What "flaw" do you love?

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Even though we are all gorgeous, we also have flaws. That's what makes us unique! There are some flaws that I have, such as an eternally ruddy complexion, that I really hate. But sometimes I think it's good to realize how beautiful our flaws are. That being said, what "flaw" do you love about yourself, beauty and non-beauty?


My favorite beauty "flaw" is that on my right eye, I have one eyelash that droops down. No matter what I do to it, it won't straighten up or come out. But I've come to love it, because I think it gives my look a touch of character. 


My favorite non-beauty "flaw" about myself is that I am awkward. I used to embarrass myself to the point that I avoided talking to anyone, but a few months ago my best friend told me that I had to go see this movie called "Frozen," (lol) because, as she put it, "You ARE the one girl in it." After I saw the movie and fell in love with Anna, I realized that awkward can be cute. Smiley Happy 


I'd love to hear what you think!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

I really love my overbite! When I was a little bit younger doctors always tried to convince me to get surgery to fix it but I was never really into it. But because of my overbite my face looks delicate and feminine and my cheek bones really stand out!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

My beauty 'flaw' would be my brows! My brow hairs are pretty dark (I have black hair), and from the 1/2 way point they are pretty much non-existent. However, the natural shape tends to be pretty pointy and kind of angry looking. I've learned to fill them in properly and shape them the way I want, which feels amazing. I love that I can now treat them more like an accessory. I've also learned that I can use a small bit of concealer to take the pointy bits less harsh and noticeable. 


Favorite non beauty flaw is that I've very quiet and introverted. This has worked against me in the past, it does make it more difficult to socialize. I'm way less shy than I used to be, but at heart, I am always a quiet person. It is a bit fun when I get to know people, and they realize that I can talk quite a lot when I want to!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

This is such a great thread!!!


I never thought about what flaws I love about my face, so beauty wise I guess my biggest issue has always been my nose. I've always thought it's too big, too pointy, too this, too that. It's just a nose, and it's mine. It's distinguished!


Non-beauty, I can be very argumentative. While it's something that still needs work and attention, I'll also fight to the death if I care about the person or subject it's pertaining Smiley Happy

I like to think I'm just "passionate" Smiley Wink

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

i appreciate this post too.

my favorite "flaw" would have to be my dark under eye circles (genetic--they're not going anywhere !).

i'm so pale, that the contrast is immediately noticeable. i still cover up with concealer sometimes, depending on what i need and what look i'm going for, but overall i find i can work with them and can have extra fun with my eyeshadow because of them.

when i was younger i was deeply self conscious of them (and my paleness in general) but years ago someone told me that they were my 'signature' and after that my perspective changed.


i've come so far from thinking of my pale skin as a flaw that i didn't even consider it for this post until i remembered how embarrassed i used to be by it. my nearly translucent skin is now one of my favorite features, certainly.


non-beauty flaw....i don't know this is difficult. i can be far far too sensitive. it can be very irritating for those around me. but because of it i feel i experience the world around me in full and know myself better. and the better you know yourself the less people can hurt you. so the illness is the cure, so to speak.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

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We're cut from the same cloth, my sister from another mother! I am Casper-pale, and you can see my dark circles from the NASA space shuttle. I have learned to love it, too, but it ain't gonna lie: I also love me a green concealer. :-)

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

What an awesome post!


When I was younger, I use to hate the "Cupid's Arrow" shape to my top lip.

I would try to feel it in with lipliner, which only succeeded in making my top lip look ridiculously huge.

Now, I can appreciate it because it is pretty and my full lips are probably one of my best features. 

My thick, curly hair was always such a hassle as well. 

Now, I've learned how to take treat it right and embrace it.


I'm not sure if I have learned to embrace any of my non-beauty flaws yet.



Re: What "flaw" do you love?

In the past, I hated my curly hair. For years I would wear it shorter so I could straighten it every day. I finally got tired of it and found some good products that worked well for my hair and now I embrace my curly hair. I don't know that it's considered a flaw, per se.


I also didn't like my square face when I was younger. I think a square face is probably not the most desirable shape for women. But now I like my square jaw. I even get compliments on it. It just takes a little more effort when taking photos so my face doesn't look really wide. And I have difficulty selecting eyeglass frames that complement my face shape, but I mostly just wear my contacts. 


In terms of a non-beauty flaw, I can't read anything without finding typos. I started out as a copy editor and editor-in-chief of my college newspaper and majored in public relations. I LOVED copy editing the paper! I enjoyed marking up the articles with a red pen, looking up items in my AP Style Guide that I wasn't sure about and doing everything I could to make sure our paper went out with as few errors as possible. At work now, every time I read an article on our web site or customer training materials and guides, I find typos. I even find them in our help files (I am an analyst for a tax and accounting software company). A lot of people don't like my hobby, but I love it. In the past, my boyfriend asked me to review his papers for college, but I think he got tired of me suggesting a lot of edits. LOL

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

My beauty flaw that I've learned to appreciate is my jagged/uneven hairline.  Just above my left eye toward the temple my hairline "recedes" much more than my right side but then there are an abundance of fine little baby hairs that  have grown in its place. It was my own fault for letting a friend who didnt' know what she was doing style my hair with old fashioned curlers and couldn't remove them properly. So,..oops out comes a chunk of my hair and the result is that the follicles never did completely recover.  It just makes it easier to decide which way to part my hair  nowSmiley Happy


Character flaws are abundant ....procrastination and disorganization. Is one the cause of the other? Who knows but i definitvely feel that if I was more organized I'd be more prone to procrastinate less. 

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

This thread is wonderful.


My favorite beauty flaw is my freckles. I didn't always have them, got them when I was about 10, but I know they contribute to people saying I look younger than I am!image.jpg


My favorite non-beauty flaw is my laugh. It's loud but contagious and I laugh a lot!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

I love freckles! I wish I had more of them! They really suit you!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Ooooh, I like this thread!

My favorite beauty flaw is a crescent moon shaped scar under my left eye. I used to ride BMX (before a car accident), and I had aired out of an 8-foot bowl for the first time and...landed on my face. My glasses cut into my cheekbones and left a scar. I think it looks really cool and unique, so I've come to love it!


Non-beauty, I would have to say my need to know everything about everything. Movies, makeup, clothes, books...If I hear something that interests me, I'll look it up until I know everything I possibly can. And I know it annoys the people around me, but I actually just like knowing things for myself, not to be snobby :/

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

I have a right eye "flaw" too! :-D I have a mole riiiiight underneath my right eye's tear duct, which I never thought much of before. After working with me a few years, a female coworker heard me mention it and said (not spitefully) something to the effect of, "Oh, I thought you just always messed up that part of your eye-makeup." She must have been so confused that after years of knowing me, I was so consistent about always messing up eye make-up in the same exact spot. I like my mole though! I can keep an eye on it (harharhar I'm kinda sorry, but I couldn't resist). I also have hooded deep-set eyes, and thick eyebrows that grow quickly, but that means I don't really need a pencil and any mishaps in making my eyebrows even quickly resolves. Smiley Happy


I'm not too good at being quiet and reserved with people I've just met, and even if I do talk about the weather, I try to make sure there's humor in the conversation. My boyfriend, who's pretty shy and whom I initially had to coax into talking, really admires this though. I've been able to quickly bring humor and convey understanding to someone I'd just met and who seemed really bummed about what a potentially vicious and isolated place high school can be. I'm really proud when I'm able to comfort or compliment someone or brighten up someone's day.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

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I can totally live with my dark circles, which are more noticeable due to my eye shape, which I love. When you have dark circles, you also have natural eye shadow, so that's a huge plus since I favor a natural look. Anyone who has done my makeup comments that it is very easy to do my eyes.


My skin is also transparent/ you can see my veins/ I bruise easily, but it also has a light-reflective quality (not sure if that's the right term) that photographers love.


My brows were also overplucked for many years, and finally (when I got glasses and started favoring a natural look...I like smokey when I go out, but no shiny shadows for me) I stopped camouflaging them. I fill in a little on occasion, but they always look like brows. Time-saver and way less harsh looking.


And non-beauty wise...I am very blunt, maybe to a fault. But people always know where they stand with me.


And for awkward, it's totally endearing. Even if it's hard to get your thoughts out at times, that's a sign of being a deep, complex thinker. There is so much happening that it takes a moment to get it out clearly.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

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I'm not sure if anybody has ever noticed in my "What are you wearing today" posts, but I'm totally missing a little patch of bottom eyelashes on my left eye (chicken pox scar), however I've never minded it and even thinks it's a little neat haha. I mean I could easily stick some individual lashes there but why?





For my non-beauty flaw I'd have to say my lisp. It's pretty noticible but not super bad, I don't mind it too much. Most people who notice is say it's cute so that's the plus, but I'm not sure I believe them all the time haha.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

You know, I actually noticed that but assumed it was part of your look! I don't know, maybe the cool kids leave a blank spot with their eyeliner.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Haha oh, yes! I'm trying to set a new trend Smiley Wink

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Wow, your eye-makeup and eyes look lovely!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Yes, you look beautiful! What mascara do you use? do you line upper and lower lids? I am such a wreck at lining my lower lid and rarely do it.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Thank you! I'm either wearing YSL Babydoll or Pixi Lash Booster Mascara, I can't remember. I didn't line my lower lids, just ran a little brown shadow under Smiley Happy

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful - just beautiful! 

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