What are you wearing today?

What makeup is everyone wearing today?


Today I am wearing:


1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne

2. Benefit Coralista blush

3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer

4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm

5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454

6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP


and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50


So c'mon now...confess!

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I'm glad to be back! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Another pretty face I've missed!  This is very nice, Brenna.  

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Thanks notcreative! I've missed being here! <3

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You look stunning with the blue eyeshadow!


Looking in background for your goofy cat. Smiley Wink

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^_^ He was snoozing inside my new makeup train case. It's his new favorite spot to be!

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Ooooooooohmergerd!!!!  How do you DO that!!!!!  Sigh!!!!  I triple love your blue eyesgadsow and thinking longingly about the day I can pull something as beautiful as that off. 

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Here's a step-by-step for how I did this look. It's really not as challenging as it seems! Any mistakes you make can easily be cleaned up with a bit of oil cleanser on the very end of a Q-Tip. I do my foundation last so that any fallout can be wiped away as I'm working.


-I applied NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over my lids, up to my browbone and then lightly under my eyes. I blended it out so that it was very light. You have to be careful not to apply it too heavily or it will crease.

-Then I took a dark blue shadow and blended it into my crease, softening it considerably and staying off my lids entirely.

-Then I took the light blue shade and patted it on (not swirling) all over my lid, heavily. 

-Next, I took a very fine detail brush and applied the blue under my eyes, smudging it slightly, and then flicked up.

-Then I took the black and blended it into the outer corner, being sure not to connect it to the dark blue flick and blending well into the dark blue that was already in the crease.

-Then I took a pencil brush and swept the light blue shade out between the black and blue flicks in order to create a defined line between the two.

- Then I took my OFRA cheeky cheekbone enhancer and used an angle brush to apply under my brows for a highlight.

-Followed that with a very thin line of black liquid liner on my upper lid.

-Lined my waterlines with a super dark pencil.

-Applied my falsies

-Curled my lashes

-Added mascara



It looks more complicated than it really was, and it's definitely all thanks to the brushes I used. Morphe brushes has impressed me to no end with the amount of detail, the quality of the brushes (through countless washings) and the ability to make any product go on extremely well. I really think the brush makes the makeup work, as six months ago when all I had were a few drugstore brushes and smudgers, I neeever would have been able to do any fine details. And if you think you've blended enough? BLEND SOME MORE!


I think you can pull off anything, it's just a matter of your comfort level. I rarely leave the house so I don't worry about making mistakes or not being able to pull something off because if it sucks, I'm the only person that sees it. Smiley Very Happy I probably wouldn't do something this vibrant if I was going out to brunch with my grandmother, but I can definitely rock it all day in my pajamas.

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So pretty! Excellent job Brenna!!

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I swear, Amy Winehouse is all that comes to mind when I see your pics! Please oh please tell me you'll be her for Halloween! Smiley Very Happy

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Smiley Very Happy Maybe I'll do an Amy-Inspired makeup look just for you this week!

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Brenna's back! WOO! So glad to see you posting your killer looks again! I too saw this on Facebook, awesome job, even if you were feeling a bit under the weather!


Seems like blue-ish colours are trending on BT Smiley Tongue Love it!


And jellybean is right, I'm going to restart the contests, and I hope you take part!

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Yup, I took a long break to cleanse myself of the sad drama that was happening, but now I think I can handle it by just staying away from cranky threads. And thanks KB, when you start the contests again, I'll definitely be entering! I loved them before, and I'm sure I'll love them again! ^_^

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Your shadow work is so impressive. I think KB was going to start up the contests again, you should enter!

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Hey Brenna, haven't seen your pretty face in a while. Great look as always. love the eyes

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As I posted on Facebook, this is an absolutely stunning look on you. The detail and precision in your eye look is simply awesome. When I feel like spending a lot of time on ultra precise eye work, I might try a cat-eye look like this, but man, it looks so amazing on you! And the false lashes really pull it together. Smiley Happy

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I wasn't so focused on what my eyes looked like closed, I could've blended the blue a bit more in the crease but it is what it is. Still happy with the way it came out Smiley Happy


naked2 palette
urban decay electric palette
KVD lipstick in Lolita

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Your makeup is super fun, but what totally stood out is your hair!  I love it!!


xo, Mia

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Such a gorgeous and fun look, Andrea!

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So fun and beautiful, I love this!

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I love this look - I really like the blue! I don't think it needs to be blended more…I like it the way it is Smiley Happy

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This is cool! totally something I would recreate! I love the lolita lipstick on you... I've been debating getting it... I think you're selling me on it!