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What makeup is everyone wearing today?   Today I am wearing:   1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne 2. Benefit Coralista blush 3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer 4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm 5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454 6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP   and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50   So c'mon now...confess!
I LOVE beauty products and sadly I also LOVE shopping which leads to countless makeup purchases on a weekly basis. I have a lot of makeup already and I certainly do not need more. I'm sure I am not the only one with this problem but if anyone can help me, I would appreciate.    Do you have any tips on reducing your impulse purchases ? or just stop buying so much makeup all the time? Are you a recovering beauty addict ? I need advice, especially before the VIB sale in November !!!      
I'm curious to how people research what they want to potentially buy. I do a lot more reading online before I go to youtube to see the product live. 
I posted this a week ago in OT but for whatever reason it never showed up on the main page and no one saw it.  Do you all want to put together a Beautytalk Instagram Beauty Challenge for November 1st?  I can make up the final list/image if you help me create a list!    I was thinking we can do things like "best freebie," "best points perk," or just do the typical photo challenge things.  I just want to put one together and hopefully get some great ideas for photos from all of you.
I'm sure we've all had them, haha. While I love most of my impulse buys, there are also a few pretty bad ones.   I bought a KvD studded kiss lipstick in Vampira without swatching it first, because all of the Vampira swatches I saw were fantastic. Unfortunately, I was never able to actually wear it because it was SO drying. It basically destroyed my lips and I had dead pieces of skin on my lips whenever I tried applying it. Gross. I didn't realize that the swatches I saw where the liquid lipstick, not the studded lipstick.   I also just ordered a indie lippy palette, and while I was seeing awesome reviews before, I now see HORRIBLE reviews about the colours being nothing like the swatch photos, bad customer service and how the lipstick is fine, but the lip palettes are horrible. I hope this one goes well, otherwise its $30 wasted!   Now, tell me about your bad impulse buys!
Hello BT friends! May is just around the corner and I think it would be a good time to clear a bit of our stash this spring! Here are the rules.....   1. items must belong to makeup or skincare category ( haircare and bodycare items are too easily used up) 2. Use up TEN full sized makeup/skincare items 3. put empties in zip loc bag ( you can put start date and end date on baggy if you wish so that you can see how long it takes you to use up those 10 products) 4. NO SHOPPING unless you *completely* run out of something ( look around and see if you have foil packets or deluxe samples around first) 5. post your bag of 10 used up products here! Talk about the items if you wish and whether or not you would repurchase.   And.....go!
I thought it'd be fun to create a thread where we share our 'mask faces'! I'd love to see how lovely & silly you all look with masks on It'd be great if you mention the name of the mask you are using as well!   I'll start things off!   Tonight I am using the Lush Magnaminty mask  
As far as beauty goes, I think that the tangerine (2012) and radiant orchid of 2014 were pretty successful.  It's just a little harder to incorporate emerald into an everyday makeup look, even though it's such a beautiful color too!  What would you love to see as the color of the year next year?  My prediction is some kind of gold.
Exactly what the title says I know we've chatted about this before, but I thought I'd revive the topic with a new thread. With Chic Week coming up and new collections/products/lines dropping what feels like every day, what brands (collections, too, since Sephora's offering can be limited at the brand's discretion) do you wish you saw on shelves?   For me, it would be Chanel, Tom Ford, and YSL's Spring collection. Chanel's Illusion d'Ombres (cream shadows) and Glossimers (lip glosses) are calling to me with their siren song, as are Tom Ford's lippies, quads and contour palettes (however exorbitantly priced!!!). I love YSL lippies, so I wish the new colors got some love here at Sephora.    Oh, and while we're on the subject, ByTerry and Chantecaille wouldn't hurt, either! I adore both, and don't own nearly enough of either!
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The sands of time are ever passing, and as they do, sometimes the looks that were prolific or popular at the time become horrifying in hindsight.   Whether you rocked frosted hair in the 70's, powder blue eyeshadow in the 80's, or brick brown lipstick in the 90's, or anywhere between or beyond, what makeup look do you look back on now and cringe over?   To get the ball rolling, I will offer up my own horror story.     I was raised by my dad, so I didn't really have many women around to teach me about makeup.  In middle school I used to drastically over tweeze my eyebrows for that Sailor Moon look.  I had grad and confirmation coming up and had to get pictures taken, so I decided it would be a good idea to draw my eyebrows in for the pictures.  I didn't know any better, so I colored  them in  with a black eyeliner .  Every time I see those pictures, it looks like someone came along with a sharpie and just wiped it across my face.  Also, I didn't understand arching, so they are literally two stick straight lines on my face.   If I can dig it up, I will post a pic for all to see and have a good laugh over.     Now it's your turn... what was your greatest makeup blunder?  
My skin is combination. I have an eyes on those two for so long now... Anyone ever tried it, plz give me some advice thanks
Is anyone else up stalking the Lorac MegaPro palette this morning? It's one of the few holiday items I have been really looking forward to this year, so I'm stalking hardcore! (It's only available on Lorac's website and Amazon shop. Rumor on FB is it will drop at 9amPST/11amEST.)   Hands up if you're a member of the MegaPro Stalkers!!   Oh, and if you see it finally become available on those sites, please for the love of all things, let us all know so we can get some MegaPro lovin' too!   Edit: As of approx 11:30amEST, it's up on the Lorac site, but checkout is REALLY SLOW! No sign of it on Amazon yet though.
Hi, I purchased a beauty blender with solid (the cleaning soap), however, when I washed it at the first time with tap water, the water squeezed out from the blender was not clear and clean, but a bit like absorb some soap already! Later after I applied my foundation and I used the soap to clean it, I found that its color faded so much !!!! May I know that is that normal? Or my blender has some problem? Thank you!
--closed-- Box of awesome high end items and unicorns, show me yours and I'll show you mine, lol. While I’m not “ancient”, I’ve been on BeautyTalk WAY longer than I ever expected and have made some very good friends….as well as been enabled into getting WAY more makeup, lol. It is getting a bit overwhelming and as much as I like pretty things, my style is more minimalist, so I don’t reaaally need 6 or 7 jars of Guerlain meteorites etc. To help revamp/reorganize my stash as well as having some fun with the awesome friends I’ve made, I’m doing the LUV TB.    It contains lots of makeup that I love but never use, altho I couldn’t bear to part with any perfumes or majority of the skincare, so you ladies will have to make up for it along the way. Keep it classy, with high end and preferably new or lightly used things. No drugstores. Since it’s got tons of expensive items, I asked people I trust who are interested, so the box is closed. If it goes well, I may do another one next year when I've accumulated enough treasures. =P   Expand below to see the rules, taken from the awesome roxystar4 and slightly simplified:   Spoiler (Highlight to read) * Please make sure every item is in a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spills. Donts’s ■ DON'T keep the box for more than two days. Keep it moving! If you are traveling or a special circumstance comes up, we can work to rearrange things ■ DON'T put unsanitary items of any sort into the TSB. New or lightly used only ■ DON'T put any drugstore items into the TSB. ■ DON'T swatch items from the box.  ■ DON'T take more than what you put in. Please trade at or above each item’s retail value. Do’s ♥ High-end and unicorn items only. Keep it classy ♥ Unused, swatched or lightly used products are perfectly acceptable. Well-loved items are not. ♥ Send your address to the person above you in a PM. ♥ Package things carefully!  ♥ Post pictures of what you are taking out and putting in.   Allowed: ☆High-end, clean makeup/skincare items ☆Fragrance (be sure to package bottles properly!) ☆Nail polish (again, be careful!) Not allowed: ☆Pre-made samples ☆ NO used/swatched lip wands  ☆Heavily used items ☆ Drugstore items ☆Used items that haven’t been cleaned/sanitized ☆Questionable items (always ask if you have doubts!) If you cannot take photos, Do Not Sign Up, please *******PUT BETTER OR EQUAL PRICED ITEMS IN FOR WHAT YOU TAKE OUT TO KEEP UP THE INTEGRITY OF THE BOX*********   Also, please pick up a large priority box at the post office prior to receiving the box. This is so we can streamline things (get the box to everyone faster in case the box breaks or there's a spill). -send your address to the person above you -post a picture and text what you are taking and what you put in BEFORE you send the box on. * Please make sure every item is in a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spills.Donts’s■ DON'T keep the box for more than two days. Keep it moving! If you are traveling or a special circumstance comes up, we can work to rearrange things■ DON'T put unsanitary items of any sort into the TSB. New or lightly used only■ DON'T put any drugstore items into the TSB.■ DON'T swatch items from the box. ■ DON'T take more than what you put in. Please trade at or above each item’s retail value.Do’s♥ High-end and unicorn items only. Keep it classy♥ Unused, swatched or lightly used products are perfectly acceptable. Well-loved items are not.♥ Send your address to the person above you in a PM.♥ Package things carefully! ♥ Post pictures of what you are taking out and putting in. Allowed:☆High-end, clean makeup/skincare items☆Fragrance (be sure to package bottles properly!)☆Nail polish (again, be careful!)Not allowed:☆Pre-made samples☆ NO used/swatched lip wands ☆Heavily used items☆ Drugstore items☆Used items that haven’t been cleaned/sanitized☆Questionable items (always ask if you have doubts!)If you cannot take photos, Do Not Sign Up, please *******PUT BETTER OR EQUAL PRICED ITEMS IN FOR WHAT YOU TAKE OUT TO KEEP UP THE INTEGRITY OF THE BOX********* Also, please pick up a large priority box at the post office prior to receiving the box. This is so we can streamline things (get the box to everyone faster in case the box breaks or there's a spill).-send your address to the person above you-post a picture and text what you are taking and what you put in BEFORE you send the box on.   Positions are flexible as long as you let me know a couple days beforehand. Right now here's the list: ChicDabbler ghkim katief241981 rikkie AznAngelLiz Missie772 beethousand WendyOMGWar DesertRose0706 Britlee303 anb0906 jellybean917 wingatprsct BeautyJunkie325 mlmac LindenAnn kalex thesupergirl RJAMLT KITKAT2383 It's my first box, so I'm capping it at 20. Wait list: - Sparklekai - myxducky - Oklady2013   That's all, have fun ladies! XD
I know you all remember the "Candy Coated Benefit Advent Calendar Bigger and Better $$$" thread that was here-- it looked like a (poorly done) undercover advertisement. Now it's gone, along with all the hearts given from it. What gives, BT?
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So, as I was applying my Kate Spade perfume today, I realized the bottle had to be at least 12 years old, because I bought it when I was in college at the launch of her fragrance line at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta. I don't use it terribly often, but it still smells EXACTLY the same as it did when I bought it. What products do you have that have lasted years and years without any change in usability?
Halloween is my favorite holiday.  The dressing up, the decorating, the candy, I love it all!!!  My favorite thing of all - Halloween nail art!  I've has spider webs, Jason's hockey mask, candy corn, googly eyes, blacks and red glitter french.  Here's my first Halloween nails of the season.  Woot woot!
Has the spend total always been there? I saw the Canadian thread saying they could view that now, but i just logged on and was HORRIFIED when I saw I could have requalified rouge 3 times plus some and none of it was gifts. WHY DO YOU LET US SEE THIS SEPHORA???
I know I am not alone. All regular BTers are curious about something BIG coming on show and tell on Friday. Let's share our best guesses.   My guess is maybe Tom Ford, Gucci beauty or some other Big brand is coming to Sephora and BTers will be given first access to some exclusive products.    What is your guess?
I know this may sound harsh, but I really dislike all drugstore makeup. I'm sure there are many products out that are of great quality, even better than some high end makeup, but I have never found a drugstore product that I have liked. I've tried primers, foundations, powders, eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip stains, but each product has left me disappointed. I've also tried makeup removers from the drugstore, but they also left me disappointed. Does anyone else dislike drugstore makeup? I've stopped trying drugstore makeup all together now because every product has left me disappointed; which led to quite a bit of money being wasted. I only get high end makeup now because I am rarely ever disappointed with my purchases.
I,love skincare and have one other question today but here is number Two? Do more exspensive skincare lines give better results? I have always felt that the more you pay the better the skincare. Do you feel that is true? I love Saphora and love there top end lines better, am I fooling myself or is this true? Now when I see skincare lines that are cheaper than others I feel as if there not as good. I would love to know if I am alone feeling this way or not. My hair care is the same. Thanks for thinking of this and responding. Have a great night. 
This thought popped into my head this morning and I asked myself, "why do  i buy high end products?" I buy a few high end products because there's more options, finishes, and shades to choose from.    Do you shop high end because of the different shades and options? or is it because you like brand name products? 
I just noticed that I have joined the Hall of Famer's club!
I am so excited to see all the holiday sets and palettes that came out recently. I honestly WANT THEM ALL! So I need someone to talk me out of it or enable me hahaha. What's on your lovelist?    Eyeshadow palette: Vice3, LM artist's palette or Kat Von D eyeshadow book? Blush palette: HG ambient lighting blush palette or Tarte pin up blush palette Lipstick sets: Fresh sugar lip treatment set or UD full frontal  
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Time once again to get to know each other better and, let's be honest, procrastinate from finishing our work!   1. What LE item have you recently purchased, and would you recommend it to others?   2. What is your signature color for the fall: eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, ensemble, shoes, other?   3. How do you wear your hair day to day? How do you change it up for a night out?   4. Do you have any new/rediscovered favorite brands? Share!   5. When it comes to facials, do you prefer a paper mask, a clay mask, a peeling mask, an exfoliating mask, other? Any recommendations?
So I have been on Nars and Stila blush frenzy that I want them all. I feel like Ash in Pokemon that has to catch them all lol! They are so good and last all day for me! I only have a Stila blush in Sheer Coral and it's the perfect coral shade with a hint gold shimmer. The shimmer is not too over powering which is perfect! And I have two Nars blushes in Amour and Deep Throat. Amour is a darker coral pink shade. It has no shimmer but a hint of shine to it, not over powering either. As for Deep Throat it's a light pink shade with a hint of gold shimmer. The shimmer is not as visible as my Stila blush. But these are and have been my favorite go to blushes. I try to not use the Nars blushes as much because they go for $30 and the Stila blush go for $20. What's your go to favorite blushes?
Hi beauties,      We share a lot of feedback about the best products and ones we adore, but I'm curious since the sale is coming up soon, what is the worst or most disappointing beauty product you've ever purchased?   If we're talking worst of all time, mine would be the Bourjois erasable liner, which sounds like a really brilliant idea if you are deficient in liquid liner application like me, but is actually awful in its execution.  It has this pencil eraser type thing on the end of the tube that you can use to "erase" any mistakes, but you have to press fairly hard for it to work, and in the end it also ends up taking off your eye makeup, so its no different than just starting again.   If we are limiting to things I've ever purchased from Sephora, I think that would be the TF Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Wardrobe.  None of the shades show pigment on me, just glitter, so I really just kept it for the brush.  I keep looking at it in my drawer and thinking maybe I will try it as eyeshadow instead.   So, what about you?  
I went to a new Sephora inside Jcpenney today with my best friend and we were having so much fun there. There were a lot of Sephora ladies, as much as the stand alone Sephora at my local mall, so it was weird because Sephora's inside JCP's aren't that big of a space. Anyway.. I'm used to the friendliness of the ladies at y local sephora that when I was in this new one I felt kind of bummed out. Only one girl paid attention to me because she asked if I needed help anything and I mentioned the new KVD palette but they didn't have it, and she couldn't give me any new information cause it wasn't until I showed her a picture of it that she even knew about it.  That being said.. I know people don't automatically know you're a rouge but I had 2 ladies look at me when I was trying out some occ lip tars.. and I mean.. just stare. Usually the workers compliment the color but they just made like a vulture and to me it felt like they were eyeing me that I wasn't going to stick anything to my purse. It came to the point where 2 of them stood on each side of me but a distance to (my theory) is keep an even closer eye on me. I didn't get asked for help, not even when I was asking where the makeupremover stuff was - they all appeared to be hidden. My checkout left much to be desired yet my friend who just opened up an account got a real positive reaction by the ladies. I know she's knew but shouldn't you also make rouges feel like their business is welcome? I felt like just because I bought the one set that it wasn't cared for much.. and she didn't even tell me they ran out of sephora bags so she handed me a jcpenney one but she did give my friend a bag.. in the car my friend said that the lady had told her that. the same lady that attended me first. Maybe i'm being petty but after she charged me that was it, no bright thank you's, just a scoot over and let me charge your friend with this big ol' smile because she has more stuff. hahoeifhwoeifhwoei agh, sorry. ranting. 
This is an oldie but a goody, so let's hop in the wayback machine and ask some questions!   1. What's a makeup brand you're actually glad Sephora DOESN'T carry so that you can keep the secret treasure to yourself?   2. What's the best Halloween costume you ever wore, and would you wear it again?   3. What perfume note immediately makes you think of your favorite person in the world?   4. If money were no object, what item currently being sold by Sephora would you snap up?   5. What discontinued beauty item do you still hope to hunt down?
I'm sure I'm probably not going to explain this properly, but I'm wondering if anyone else does this.   As much as I love makeup, I sometimes hesitate to try samples of new higher end products.  I know most people are ecstatic to get samples of high end products to try out for free, but to me, (and this is ridiculous, I know) I get antsy about trying something new because if I fall in love with it, it's one more expensive product I now have to add to my routine.  In effect, I've become a high end sample hoarder.   Any one else ever do this?     I've always known I do it, but it became really apparent a few weeks ago when I was going through my sample stash.