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Ordering from Ulta online? Good, bad, experiences?
I just joined ebates and I'm thinking of starting to order from Ulta online. Is their shipping pretty reliable? How's their customer service for online orders? I've only orders from Sephora online.   TIA!
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Shipping from ULTA is always very fast for me, I get my packages a day or so after I place the order, always. Their GWP's are fabulous, easy to get right from your check... see post
Pampering yourself after a rough phase or sad occasion?
Regrettably, most of us have had those really bad funks, or experienced sad occasions: work failures, job applications, break-ups, and the like...just not feeling like yourself. While I don't necessarily think the proper response to feeling sad is to spend away your woes, every once in a while I think we all need a pick-me-up or a pamper session, even if that pick-me-up can't always be a Birkin Bag or an Apple watch ( ).   So my question to you is: within a reasonable price range (let's cap it at $50, but you can also say what you'd do with a cap budget of $100), how would you pamper yourself to feel better?   Does that come in the form of a mani/pedi, a blow-out, trip to the brow bar, spa, haircut, etc., or in the form of a skincare product, a lipstick, or techy gadget? Or a nice meal with a few friends?   Or, do you spend nothing at all? Do you go on a long walk on your own, or spend time with friends and have a picnic using whatever's stocked in your fridge? I want to know! I think mending oneself from within is just as much an aspect of beauty, regardless of how, or with what we do to get there Thanks for sharing!
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The last time this happened, I ended up buying an $85 kimono to cheer myself up after a close friend passed. I will wear it during the summer to honor him.  see post
Akward Sephora moments
So the other day (two days ago), I went to go pick up my Nars Outer Limits but I also wanted another of the new MJ Highliners... so I asked for it. And I think my Sephora has two managers? But my favorite one, Carla, wasn't there or was in the back so I talked to the other one with high authority. .. I asked her about the new high liners and told her how I wanted another one but that they weren't out on the floor, that I had bought the Orange Crush one and wanted more. So she started saying they don't have any, etc.. so I kept telling her "Oh.. but I bought one of the new ones the other day.. so I thought.." But she was basically saying they don't have them because those were left over from LAST year, lol. I was like "Oh I thought they were new" .. (they are, of course).. and I told her about the champagne one since it's the first one that popped in my head but she was like "OH, yeah, I know which ones they are but they're from last year, not new."  >_> I was like "Ohhhh okay, thanks..I'm.. going to go now and yeah, pick up my item on hold."   And I like.. side stepped away... lol. I think it's awkward when you walk in and ask for a new item and they don't know what you're talking about so you're both stuck in awkward limbo.. or like that that they claim it was a last year product and not new at all. 
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   It's happened to me a couple times as well,and usually they were  super pleasant about it,so it wasn't a big deal to me.It only bothers me when they assume I'm just ... see post
Always Be YOU!
Hi loves!   This is something I've been holding in for a very long time. It's been a while since I've been on this community and chatted with some of you, but I've been busy with school and building my life back up. Why you ask? Well, in my last post on this Beauty Confession page, I was going through a pretty hard time. That was two years ago. I was 16. Now, I'm 18. Seemed like yesterday, but I'm here and I glad I am with a very different mindset for the better. I'm still a VIB Rouge, which makes me proud. I am! I still have my issues from time to time, but what better way to deal with them is to spread some positivity to those around me. I feel that it's my purpose to help others even if they don't need it. So here we go!    What I wanted to discuss today is about recent articles about beauty I've seen for the last couple of months that have really crunched my gears. "Men Prefer Less Makeup" or "Natural Beauty Is Best!" Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but... How about "Be Yourself Always And Let Those Who Shun You Say What They Want?"  It is such a shame to live in a society where we put appearance first as opposed to our personalities. It was heartbreaking when I realized that people will judge you by the outside first when its the light within us that shines through. I've been wearing makeup for about five years now. I started wearing makeup because I was very self-conscious and I figured it was something to help me hide what I hated the most about myself. Five years later, I found out that makeup is my absolute passion beyond passion. Makeup didn't help me hide anything, but exposed me much more. I can be myself and express who I am when I'm wearing makeup. I am me and the most confident when I step out the front door with my 20+ minutes of hard work and compassion towards my beloved products. I feel like a walking piece of art every time I go out because that's who I am. For the women or men out there who feel that you have to change who you are and what you look like for anyone else, DON'T. Life is too short to hinder your expression of true self. You are NOT worth anyone's time or criticism to hold back. Be fearless. Keep learning and most importantly, respect yourself and those around you. That's what's beautiful.    I hope I didn't offend anyone in this little blurb. Makeup is an art. Art is undefined. My only motive is to enlighten everyone to be themselves. That's not to much to ask. Have a good one. xx   PS: This message was inspired by Wayne Goss's latest video on YouTube. He is amazing. Here's the video: 
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This was the first thing i read this morning and it has set the tone for my whole day :) that was amazing! You are all beautiful no matter what! thank you for being you!... see post
WHEEEE. april was fun. i'll post mine here but i'm going to add a pic later, because that is fun too.   basically, i got super lucky during the sale and have been super in love / obsessed with what i wound up with. i was thinking...i can't leave most of it off ! and unusually for me, my april faves was entirely about makeup, as my skincare stayed the same.   i finally took the plunge and bought a powder. and i'm so glad i did. NARS light reflecting loose powder has given me skin of satin. within a week of purchasing, i had an event where i was photograph a lot, and this powder was MAGIC. i actually had it with me for touch ups and such, and turned a lot of people onto it, which i think is an endorsement in and of itself ! NARS illuminator copacabana . yes, i had a scare when i had a rash-like reaction pop up after about 10 days of regular use. i had to stop using for about 5 days, but i'm in the clear and so is the illuminator. i think it was a food allergy reaction (womp womp). i've heard people say they think the NARS illuminators are not great for day as they're so shimmery, but copa, on me at least, is very natural. i don't feel overdone at all, it's easily  blendable  but then dries down and stays. adore, happy i went with this instead of the multiple which i think would be slightly more obvious ?? URBAN DECAY single eyeshadow in free love. in the pan it looks a bit outrageous, but on my lids it looks remarkably natural. it's also taught me i've been going for the wrong shades when i want a naturalish lid look--warm pinks and peaches rather than ANYTHING that resembles yellow.  SEPHORA COLLECTION contour eye pencil / waterproof. this range of eyeliners is awesome. i got strawberry macaroon and i adore it. i'll get more. STILA stay all day liquid lipsticks in tesoro (red-orange) and amore (desaturated plum). i continue my love affair of this range of liquid lipsticks and purchased these 2 colors this month. and they are bomb. evidence of my love for them is in the WAYWT thread. SHAKAI body lotion in sandalwood . smells sooooo good. costs $6 at hippie grocery store win. TOKYO MILK DARK, arsenic. i originally got this in the spring of 2011 in a small town in texas, of all places. it was instant love and intoxication. i wore it exclusively for probably 2 years (it lasts a lot time with regular use!). i kept the bottle around but never repurchased until this month. this is my favorite from the line (which has a lot of properly amazing scents). but i think it's one of the more unsung heros (behind tainted love--which i also own--and everything & nothing--which i considered purchasing because i loved the name of it). i'll add more if any come to me and will post a pic too, later   what about you guys ??
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Loving a few things this month:   NARS The Multiple in Luxor. I'm very fair and cool toned and I find gold toned highlights don't seem to suit me well. This is the per... see post
Following a wonderful month of April deals comes MAY, one of the most colourful months of the year for me!!   I love all the fun sets and gorgeous shades that pop up in May!   May makes me want to clean out colours I'm not using and stock up on some gorgeous new shades!   i hope everyone has an a-may-zing month!!!  😛    
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I really like the Millesime Imperial but in general I like citrus and amber scents :). Perfume IS so personal. I usually wear Neroli Portofino by TF or Cartier Concentre... see post
Obssessed but I found an outlet!
So I recently started a blog about skincare, makeups and just overall beauty and lifestyle.  I wanted to let BeautyTalk know and ask for support from all you beauties.  I hope this isn't out of place, because Beauty Talk is part of my inspiration and reasoning for starting a blog. Plus, I buy 95% of my products from Sephora.   If you like what you see, please support me by following on Google+ and/or Bloglovin. You can find me by searching for callmefafi.   Thanks!
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Thanks so much guys for your support and love! I really appreciate it! Things are going well and Sephora is definitely my favorite store to shop for all my beauty needs.... see post
Does anyone buy products just for the packaging?
I just received my Smashbox + Donald Robertson lipstick and it is missing the sleeve. I am so sad! Part of the appeal for me was the pretty packaging and I can't help feeling disappointed about it. I like to keep LE packaging although most of the time it is just a bit of a pain to keep the products in them, lol!   Do you ever buy products just for their pretty packaging? Do you keep the products inside or do you store it another way?
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Guerlain Meteorites see post
Used to hate it, now you love it?
I just realized I've become obsessed with matte eyeshadows. I hated matte eyeshadows, like, last month. With my hooded eyes, mattes just look so much better above my crease and they tend to stay a lot longer. I've worn matte shadows every single day this week so far, and I don't want to stop!   Anyone else a flip-flopper on beauty products? What product(s) did you used to hate and now love? Or the other way around, products you used to love and now hate?  
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I now love bright/unique/bold lip colours and I never thought I'd say that. I used to stay loyal to my pinky-coral-nudes but since last summer I've been wearing bold col... see post
Anyone wishing Sephora to have more information on ingredients?
I find that Sephora often lacks information on ingredients, often just mentioning some active ingredients or nothing at all.    On the other hand, Nordstrom has much more information on ingredients. Why doesn't Sephora include  ingredients list in their product information?    I mean, it's not too hard to gather information by myself, but it definitely would be nicer and time-saving...    
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I know a mod has chimed in before on this topic and told us that they list whatever information is provided by the brand, so if they don't send anything then it's not po... see post
Shopping: The Heart Says Yes, The Head Says No
We all know the feeling. You see a lovely product, and instantly want to buy it. But then the cruel little Scrooge inside your head says "NO! You're never going to use this, you don't need it!" But the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes doesn't listen to the head.   This is a thread for those products you know you don't need and won't use, but want anyway. Maybe it's a beautiful color that doesn't complement your skin, or that you have no place to wear. Maybe it's just a product type you never use, but like the idea of. Maybe you wouldn't mind buying it anyways but Gosh! $50 dollars is a lot for a product you'll never use.   Here you can share the products you're internally struggling with,  and why you're struggling with them, as well as the ones you've broken down and bought anyways, and if you regret the purchase or not.    I currently have three impractical temptations.  1. Poe. It's a beautiful color, it's sparkly, dark blue goes nicely with my complexion, and it's named after my favorite poet. But realistically, how often am I going to wear a blue lipstick? Where am I going to wear a blue lipstick? It doesn't even go with any of my outfits. But still, it sure is pretty, and will probably end up it my cart one of these days.   2. Tarte's Rainforest After Dark Palette. I already have dupes of most of the eye shadow colors, and the blush, bronzer, and highlighter aren't particularly flattering shades for me. But I LOVE the packaging. I just can't quite justify $40 for a gold snake though haha.   3. Anything nail polish.  I never wear nail polish for some reason, but I keep seeing all these colors that I want to get "just in case." Thing is, I already have several "just in case" colors that I love, and I still only use them at most three times a year. Oh well.   So how about it? What products are you all struggling with?
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Face Mask
Hello Glamour Guys and Gals!       I was wondering what the best face mask for combination skin is. I use the Clinique 3 step system and I LOVE it, but I would like to supplement with a mask. Any suggestions?   XOXO Sarah
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I recommend using samples for supermud first if you have sensitive skin! I surely read so many rave reviews yet it irritates my skin. I heard so many good things about i... see post
What are your favorite stila all day lipstick colors?
The shopping channel website currently has stila all day liquid lipstick set on sale for $39 for two.The sets are either Patina/ Carina or Bellissima/ Beso. I am torn... BT, which are your favorites? which do you think are most wearable?  I see Patina popping up a lot lately, but I am worried it will be too dark for my pale complexion once it dries (I'm not as edgy as some of you ladies on here haha)   (if anyone wants the link to the actual item just pm me )
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haha aww thats fantastic ! i say, if you're trying to venture away from lighter colors, patina is the perfect way to test the waters. neutral enough to not feel too bold... see post
Ever looked up expiration date of your skincare?
All the great GWP and promotions make me REALLY want to buy skincare. Instead, I decided to go look up expiration date of my ~100 products and I am NOT happy. =(   I'm gonna go take a shower because I believe my neck and bo obs are also in need of some vitamin C/brightening serum and emulsions for, like, everyday for next two month. Maybe I should start rubbing peels over the spots and bumps on my knee/back of arm.....   Have you ever looked up expiration date of a product? or throw any skincare out?
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I purchased a full-sized eye cream last year - something I don't normally do.  I was quite happy with it until I realized the jar indicated it would only be good for 6 m... see post
whats in your purse?
Whats in your purse/travel bag/desk today?    Ok, so I definitely need to clean out my bag! This is whats in my purse this morning! 2 lip brushes, 3 powders, a set of mini brushes, a mirror, 2 nail files, an eyeliner,  a mascara,  2 lip stains, 2 balms, 5 glosses, 13 lippies, 2 perfumes, blotting papers, and a lotion.    My general plan is to have blotting papers, powder, lipgloss, lip balm, a red lippy, a mlbb lippy, lotion, a nail file, a mini perfume and my lippy of the day. 
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Mmm, ginger. ♥ see post
Dr. Brandt passed away
I just read Dr. Brandt was found deceased today. He was only 65, it makes me so sad. I loved listening to his program on Sirius XM.     RIP
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I’m just now finding out about the death of Dr Brandt. Sad to hear another wonderful human being was taken from us due to this terrible illness. The world needs to reali... see post
My Day at Sephora
The Sephora that I usually go to is always pretty busy. However in the last couple weeks I have been going the service has not been the best. Today, the employees were going around a lot and no one answered  me when I needed help which was a bit frustrating. However, they are very busy so I do understand. On the bright side I was ecstatic when I found some products! Benefit's Dandelion blush appeals to me because of how natural it looks on. Also, I finally found a powder that doesn't irritate my face. Has anyone ever had a day like mine? haha
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Me too! SAs offering help when I don't need one probably only have good intention to help. Those who don't offer help at all are negligent ones... see post
Impatient me!
It seems that VIB sale is coming soon, yet I can't wait to buy this stuff!!!!!! I've seen this in some youtube video and I need a concealer brush. Should I wait...or is this question too dumb
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I' in habit of buying expensive makeup brushes because my skin is dry and some more expensive complexion brushes make difference on my face! (I don't think it's necessar... see post
Spending on Cosmetics - What would you buy?
I found this fun infographic about how women feel about their make-up and what they spend on it, so I thought I would share.     It says the average woman spends aprox. $2200 (converted and rounded from Euros) a year on cosmetics.  If the average woman spends $2200, then I know most of BT is probably way over that (I dont want to add mine up - I would rather be in denial)!  It also says that the average woman has 54 items in her make-up collection.    Just for fun:   If someone gave you $200 (based on the above calculation) to spend at Sephora today what would you buy?   How many items are in your make-up collection?  
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probably the simple human mirror! see post
No rouge promos and no sales makes Misscg go.....
...on a shopping spree else where! I'm not sure if I should be thanking Sephora or still be pissed but my makeup collection is satisfied. And no this isn't a complaining post but about the nutty things I have done to get my makeup/beauty fix on elsewhere..... I think what takes the cake is I opened a Nordstrom card and in the mall I frequent, Nordstrom and Sephora are located right next to each other, so I think my love affair with Sephora is sadly...dying o_O   I've become LE obsessed, promo gwp overwhelmed, and sale/discount savvy all from the lack of love from my original bae Sephora (did I really just use the word bae?!) So yes, all of this unrequited love has drove me crazy... What has Sephora done to make you a little nutty this year?
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Plenty of other places for him to complain about women on the internet ... think he got rejected by gamergate? see post
Buzzfeed's 13 Emotions Everyone Experiences In Sephora
Please tell me some of you have read this Buzzfeed post.  I found it on my facebook wall tonight and some of it hits too close to home.  I confess, my husband holds his breath when we walk near a Sephora and I never get just what I came for.   My favorite:   "Every time you go in for a foundation match, you get a different result.  Is my face ten thousand shades?  Will I ever discover the One (true match for my skin tone)?"   Did they miss anything or nail it?     I needed to share this and enjoy it with people who would get it!  
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
😜 thanks!  see post
anyone want to guys over things they fell in love with in march ? or re-in love with ?   STILA has been doing it for me. the end of march brought me both their stay all day liquid lipstick in 'beso' (a neutral but bold red), and their stay all day liquid liner, which is FANTASTIC.  ....even though i've had patina (liquid lipstick color) off and on for years, i had kind of written off stila. stila is what people wore in high school when they could go to sephora instead of the drug store. not that should matter (it doesn't) but i think it just left that sort of unconscious impression on me. but i eat my unspoken words: STILA has brought me my 2 favorite products of the past month !!   i also realized just how much i love my TATA HARPER replenishing nutrient complex (facial oil). it was a slow burn that has turned into a passionate love affair. (i now remember this was in my feb faves but i'm keeping it here because i'm still feelin' it)   and lastly, voluspa french cade and lavender candle. i think it was originally released as a LE but was extended into the permanent collection. it's basically the best smelling lavender candle i've ever encountered. i've bought 2 this month (voluspa is so freakin cheap.) and i've already burnt through both--but my apartment has been smelling of heaven. there are so many candles out there that i love (diptyque fig, NEST moroccan amber...) but i would be perfectly happy with only having this candle for the rest of my life. i even took some of the wax and used it as a solid perfume. can't get enough.   i'll add more below if anything else occurs to me
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BEAUTY GURU laurennnlove / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
Since you love the MUFE matte primer so much, can I ask you for advice on how you use it?? I thought I would love this for my oily skin, but whenever I use it, it makes ... see post
Where do you store your makeup?
After a thread on here today, I got to thinking. Where and how do you store your makeup? I keep my every day makeup in a bag in my purse. All day, all night, all the time. That keeps just what I wear every day. BB cream, primer, powder, naked basics, mascara, eye liner ( liquid and pencil ) mascara, a couple of lip liners, 4 lippies, blush and a few assorted blushes. These go with me EVERYWHERE. At home i have a 3 drawer organizer in my bathroom, with each drawer full and dedicated to different things. One is full of nothing but just face makeup. powder, foundation, blush, things like that. One for eyes, and one for lippies. I also have 2 storage cabinets in my bathroom where i keep my skin care in one and then another full of my hair products. I also have another organizer full of nail polish and then one more for samples. It is a cute little cloth box, and i want to say i got the idea off of here! Anyways! Tell me where you store ladies!!
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HALL OF FAMER vegchililover78 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
That is very functional! Thanks for sharing! see post
The Beauty Monologue....
For the beauty-obsessed community, I just wanted to write down my mental processes whenever I find myself trapped in a beauty shopping spree. I truly truly need help with my habit but that's a different story. This is purely for your enjoyment:   SO I'm either bored, stressed, annoyed or just want to intentionally distract myself. I'm supposed to just be "browsing" Sephora and my other beauty sites yet I'm armed with the latest promo codes but really not intending to buy anything... really . Then I just so happen to drop things that might be interesting to own into my cart. A couple hours later I've got a cart full of things on 3 different sites and ooh surprise: I now qualify for my promo code..hmm that just mysteriously happened. But I'm not really gonna buy this stuff...I just wanna see what it looks like in my cart  right . Close the pages. Later on reminder emails pop up letting me know I have things in my cart (diablo!). I'm back on..just looking...and thinking. Hmm, free shipping, free giftset, rewards points, maintain reward status... It's not that much $$$, I'll make it my last purchase for the year...okay maybe I won't buy anything for another couple months...unless I get a big discount. I can give some of these items as gifts. That way I'm not just selfishly shopping. Ok, lets go over the cart once more, maybe there's some stuff I don't really have to have right now. Hmm, I can get rid of *this* and still meet the promo/free shipping. The reviews on it aren't great anyway. Ok, total came down a bit, there not so bad! Now which credit card should I use...ok, maybe debit for this and credit on the other stuff. Definitely not the joint account, hubby will kill me...or not. Nah, don't wanna chance it. Still, he understands, we all have our vices and he likes the fact that I like to keep up my appearance. He's so understanding. Maybe I should go over this purchase with him.'s not that much. Geez it's just makeup, not a new car! Okay, let me have this shipped to my office since we may not be home (subconsciously, it's because I don't want my new purchases discovered). Ok, deep breath...hit " Submit Order "...done! Elation, victory, excitement, anticipation of bragging rights, guilt, satisfaction, acceptance.      Relate much?  
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HALL OF FAMER newandaddicted / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Mine goes something like this...   "Do you have anything like this?  Well I don't know maybe probably.  You should go check it out in person...really Ev? (my nickname ... see post
$137 is the average total cost of a woman's makeup?
I just read in a back issue of Rachael Ray - "$137.  That's the average total cost of your makeup. And for a third of you that number actually goes north of $200!"   OMG!  I carry more than this in my purse.  
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I loved this! Haha same question!!!  see post
Do you find yourself being fiercely brand loyal?
I find because of my sensitive acne prone skin that certain brands work well for me. I also fear that I get caught up with a brand and if I want a product it takes very little to sway me (if I have the money for it of course) I have acquired almost all the Tarte Clay blushes and the Kat Von D LE palettes...etc. It's like a sickness. Very hard for me to try new brands!
see post
I am more so brand loyal with my lipstick. Bite Beauty. I do have other brands however, I tend to prefer Bite over everything else. Oh and my hair products too. see post
Ulta 21 days- regrets
I absolutely love the 21 days sale Ulta has twice a year.  However, I find myself regretting NOT buying certain items as the become on sale that day due to trying to have some restraint.  They make it very difficult for Platinun members with free shipping with no minimum, and lots of deals/stackable beauty breaks/coupons, etc...   In particuliar, I regret not buying more Butter London polishes, and I shouldve bought a Stila lip gloss yesterday.  I also highly regret not buying some Stila liners.  I am also glad I traded for a Clarisonic brush head since there isnt one on sale this time...   Anything you regret NOT buying or anything you wish you hadn't bought?  Share ladies!
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This genius forgot about the ABH clear brow gel being 50% off a few days ago. It's been on my Sephora wish list for a while and I was excited to be able to get it for ha... see post
Is your lipstick worth its weight in gold?
I recently bought my first Guerlain lipstick - Rouge G in #78 Gladys.  I knew the package was hefty, but never realized it would be this hefty.  I love the colour, but to tell you the truth, the package is more than I bargained for (well, I didn't bargain at all.  It costs bloody $53!).   So I weighed 4 high end lipsticks to see how they fare:   Dior Rouge                - 32g (Feather weight) Chanel Rouge Allure - 36g (Welter weight) Tom Ford                   - 49g (Heavy Weight) Guerlain Rouge G      - 83g (WAT?!)   The cost of the lipsticks seem to be aligned with their weights too.  Well, except the Guerlain....that is discounted to an inexpensive $53!   :-D   I like heavy lipsticks like TF and Hourglass, but Guerlain is just a bit too fussy.   I am discouraged about exploring this line much more to be honest.   What do you guys feel about good products that are unwieldy, too heavy, too large....does it matter?  
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I actually don't feel bad about tossing Bite minis in my purse to go, since the grey barrels are nothing special. see post
Any brand you love, but not very well-known?
I'm really into natural organic skincare this year, so I have discovered a lot of great indie brands. Any brand you love, but less well-known to others? It can be skin care or make up.   Here are some great brands I discovered: Pai  Estelle & Thild  Kimberly Sayer  Lily Lolo   What's yours?    
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HALL OF FAMER ballerinagrl / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Verso - incredibly strong but non-irritating retinol serums and creams Julie Hewitt - LA-based MUA; love her makeup palettes - so pigmented eyeshadows and blushers! Od... see post
30+ Days Of Spring Colors ( Lippie Challenge... Or Just Good Ol' Fun )
I started this in Greenie's thread, but, people suggested to make a new thread for this, so here we are...   So, Spring is finally here. Or... sort of.... ( But, that snow the other day has nothing to do with the bright yellow and pastel green I feel like wearing, right? )   Anyway, I was thinking we could do 30+ day challenge of Spring ( and Summer ) colors, just for fun, and the heck of it. Let's have some fun! If anyone feels like joining me, please do. If you don't want to do the challenge, please feel free to stop by just because, whenever and why ever you feel like to.   Let's paint the BT with Spring colors, ladies and gents!   Lippie junkies united!!!     P.S. It turned out I need to remove what's left of my "wisdom" asap... so.... I'll start the fun, and re-join you as soon as I can. But, you go ahead and have fun. I'll be watching, and live through you all!   Day 1 - Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral Day 2 - NARS Audacious in Brigitte + NARS lip gloss in Priscilla Day 3 - MAC Candy Yum Yum Day 4 - Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Romanesque Day 5 - NARS Audacious in Brigitte ( lightly ) over MAC Rosy Rim lip pen Day 6 - NARS Audacious in Angela Day 7 - UD Revolution in Bang             KVD's Bachelorette ( the liquid one ) Day 8 - Tom Ford Pink Dusk over Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral Day 9 - Maybelline Vivids in Vivid Rose Day 10 - NARS Audacious in Dominique + MAC Pink Pigeon Day 11 - Maybelline Vivids in On Fire Red Day 12 - KVD Painted Love lippie in A Go Go Day 13 - KVD Bauhau5 ( the liquid one ) with some gloss on top Day 14 - MAC Vegas Volt with a little help from MAC Chic Trick lip pen Day 15 - Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in So Sofia Day 16 - Maybelline Vivids in Hot Plum Day 17 - LORAC Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Color in True Red Day 18 - NARS Audacious in Dominique + MAC lip pen in Heroine Day 19 - MAC Pink Plaid Day 20 - UD Revolution lippie in Streak, with a little help from MAC's Rosy Rim lip pen Day 21 - LORAC PRO Matte Lip Color in Violet, with a little help from MAC's lip pen in Heroine Day 22 - NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien Day 23 - MAC Reel Sexy Day 24 - Covergirl Divine Day 25 - Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Infamous Day 26 - Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Rubellite Day 27 - MAC Up The Amp Day 28 - MAC Violetta Day 29 - Tom Ford Pink Dusk + Givenchy Rose Dressing Day 30 - MAC Dear Diary + lip pen in Embrace Me Day 31 - Tom Ford Julian + NARS Audacious Fanny Day 32 - NARS Audacious Raquel + MAC lip pen in Chick Trick
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thanks lyra! This reminds me a bit of OCC Black Dahlia, which I already have.   How do you find liners to go with your lipsticks? Do you take your lipsticks to the sto... see post