Sharing in the random question love!


1) Let's talk about chocolate! How do you like yours best?  Dark? Milk? White? Ice cream, mousse, or in a bar?  With dried fruit and nuts, Sea salt, or mint? SO MANY CHOICES!


2) What shape are your nails?  Long, short, oval, square?


3) You're given $100 to purchase a couple of items from ONE brand Sephora carries- what brand do you pick??

4) What kind of car do you have, if you have a car?

5) What is the best book you read recently?



For me: 


1) I love dark chocolate with sea salt Smiley Happy


2) My nails were long and oval, but I just cut them (like yesterday) to be quite short and squared.


3) I'd choose Hourglass at the moment. I have my eye on a few products I want to try!


4) I drive a red 2007 subaru impreza. It is covered in dog rescue magnets.  I am a crazy dog rescue lady.  LOVE MY SUBARU!


5) They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie.  I usually stick to her Poirot or Miss Marple mysteries, and this was neither, but OMG it was so well written and so much fun.  (Albeit ever so slightly corny Smiley Wink )


1. I love Milk Chocolate and my favorite thing are turtles (only eat them at Christmas).


2. I have short nails that are square shaped.


3. Anything from Dior all though I'm probably close to having all of it until something  new comes out.


4. I have a Ford Explorer I think it's an 07.


5. I don't have a lot of time to read but the last book I read was Max Lucado's  - A Gentle Thunder


1 - I love all chocolate equally as long as it doesn't have nuts in it!


2 - i keep my nails natural nowadays but if i do take the time to shape them, i always try to make the tips square..ish


3 - i would pick Stila because I have been eyeing a couple Stile eyeshow palettes recently!


4 - i've got a white Grand marquis - yep thats right i drive a grandma car and i love it lol


5 - i have been reading the beautiful creatures series


1. Dark chocolate covered chilis, my weakness whenever I pass by a Kilwin's.

2. I have short nails, I don't get manis or pedis, I am weird about about having my hands and feet manhandled by strangers. Yet I love getting facials and massages, so odd.

3. I would go completely insane in the Lancome section. I could probably blow all that on serums and lip glosses.

4. I have a Mercury Milan. It is my baby, I love it so. His name is Blade, like the comic book character.

5. The Great Gatsby and Our Town. I was on an American classics kick. I am in the middle of The Three Musketeers. I love revisiting books and finding new connections or simply enjoying my memories funny first go around with certain pieces. I reread The Old Man and the Sea and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance every few years and I swear I find something new in these works every time I come back to them. 


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Our Town is so haunting. One of my favorites.





1) I love chocolate but really need to avoid it- I'm a pushover for sea salt , almond, shortbread filled, caramel filled.. what am I talking about, I love ANY chocolate!! 


2) My nails are short and squoval sort of shaped Smiley Happy 


3) $100 on any brand would probably go to Fresh or Alterna! I love the Fresh perfumes and bath cubes but I would drop everything for more Alterna, it's really changed my life as dramatic as that sounds. 


4) I have a 2005 Chevy Cavalier that is hardly driven- I'm looking into buying a small-ish SUV hopefully at the end of summer since I don't feel safe in my car after a taxi cab crashed into me. 


5) The best book I've read recently.. I can't particularly say that I read anything RECENT I enjoyed but I did read a great non fiction called "I am Nujood, age 8 and divorced" (or was it age 10?)  about a young girl in the Middle East who goes against her community and family and files for a divorce from a man her parents forced her to marry at about 8 or 9 years of age. So incredibly sad yet uplifting to see how strong this little girl was to do so! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana


i have the exact same car problem as you, i'm looking to trade in my car for a jeep or at least something mid-sized Smiley Sad a giant chevy tahoe crash and almost totaled my car about 2 months ago.


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Ouch! Didn't you say you had a 2013 Hyndai? Wow, that really blows that you had a brand new car and it got almost totaled by some careless driver. For your interest in a Jeep, if you're talking about a Wrangler I would steer clear from those since the frame is super thin with little safety features on the inside which can be a tin can in milliseconds if wrecked. Then again, I do love Jeeps entirely just for looks though. The mpg is horrible, but perfect if you don't drive far and you live in a beachy community! Hehe


Have you checked out Volvo? They make great cars. My bf drives an S60 and swears by it. Basically anything European made will be amazing unless you're looking for a truck then go for a Ford Smiley Very Happy


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Also, if you're interested in buying a new Volvo they will personally fly you and one other person out to Sweden and pay for accommodations on their wallet to help you pick out a car of you choice. It's a pretty nice perk to get to go to Sweden for free, you only have to buy the car once ya get there though lol 


omg i would love to go to sweden lmao, but yes i had a 2010 nissan cube and it was my BABY i loved that car and someone totalled it and then i got my 2013 elantra (which i'm still paying off i might add!) and literally about 3 weeks after i was hit, its so annoying to me. 


i really like volvo's, i was looking at like a scion TC too, i need something with good gas milage lol 


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Aw those little cubes are cute, but I don't think I could ever drive one. Haha 


1) Reese's Cups

2) Short and uneven. I'm a biter :-/

3) Caudalie! Can I have more than $100? Smiley Happy

4) 1998 Honda Civic. His name is Viktor, and he's on his last leg.

5) Just finished the Shopaholic series, it was really cute!


How on earth could i forget about the utterly miraculous combination of peanut butter and chocolate? YUM!


lol, I'd give everyone $100 if i could HAH!



 1.) To be honest, I'm not a big chocolate lover. However, I do love milk choc. w/ caramel in it from time to time.


2.) What nails? Smiley Sad


3.) Alterna haircare


4.) I drive a hobbit. It's half truck, half SUV. Short and stubby. Ford Sport Trac to be exact.


5.) I don't really fancy reading books these days, the most recent was probably Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.


1.  Chocolate chip cookies!

2.  Super short and squoval

3.  Benefit

4.  Subaru Impreza

5.  The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov


We're Impreza buddies! wooo!


1) I'm not big into sweets, but I do like fresh baked milk chocolate chip cookies.

2) I keep my nails pretty short & squoval because they are thin & tend to break easily.

3) Laura Mercier- I already use a lot of her products, & could easily spend $100 on her line.

4) I don't have a car; I'm a city girl- I walk or take public transit.

5) I'm currently reading The Secret Keeper: A Novel by Kate Morton, and it's so good, I don't want to put it down.


Smiley Happy -Laura


1) Chocolate! How do you like yours best?

I like everythinggggggggggg! Except for the ones with dried fruit. My favorite are rasberry truffles and marzipan chocolate from Lindt, only sold in their boutiques. =/


2) What shape are your nails? Long, short, oval, square?

Short. Long ones annoy me cuz I'm on computer 24/7.


3) You're given $100 to purchase a couple of items from ONE brand Sephora carries- what brand do you pick??

Well, if it's given instead of something I earned, then I'm gonna splurge. Prob try something from SK-II, the mask.


4) What kind of car do you have, if you have a car?

Mid-size. I'm not picky.


5) What is the best book you read recently?

.......oh gosh, I read everything online. Books......the last physical one I read was from Stephen Colbert, don't remember the name...


1) Let's talk about chocolate! How do you like yours best? 

I love Hershy's with almonds!! Mhmm sooo good!

2) What shape are your nails? Long, short, oval, square?

Some are oval some are more square. The two i use most tend to never stay square Smiley Sad

3) You're given $100 to purchase a couple of items from ONE brand Sephora carries- what brand do you pick??

Gosh, $100 isn't a lot, probably Laura Mercier.

4) What kind of car do you have, if you have a car?

I share a car with my sister. Mercury Milan

5) What is the best book you read recently?

Hungar Games!! I don't read often so that was the last i read completely!


lol, I know $100 doesn't seem like it goes very far sometimes!! 


1. Toblerone is my favorite kind of chocolate candy. Smiley Happy

2. Right now they are square, I need to paint them again soon!

3. Either Benefit or NARS.

4. I dont have one since I'm currently looking for one right now.

5. To be honest, I haven't read any books in a REALLY long time.


I forgot about toblerone's! They are sooo good!

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