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So... Who made Rouge again?
It's exactly 6 weeks into the year! Who has requalified for Rouge? Wave that shiny red card proudly! Don't worry, I just requalified, too. Oops.  
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haha my thoughts too! i'm surprised with myself!!!! see post
What are you wearing today?
Was asked to post an updated thread. Let's continue the fun shall we?   What are you wearing today?   1. nars sheer glow foundation, mont blanc 2. perricone md no bronzer bronzer 3. urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, original 4. too faced chocolate bar palette 5. benefit theyre real mascara 6. rimmel london stay matte powder, natural 7. benefit dallas 8. nars blush, sin 9. buxom full on lipstick, las vegas
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I wish I had picked up Cabaret when it was still available. That is a glorious color on you, MK. see post
What are the beauty products you can't live without?
If all your beauty products disappeared for some reason, which are the 5 items that you would repurchase first without any doubt ? In other words, these items would very likely be your holy grail products which you couldn't live without in your makeup collection. (If you can, try to list the products in order, having the most important item as your first time on your list)   1. Lip product: Fresh lip balm! It can be used as a lipbalm and can also give your lips color!   2. Mascara: ROLLER LASH! This is what make my eyes pop and open up.   3. A creamy concealer! Nars creamy concealer or the MUFE full cover concealer. It covers up the imperfections on my skin.   4. A palette! I This palette must be a holy grail that I could use for my eyes, nose (contouring), brows, and even my cheek! Then this could save me from having a few less items out of the 5.   5. Last but not least, I have to give my last item to my chloe love story perfume (or MJ daisy dream)! I love to smell great and fresh all day, cos the perfume I sprayed on could definitely affect the mood I am in that day       Thank goodness my makeup hasn’t disappeared, since it would be super hard and to choose only 5 items! I find this question really challenging (but fun at the same time) when I was asked by my cousins and friends who came to visit me. They were shocked by all the beauty products I have in my room. I know 5 products aren't enough, but I wanted to know what products would be on list of the others.   Let me know what your list would be like. I am really interested in knowing what would be the few items that all you lovelies couldn't live without    
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First would definitely have to be mascara and for that my all time favorite is L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black. I've used it for four years so far and still haven't fo... see post
Are you "trialing" a new product ? Want to talk about it ?
trying new products can be...overwhelming. do you love a product because it works ? can you tell right away if it's performing the way you want it to ? sometimes i'm so happy to finally try something and let my enthusiasm blind my  actual  impression of it (at least at first )   it takes time to come to proper conclusions ! particularly when it comes to skincare, but makeup too.   so here's a thread where we can discuss our experiences while trying a product  for a first time. it can also be a place that people can reference if they're considering a new product.   right now i'm trying a sample of the REN v-cense night cream. i've only used it for 2 nights so far, but i LOVE IT. i love it so much i'm tempted to go ahead and grab it up, but i need to make sure it doesn't break me out over time (it contains shea butter which *can* be a breakout trigger for me, but not necessarily). it smells of frankincense which i adore, but i know for some people would be a turn off.   i'm also checking out the VICHY aqualia thermal serum. i really love the CAUDALIE vinosource s.o.s. thirst quenching serum, and prefer the texture of it to the VICHY, but think the caudalie may break me out slightly (i also was probably overusing it...i was very enthusiastic). so i'm just trying to figure out which i prefer.   how about you ?   __________ post trial edit about the products above: i had to skip on the REN because the shea butter in it was too heavy for my skin. and i suppose buying something simply for the smell isn't the best use of my moola the VICHY aqualia thermal serum, however, is in my permanent arsenal. i've already repurchased once since starting this thread, and have turned a few people on to it too ! 
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I'm testing out the FAB Eye Duty Triple Remedy Overnight Balm. It's geared towards sensitive skin so I tried it out last night for the first time was an experie... see post
30+ Days Of Spring Colors ( Lippie Challenge... Or Just Good Ol' Fun )
I started this in Greenie's thread, but, people suggested to make a new thread for this, so here we are...   So, Spring is finally here. Or... sort of.... ( But, that snow the other day has nothing to do with the bright yellow and pastel green I feel like wearing, right? )   Anyway, I was thinking we could do 30+ day challenge of Spring ( and Summer ) colors, just for fun, and the heck of it. Let's have some fun! If anyone feels like joining me, please do. If you don't want to do the challenge, please feel free to stop by just because, whenever and why ever you feel like to.   Let's paint the BT with Spring colors, ladies and gents!   Lippie junkies united!!!     P.S. It turned out I need to remove what's left of my "wisdom" asap... so.... I'll start the fun, and re-join you as soon as I can. But, you go ahead and have fun. I'll be watching, and live through you all!   Day 1 - Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral Day 2 - NARS Audacious in Brigitte + NARS lip gloss in Priscilla Day 3 - MAC Candy Yum Yum Day 4 - Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Romanesque Day 5 - NARS Audacious in Brigitte ( lightly ) over MAC Rosy Rim lip pen Day 6 - NARS Audacious in Angela Day 7 - UD Revolution in Bang             KVD's Bachelorette ( the liquid one ) Day 8 - Tom Ford Pink Dusk over Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral Day 9 - Maybelline Vivids in Vivid Rose Day 10 - NARS Audacious in Dominique + MAC Pink Pigeon Day 11 - Maybelline Vivids in On Fire Red Day 12 - KVD Painted Love lippie in A Go Go Day 13 - KVD Bauhau5 ( the liquid one ) with some gloss on top Day 14 - MAC Vegas Volt with a little help from MAC Chic Trick lip pen Day 15 - Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in So Sofia Day 16 - Maybelline Vivids in Hot Plum Day 17 - LORAC Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Color in True Red
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lyra, you know, after that whole "the dress" meme (i'm sorry to bring it up, BUT...) i actually learnt (from reading scientific explanations for how it was even possible... see post
MOTD: Mask Of The Day!
I thought it'd be fun to create a thread where we share our 'mask faces'! I'd love to see how lovely & silly you all look with masks on It'd be great if you mention the name of the mask you are using as well!   I'll start things off!   Tonight I am using the Lush Magnaminty mask  
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I've got the derma doctor amethyst Kakadu mask on tonight.  My yellow skin makes it a most unappealing shade of blue/gray       see post
The Giddy Post - Did you order something today?? (;
Are you riding a high from an order you placed today?? Do tell. 
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I just placed an order at ulta! All of them are only for $33! Saved tons of money and $130 worth of gwps! It was a sweet sweet sweet buy😘 see post
Just starting this new thread to keep us updated on all new collections, launches and releases for Summer; following up the Spring Collections thread you can check out here /Spring-2015-Collections/td-p/1825800   I’ll leave here what we already found for this upcoming summer season   MAC Wash and Dry LE Spoiler (Highlight to read) Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkins Summer 2015 (found by  lachaton) Guerlain Summer by Terracotta 2015 Fall Collections - /FALL-2015-COLLECTIONS/m-p/1927188#M95163  
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Reeeally interested to see how Stone looks! see post
Spring 2015 Collections
So I've seen a couple of threads for specific Spring 2015 launches (MUFE 50 Shades, Nars, etc). I thought it would be cool to post any and all new collection releases/launches in the same thread. I was searching around trying to find the newest stuff and scout out my next purchases. Here's what I've found so far:   Dior Spring 2015 - Kingdom of Colors (Images from A Bit Of Blusher)     Guerlain Spring 2015 (Images from Rouge Deluxe) Isn't this collection so cute?!?!   
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HALL OF FAMER makeupobesessed / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Theres also the smashbox palette platinum deal for 26$ see post
whats in your purse?
Whats in your purse/travel bag/desk today?    Ok, so I definitely need to clean out my bag! This is whats in my purse this morning! 2 lip brushes, 3 powders, a set of mini brushes, a mirror, 2 nail files, an eyeliner,  a mascara,  2 lip stains, 2 balms, 5 glosses, 13 lippies, 2 perfumes, blotting papers, and a lotion.    My general plan is to have blotting papers, powder, lipgloss, lip balm, a red lippy, a mlbb lippy, lotion, a nail file, a mini perfume and my lippy of the day. 
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Mmm, ginger. ♥ see post
Shopping: The Heart Says Yes, The Head Says No
We all know the feeling. You see a lovely product, and instantly want to buy it. But then the cruel little Scrooge inside your head says "NO! You're never going to use this, you don't need it!" But the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes doesn't listen to the head.   This is a thread for those products you know you don't need and won't use, but want anyway. Maybe it's a beautiful color that doesn't complement your skin, or that you have no place to wear. Maybe it's just a product type you never use, but like the idea of. Maybe you wouldn't mind buying it anyways but Gosh! $50 dollars is a lot for a product you'll never use.   Here you can share the products you're internally struggling with,  and why you're struggling with them, as well as the ones you've broken down and bought anyways, and if you regret the purchase or not.    I currently have three impractical temptations.  1. Poe. It's a beautiful color, it's sparkly, dark blue goes nicely with my complexion, and it's named after my favorite poet. But realistically, how often am I going to wear a blue lipstick? Where am I going to wear a blue lipstick? It doesn't even go with any of my outfits. But still, it sure is pretty, and will probably end up it my cart one of these days.   2. Tarte's Rainforest After Dark Palette. I already have dupes of most of the eye shadow colors, and the blush, bronzer, and highlighter aren't particularly flattering shades for me. But I LOVE the packaging. I just can't quite justify $40 for a gold snake though haha.   3. Anything nail polish.  I never wear nail polish for some reason, but I keep seeing all these colors that I want to get "just in case." Thing is, I already have several "just in case" colors that I love, and I still only use them at most three times a year. Oh well.   So how about it? What products are you all struggling with?
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
5 Things/Products You are Obsessed with right now .
Lately I have been going over my purchases and I noticed a tiny trend - I am obsessed with some things more than others.   So what are your 5 things/products that you are obsessed with lately (it could be anything - from food to clothing to makeup, etc)?   Mine are: - Skin care (Algenist, face masks, and serums) - Purses (bought 4 purses in one year, and continuing to look .. smh) - Starbucks (holiday drinks) - NARS creamy concealer - Bite Beauty
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ohhh I feel you on the weather thing - here in KC its like forst its worm - just a very light long sleeve shirt, the next day its raining and must wear a jacket, then it... see post
Face Mask
Hello Glamour Guys and Gals!       I was wondering what the best face mask for combination skin is. I use the Clinique 3 step system and I LOVE it, but I would like to supplement with a mask. Any suggestions?   XOXO Sarah
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I recommend using samples for supermud first if you have sensitive skin! I surely read so many rave reviews yet it irritates my skin. I heard so many good things about i... see post
Be honest... How much have you spent YTD at Sephora Vs. Ulta
I had to update my totals... So YTD as of 04/06 I have spent at Sephora $272 and at ULTA $657. At miscellaneous stores I added it up and have spent $2109 so far... That brings my total spending on beauty at a little over $3000... I'm seriously going to have to start cutting back some seeing that I could have spent a week on a cruise ship with all that $$$$... But I look at my makeup drawers and it makes me happy so its a win/win right????           Normally I would have spent a lot more at Sephora by now but TBH none of the rewards or perks have really made me want to buy anything from Sephora... Even with the flash 2 day, I still find myself going to ULTA or Macy's, Nords or the brandssite because of the GWP incentives... I have spent so much money at Sephora the last couple of years and I think I am finally getting to a point where its few and far between because the perks just don't do anything for me anymore...
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Hahaha lord only knows how much I've spent and am going to spend at Sephora! I actually went to Ulta for the first time in my life, as an Ulta store was built in one of ... see post
Ever looked up expiration date of your skincare?
All the great GWP and promotions make me REALLY want to buy skincare. Instead, I decided to go look up expiration date of my ~100 products and I am NOT happy. =(   I'm gonna go take a shower because I believe my neck and bo obs are also in need of some vitamin C/brightening serum and emulsions for, like, everyday for next two month. Maybe I should start rubbing peels over the spots and bumps on my knee/back of arm.....   Have you ever looked up expiration date of a product? or throw any skincare out?
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I purchased a full-sized eye cream last year - something I don't normally do.  I was quite happy with it until I realized the jar indicated it would only be good for 6 m... see post
Feelgood Days
Anything ever happen that just instantly brightens up your day/week/month?     Recently I've been going through a rough patch but this morning my mother handed me some money and told me she was sorry for the way she acted. I no longer have to sell my game systems to try and make some payments, at least minimum. If I pay minimum.. more money for makeup. Logic. >_> I will be able to buy some items that I've had my eye on! And make an exchange too while I'm at it. This is one huge load off my shoulders because I think if you don't make a payment in time you get charged for a late fee which would've just been bad. 
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a good feeling.. i cut my hair today :) now i cant wait to buy some new shampoo. my hair will look a lot better for work too lol  see post
Lippies Everywhere!!!!!!!
Lippie here. Lippie there. Lippies everywhere!! So I thought I'd share my growing lippie collection and addiction. I know some of you ladies want to know what I have and from where or what. So here you guys go. Please share yours as well. I know I'm not alone here's my list not including minis/deluxe samples. Just the fulls. Nyx - Summer breeze. Pale pink. Perfect red. Mac - Satin: Myth. Retro matte: relentlessly red Maybellene - color sensational: Hibiscus haven. I'm blushing. Gloss in electric shock Bite Rouge LE: Lilac. Smashbox - Be legendary: Infrared matte. Pout. Electric pink. Pretty social. BL lipgloss Pout. Revlon- Matte nude. Super lustrous matte: stormy pink. Ultra HD: Orchid. Color burst matte balm: showy flamboyante. Covergirl - Hot Passion. Spellbound. Champagne. Enchantress. KVD. LL - Armageddon. Backstage Bambi. Berlin. Buxom - Pink Lady. Taylor. Lavendar Cosmo. Berry Blast. Isabella. Erin. Patricia. Nars - Pure matte lipstick: Montego Bay. In The Mail : Marc Jacobs Rouge LE: So Rouge Bite 003. Bite Luminous Créme: Cava   (I think I'm missing some in the pics. But yeah haha)      
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Newest additions. Missing pics of a small buxom set I got  though. Really need to start wearing all my lippies lol see post
What are your favorite stila all day lipstick colors?
The shopping channel website currently has stila all day liquid lipstick set on sale for $39 for two.The sets are either Patina/ Carina or Bellissima/ Beso. I am torn... BT, which are your favorites? which do you think are most wearable?  I see Patina popping up a lot lately, but I am worried it will be too dark for my pale complexion once it dries (I'm not as edgy as some of you ladies on here haha)   (if anyone wants the link to the actual item just pm me )
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haha aww thats fantastic ! i say, if you're trying to venture away from lighter colors, patina is the perfect way to test the waters. neutral enough to not feel too bold... see post
Dr. Brandt passed away
I just read Dr. Brandt was found deceased today. He was only 65, it makes me so sad. I loved listening to his program on Sirius XM.     RIP
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I’m just now finding out about the death of Dr Brandt. Sad to hear another wonderful human being was taken from us due to this terrible illness. The world needs to reali... see post
Do you find yourself being fiercely brand loyal?
I find because of my sensitive acne prone skin that certain brands work well for me. I also fear that I get caught up with a brand and if I want a product it takes very little to sway me (if I have the money for it of course) I have acquired almost all the Tarte Clay blushes and the Kat Von D LE palettes...etc. It's like a sickness. Very hard for me to try new brands!
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I am more so brand loyal with my lipstick. Bite Beauty. I do have other brands however, I tend to prefer Bite over everything else. Oh and my hair products too. see post
Limited Edition 2015 Madness….discuss and share here!
So lately, I've been a little crazy about Limited Editions. For example, I am really sad about not getting a hold of this Givenchy Confetti powder. I really want to be in on the next 'must have'…anyone have ideas/predictions of what will be the hottest limited editions coming up?   Historically, which limited editions have been those that sold out and became collector's items? I think my collection is getting to the point where I want to start adding those special pieces and be ready for them.  I think there was talk about the Estee Lauder Courreges Highlighter powder being an update of the Heat Wave, it's on pre-order on and quickly went out of stock on Sephora.        
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I love AdBlock!  I can't put it on my at work desktop so when I browse web pages on there it is soo annoying!  I'm so used to not seeing those dang ads. see post
Spending on Cosmetics - What would you buy?
I found this fun infographic about how women feel about their make-up and what they spend on it, so I thought I would share.     It says the average woman spends aprox. $2200 (converted and rounded from Euros) a year on cosmetics.  If the average woman spends $2200, then I know most of BT is probably way over that (I dont want to add mine up - I would rather be in denial)!  It also says that the average woman has 54 items in her make-up collection.    Just for fun:   If someone gave you $200 (based on the above calculation) to spend at Sephora today what would you buy?   How many items are in your make-up collection?  
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probably the simple human mirror! see post
Sample Saturday
As 2014 comes to a close, I have resolved to actually  use  my samples in 2015. I've seen some other ladies make similar statements on here as well.  So... I've established "Sample Saturday". Every Saturday I plan to pick a sample (or two) and use it!  I thought this would be a fun way for me to use my sample stash and I wanted a way to record my thoughts so I thought I'd start a thread.    If you want to play along, grab a sample and let's get going!  I thought we could post what product we are trying and our first impressions, adding follow up information when necessary.    Tonight I am trying:   * Phyto Tous Cheveux Secret De Nuit; Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream First impression: It's not heavy or greasy, as I thought it would be. I applied it to towel-dried hair after I got out of the shower.  I like that it's not heavy but so far I don't feel like it's moisturizing my hair at all. I applied extra to the ends of my hair as they are very dry and damaged (I need a haircut). We shall see how my hair feels in the morning!   * Stella Body Lotion (from the delight promo) First impression: This lotion smells lovely but it's really watery and I don't feel like it moisturizes my skin at all. I prefer heavy lotions and wear primarily body butters. It smells amazing and is by far my best smelling lotion, it's just too watery and lightweight for me. I will, however, continue to use it because it smells so *$#^ delicious! =0) We'll see if my skin feels moisturized in the morning. 
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Is this thread dead?  Lol.  I enjoyed reading people's feedback on samples.  I tried a couple new things. Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask  - I used this once and ... see post
My Day at Sephora
The Sephora that I usually go to is always pretty busy. However in the last couple weeks I have been going the service has not been the best. Today, the employees were going around a lot and no one answered  me when I needed help which was a bit frustrating. However, they are very busy so I do understand. On the bright side I was ecstatic when I found some products! Benefit's Dandelion blush appeals to me because of how natural it looks on. Also, I finally found a powder that doesn't irritate my face. Has anyone ever had a day like mine? haha
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Me too! SAs offering help when I don't need one probably only have good intention to help. Those who don't offer help at all are negligent ones... see post
Buzzfeed's 13 Emotions Everyone Experiences In Sephora
Please tell me some of you have read this Buzzfeed post.  I found it on my facebook wall tonight and some of it hits too close to home.  I confess, my husband holds his breath when we walk near a Sephora and I never get just what I came for.   My favorite:   "Every time you go in for a foundation match, you get a different result.  Is my face ten thousand shades?  Will I ever discover the One (true match for my skin tone)?"   Did they miss anything or nail it?     I needed to share this and enjoy it with people who would get it!  
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
😜 thanks!  see post
What is your dream beauty purchase?
You know how sometimes you see something you REALLY REALLY WANT, or fell in love at first sight, but does not have the fund or justification for getting them due to price/your stash no matter how much you tried? or it was released 5yrs before you wanted and not available anywhere? Do you have anything like that and what are they?   Sulwhasoo is another Asian brand that have recently reached popularity in US, but while browsing their skincare line, I stumbled upon their powders and HOLY MOLY! Look at this packaging! That's from Bergdorf Goodman for $150. I've got 3 compact and 4 jars of meteorites so I absolutely cannot justify it. But at least you can buy it if you want to, I don't even know where to buy this one: That is up on their brand website. Another pretty that I would totally get if available but unfortunately is not is the Dior Lace powder compact: Image curtesy of Beautylish. There's another absolutely stunning, ridiculously intricate/gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow compact that I saved an image of but can't find right now, will share eye candy later.   But anyways, what is your dream beauty purchase?
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I've used this (and SK2 cream and emulsion) for 4 years when I was in high school. This is a strange product. You don't really feel so much difference (which I don't exp... see post
Pur minerals $15 surprise...what'd ya get?
  I came home today and found my package.  I'm not thrilled.  I'm about to post this and go take pics...just wondering what everyone else got...   My first impressions were not good.  Seems cheap.  I have a lip gloss named Copper Canyon.  This is my favorite item.  I used it and it doesnt seem sticky, and is a light brown sparkly color.  My picture isnt too acurate of the swatch.   The blush/bronzer duo is probably in the worst shape, the powder is chipped in places.  The color is Sugar and Spice.  This is probably a fail for me in terms of color. A bottle of brush cleaner,  useful. A lip liner in Ruby.  I dont wear lip liner unless its clear. and an mineral eyeshadow in Graphite.  I didnt swatch but its not an unusual color.  I like the one in Naked better.    
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  The eyeshadow was kind of neat because there are applicators in a bottom compartment.  It was a interesting surprise when I discovered it.  see post
anyone want to guys over things they fell in love with in march ? or re-in love with ?   STILA has been doing it for me. the end of march brought me both their stay all day liquid lipstick in 'beso' (a neutral but bold red), and their stay all day liquid liner, which is FANTASTIC.  ....even though i've had patina (liquid lipstick color) off and on for years, i had kind of written off stila. stila is what people wore in high school when they could go to sephora instead of the drug store. not that should matter (it doesn't) but i think it just left that sort of unconscious impression on me. but i eat my unspoken words: STILA has brought me my 2 favorite products of the past month !!   i also realized just how much i love my TATA HARPER replenishing nutrient complex (facial oil). it was a slow burn that has turned into a passionate love affair. (i now remember this was in my feb faves but i'm keeping it here because i'm still feelin' it)   and lastly, voluspa french cade and lavender candle. i think it was originally released as a LE but was extended into the permanent collection. it's basically the best smelling lavender candle i've ever encountered. i've bought 2 this month (voluspa is so freakin cheap.) and i've already burnt through both--but my apartment has been smelling of heaven. there are so many candles out there that i love (diptyque fig, NEST moroccan amber...) but i would be perfectly happy with only having this candle for the rest of my life. i even took some of the wax and used it as a solid perfume. can't get enough.   i'll add more below if anything else occurs to me
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BEAUTY GURU laurennnlove / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
Since you love the MUFE matte primer so much, can I ask you for advice on how you use it?? I thought I would love this for my oily skin, but whenever I use it, it makes ... see post
No rouge promos and no sales makes Misscg go.....
...on a shopping spree else where! I'm not sure if I should be thanking Sephora or still be pissed but my makeup collection is satisfied. And no this isn't a complaining post but about the nutty things I have done to get my makeup/beauty fix on elsewhere..... I think what takes the cake is I opened a Nordstrom card and in the mall I frequent, Nordstrom and Sephora are located right next to each other, so I think my love affair with Sephora is sadly...dying o_O   I've become LE obsessed, promo gwp overwhelmed, and sale/discount savvy all from the lack of love from my original bae Sephora (did I really just use the word bae?!) So yes, all of this unrequited love has drove me crazy... What has Sephora done to make you a little nutty this year?
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Ulta played a good trick on us too. The week prior to the single 10 X offered 3 X so I hauled the week prior. I am still planning what to purchase with the 20% coupon. see post
Ulta 21 days- regrets
I absolutely love the 21 days sale Ulta has twice a year.  However, I find myself regretting NOT buying certain items as the become on sale that day due to trying to have some restraint.  They make it very difficult for Platinun members with free shipping with no minimum, and lots of deals/stackable beauty breaks/coupons, etc...   In particuliar, I regret not buying more Butter London polishes, and I shouldve bought a Stila lip gloss yesterday.  I also highly regret not buying some Stila liners.  I am also glad I traded for a Clarisonic brush head since there isnt one on sale this time...   Anything you regret NOT buying or anything you wish you hadn't bought?  Share ladies!
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This genius forgot about the ABH clear brow gel being 50% off a few days ago. It's been on my Sephora wish list for a while and I was excited to be able to get it for ha... see post