cross dressing

im new to cross dressing and trying to learn makeup but its been harder to do than i thought


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Little to add, too, but I wanted to welcome you!

i agree -- check out you tube and don't be afraid to take risks. Learn "the rules" first about shading, concealers, foundation, bronzers, shadows, colors, etc., and then break them all! Makeup should be fun and make you feel good.


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I can't add anything more than the rest of these great comments! Welcome, have fun, experiment, and we are all here to help! :smileyhappy:


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Hi, how's it going with your cross dressing & makeup? How have you been treated looking for makeup, hope it;s going ok.


The people on bt are super supportive, keep on posting here.


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It is all about trial & error love! I am 32 & still learn new techniques , tricks & secrets daily! Just be sure to know we all started somewhere! I have found personally , eyeshadow base is a MUST my faves are UD , TooFaced Shadow Insurance & Mac's paint pots , also I know there are some great bargains out there in Drugstore makeup , however I have learned there is a most def. a difference in quality of foundations , concealers and lipsticks! So do read reviews on products! Also don't be shy to ask for samples of foundations! I am finding foundation primers are a staple too! Eyeshadow Palettes are a godsend! The Toofaced one , pictured is GREAT! Shades are friendly to cool& warm tones & quality/pigmentation is GREAT! Best of Luck!! Xoxo-Dee


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Tutorials defiantly help, but the rest is just trail and error and practice! I shudder at how my make up used to look when I just started out, but I promise, it gets way easier as you go!


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I agree with everyone about YouTube. There are TONS of videos on there. you specifically search for colors that you want to try, anything. They have everything from a fresh natural looking tutorial to full on drag makeup. I'm sure you'll find something. Everything I know I learned from YouTube and BT. Plus, like Missey said, you can always wipe it off and start over. 


Don't stress. Makeup is supposed to be fun! Experiment and find out what works best for you! 


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Learning how to do your makeup is challenging, but just have fun with it. I watched tons of YouTube videos on  how to it, and I learned a lot.


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YouTube is a great place to learn how to do makeup. I learned everything I know from there!


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Welcome Tori!  I've been wearing make up for about 10 years and I still struggle with it!  Definitely come here or check youtube if you are going for a specific look, people will always be happy to help you with whatever tips they have.


A neutral look is usually easiest to pull off, and purchasing a nice neutral palette will help you create plenty of great eye looks that can transition day to night without breaking the bank.  Also, if you are just starting out with eyeliner, a soft pencil liner is the most forgiving to mistakes.  You can try drawing on liner in short lines and then smoothing it out by either tracing over with the pencil (or smudging for a more smokey look) if you are worried about your hands shaking (mine often do!).  Also, filling in your brows will help define your face, especially if you "draw in" or emphasize the natural arch of your brow. :smileyhappy: 


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I am 40 and still have issues trying to learn makeup. Just remember that you can always wipe it off and start over if you don't like how it looks on you. I agree with the other who have suggested going for an in-store consult. I had one at a Bobbi Brown counter and really learned so much. I also watch lots of Youtube videos. My favorite  is Wayne Goss Make-up Artist. Also remember when at a Sephora, ask for samples. I have wasted lots of money on makeup that didn't workout. Now I always get a sample first. If you have any particular questions or just want to know how something looks on you, just post here on BT. There are a lot of great people here that are very helpful.


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Maybe you should start by going to a Sephora and doing a Color iQ, that way you can choose the right shade of foundation, bb cream etc... Or, maybe you can post a look you are going for and we all can give you tips based on your eye color, hair color, and general features that you would like to emphasize or conceal.Best of luck!


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Hey Tori! Makeup is not easy! Even for those of us who have been wearing it a long time. I have a couple suggestions: if you're comfortable, make a makeover appointment at Sephora. There is a minimum purchase of $50 I believe, but you're probably spending that in makeup. You can always make it early or late if that makes you feel more comfortable and request the sex of the makeup artist. If you would rather learn on your own, go to You Tube. You will find hours and hours of tutorials and they show the products they use. Good luck Hun!!!! Stay fabulous! 


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Hi Tori1968! 


When you are first starting out, it can be somewhat frustrating. But don't give up! You'll get the hang of it the more you practice.  I would recommend getting a kit that has a little bit of everything.  One we have is caused the Too Faced Cause a Scandal set. :smileyhappy:  It comes with some eyeshadows, a lash-lining tool, an eyeshadow primer, and a mascara! 


Hope this helps! 



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