Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

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I love the entire idea of the Project 10 Pan. I always get so excited to try new things, but the end result are drawers and bins full of lots of partially used product. I know there have been a few posts about everyone's 10Pan accomplishments, and I figured it'd be fun to also spread the love to those who are also trying to clean house with their deluxe samples (especially with the awesome new 100 pt perks this month!).


I've got quite a collection of minis that have amassed, and I've been storing them in the case that last year's sunkit came in.


I really want to try so many of the products in there, but I've GOT to use up some of the ones I've already tried (of which I have another whole makeup bag full...I think I might have a mini-addiction :-p). I will definitely post an update when I have finished my DS 10-Pan.

What DS have you used up recently? Are any of them worth investing in the full-sized version? 


Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

Okay here are all my mini/deluxe samples/sample packets:


1. mychelle replenishing solar defense sunblock    X 3

2. fresh sugar rose lip treatment

3. buxom lip cream, white Russian

4. buxom lip gloss, dolly

5. benefit benetint

6. Josie maran argan mini color stick, petal pink

7. benefit that gal brightening face primer


I have a lot more that I thought I did...and I totally forgot about those sunscreen samples I picked up at Whole Food lately. :smileyvery-happy:


I might post a pic later on.


Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

love love your collection of minis!!!!!!!!


Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

lol, I like how everyone have similar samples. Supergoop SPF, POREfessional, Boscia... =P


I just can't resist a skincare kit on sale