Do you ever set rewards for yourself involving beauty products?  What kind of products do you use as rewards?  


Tell us about your best achievement/reward!


I'm going to find out in the next few days if I get a B in my stats class which is what I need (just finished the final so it will be a little while).  If I do get the B I am going to get two additional lipsticks when I go in to buy stuff for my 3x points.


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i need some new lipstick shades, do i deserve a reward? i don't know,  i like to treat myself once a month anyway.


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Once summer if over and I get back from vacation I plan on working on ton (I'm just starting a new job). So once things settle and I get into a routine with that I plan on subscribing for an ipsy bag as a monthly reward for myself. :smileyhappy:


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Yeah, well I reward myself a lot for putting up with a crappy job lol Anyway I love to buy perfumes!

So I basically splurge on Marc Jacobs a lot.

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