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A place to say thanks to helpful BTer's, share your new BT status or heart acheivement... A place to joke around, share memes, riddles or anything else you want to. Let's bring back some life in this place!!!!   ps: Not a place for negative comments
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A place to talk about all beauty news.... upcoming launches, sneak peeks and anything else that doesn't have a specific thread.   Thanks to everyone who contributes to this thread!   BEAUTY NEWS AND THINGS TO COME Jaclyn Hill eye shadow? JS to launch foundation KVD New liquid Lipsticks KVD Metal lipsticks KVD x Kandee J KVD x Too Faced KVD shade shifting eye shadows Manny mua collab for lipstick MUG and Nikkie Tutorials eye shadow collab? Sunday Riley Martian and UFO Too Faced PB&J will eventually get to Sephora Too Faced Peach palette will most likely be perm UD possibly coming out with matte liquid lipsticks   2017 ABH to launch lipsticks and blushes KVD Alchemist palette Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics (2017) Too Faced Chocolate Chip palette (Spring 2017) Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Sephora Excl. (Fall 2017) Hello By Lionel Richie - Makeup by L. Richie (2017)       CURRENT FOUND IN THE WILD THREAD (links to new products for purchase at Sephora) ring-Summer-Found-in-the-Wild-2016-Thread/td-p/232 ...   CANADIAN PRODUCT THREAD (links to new products for purchase at Sephora) w-On-The-Site-Today-Canada/td-p/2164948   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Canadian site product update (ask the mods) a-Canada-Site-Product-Update-Thread/td-p/2060604 Canadian site product update (ask the mods) ephora-Canada-Site-Product-Update-Thread/td-p/2060 604   UPCOMING RELEASES WITH DATES/SEASON (Pictures and info only)   Summer 2016 Releases /SUMMER-2016-Releases/m-p/2289839#M166807   Fall 2016 Releases /FALL-2016-Releases/m-p/2383574#M183523   Holiday 2016 Releases /HOLIDAY-2016/m-p/2454167#M196506   BRAND THREADS Spoiler (Highlight to read) ABH ia-Beverly-Hills-Thread/td-p/2516061 BECCA cca-thread/td-p/2431704 BIOTHERM erm-Thread/td-p/2439346 BITE -Beauty-Releases/td-p/2025165 BURBERRY auty-Updates/td-p/1983178 CHANEL tes/td-p/1940873 CHARLOTTE TILBURY about-Charlotte-Tilbury/td-p/2005225 COLOURPOP /Any-ColourPop-Fans-Here/td-p/2156337 DIPTYQUE /Discussion-for-the-Diptyque-Crowd-please-join/td- ... FARMACY -Farmacy-feedback-and-discussion/td-p/2153377 GIORGIO ARMANI usly-not-have-a-thread-dedicated-to-all-things/m-p ... GUERLAIN -the-love-of-all-things-Guerlain/td-p/2180749 HOURGLASS -THREAD/m-p/2419091#M26612 INDIE BRANDS s-and-other-not-so-talked-about-makeup-brands/td-p ... IT COSMETICS s-Thread/td-p/2468298 KAT VON D ing-Releases-amp-General-Love-Thread/td-p/2008144 KEVYN AUCOIN n-Thread/td-p/2437161 KIKO About-Kiko/td-p/2341265 MAC d-Releases-Thread/td-p/2109065 MAKE UP FOR EVER ke-Up-For-Ever-Thread/td-p/2406781 MARC JACOBS -Beauty-News-amp-Discussion/m-p/2301944#M90313 MILK an-early-April-Fool-s-joke-Milk-Makeup/td-p/235746 ... NARS About-NARS/td-p/2099708 NATASHA DENONA ona/td-p/2090656 NUDE UDE-Skincare-Thread/td-p/2507094 PAT McGRATH -LABS/td-p/2418816 RITUEL DE FILLE -have-experience-with-Rituel-de-Fille/td-p/2059082 SURRATT about-Surratt/td-p/2455924 TARTE HREAD/td-p/2419298 TOM FORD dates/td-p/1903440 AUTY-Coming-Soon-To-Sephora-Discussion-amp-Product ... TOO FACED ew-Releases-2016/td-p/2500873 URBAN DECAY -Thread/td-p/2147187 VISEART -THREAD/m-p/2396215#M98529 YSL dates/td-p/2430645 ABH tasia-Beverly-Hills-Thread/td-p/2516061BECCAhttp:/ / read/td-p/2431704BIOTHERMhttp://community.sephora. com/t5/Products/The-Biotherm-Thread/td-p/2439346BI TE TE-Beauty-Releases/td-p/2025165BURBERRYhttp://comm s/td-p/1983178CHANEL 5/Makeup/Chanel-Updates/td-p/1940873CHARLOTTE TILBURY s-talk-about-Charlotte-Tilbury/td-p/2005225COLOURP OP ns/Any-ColourPop-Fans-Here/td-p/2156337DIPTYQUEhtt p:// scussion-for-the-Diptyque-Crowd-please-join/td-p/2 341678FARMACY cts/New-brand-Farmacy-feedback-and-discussion/td-p /2153377GIORGIO ARMANI -seriously-not-have-a-thread-dedicated-to-all-thin gs/m-p/2380895#M97435GUERLAINhttp://community.seph gs-Guerlain/td-p/2180749HOURGLASShttp://community. 91#M26612INDIE BRANDS -brands-and-other-not-so-talked-about-makeup-brand s/td-p/2392215IT COSMETICS -Cosmetics-Thread/td-p/2468298KAT VON D ming-Releases-amp-General-Love-Thread/td-p/2008144 KEVYN AUCOIN -Aucoin-Thread/td-p/2437161KIKO 1265MAC Love-and-Releases-Thread/td-p/2109065MAKE UP FOR EVER E-Make-Up-For-Ever-Thread/td-p/2406781MARC JACOBS Jacobs-Beauty-News-amp-Discussion/m-p/2301944#M903 13MILK -this-an-early-April-Fool-s-joke-Milk-Makeup/td-p/ 2357469NARS Let-s-Talk-About-NARS/td-p/2099708NATASHA DENONA ha-Denona/td-p/2090656NUDEhttp://community.sephora .com/t5/Skincare-Stories/NUDE-Skincare-Thread/td-p /2507094PAT McGRATH McGRATH-LABS/td-p/2418816RITUEL DE FILLE nyone-have-experience-with-Rituel-de-Fille/td-p/20 59082SURRATT /Let-s-talk-about-Surratt/td-p/2455924TARTEhttp:// d-p/2419298TOM FORD d-Updates/td-p/1903440 /t5/Makeup/TOM-FORD-BEAUTY-Coming-Soon-To-Sephora- Discussion-amp-Product/td-p/2415152TOO FACED ced-New-Releases-2016/td-p/2500873URBAN DECAY Decay-Thread/td-p/2147187VISEARThttp://community.s 5#M98529YSL YSL-Love-Updates/td-p/2430645   ~Updated July 13th 2016~
welcome back to the junk drawer of random beauty thoughts and musings. it has been nearly a year, so i think it is time for a rew RT thread !    when i'm doing my makeup in the morning, my dog sometimes throws a fit until i move his food bowl over to where i'm sitting. i'm certainly not the diva in our relationship. ____________________   THE QUESTIONS THREAD : ion-Thread-Because-not-all-questions-need-their-ow ...   VINTAGE BEAUTY VIDEOS THREAD ! : /VINTAGE-BEAUTY-VIDEOS/m-p/1826210#M69382   SWATCH REQUEST THREAD : HE-SWATCH-REQUEST-THREAD/td-p/2223212
what are those few products you are devoted to ? not your fair-weather friends, but the  in it for the long haul committed parters ? as i pushed the "place order" button on my guerlain maxi lash mascara i realized our relationship had officially reached "the next level", and had me wondering what other products i--and you guys--have that have managed to reach that depth of loyalty that only a woman and her favorite concealer can comprehend.......   i'm thinking of generally keeping this both makeup only, as well as products you still have/repurchase (as in, not things you've broken up with) but of course, list whatever you want. no actual rules here, c'mon.   in no particular order ! GUERLAIN maxi lash mascara (repurchased 4x). this mascara has ruined other mascaras for me, really. my wallet cries but my lashes sing ! need i say more ? NARS radiant creamy concealer (repurchased 10000x; i don't remember, but probably around 6 or 7 times ? more ?!!). my fave concealer, actually matches my skin (which is huge) and doesn't dry out my under eyes, which until i found this  concealer was a problem for me. GIORGIO ARMANI luminous silk foundation (repurchased 5x). the only wavering commitment i have to this foundation is for navigating color matches. but the texture, wear, coverage and over all effect make this my HG foundation. MAC honey love matte lipstick. (5x ?) granted, honeylove has faded to the background over the past year, but i've repurchased this baby over and over, and is definitely the most repurchased lipstick in my collection... i'll add more if i think of any ! how 'bout you ?
a place to post about all things Sephora Favorites sets: past, present and future. Have a question, please ask.  Have a review, please post.  Have pics, please show us. These sets are one of my favorite things about shopping at Sephora. I get to try a bunch of products for a lower price and always end up finding some HG items.    Today, I got the Sephora Favorites: Beauty on the Fly. It was $42 plus ebates was at 8%.  For me, I've either been wanting to try all of these items, or have tried and really like them.    More pics and thoughts in the first post.       
way way way too early but since there's already a pic for Dior Summer that has been posted guess I'll put it here.
What are your beauty pet peeves?   Here are a few of mine   When there's a huge hype around an item/brand or your own hype to get something and you get it and you are just meh.   I recently got a few items that were taking FOREVER to get to my house.  Canada Post was sooo slow at processing... the items were stuck with them and the tracking wasn't moving at all.  I was so excited and couldn't wait for them to be delivered and finally the items just showed up (tracking not updated) and I was like meh... not too impressed with what I got.  I thought I'd love it but no... not really. Swatched and sitting in a drawer somewhere... awww that just kills me lol   Another one (and this is for the Canadian girls). When you see free shipping on your favorite beauty products and then notice below in very small font US ONLY. ugh   So what grinds your gears? Share your stories!!!
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Was asked to post an updated thread. Let's continue the fun shall we?   What are you wearing today?   1. nars sheer glow foundation, mont blanc 2. perricone md no bronzer bronzer 3. urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, original 4. too faced chocolate bar palette 5. benefit theyre real mascara 6. rimmel london stay matte powder, natural 7. benefit dallas 8. nars blush, sin 9. buxom full on lipstick, las vegas
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Can't believe there's already a sneak peek at the holiday stuff!
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Since more and more fall product pics are showing up on social media, decided to start a thread early to keep track of them.
Did anyone else take a survey about possible changes/features to the rewards program? I got the option to take it in my email along with 100 bonus points for taking it What did everyone think of it? I thought some of the options were very appealing! In particular the options for in-house beauty event, points for advice/sharing pics and info with other members(which we all already do ), and top secret products available to only you lol I thought the last one would be interesting in practice haha
Hey, wanted to start this thread for this wonderful line for all of its fans. Including myself <3    
Are you riding a high from an order you placed today?? Do tell. 
Hello friends. I've had it. I've realized my dream and have become a super villain who is kidnapping you. You will live out the rest of your days on BT Island, until you figure out how to escape I guess.   BUT as I am still polite you are allowed 5  items ! Please detail your lists for us and choose carefully as the island may be...hazardous.    NOTE: I am not a monster and have scattered enough emergency bags for everyone on my island. Assume these bags contain: sunscreen, flip flops,  ALL necessary hygiene items , and a sensible pair of sunglasses. I want an island of beautiful babes, not sunburnt sea monsters.   IMPORTANT BONUS GAME : For everyone that want's to play I will PM you an extra special Secret Beauty Item and an Island Survival Item . Your job is to give about 5 clues  for each items so other people can guess what they are, and share your wealth. You may  NOT say the brand or any of the words in the name of the item.   Welcome to BT Island. Fruity drinks are served at 9 am and 5 pm. Handsome men available at all hours for leaf-fanning.    Game procedure: Spoiler (Highlight to read) 1. create your list of beloved beauty items you want to bring with you 2. create your list of clues for your Secret Beauty Item 3. create your list of clues for your Secret Island Item 4. guess what other people's items could be You don't have to do all the parts if you don't want to! Just do whatever is fun for you 1. create your list of beloved beauty items you want to bring with you2. create your list of clues for your Secret Beauty Item3. create your list of clues for your Secret Island Item4. guess what other people's items could beYou don't have to do all the parts if you don't want to! Just do whatever is fun for you        
If you are a fan obsessed or just a beauty lover curious about Diptyque, come on over! I thought this would be a fun place to share your thoughts, collections, decorating ideas, questions about the fabulous world of Diptyque. I started out with one candle, the Beverly Hills candle-which is so fabulous-I'll post a picture of it tomorrow-thinking I was crazy to buy a $70 candle. Yes, it's crazy-crazy good! I've since collected 2 or 3 more and purchased a perfume. This week I got my first body care item, the satin body oil. I really love everything from Diptyque. So let's discuss One question I have is how do you get the inside cleaned out so you can use the jars for pretty collections like I see a lot of on social media?
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Whether you want to push your creativity or just utilize your collection, I hope you will join me in a rotating makeup challenge!   Each challenge lasts a full week so you can post any day that is best for you, or multiple times a week. New challenges start on Mondays.     The schedule is posted in the spoiler tag. PLEASE let me know of any ideas you have and I will add them to the list! ALSO if there is anything in my list that people do not want to do, then I will remove it.    Be as bold or subtle as you want! Make the challenge fit your daily needs. I am more of an idea-person, so I'm pretty sure some of these are going to be a struggle for me to actually do. But #whatever.    This week:  Crayola Box  OR  Send Nudes Description:  Do an all colorful look or a monochromatic nude look (do not actually send nudes pls).  BONUS Challenge: blindly reach into an actual crayon box, pull out three crayons, and use those colors.      Schedule Spoiler (Highlight to read) - All about the Mamas (May 3 - May 8) - Something new, Something old, Something blue  (May 9 - 15) - Mythical Creature Madness   (May 16 - 22) - Crayola Box OR Send Nudes  (May 13 - 29) - Sweet Treats  (May 30 - June 5) - One Brand to Rule Them All  (June 6 - 12) - Alter Egos  (June 13 - 19) - Do you like pina coladas?  (June 20 - 26) - Tradesies   (June 27 - July 3) - The Brave and The Bold aka Deal With it Canada aka Eagles 4 Life aka Independence Day More Like Every Day ( July 4 - 10) - Never Gonna Give You Up  (July 11 - 17) - YOU'RE SO ON TREND  (July 18 - 24) - Trivia Night  (July 25 - 31) - Movie Night  (Aug 1 - 7) - Pin Up or Chill Out (Aug 8 - 14) - All about the Mamas (May 3 - May 8)- Something new, Something old, Something blue (May 9 - 15)- Mythical Creature Madness  (May 16 - 22)- Crayola Box OR Send Nudes (May 13 - 29)- Sweet Treats (May 30 - June 5)- One Brand to Rule Them All (June 6 - 12)- Alter Egos (June 13 - 19)- Do you like pina coladas? (June 20 - 26)- Tradesies  (June 27 - July 3)- The Brave and The Bold aka Deal With it Canada aka Eagles 4 Life aka Independence Day More Like Every Day (July 4 - 10)- Never Gonna Give You Up (July 11 - 17)- YOU'RE SO ON TREND (July 18 - 24)- Trivia Night (July 25 - 31)- Movie Night (Aug 1 - 7)- Pin Up or Chill Out (Aug 8 - 14)  
I keep a giant vase full of samples and it's been Out Of Control for the past several months. Tonight on a whim I decided to dig through and make some sense of the madness. I got rid of some stuff, pulled out some stuff I want to start using right away and divided up the rest into separate categories. After going through everything I landed on dividing into these categories: makeup, primers, cleansers, masks, fragrance, moisturizers (face and body, including serums), hair and misc (which actually didn't have too much in it). I feel a lot better finally getting this done. One small step!   Here is the before and after with my curious helper Ruthie. I lost track of time on this project but the time stamps on the photo tell me it took about two hours.         
Hi! I haven't seen a current thread about CP and was wondering if there were any fans here! I know its not High End, but the quality is great and I love my growing collection and would love to see anyone elses  
What is it that you can't resist buying? Makeup? Nail Polish? Skin Care? Maybe it’s a specific product like blush or lipstick, or even a specific color or brand.  What do you have plenty of yet keep buying? What are you obsessed with?   I can't resist coral or nude/beige lipsticks.  I also can't resist buying blue/green shadows... actually shadows in general are my weakness. MAC is definitely a weakness for me and now so is Viseart! I also have a weakness for silver jewelry.
I've had a lot of Beauty Pet Peeves lately and am feeling a little annoyed at the moment so I'm trying to turn my mood around and have decided to focus on some Beauty Delights instead of my peeves! Please chime in with the delightful small and not-so-small beauty-related happenings that make your day or just make you smile. Here are are a few recent ones for me: A mascara that was supposed to be on back order until June 6th was unexpectedly waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home today on June 3rd! Making a very late night online Sephora order and waking up the next morning to an email that it has already shipped! Ordering lipstick and having them sit out in the 100 degree heat all day and having them still in tact when you finally get home. OK, those were all mail related but very delightful! Oh wait I have one more! I noticed today that my hair has officially grown past my bra strap in the back. This was an Official Milestone I was aiming to reach. Very exciting!
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I'm starting to amass a nice collection of makeup but I have limited counter space.  Currently I'm using plastic drawers which is working nicely but they are filling up and I know I'll eventually need to stack another set of drawers on top of the current one.    Wondering how you all store your makeup.  Anyone want to share pictures and ideas?
these sorts of lists are oddly satisfying., doncha think ? feel free to update / change whenever you want. it doesn't have to be 'favorites of all time' by any means, i thought it could focus more on what you find yourself fixated on currently   i know this is much like a favorites thread, buttttt......slightly different method and purpose ?   i'll post mine in the comments.   Base Products (foundations, concealers)   Eye Shadows / Palettes   Other Eye Products (mascaras / liners)   Cheek Products (blush, contour, bronzers or highlighters)   Lip Products   Face Masks   Skincare (cleansers, serums, oils, moisturizers)   Bodycare (lotion, shower products etc)   Hair   Beverages (because why not)   Lifestyle Misc. (candles, fragrance, books, shows, anything else !)
'tis that time again, canyabelieve it ?   what have been your favorites beauty things this month ? new things, old things, rediscovered and reaffirmed things, whatever the things !   (Patsy and Eddie celebrating their "things. just gorgeous things.")   i've admittedly have had a rather low maintenance slow-paced month. but i have a few favorites !   DR DENNIS GROSS alpha beta peel pads, ultra gentle . i used up the majority of my points the past 2 months grabbing up this 100 pt perk over and over. i don't consider my skin sensitive (reactive though, yes, if unhappy), but i find the strength of these, for regular use, to be perfect. i love me some good acids but am very careful not to overdo it (or else i break out !) and these pads have struck the perfect balance. i think far too many people go for the extra-strength ones because they equate "extra strength" with "better". that ain't always the case. highly recommend these. ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE fat electrician. they call this a "modern vetiver", and sure, the vet is there. but i call this a myrrh miracle. etat is becoming one of my very favorite fragrance brands.  NARS audacious lipstick, annabella . my favorite summer red. she's pretty. when i put her on i'm still shocked by how much my face appears brightened ! i'll add stuff as i think about it ! NARS illuminator, silver factory . this was a LE color from the andy warhol collection--a collection that happened before i developed my NARS fixation, or even knew that makeup collections were really a thing. a darling BTer gave this to me AND I AM SO GRATEFUL !! for a silver highlight, it's very wearable, and i've really reallllly enjoyed not only just finally having something from this collection, but actually using it too <3
I get so lost in the longer threads...  Since some of the holiday stuff has gone out of stock (with indications that they will come back in stock) I figured I'd start a thread just for items that come back in stock. UD Spectrum, KVD La Vida Loca, YSL black red, Disney mirrors, D&G Sophia Loren, etc.  I'll post every few days so the thread doesn't disappear but if you see something back in stock please add it here!!!  Then, we won't all need to stock the individual items and threads.
I'm almost out of my Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder and it's been lovely.  I'll need to purchase powder soon and wondering what everyone's favorite is.  I  have dry skin so I use it to set my concealer and give me a nice base to apply blush and bronzer.  I'm open to either pressed or loose powder but my preference is loose.  What is your favorite powder?
I just got an e-mail from ebates about a new thing — in store cash back! You add your credit or debit card to your ebates account, find an in-store cash back offer you like (like Sephora), then pay with the linked card in-store to get your money back!   No more kicking yourself when you've forgotten to go through ebates first.   FYI, Sephora is at 4%!
A place to share our customer service stories.  I like to know when a company does good or bad because it will impact my decision on purchasing from them.  I have a few stories I'll add later.
We hear all the time about how antioxidants and drinking green tea is good for your body and your complexion. I'm curious, have anyone noticed a difference in your skin when drinking tea vs. drinking same amount of water?   Also, any tea connoisseur here? What type of tea do you like? Are you the modern type with electric kettle or do you like classic with the teapot? Do you like tea straight up? or do you add milk/sugar or drink it with desserts?   I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I consume a lot of dairy or sugary drinks vs. when I'm not, but I can't say I noticed a difference in complexion when drinking tea vs. water. It does help to soothe my stomache tho after greasy food or when I'm stressed. I usually go for Chinese green tea and floral tea. I used to buy a lot of Teavanna, but now I'm obsessed with David's Tea.