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Just starting this new thread to keep us updated on all new collections, launches and releases for Summer; following up the Spring Collections thread you can check out here /Spring-2015-Collections/td-p/1825800   I’ll leave here what we already found for this upcoming summer season   MAC Wash and Dry LE Spoiler (Highlight to read) Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkins Summer 2015 (found by  lachaton) Guerlain Summer by Terracotta 2015 Fall Collections - /FALL-2015-COLLECTIONS/m-p/1927188#M95163  
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Omg that face :) see post
What are you wearing today?
Was asked to post an updated thread. Let's continue the fun shall we?   What are you wearing today?   1. nars sheer glow foundation, mont blanc 2. perricone md no bronzer bronzer 3. urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, original 4. too faced chocolate bar palette 5. benefit theyre real mascara 6. rimmel london stay matte powder, natural 7. benefit dallas 8. nars blush, sin 9. buxom full on lipstick, las vegas
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Me too, gorgeous! ;) see post
All around the world
So I have been talking to so many fellow BT ladies lately. And all have been amazing. In my conversations the topic of where everyone is from came up, and swapping care packages with your regional goodies. Is this something anyone else would be interested in doing? Kinda like the awesome maple Canada candies lol and me being from Louisiana, well, we have our own breed of everything down here!
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Love it!!!  Thanks!!! see post
MOTD: Mask Of The Day!
I thought it'd be fun to create a thread where we share our 'mask faces'! I'd love to see how lovely & silly you all look with masks on It'd be great if you mention the name of the mask you are using as well!   I'll start things off!   Tonight I am using the Lush Magnaminty mask  
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That look on your doggie's face is priceless!!! Luv it ♡ see post
The Giddy Post - Did you order something today?? (;
Are you riding a high from an order you placed today?? Do tell. 
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It's beautiful! see post
Ok so I've been wanting to make this thread for a while. I've also been wanting to start a "random thoughts" thread...but I figured I'd separate the categories so that at least the "beauty" one is on the front page, rather than hidden in off topic. So, have a beauty-related thought but don't think it's worth starting a thread about ? Post it here !   today I got a facial at an extraordinarily nice spa. A real treat. And the results were immediate and truly great. But guys: she pulled out a clarisonic and a foamy cleanser for that first initial cleanse, and I nearly had a heart attack. Great for a lot of people but most of you know how I feel about those things !!!!!! Overall, as I said, it was great and my skin is happy. But sheesh.
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Yesssss. I love mine, definitely going to get another one. see post
....i used 'jubilant'. i waited all month for this (for those who know what i'm talking about). I MEANT TO USE "JAUNTY". I SHOULD NOT MAKE POSTS AFTER HAVING A SAKE COCKTAIL. fail.   ok....what have been my favorite things this month ???   PIXI glow tonic . i only got this toward the end of the month, but i love it. i use it in the morning before i put on any serum/oil and moisturizer (typically after i use the CLINIQUE *mild* clarifying lotion, if i happen to use it in the morning, sometimes i don't). it smells really nice yet not overbearing at all. can be sprayed over makeup to refresh your foundation if it's looking a bit patchy / dehydrated. totally works ! ....which leads me to CLINIQUE mild clarifying lotion . this is the only one in the range that does not contain alcohol. i wish it were called something different, actually, because the clarifying lotions have SUCH a reputation. but with consis use over the past month, i've found that some stubborn congestion on my chin has gone away completely, due to the salicylic acid. while things like the FAB pads give good 'glow' and help with gentle exfoliation (with the glycolic and lactic acid), the salicylic is good for stubborn unclogging. NYX lip liner in pale pink . it is quite pale, almost greyish pink. but because it leans grey rather than blue, it doesn't look garish or too "barbie" (which is great for a lot of women but not on me). just a unique color which is a good base for nudey pink lips (particularly with the slightly warmer MAC honey love, my go-to and always-favorite.) SEPHORA COLLECTION eyeliner in 'strawberry macaroon' . perfect waterline color. can look very natural, but also great for smokey eye looks because it gives a bit of that heroin chic sheen when contrasted with darker liner/shadows. can't beat the price. i put this in my favorites a couple months ago, i think, but i've only been using it regularly this month. i'd be remiss in not mentioning it again.   SHISEIDO wetforce spf 50 . because it works. and i really needed something that works WELL while in hawaii. i'm proof because i easily could've turned full-lobster if using anything less effective.  BUMBLE AND BUMBLE hairdresser's invisible oil shampoo, conditioner and hair "primer" . this is the only shampoo and conditioner i've used all month (which isn't saying much as i only wash my hair once a week, really, but still)-- with the slight exception of putting AVEDA dry remedy hair masque on the ends (which i will consider a monthly favorite, too). my hair is more manageable than it's been the entirety of my growing-out process. i've loved any b&b shampoo and conditioner i've tried, really. highly recommend. edited to add: sake cocktails . because they taste like whatever heaven you mix the sake with (in this case: watermelon juice and lavender) and leave you feeling STUPID and happy.    alright ! how about you guys ?
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Ok, I just had to stop by to say - tee hee! :D   Oh, and - I love NYX lip liner in Pale Pink. see post
Brand Addiction: Nothing But Love Post!
Hi, my name is LCResz, and when I fall in love with a brand I explore it from top to bottom! I know everyone on here is a bonafide beauty addict, so let's celebrate our obsessions! Remember, the first step is admitting it is not a problem, it's a collection   Here are all of my Jo Malone perfumes and oils, not including minis because my love of minis is well documented in older threads   Post your addictions, er, um, collections of single brands here!
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HALL OF FAMER blackkitty2014 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Lippie army :) see post
Ho Ho Holidays 2015!
Ok, forgive me, I know it is only June!  Is anyone else already thinking of wonderful things to come? I have visions of Limited editions, special sets and palettes dancing in my head! I can't wait to see what gift sets, gifts with purchase, and Sephora Favorites are coming our way! Black Friday deals and specials that we can't wait to get our hands on!!   Lets share some of our favorites from the past and wishes for the future, and them post pics as we get closer and start finding out what we have to get for the holidays!
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I didnt buy it last year exactly because of the packaging. This one looks more practical to me.  see post
My OCD started kicking after meganlisa suggested the creation of the Summer thread so why not have a Fall one already just to keep ourselves organized?    Here we go   Burberry and Dior Fall 2015 (Found by Rhiannon1419)   Spring Collections - /Spring-2015-Collections/td-p/1825800 Summer Collections - /SUMMER-2015-COLLECTIONS/td-p/1927119
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It's on the QVC site also and it includes a double ended brush for $38 I think see post
Lost forever?
I realized when I was packing for my trip to Florida at the beginning of the month that one of my lipsticks is missing. I really don't have that many, so it's not like I have a lot to keep track of. But it's Fanny from the Audacious like and she's my favorite pink. I don't have a dupe for that shade and I've wanted to wear it a few times this month and I can't find it ANYWHERE!    Do you guys ever lose makeup? Or is it just me and my scatterbrained self. 
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HALL OF FAMER waterbaby1981 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Yes!  This has been me for as long as my family and I can remember.  Didn't matter if I wasn't home, if my sisters went into my room when I was younger, I noticed when I... see post
Christmas in July!
I was browsing through some holiday holdovers for fun.   Will you be picking anything up or do you already own something below?   Do you see other items from Christmas-past that are still waiting to be loved??  
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HALL OF FAMER beauty2sample / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
This Benefit Parfait set is hanging around, too.  I found it on sale at SiJCP in January, so why is it still full-price on  Puh-lease.   http://www.sephor... see post
Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?
trying new products can be...overwhelming. do you love a product because it works ? can you tell right away if it's performing the way you want it to ? sometimes i'm so happy to finally try something and let my enthusiasm blind my  actual  impression of it (at least at first )   it takes time to come to proper conclusions ! particularly when it comes to skincare, but makeup too.   so here's a thread where we can discuss our experiences while trying a product  for a first time. it can also be a place that people can reference if they're considering a new product.   right now i'm trying a sample of the REN v-cense night cream. i've only used it for 2 nights so far, but i LOVE IT. i love it so much i'm tempted to go ahead and grab it up, but i need to make sure it doesn't break me out over time (it contains shea butter which *can* be a breakout trigger for me, but not necessarily). it smells of frankincense which i adore, but i know for some people would be a turn off.   i'm also checking out the VICHY aqualia thermal serum. i really love the CAUDALIE vinosource s.o.s. thirst quenching serum, and prefer the texture of it to the VICHY, but think the caudalie may break me out slightly (i also was probably overusing it...i was very enthusiastic). so i'm just trying to figure out which i prefer.   how about you ?   __________ post trial edit about the products above: i had to skip on the REN because the shea butter in it was too heavy for my skin. and i suppose buying something simply for the smell isn't the best use of my moola the VICHY aqualia thermal serum, however, is in my permanent arsenal. i've already repurchased once since starting this thread, and have turned a few people on to it too ! 
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I love my facial oils. I also use a prescription retinol at night and found the oils nourish my skin more then any other product. I recently figured out I can't use Luna... see post
Boxes boxes everywhere!!!
So I seem to be getting alot of requests for another AATW box trade. If there are enough people who are interested, this has been the most fun trade I have been a part of! Anyone interested in joining round 2?
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I've PMed Traci to see if round two is imminent or what the story is, hopefully we hear something soon!  see post
Joyful June Hauls 2015
Can't wait to see what everyone is having fun with this month!!!  It's also the month of my birthday so I"m looking forward to celebrating with other Geminis as well! Here's to a joyful June jubilee..Cheers!
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Mine, too!  I will probably end up using it for earrings or something small :) see post
Sample Saturday
As 2014 comes to a close, I have resolved to actually  use  my samples in 2015. I've seen some other ladies make similar statements on here as well.  So... I've established "Sample Saturday". Every Saturday I plan to pick a sample (or two) and use it!  I thought this would be a fun way for me to use my sample stash and I wanted a way to record my thoughts so I thought I'd start a thread.    If you want to play along, grab a sample and let's get going!  I thought we could post what product we are trying and our first impressions, adding follow up information when necessary.    Tonight I am trying:   * Phyto Tous Cheveux Secret De Nuit; Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream First impression: It's not heavy or greasy, as I thought it would be. I applied it to towel-dried hair after I got out of the shower.  I like that it's not heavy but so far I don't feel like it's moisturizing my hair at all. I applied extra to the ends of my hair as they are very dry and damaged (I need a haircut). We shall see how my hair feels in the morning!   * Stella Body Lotion (from the delight promo) First impression: This lotion smells lovely but it's really watery and I don't feel like it moisturizes my skin at all. I prefer heavy lotions and wear primarily body butters. It smells amazing and is by far my best smelling lotion, it's just too watery and lightweight for me. I will, however, continue to use it because it smells so *$#^ delicious! =0) We'll see if my skin feels moisturized in the morning. 
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HALL OF FAMER chocopudding / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I've tried these recently:   - Phyto Tous Cheveux Secret De Nuit: I applied this at night, and it did hydrate my hair as an overnight treatment. Maybe it's just my hai... see post
Most used products and the ones we always repurchase!
I am sure we all have some products that we use the most and then we "run" to Sephora (or other stores) to repurchase and stock up on it, with a thought - "Just in case or I am about to finish up my other one, so I might as well pick up a back up now... etc" .    What are your most used products, the ones you know you'll go and repurchase no matter what?    Mine are: - Anastasia Brow Wiz -  ohh boy - this is one of my little fave things that I use the most and I buy few of them a year, just because I use it so often. - Nars Creamy Consealer - does its job, so smooth and gives me the coverage I need! - When Travelmate face masque <3 - so amazing, portable, and  travel safe/mess free!!  
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Mine would have to be Smashbox always sharp 3d liner in Galaxy, as well as Marc Jacobs liner in lunatic.  They are my faves! see post
What are you currently trying/testing?
Greetings everyone!  Hope everyone is having a positive summer so far.  As the title says, what are you currently trying or testing?  My response is down below.    Even on a limited buying period, I was able to sneak in one Armani Eyes To Kill intense eye shadow.  Overall, it's fun to play with.  Personal preference is to pick up the product with a clean finger and apply.  Seems to work better that way first.  Then going in with a brush if needed.  It can be used underneath or on top of other eye shadows to create unique color effects.  This has been one of my go tos for lazy eye makeup or to amp up a look this summer.  The only downside:  price.  Although debatable since there seems to be a lot of packed product in the jar.    Typically, tampering with my skincare usually ends up being disastrous.  However since I was borderline on free shipping (verge of the total being 50 anyway) from Shu Uemura, I decided to give the Ultime8 cleansing oil a try.  Helps there was a discount promotion too.    So far not too bad.  I am also wondering if the ingredients are actually beneficial or just marketing hype.  Not sure if I would buy again (tend to like the performance and price of the A/I formula better).  If all else fails, I can use the Ultime8 for the body instead.  It's only been a day so far so maybe my mind will change from there. 
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I'm currently testing some skincare products and was wondering how long is generally a good time to give skincare to see if it works or not? I'm just finishing day 4 of ... see post
Favorite Freebie or GWP of All Time?
Everyone loves a good GWP or even better yet a good freebie. What are one or some of your all time favorite GWP's or better yet freebies from Sephora or Department Stores and what you did you do to get it?   I've been very fortunate to meet some very good SA's in my favorite department store.  Here are a few of my all time memorable experiences:   1)While making a purchase at a BB counter, I qualified for the GWP($125) - standard 3 piece BB giveaway mini  lip palette, eye cream and a mascara.  Additionally, For FREE, in my bag I also received the GWP from Laura Mercier, Shiseido, & Keilh's. Very Nice Bonus - this is the equivalent to getting 3 500pt perks for free!!!   2)Items Received for Free for visiting counters while attending a store Beauty Trend Show - received a full sized New Release Butter of London Lip Stick,  2 sets of Erno Laslo Cleansing Oil/Soap/toner (3 piece deluxe sample set), while entering the store you got a Free continental breakfast and recycled tote with handful of foils/perfume samples and YSL Mascara (deluxe size). I did not make a purchase at this event, but have given them $$$ through the years.   3) Received a Full Sized Shiseido Moisturizer $$$.  This is in conjunction to my $50 shiseido purchase and the standard gwp. I believe Kiehl's does this too, in limited quantities a full size bonus step up item complimentary to the first few customers-these usually are gone early on during the event/promotion.   4) Best Sephora gwp/freebie - happened while shopping in store, I was browsing and purchased a skincare item and the rep from that line was there.  I received generous deluxe samples to try without asking, she just happen to have them available. The best surprises happen when you don't expect them.   What are some of your favorite GWP's or Freebie experiences?    
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I just made rouge, so I hope they come out with more good perks.  As I mentioned below, my experience is that the department stores have better perks, giveaways, but I d... see post
5 Things/Products You are Obsessed with right now .
Lately I have been going over my purchases and I noticed a tiny trend - I am obsessed with some things more than others.   So what are your 5 things/products that you are obsessed with lately (it could be anything - from food to clothing to makeup, etc)?   Mine are: - Skin care (Algenist, face masks, and serums) - Purses (bought 4 purses in one year, and continuing to look .. smh) - Starbucks (holiday drinks) - NARS creamy concealer - Bite Beauty
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I wish I lived somewhere by the beach , but pool does it for now. Went to the pool last night with hubby - was soo relaxing, besides people staring at me in 2 piece biki... see post
Show me yours, I’ll show you mine series – FACE
I thought I would create a series of discussion where we could all share our make-up stashes. This is just meant to be fun.   How it works: Just take a picture of the stash mentioned in this post and upload to the discussion board. Feel free to tell us what you like best and included swatches. I know some people would love that   Ok ladies time to share your make-up stash for your face. This includes foundations, concealers, powders, blushes, bronzers, primers, and illuminizers/highlighters.   This is the 1st in a series of post I will do. There is going to be one for eyes, lips, brushes, nails, perfume, skin care, body care, and hair care.   I must warn you… I’ve been a MAC addict for years and years. lol  
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Thank you!  That actually does!   see post
Parks and Rec Officially Dubbed Today "Treat Yo Self 2015"
For the many fans of Parks and Rec here in BT, that magical day is upon us....   If you needed one more reason to splurge or make that your inner Tom and Donna and TREAT YO SELF!
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Turf n' turf, I like your style see post
Sephora France
My dad just got back from a business trip in France and obviously my mother and I made a list of France-exclusive products that we wanted to get.   The only downside is that when my dad gave the SA our list (which was individual product page print outs from the Sephora FR website) she mistakenly gave him a Chanel Allure Deodorant instead of the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle deodorant. Which we obviously can no longer return. And of course my dad didn't think to double check the list because how hard can it be to read and look at the picture and give him the correct product?   But he did get everything else on the list and I'm really happy with my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle France-exclusive products like the Hair Mist and the Body Mist. The body mist smells soooo nice!! And my mom is super happy with her YSL Rive Gauche and her Chanel stuff.   And the amount of samples he came home with was insane!! He got 4 deluxe samples and they were huge!! And he also got 10+ perfume samples. All of this he got at checkout without even having to ask (and he didn't even know you could ask for samples). They even threw in a Guerlain laptop/ipad protective cover/bag (at least I think that's what it is). I was really really impressed that they gave him all those samples. When I spend the same amount of money here I have to practically beg them for a sample with my purchase (and I only get one) and in France they're giving them out like candy.   Next time he goes back to France for business I will get my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Deodorant.
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Who is as dumb as me? Feel free to add anything dumb/funny you did lately!
Today as I am looking through the orders that are on the way to me I noticed that I ordered 2 more of the same product. One I have already (GA Brow Maestro-ordered same color, wanted to order a different one). And I placed two different orders for Glamglow Thirstycleanse! What a dumbo! Now both those orders will have to be returned...ugh! I just can't believe I did this considering I was checking and rechecking my orders. And yes...I ordered them all from Sephora! Go ahead laugh and tell me what I already know,...I am indeed an addict and a goofy one at that. I'm blaming it on the weather since I think it's causing more confusion than usual! Ok that and a serious lack of sleep...zzzzzzz (I wish!)
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I am a long-time klutz and what's worse is this bad quality always seems to rear its ugly head when I'm at my parents' house. As a kid and teenager I was always destroyi... see post
Challenge: Let's see your comicbook/superhero inspired looks!
There has to be some fellow superhero/comicbook nerds here on BT.  Let's see your superhero and comicbook inspired makeup looks!  I've seen some great inspiration from YT's madeyewlooktwice, and I've gotta admit, it's pretty badass.  Let's see what our fellow BT nerds can come up with! Post your comic book/superhero inspired looks here!
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HALL OF FAMER ballerinagrl / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
You look utterly stunning and adorable! The eye and lip colors are fabulously fierce and perfect for Sailor Moon! :) see post
How do you store your makeup? SHOW US!!!
Hey guys. Just curious to see how other makeup lovers out there store/display their treasures. I got so sick and tired of having all my products in makeup bags and inside a fabric storage bin, that today i went out on a mission and found and purchases acrylic drawers. ( I cleared the shelves out at HomeSense LOL). Sadly I've asked them to try to get more for me.   Thinking some of us could post and share how we store our makeup to inspire or give each other some creative ideas to get organized.  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)         
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Hayworth lingerie chest? I have a couple of those and the lipsticks not in my spinning rack are in a drawer as well. It's really not a good "system" lol see post
whats in your bathroom/shower area
armani code rub on deodorant as well as spray, armani code after shave, armani sport cologne. axe stick for running jogging and biking,  scrub gloves for the shower.  toothbrush and paste, listerine, 2 combs paul mitchell mousse. free giveaways through sephora for the ladies.  And i have flash so i get my stuff here asap rather than looking like a creeper at the store. please do tell pics are welcome
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I love this! Super cute idea. In my shower area I have for the body: Chanel Bleu Body Wash, Molton Brown London Ylang-Ylang Body Wash & Orange Bergamont Body Wash.   F... see post
Why I can't use coconut oil/Who's pet stops them from using a product?
I recently purchased coconut oil to use as a beauty product. Today I used it on my legs as a moisturizer. I LOVED it. Unfortunately my doggie does too. He stalked me all through the house trying to lick my legs. I finally had to wash it off. Does anyone else have a product they can't use because of their animal?
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LMAO! see post
On and Off Topic- Happening Now in Beauty and Otherwise!
A lot of us love the Off Topic section of BeautyTalk.  Most of the fun goes down there.  The problem is it does not appear on the main page to accommodate the few who do not like it.  Many of us get busy and forget to check off topic.  Rather than sending a private message to multiple people to remind them to get over there, it would be nice to have one thread on the main page to remind people to get over there.   New to Beautytalk and not quite sure how to get over there?  No worries.  Follow this link: _Topic   So here are the rules of this thread.  If you see something in off topic you want others to see, write a quick message here.  Be sure to write something beauty related in each message as well.  If not, this thread can get moved, and the whole purpose will be defeated.   I'll start. Guzelkiz has an awesome thread about personalities right now.  Great read.  Also, I got two new pretty palettes today!  The NARS dual intensity palette and the Hourglass Modernist Atmosphere are mine.  They're lovely!
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I see the difference too but it's really super tiny. Studded Kiss is a smidgen darker, cooler and the TF formula appears to have applied to a smoother finish.       see post
JUNE Empties :)
I love watching Empties videos on YT. Now that May is over, are there any products you are close or already finished with it? Post a mini review and let us know if you'll repurchase or not!     so here's my first   Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash - so this extra large bottle has been sitting in my shower for at least 4 months?? I am finally close to being done! I like it because it's a very gentle exfoliant and the scent is nice - but for me it doesn't give me the cleanest wash (meaning I have to wash my face twice in the shower to feel squeaky clean?) Will I repurchase? Probably not. I am moving on to the Glamglow Supercleanse Daily Cleanser - tried a sample of this and love the tingly feeling after it washes off!   
see post
I use it as basically a foot perfume. Without it, you don't want to be near my feet. I really need an antiperspirant for my feet. see post