Suffering for beauty...

OK, fess up: What are the things that you do for beauty that you just really hate doing?


Whether they're just plain annoying or actually painful- what are the things you wish you didn't have to do?


I'll start- I'm currently suffering in the "just did my hair" routine.  I'm someone who needs a shower every day to feel human- but when I do my hair, I just wash up for a day or two to try to buy a bit more time out of every time I go red. By day 2-3, I'll wet the hair so that I can blow it out.  But this morning, my hair still feels clean but is driving me nuts!


I also hate the daily shaving routine in the summer.


Re: Suffering for beauty...

Saturate a cotton pad with polish remover and place it on your nail, then wrap the finger tip in aluminum foil and wait a few minutes. Makes removing glitter polish much easier.


See, not even just glitter polish. I hate polish removal PERIOD.  Like "uhhhhhggggh."


I hate painting my nails slightly less, but still, there are always other things i'd rather be doing.  Unlike when i'm doing my face, which I enjoy.


Re: Suffering for beauty...

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I am SO going to try this aluminum foil trick... thank you!


Re: Suffering for beauty...

Waxing and shaving are such a pain. Having dark hair means having to be extra meticulous about that kind of stuff, and I feel like everything grows back So. Flippin. Fast. 




I also had to use sunless tanner a lot for dance competitions, and it's such a process to apply, not to mention the fact that you usually end up being pretty smelly!


Re: Suffering for beauty...

Oh man, my skin is so translucently white even the not especially dark hairs on my legs stand out if I miss something or skip a day. Horrible.