Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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I was at a friends last night and we ended up watching episode after episode of hoarders which was shocking and frightening at the same time. 

Today I read a comment asking to see my makeup collection so I pulled out my palettes out of their respective drawers for a photo and realized I have more than I thought. Also I realized how anxious I was about my hubby coming up and seeing how many I own. needless to say, they went back very quickly! 

I'm wondering if this is too many or if I'm just sitting pretty. I do use them all save for the nars ones. 

how many palettes do you own? do you use them all? image.jpg



Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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So jealous of everyone that has KVD Spellbinding and Esperanza!


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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I have only used my Esperanza palette twice. If you want to do a trade or something, send me a PM. :smileyhappy:


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

 20141122_210748_resized.jpg20141122_210738_resized.jpg plus whatever I haven't drug out of my travel kit yet, the Marc Jacob Siren when Sephora quits sending broken one,  Naked on the Run and the holiday Charlotte Tilbury palette which should be here Tuesday.


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

I'll have to take a photo later - but pulling from my inventory sheet (yeah, I'm like that) what I have, while it isn't as much as some of you, fills my Alex drawer and I'm not sure I have room for more without more storage. 

Charlotte Tilbury The Fallen Angel

Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel

Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate

Disney Maleficent

Jane Iredale Go Cool Steppes 

Kat Von D Beyond Redemption

Kat Von D Sinner

LORAC AfterGlo

MAC All About Plum Look in a Box

NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution Cosmetics Dia De Los Muertos

Sugarpill Burning Heart

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry

Sugarpill Heartbreaker

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby

Sugarpill Sweetheart

Tom Ford Nude Dip

Urban Decay Electric

Urban Decay Ammo

Urban Decay Naked 2

Urban Decay Naked 3

Urban Decay Naked Basics
Urban Decay Glinda
Urban Decay Theodora

Then I have a couple of Z-palettes and Urban Decay make-your-own palettes with these:

MAC Blackberry Z-Palette

MAC Blanc Typle Z-Palette

MAC Carbon Z-Palette

MAC Contrast Z-Palette

MAC Embark Z-Palette

MAC Fig. 1 Z-Palette

MAC Nehru Z -Palette

MAC Shadowy Lady Z-Palette

MAC Typographic Z-Palette

MAC Yogurt Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Bitten Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Burlesque Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Corrupt Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Drama Queen Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Ocean Breeze Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Peacock Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Prom Night Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Sensuous Z-Palette

Make Up GeekTwilight Z-Palette

Make Up Geek Unexpected Z-Palette

Urban Decay Asphyxia 6 pan

Urban Decay Desperation 6 pan

Urban Decay Fishnet 6 pan

Urban Decay Flash 6 pan

Urban Decay Foxy 6 pan

Urban Decay Grifter 6 pan

Urban Decay Melt 6 pan

Urban Decay Oil Slick 6 pan

Urban Decay Omen 6 pan

Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister 6 pan

Urban Decay Rock 6 pan

Urban Decay Breathless 6pan

Urban Decay Roach Floral 4-pan

Urban Decay Sin Floral 4-pan

Urban Decay Stray Dog Floral 4-pan

Urban Decay Virgin Floral 4-pan

Urban Decay Blackout 6-pan

Urban Decay Laced 6-pan

Urban Decay Naked 6-pan

Urban Decay Secret Service 6-pan

Urban Decay Tease 6-pan

Urban Decay Walk of Shame 6-pan

Urban Decay Bender Jewel 4 pan

Urban Decay SWF Jewel 4 pan 

Urban Decay Uncut Jewel 4 pan

Urban Decay Evidence Jewel 4 pan

Urban Decay AC/DC Sephora Z-Palette

Urban Decay Bordello Sephora Z-Palette

Urban Decay Gunmetal Sephora Z-Palette

Urban Decay Hijack Sephora Z-Palette

Urban Decay Lost Sephora Z-Palette

Urban Decay Skimp Sephora Z-Palette

I've bought a lot more than this, I just tend to get rid of things I'm not using or not happy with - off the top of my head, I can remember returning, reselling, swapping, etc: Smashbox Full Exposure, Too Faced Natural Eye, Too Faced Naked Eye, Too Faced Matte Eye, Too Faced Smokey Eye, Stila In the Know, Kat Von D Ludwig, Kat Von D Saint, Kat Von D Adora, Kat Von D Beethoven, Kat Von D Ladybird, and a number of Sephora palettes. I'm sure there's more I've had over the years. 


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

My follow Meag, Ima need a picture of all of this!!


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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And my over-full Alex drawer with bonus MAC paint pots. 



Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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Open. Sorry for the glare - mirrors are hard. 


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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Closed. (Minus Ammo and Naked Basics - those are in my gym bag, sorry. 



Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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Ahhhhhg!   You are so organized to have an inventory sheet.  My hubby mentioned I should make one and take pictures for insurance purposes.  It's not a terrible idea but sounds like a lot of work.  One bored day I probably will follow your good example.


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

It took less time to generate than I thought it would - I did it in an evening and it includes all of  my nail polish (113 bottles,) all of my perfume (54 scents,) and all of my lipstick (80 - I didn't realize I was at an even number!) which all took considerably more time than all of the various stuff in my Alex drawers. The nice thing is that mine is in a Google Sheet (in Google Drive) which I can export to other formats but is always available via my phone so that I don't forget what I have when I'm shopping - no more picking up the wrong brush since I'm already at the MAC counter, I know what's in my stash at home in addition to what's on my wishlist! :smileyhappy: 


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

I'm a newbie so I don't have a whole lot, nor do I have anything particularly impressive. But here's what I have! Also, I have two Sephora Pantone palettes on the way; Elemental and Day Break (I know I'm late to the game but I saw the Elemental palette in a TSB thread and fell in love. Had to snag it up while it was available!) And I ordered the Vanity Affair box from Birchbox and there is a MAKE palette in there as well. image.jpg


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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Looks like a fair sized stash to me:smileyhappy:.  I honestly can say I don't need so many palettes but they're fun to have on hand.


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

As my own obsession interest in makeup has grown I have decided that only can answer the question for myself if I have "too much." For me, makeup is an art, and I hardly think anyone would tell a painter they have too many paints or too many brushes. Part of the joy of it is having a selection to choose from to be able to do my makeup how I wish to on any given day. I work hard in my life and don't do much else for myself, so I am ok with it. :smileyhappy:


if I find I am not using something or have lost interest, I do try to find it a new home. Makeup is perishable over time. That's why I love the trade threads and TSBs, etc. 


I don't hide makeup from the hubby but I wouldn't let him give me a hard time for it either. He has like 18 different kinds of hammers - he recently ordered one that was about $100. I asked him how it was different from the other 17 in the toolbox drawer of hammers. While my eyes did glaze over rather quickly and my mind drifted to other matters, such as what might be The Perfect color orange for a lipstick, I did get from the conversation that the particular hammer would do something unique that the others could not. I further inquired how often he might use it, which I learned was rather rarely, but when he needed it, it was the right tool for the job. Sound familiar? :smileyhappy:


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

You are always so eloquent, Syd.  I love your perspective and think it is very healthy.  I personally feel that I could never have too much (sure we all secretly feel that way).  I like the hammer analogy, because my husband does tease me about my collection but he has plenty of things he spends money on.  It certainly isn't hammers, because he does not really know how to use one, but he spends plenty nonetheless.  


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?



Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

Thank you for putting this into perspective. I have purchased A LOT of makeup over the last year. I didn't start playing around with makeup until about 7-8 months ago. The hubby is always asking me how much money I am spending, why I need this, why I need that, etc. 

The way I look at it, makeup is something that I enjoy. I have a 4 (almost 5) year-old son with special needs (Autism). For a long time I did nothing but work and try to get my son the help he needs. We were in speech therapy 2x/week (still are) and we had a behavior specialist and mental health specialist come into our home to observe and kind of guide us through dealing with some of the behavioral problems we were experiencing. For a long time I couldn't leave the house with my son. We couldn't take him to the store, to a restaurant or anywhere else because he would become so overwhelmed and over-stimulated that he would act out (yell, scream, hit, kick) the entire time. The specialist that we had in our home helped us get through those times.  

My son has come leaps and bounds in the last 6 months. He is almost fully conversational which is a HUGE relief for me. We spent so long communicating with pictures on "choice boards". And now that my son's verbal and communicative skills have improved, so has his behavior. He is less frustrated and acts out less frequently now that he can communicate his needs. SUCH a relief!

I've spent the last 4 (almost 5) years trying my hardest to get my son involved in every service possible. I was focusing so much on my son that I forgot about myself. Now that my son has come leaps and bounds and is continuously improving, I have more time to focus on myself. Enter makeup and skin care. =0) 

I feel guilty for making purchases when my husband asks me about them. My husband is ALWAYS buying tools for work and bullets so that he can go to the gun range in his free time. I've tried to explain the importance of makeup and skin care (to me) and he just doesn't get it. So thank you for putting this into perspective.

Today I have a level of self confidence that I have never had. I know makeup isn't the only thing in the world that contributes to self esteem but I love being able to look in the mirror and think "**bleep**, I look pretty today!" or "Wow, my skin looks fabulous!" 


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

Mothers in general give so much of themselves, often doing without. We always seem to put everyone before ourselves. I look at the makeup as something we deserve every now and then, not only to treat ourselves, but to give an often needed boost to self confidence and self esteem.


Also, so very glad to hear about your son. I know how frustrating that can be. One of my 11-year-old twins has Asperger's and guiding him can be quite challenging at times.


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

Thank you! It is definitely a challenge sometimes but totally worth it =0)


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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Oh my gosh, I know EXACTLY what you go through!  My 12 year old has autism and wasn't verbal until he was five!  I remember the choice boards with the little pictures and the Velcro backs:smileyhappy:. We were seeing so many specialists and therapists there was no time to do anything else!  Then things exploded and he just started babbling!  He's pretty reserved but will follow you around talking about the parts inside his phones if you make the slightest comment on them😂. He loves technology!  People give him their old broken phones and have been for years so he has quite the collection.  He now asks us to order special parts for them and restores them to their former glory.   We since discovered that a lot of our successful friends fall on the spectrum and he's going to thrive as an adult in the real world which has always been my number one fear for him (we're in the computer security realm) 

Anyways if you ever wanna talk pm me:smileyhappy:   And DO take care of yourself!!  


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

Thank you very much, heartsmyface. 

My kiddo loves technology too. He can navigate an iPad better than I can. He also has a thing for numbers - he can remember numbers like nobody's business! I have high hopes for him. =0)

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