Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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I was at a friends last night and we ended up watching episode after episode of hoarders which was shocking and frightening at the same time. 

Today I read a comment asking to see my makeup collection so I pulled out my palettes out of their respective drawers for a photo and realized I have more than I thought. Also I realized how anxious I was about my hubby coming up and seeing how many I own. needless to say, they went back very quickly! 

I'm wondering if this is too many or if I'm just sitting pretty. I do use them all save for the nars ones. 

how many palettes do you own? do you use them all? image.jpg


Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

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They're actually pretty good!  There's a bit of fallout on a couple of the shades but nothing unmanageable.  some have urban decay consistency and some are more too faced. I can't really tell who made the makeup.

Re: Would you consider this palette hoarding?

So I don't really have as many as I thought I did...

29 eyeshadow palettes
3 blush palettes
1 eyeliner set
1 lipgloss set