Which Bath & Body Works fragrance was your signature scent back in the day? Were you a Plumeria person, or was Warm Vanilla Sugar your favorite cozy aroma? Most of us dabbled in the offerings of the legendary mall retailer and had a few fragrances that we just couldn’t live without, spritzing on a Winter Candy Apple body splash before a dance or lotioning up with Moonlight Path after a volleyball game.

Now, you might have abandoned Bath & Body Works for Le Lebo or Byredo, but if you’re feeling like a trip down memory lane, why not experience your fragrance of choice via a bath fizzy? Yes, you read that right — Bath & Body Works, having ventured into the land of bath bombs with their bath fizzies, have now added some of the old-school scents into the line-up. Break out the flares, we’re going back to 2002!