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Tokidoki Fragrances

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Heyy everyone! Sorry for posting in the wrong node, it wouldn't let me post in the "fragrance category" :3

Anyway, has anyone try the tokidoki fragrance line?

I've recently purchased "Adios" and I loved it. I'm looking to get a few other rollerballs, but I'd like some insight first. I've already decided that I want to get Adieu, because the notes just sound so tempting. Now, I'm debating between Siberia, Sandy, Donutella and Ciao Ciao but it's hard to choose!

For reference, here are some fragrances that I own:

MJ: Daisy
V&R: Flowerbomb
Ed Hardy: Hearts & Daggers
DKNY: Be Delicious Original, Fresh Blossom
Burberry: Weekend, The Beat, Burberry Women, Burberry Brit
Dior: Miss Dior Cherie
Benefit: There's Something About Sofia
TokyoMilk: Bulletproof, La Vie En La Mort, Tainted Love

Do you think I'd like any of the other Tokidoki fragrances? I'm trying to avoid anything too floral/rose (like Escada's Especially), and I don't really enjoy powdery notes (like Gucci Guilty), unless they are subtle. I've read the notes, but the reviews were a bit briefs, so I figured listing some fragrances I wear would be of some help.

If you've tried any of the fragrances, please let me know what you think (:

Thank you in advance! xx

Re: Tokidoki Fragrances

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I have all of the ones you described except Donutella. Here's my impression, and rough approx:

Adios - crisp, woodsy, a tad musky, but a slight hint of floral made it more tomboy than men's fragrance. (If you like CK One)

Siberia - cool, slightly fruity and slightly sweet, but not gourmand so if you hate smelling like a fruit or sweet, this is still good. (If you like Burberry Brit)

Sandy - green and crisp, with a hint of floral/fruit, and very refreshing. (If you like Daisy and DKNY)

Ciao Ciao - floral, a girly scent, no sharp/musky/spiky tone, a nice girl's girl scent.

 Donutella - didn't get it because from the review, it seems to be a very sweet scent and I don't like sweet.


For reference, I own MJ Daisy, MJ Dots, DKNY: Be Delicious Original. I like V&R: Flowerbomb and Burberry Brit but dislike Dior Miss Dior Cherie because I don't like the combination of sweet&musk. From your description, I think you'd like all of them.


ps. The fragrance also have pretty good lasting power, and I love the packaging (rollerball and the box). For $7, get them.

Re: Tokidoki Fragrances

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@ beautytester - Perfect! I think i'll try the Siberia, Sandy and Ciao Ciao. i like Miss Dior from 2005. I'm not a fan of the 2011 version either, due to the strong sweet musky alcohol i get from it :c Thanks a lot (:

Re: Tokidoki Fragrances

If you're a fragrance buff you can go off the descriptions of the scents and notes in each fragrance and gauge from there if it'll be something you'll wear or like.


As  the other poster noted, the products are all just about 60% off so you might just want to snag up the whole lot. I'm sure it'll be easy to get up to free shipping and even snag a beauty bag filled with samples so you're getting even more goodies and specials from Sephora.


Plus if you get a fragrance and don't like it, you cna return it in stores with the reciept from your online order or give them away as gifts/stocking stuffers because it's so close to the holiday season!

Re: Tokidoki Fragrances

I haven't tried the Tokidoki fragrance line. However, considering that Sephora and Tokidoki are sadly discontinuing their partnership, if I were you, I would stock up on the ones I liked, and if I wanted to try any other, get those as well. Lucky for you, most Tokidoki products are now 60% off. 

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