung slightly, odd for a moisturizing mask. Felt uncomfortable on skin too. 


Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner- average products, but smell SO CRAZY GOOD. Very gourmand smell to them, wish it existed in a perfume!!


Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Cream Cleanser- Oh. My. God. This stuff is like pure gold. And for $50 a bottle, I know why. Hands down, best cream cleanser I've ever used. Can't afford it though, so I'll have to get it from GWPs Smiley Very Happy


REN Radiance Perfection Serum- really good! Really brightened my skin, smells like raw pumpkin. Zero breakouts or sensitivity.


Bath & Body Works Black Currant Vanilla Hand Soap


Bath & Body Works Shower Gels- Apricot Vanilla, Wild Honeysuckle. Two of my top fav fragrances from BBW Smiley Happy


Styled Pure Happy Smooth Keratin- didn't work for me, but then again pretty much nothing does work with my hair!


Caudalie Divine Oil- oh my Lord this stuff was divine (see what I did there?). Absolutely loved the product, but not in love with it to pay the price for a full size. Smells a bit like tootsie rolls to me??


Sephora Advanced Lash Booster- good, but dried out very quickly. I've had this a bit too long, but it has been sealed in plastic, not sure if that might be the issue.


Tarte Lights Camera Lashes- too dry. Not sure how long I've had this one either


Anastasia Lash Genius- HG. Probably my 5th or so in a row.


H20 Optimum Cleanser- very nice, would consider repurchasing.


Chanel Ultra Correction Line Repair Eye Cream- nice, not worth the price


Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream- fantastic healing cream, but very comparable to FAB Ultra Repair, which is a fraction of the price of this.


Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer- made my skin very shiny under foundation, only used a couple times before giving up


Stila Perfecting Concealer- have had for way too long, time to toss. Too thick, difficult to work with and I think this exacerbated acne spots.


Korres Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial- like the Greek Yogurt version, this stung badly. Only used 1-2 times.


Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask- very nice, smelled great, very hydrating. Definitely not going to pay full price for this stuff though- $158 for 2 oz??? What the fook??


Ole Henriksen Truth Serum- this did absolutely nothing for my skin. Pass.





Stila In the Light


Swisspers Cotton Rounds


Korres Pomegranate Wipes- I think these made my face more sensitive? Going to pass the last pack of these I have on to someone else.


Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Shampoo/Conditioner/Masque- bleck, weighted my hair down and made it look greasy.


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil/Endless Summer- bought the full size of Endless Summer after using! Already have a Choc Soleil deluxe, which is a bit too dark for me but with some blending I can make work.


Kate Somerville Dilo Oil- fantastic product, smells crazy good and my skin loved it.


Dr. Weil Mega-Bright Eye Cream- made my eyes look more tired. Hard pass.


FAB Purifying Mask- My skin liked it, but this was a bit too minty/tingly for my personal tastes.

Lancome Visionnaire- loved. Definitely making part of my full time regimen.


REN Resufacing AHA Concentrate- definitely made an impact on my skin's brightness and reduced pigmentation! One little packet of this stuff lasted me a whole week!


Philosophy Full Of Promise Day/Night Serum- loved the day version. The texture of the night version reminded me exactly of Smashbox's Primers, which break me out within hours, so I didn't use it.


Philosophy Eye Hope- this wouldn't sink into my skin and would pill off a couple hours after applying. Pass.


Tokyomilk La Vie La Mort- really beautiful flower scent, loved the hand cream as well, not greasy at all.


Kate Spade Twirl- Really like, own a full size.


Roses De Chloe- initially loved, but by the end of this sample vial I was tired of it. Glad I didn't purchase a full size.




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