Product hoarding!

So, I think most people who buy makeup like we do have some sort of very specific product that they just love.  And I've noticed that it goes beyond brands, it's just a weird compulsion a lot of us have to keep buying nearly identical products because we think it's the best thing ever.  For example, I freakin' love taupe eyeshadow.  Every time I go makeup shopping, I always look at the taupe pressed powder eyeshadows from every brand - despite having close to 30 taupe eyeshadows sitting at home in my organizer.  To a lesser degree, I also hoard purple eyeliner.  It's awesome!


What's your secret product that you keep buying over and over again (and will probably continue doing no matter how many times you find the "perfect" version)?


Re: Product hoarding!

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Lipsticks and lip glosses - probably between 15 and 20 right now! I've given at least a dozen others to my sister and Mom....And powders: Bobbi Brown, Hourglass, Givenchy, Two Faced, and Clinique. Bronzing powders and luminizing powders - I just can't stop buying them.....


Re: Product hoarding!

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I know I said lippies, but I think they come in second because I forgot about my 184 bottles of nail polish!


Re: Product hoarding!

I seem to be a cyclical hoarder. My gateway drug was nail polish, that veered off into perfume, change course toward lipstick, circled around to eye shadow with a detour in mascara (so many different wands! must try them all!) and is currently settling in nicely on skincare products, mainly masks. I am hoping, hoping that I take a little breather before setting off in another direction again. What was once a small basket of nail polishes and a small gwp makeup bag full of make-up has turned into an IKEA Helmer full of polish and Alexa tower of beauty. Must slow down.



Also, Hi! I'm new here! I've been lurking and reading for about a week now and I'm so happy to have found you guys,




Re: Product hoarding!

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#1 Lipglosses (I'm trying to exclusively buy Lipsticks but I keep gravitating and buying glosses at the same time. For every lipstick I buy, I end up buying 3 glosses...<.<)


#2 Black Eyeliners (Every eyeliner is different right?! RIGHT?!?!?!? I can finish about 3 black eyeliners in a year and my black liner stash is now down to 14. Progress right?!)


#3 Brushes (I acquired this obsession just recently. Maybe I can n-i-p (Bleeped me the first time...lol) it in the bud? lol >.>)


Re: Product hoarding!

I guess I'm guilty of hoarding eyeliners.  It used to be lipsticks but I kind of scaled back a bit on getting them.


Re: Product hoarding!

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My addictions are to palettes, esp. eyeshadow palettes, and to lipstick!!! How I love them! Reds, pinks, roses, fuschias, and now straight up purples! Today I went to put up some new ones (Gash from UD, and a Rosegold from Bobbie Brown, plus the 8 or so that accumulated in my purse makeup bag and have to be put away. This turned into a several hour exercise where I had to rearrange a large number of them on my vanity holders (and the drawer). I even threw away a few that had turned, and a couple of old eyeshadows. ::smileyvery-happy:isproportionately pleased with self,  pats self on back:: Lipsticks are just sooooo pretty, ya know? And am I alone in sometimes buying multiple units of the same product just so it won't run out/ get discontinued without my being prepared? When does thing become OCD?


Re: Product hoarding!

For me, it's nail polish, masks and lippies!


Re: Product hoarding!

Nail polish, I am a butter London fiend!  I also love the new UD ones!

Eyeliner, particularly purple.  I counted last night, I have 112 liners.  It's a little obscene.

Almost every shade of pink, lilac/purple lippies.  Hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, I need them alll.

I have a smaller perfume collection, but I'm eyeing two new sampler sets and 3 full size Nest fragrances.  

I think I can reasonably include eyeshadow, especially hot pinks.  


Re: Product hoarding!

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I'm pretty sure you and I have a lot of overlap in our collections. Probably even the same shades of polish, even if yours are Butter London and mine are Zoya. :smileytongue: 


Re: Product hoarding!

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It used to be lippies (still working through my enormous collection) but most recently it's eye shadow palettes. A year ago I only had one large palette (and by large I mean 6+ colors) and now I have like 12, lol. And half of them are neutral palettes. My only other hoarding tendency is perfume. I have soooo many bottles, I'm afraid to even count...close to three digits (in my defense a lot of them are small bottles!) I really need to stop. Maybe after chic week. :smileyhappy:


Re: Product hoarding!

Eyeshadow palettes for sure over the last few years, facial masks recently, and like Urbie I have tons of perfume vials. I have a whole drawer in my bathroom that's filled with them because it's a good way to try out new ones and try to find my new perfect one. Also with eyeshadows I have far too many purple and golden shades that are similar.


Re: Product hoarding!

Bronzers and red lipsticks. I seriously have a problem. It can be a total match for a red lipstick that I already have, but I'll still get it.


Re: Product hoarding!

I have a lot of purple eyeliners, a lot of nail polish, more perfume than I could ever hope to use, and I'm sure my hair tie collection would number in the hundreds if it wasn't for my cats and my daughter, BUT the one thing I'm always searching for and buying is an olive-ish eyeliner.  When I was maybe 16 or 17, I found a perfect eyeliner, it was called Tiger's Eye.  It made my eyes stand out like nothing else had before, and the first time I wore it was the first time I realized my eyes weren't brown, they were hazel.


Sadly, I haven't found another eyeliner to match it, but that doesn't stop me from trying, and buying.


Re: Product hoarding!

BB and CC cream... and luminizers!


Re: Product hoarding!

Oh yes I know what you mean!

Mine are red lipsticks, lip stains and gloss. 

And blue eyeshadows. 


Re: Product hoarding!

Hi emmaclaire,


I have a few different types of products I hoard. 


#1 - Purple eyeliners! I have at least 15 different purple eyeliners - I can't get enough! Purple is my favorite color in general and also, it tends to look great on my brownish green eyes so I end up hoarding too many of them...


#2 - Eyeshadow Palettes: I stopped buying them about a year ago because I have about 20 to 30 eyeshadow palettes. I started giving some of my eyeshadows away to friends because I have more eyeshadows than I can use in a lifetime...


#3 - Facial Masks - I love masks! Every time I hear about a new one, I always feel a need to try it because all masks are slightly different so I can always justify adding another one to my collection!


#4 - Brushes - Every single brush is different and therefore I always need more to add to my collection, right? :smileywink: 


Re: Product hoarding!

I usually am pretty good about using things and only having 1 or 2 back ups since I've been on a tight budget lately, but I don't really wear perfume and have this HUGE bag of perfume vials.  Sometimes the samples are so meh that I end up adding a couple perfumes thinking "I might wear this once", or sometimes they get tossed in as an added sample or substitution by the packer at the warehouse.  I cleared out my backstash this Xmas by making little goodie bags for friends, but I've already filled up a box with more.  


I'm always on the hunt for a nice coppery eyeshadow though.  I had a perfect one years ago that made my eyes look amazing, but since I was a teenager, I didn't pay attention to the brand or color, and I've been buying copper shades ever since.


Re: Product hoarding!

Oh, Urbie, I can totally relate! I have so many samples of fragrances that I do not use, but simply cannot get rid of!


Re: Product hoarding!

Burgundy and copper eyeshadows.  Seriously, do I need 22 shadow singles from different brands that basically all look the same on?  (The answer is "yes" of course.)  :smileyhappy:


Re: Product hoarding!

Eyeshadow and blush palettes! I'm also a major sucker for holiday makeup sets and the Sephora favourites collections, for example even with over 30 unused deluxe sample mascaras I still had to buy the Sephora favourites mascara set.

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