Why do you buy high end products?

This thought popped into my head this morning and I asked myself, "why do i buy high end products?" I buy a few high end products because there's more options, finishes, and shades to choose from. 


Do you shop high end because of the different shades and options? or is it because you like brand name products? 


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

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I prefer high-end brands because of the quality, the packaging and where they are made.



Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I shop a lot here because I love all the BT enablers and I need to spend my money somewhere. I am fortunate enough to have the money to buy all these lovely goodies. And I have fun playing with it :smileyhappy:


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I feel like I'm getting higher quality items when I purchase high end and luxury makeup. But I'm not naive to the fact that the majority of what I pay for these products is spend on advertising/marketing. These brands make the products *feel* more luxurious and I feel fancier buying them. I won't lie to kick it. :smileywink:


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

For me it's obviously not just for status. I like the way high end and luxury brands make me feel using them. P k us it is always a plus when others are jealous of your stash...


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Every brand is different.  Something I learned awhile back, was that drugstore brands often replicate high end products, by modifying 1 or 2 ingredients, or even the percentage of a certain ingredient, to call it their own.  I'm easily tempted by beautiful packaging of products, but the quality also plays a huge part in how much I'll pay.  A companies reputation is always important, but more than anything, is the way the product performs.  I've wasted money on cheap drugstore makeup so many times (we all think $10 here or there isnt a big deal, until you've tried out 6 different shades that you hate), only to throw it out because it didnt work out for me colorwise, or the texture or payoff was horrid.  I love companies that have lax return policies or that provide testers... who wants to drop $70 on a product without at least opening it up, smelling it, feeling it... you get the picture :smileywink:


xo, Mia


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Because I never had success with drug store products.


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I love packaging!!  There's also that I can trust the ingredients listed. I also find way more trendy colours with higher brand named items.  the makeup usually has longer wearing power.  ...there are so many reasons. 


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I think it all comes down to the packaging and a quality that I expect from the brand. I personally mix a combo of everything. However, I am a sucker for a pretty packaged lipstick:smileyhappy:!!

<3 Melissa

Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I don't always buy high end products, but when I do it is usually for the packaging, because it's a limited edition item, or because it clearly performs better than the other stuff I have tried. I usually buy mid-range products since it is more sustainable for my wallet. 


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I buy high end products because they generally work better and the texture/pigment/how long it lasts just doesn't compare to drugstore. I'm not a brand snob, and I do have my drugstore must haves, but I don't mind paying a higher price if it means that it will work better and last me longer. I also have sensitive skin and have to be careful of what I put on my skin and high end products usually contain better ingredients. Plus, drugstore prices these days aren't that much lower than mid range products like MAC. And I can usually find amazing mid to high end products at outlet malls or tjmaxx for the same price or lower than drugstore prices.


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

My reasons are both practical and admittedly frivolous. It began by wanting the perfect foundation shade. I have dark skin so there are limited options for drugstore products where I live. The makeup I did find only partially matched and looked/felt heavy. Plus it was harsh on my sensitive skin. Once I found the perfect foundation at Sephora, I started wondering what other things work better than less expensive alternatives. Now I buy things which are promoted by beauty gurus on youtube, blog websites, and highly rated by customers here. I'll still always be focused on the quality but sometimes I purchase things just because I want something new from a particular brand. And my among friends and acquaintances it's like your brand = your level of beauty knowledge. My friends used to ask me for advice before (even though I wear minimal makeup) but it has dramatically increased now. And of course it's a nice feeling to be that go-to person.


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

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I agree with irenet - "Quality versus quantity." Drugstore makeup was not only hard in terms of finding the right match, but it left my skin feeling dry and I would break out a lot. When I got to college and was making a bit more money, I started shopping at Sephora. Even though I have tried and used many different brands at Sephora, none of those products gave me that "bad skin feel" nor did any of them cause me to break out. The only high-end product that makes me break out is MAC but I avoid them at all costs. High-end products have more of a variety for matching skin colors and tones, and I like that. I also like that you are able to test different shades with high-end products before you actually buy them. You definitely get your money's worth in that sense! I guess I am mostly partial to the variety of shades and what high-end products can do for the skin more than drugstore products.


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Quality versus quantity. I saw how many different drug store foundations, lip sticks, mascaras that I was buying trying to match my shade. The foundations were always thin and runny and would never settle well, the lip sticks were drying and unflattering and the mascaras I've had luck with but it's hit or miss. Once I got rid of all that and stuck with high end products, my make up last longer because I actually use it instead of throwing it in my make up bag never to be seen again. Also, I love the higher end packaging My Urban Decay palettes and lip sticks are so pretty I keep them on my desk. Also, since switching I've noticed my skin tone has been better. My pores don't get clog and my acne doesn't flare up anymore. I love it! I don't splurge on much so I have the disposable income to splurge on this.


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

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I have to agree, I do have breakouts especially during that time. I do have drugstore foundation which I use when I must go out for an errand, and I actually noticed my acne flaring up when I do (especially since its now summer) and I didn't know why so I started using my Naked foundation and the flaring stopped. and now that I think about it my skin does flare up with drugstore foundation.


I also ran out of my Tattoo eyeliner from Kat Von D, and out of an emergency I went with Loreal infallible eyeliner..... didn't even last half a day when it had smudged everywhere. but theres hits and misses the NYX liquid liners are amazing they last on my oily lids all day. I used to go to school from 10-6 but there was a 2 hr trip home and to school. I would be up at 6, and it would last me until I got home around 8....




Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I like to know that what I am buying is gonna work for my skin type (dry & can be sensitive). I LOVE the shopping process, it's kinda like a mini vacation for my mind too! I get some " me " time & get to look & read a/b all these GORG. & fun color's, creams, packages (love set's, lol), packaging, etc. I like to look at swatches on other ppl's lip's ( I am a lip junkie), eye's, etc. I like knowing that I am putting good-quality ingredient's on my face, neck, body, etc. too. It just makes me feel better about myself (& knowing that I am taking care of myself). I don't hardly ever do a "full face" look, but knowing I have all the goodies to do so gives me gratification (& I know if I feel like wearing something I can b/c it's there, lol)! I love putting my pretty's away in their place where I can look at them too! hehe Everyone has something that makes them happy ( I wouldn't necessarily call it a hobby when it comes to the health of my skin, eye, lashes, lip's, and so forth) & shopping for (& using) nice things that make me look & feel healthier & happy is a BIG plus {even though I really can afford it either, hehehe}! I started off w/ only Clinique & then got brave & stepped into the wonderful world of Sephora! Good Times & Lovin It! 


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I buy high end because I have sensitive skin. When I buy drugstore brands, I find myself having to buy more products in an attempt to remedy my reaction to the makeup, I can't just buy makeup itself. It always ends up being a foundation, PLUS a repair cream or something along those lines.


I found that with the high end products, I don't get the same awful reaction as I do with drugstore brands. My skin doesn't turn red, get flaky, or break out. So even though it could be a pain on my wallet, it's nice on my skin, and that's what matters to me. 


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

I was always obsessed with high end products. I remember in junior high haunting the make up counters at the mall often and reading Vogue religiously. My mother used Clinique so that was all I could get my greedy little hands on! I did her make up all the time and then had a career as a professional opera singer where I learned a lot about make up. Now I do make up for executives and it's nothing glamorous ! But I'm off on a tangent, sorry! I love high end brands because much of the time the quality is better, colours are more beautiful and I love the gorgeous packaging. I would never spend a lot of money on certain things like face toner but I do on skin care and always have. I love having a trunk full of gorgeous compacts and fancy cases. When black tie season comes around, I have a ball with my make up.  It makes me feel special.


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Because they are pretty and the quality is so, so much better than drugstore options. I'm not too deep, lol. 


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

My highest end product right now is probably my Hourglass Immaculate foundation, which I REALLY thought about and researched. I finally decided that since it was designed to work for oily skin and help improve it, it was worth a shot if I could get a good color match. Being fairly pale, it can be tough to find foundations that are light enough, though I think that shade availability has improved in both low and high end lines. Being able to test things in advance does make mid to high end lines more attractive, since holding bottles to the inside of my arm and to my jaw only works so much. :smileytongue:


Working at a luxury skincare/bodycare boutique desensitized me to higher prices in many ways (though it is hard for me to pay full price!), and has provided me with several more months of certain products before I need to repurchase. Still, when I needed new toner last month, I looked all over the Sephora and Ulta sites, weighed different options, and finally went with Neutrogena's Pore Refining toner. I found that while I am willing to fork over a fair amount for moisturizer, I could not find a toner that was "worth" the price to me. If I think the benefits are likely to be significantly better than a lower end, lower priced option, I will happily pay more for a product. If there is nothing else on the market like the high end item, I am more likely to splurge. The name does not matter so much to me, though I do love pretty packaging.


I personally still have some "limits" for most items, where I look at the price and gasp, they're charging HOW MUCH????


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

Purchasing high end items for me started out because of exactly what Annalily11 said:




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A large part of it is because you can test higher end makeup, while drugstores don't let you. I'd rather spend $25 on one product that works great the first time, rather than spend $25 on a bunch of products that don't work.


Or I go in search of a special feature.  For example, I went looking for smear-proof lashes and got obsessed with Blinc.  I also feel like various lines will target concerns that drugstore lines don't, like featuring an ingredient throughout their line. 


Re: Why do you buy high end products?

HAHAHA! I asked myself this sometimes too...


I feel as though the products are safer, they are cared for within the production process (AT LEAST I HOPE! lol) and the ingredients obviously.


I mean I can buy a neutrogena sunscreen for 10 bucks and save the other 10 rather than buying a Shishedo, but I personally feel, for the most part, it's the texture of products or how comfortable the product is on my skin. 


When it comes to eye shadows, I have this sketchy mindset that low end shadows are bad, they probably have an ingredient in there that might have used an unapproved FDA dye, that's what worries me the most. BUT, doesn't mean I might give it a try, I've always wanted to buy a BH palette - I bookmark everything on my phone but I never end up buying them.


Some shadows are one of a kind, and you can obviously see it in the longevity of the product, the texture and the pigmentation. Chanel palettes are a prime example. (Can't be said with the pressed shimmers though, since there have been some issues with those pots - ingredient wise) 

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