Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

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These are so fun, I thought I'd start one!
1) What is your beauty product splurge that is SO worth it?
2) Do you have any pets? What are their names?
3)You're stuck wearing one toenail polish color the rest of your life. Quick! What is it?
4)What is your job? Employed? Student? Mom? All of the above?

I'll start!

1) I love Guerlain meteorites. The smell, the texture... omg so worth it.
2) I am active in animal rescue, so my husband and I tend to accumulate critters Smiley Happy We have three cats, Juno, Fortuna, and Minerva, and three dogs, Thor, Pirate, and Glory. Glory, a hound mix, is our most recent addition.
3) I would choose a dark vamp chocolate purple. It is what I invariably use anyway Smiley Happy

4) I'm an analytical chemist and I take singing gigs on the side. I'm a classically trained soprano.

Yay, can't wait to see your answers!!!! xoxoxo



My picture is of Juno (grey) and Tuna (tortie)  My two rescued sisters! 




Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

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Thank you for saying that... I just feel like it's not very exciting lol Smiley Happy  I wanted to share a pic.. Kiba is on the right, Kiki is on the left... they don't sleep together like this often so I'm glad I have a souvenir... they are brothers Smiley Happy Juno Juneau is a great name! Sounds like you have a fun loving family Smiley Happy  IMG_3258.JPG

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Kiki looks SO much like my childhood pet that passed away a few years ago! They are both handsome!

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