airline beauty??


airline beauty??

so if you are like me, you constantly are on youtube. and most of the time, you watch beauty videos. i see so many "gurus" that do airplane beauty routines, and i was wondering if any of us here on beauty talk do a similar thing. like bust the treatments, cream, masks (?????), etc. on the plane. and have you ever seen people on flights do so? i haven't flown on a plane since i was about 8, so i've never dealt with being all beauty obbsessed and in the air yet. so how do you guys handle airline beauty? :smileyhappy:  


Re: airline beauty??

I was curious about that too! I fly a couple times a year, 2ish hrs each, so no prep. I do fly to China every couple of yrs, but have never seen ppl wearing masks. For the 14hr flight to China, I bring a hand sanitizer for when its inconvenient to get out or prob w/bathroom sink, fresh/crisp perfume sample to freshen the stuffy air, and most importantly, a moisturizing facial spray. It feels cool and gives a dose of hydration without dirty hand or inconvenience of finger on face for moisturizers.


Re: airline beauty??

I don't travel that often, like maybe once a year or twice a year, or maybe not even once a year. But what I usually do is carry my cleanser and moisturizer in those Sephora sample containers. And this probably applies to flights longer than 8 hours. Because I have acne-prone skin, I'm not one of those people who slathers thick cream on my skin. Even though I don't wear heavy foundation, I usually don't wear it before boarding a flight. I just wear sunscreen. Great question!


Re: airline beauty??

Hi nanobear18, what a fun question!  As I frequently travel for work I'll take a crack.


Usually when I'm getting ready for a business trip I'm rushing around at home, packing my suitcase and making sure all my work items are in order.  I don't always have time to stop and do my face before rushing to the airport!  So what I've developed over time is my "emergency makeup kit" which is a teeny tiny hot pink case (about 2" x 3") containing everything I need for a full face.


My kit has itty bitty little pans of concealer, pink creme blush, coral creme blush, a Stila 3-shadow eye pan in Ethereal, a short pencil eye liner in black, a sample size mascara, a tiny little Clinique keychain mirror, and then miniature brushes for eyeshadows.  I also carry a powder compact in my purse in case I don't have time to even do foundation before heading out.  And I always have a bit of moisturizer with me in a mini 5g container.


Sometimes I have time at the airport to apply all this stuff, which I do while sitting in the gate area waiting for my flight to begin boarding.  Once in a while I do it on the plane while everyone's boarding.  And no, I don't think I've actually ever seen anyone doing treatments or masks on the plane!


So that's what a working stiff travelling makeup routine is like. :smileyhappy:  I get the feeling the beauty gurus on youtube have in mind a more glamorous vocation, like stepping off the plane to a bevvy of admiring fans and photographers snapping photos or something.

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