Loyalty to a Brand?


Loyalty to a Brand?

Are there any particular products/brands that you are completely loyal to?  Ever since I discovered Josie Maran's brand 3 years ago, I have not switched my skincare. That is really saying something, because I am a beauty product junkie! Also, I'm super loyal to WEN since switching to it over 2 years ago.  What beauty products/brands are you loyal to and would consider your ultimate holy grail?


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Oxygen Peel...YESSSS!!!!! You know what I've found to be a good daily booster to keep up the results and feeling of the OP? Kate Somerville's Dermal Quench spray! Same mentality of using oxygen to flush and refresh skin, but it also contains hyaluronic acid to condition.


I love the visual of the OP, it's like marshmallow foam on the face!


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I always get so excited when I find out other peeps love the same things I do. So glad you love the Oxy Peel and so shocked when you mentioned Kate Somerville's Dermal Quench, I love that too! (I'd love it more if I used it more consistently) My makeup goes on nicely after using this.


I originally got Dermal Quench as a TSV or Special Offer from QVC on Auto-Delivery, and the price was great. That program ended and now it's back to regular price. :smileysad: Where do you get yours? any special offers that you know of?


My little Nieces Love the Oxy Peel (well, initially it scared the heck out of the youngest one - I wish I could have seen it through her eyes)- we call it the 'Mrs. Doubtfire' mask - do you know the scene I'm referring to? So incredibly funny.


Our shared love of these products just gave me 2 more reasons to like you, as if there weren't enough reasons already. :smileyhappy:


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

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Hahaha! Mrs. Doubtfire! That's EXACTLY what it looks like! I've tried the Bliss Oxygen Peel and though I loved the smell, it didn't give the same results as the Philosophy one, I like the Bliss one added into cleanser as a citrus smelling booster!


I don't always use my Dermal Quench, but I did when it was colder as I wanted my more intensive products to sink in and absorb better. I buy the little can and it'll last me about 2-3, but I also only spray 3 lines since so much can come out of the can. I do one line at my forehead and one line down each cheek. I believe the original directions call for 3 lines down each cheek and that's just wayyyyyy too much. This helps to stretch the use of a can out too. Once I run out, I tend to go about 2 months without buying one, but then snag another back up again. There used to be a kit of a mini DQ and tube of ExfoliKate, can't remember if it was a full sized one or a trial.


*HIGH 5 for the OP and DQ lovin'!


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm not unwaveringly loyal to any brand because I like trying new things too much, but there are definitely brands or products that I favor!


The one solid commitment to a product I can think of is Neutrogena's makeup removing wipes.  I have been using (and loving) those for around 10 years.  But I don't really give a darn about Neutrogena as a brand so I'm not sure that counts LOL


I really love Make Up For Ever when it comes to eye makeup - I have about 6 or so MUFE aqua eyes liquid liner because I absolutely adore the formula and applicator.  I don't like a lot of their face/skin products though, so again, not exactly brand loyal across the board.


Smashbox is a go-to for foundation, and I have really enjoyed most of the products I've used from them, but I wouldn't say I'm particularly brand loyal beyond the foundation.


Wow I really can't commit apparently!  Ummmm I've used the same shampoo for 11 years, and I doubt I'll ever switch - but it's just Head & Shoulders LOL I suck!


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Okay so we all know about Nars and Bite for me, so I won't go into detail about the.


Dior: Seriously, I was afraid to use their skincare line due to fragrance and how sensitive my skin is. I wish I hadn't for Dior has been one of those brands who had actually been really kind to my sensitive skin. No irritation, no acne, no nothing.


Shiseido is another brand. First tried their cleanser (it was an accidental purchase because I wanted more so a non foaming, cream cleanser) and now their eye cream. I am looking it!


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I used to be loyal to Caudalie for skincare and body products after having discovered the brand while living abroad, but the high mark-up in their U.S. prices is absolutely ridiculous, and from my personal experience, are not in line with either the quality of ingredients in their products, or with the results that their products give.  While I still love some Caudalie products and may repurchase them during sales, I have since branched out to other "natural"-focused skincare lines, like REN and Jurlique.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I used to be extremely loyal to Lancome for everything, but since they cut the moisturizer I loved, I have branched out in nearly every aspect of my make up.


I love Laura Mercier for her concealers and eye shadows.


I love korres for their moisturizers.


I love Marc Jacobs for his foundation.


I love YSL for their lipsticks. 


I also really like Too Faced for their neutral palettes. 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

For make up, I usually stick with BareMinerals and Tarte, but I cheat on them for eye liner.  I'm a skincare junkie, so I am always switching stuff around, but there is always at least one Origins, Murad, and Korres product stuck in the mix.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

My loyalty goes to Tarte for blushes and Urban Decay for eye pencils - definitely my holy grails when it comes to these two products.  I'm a little all over the place with everything else :-P


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?



Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

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GlamGlow YouthMud....I'm Dying to try that!!!! I keep hoping for a sample to become available, well, there was one recently but I didn't get to it quick enough. :smileysad: Getting to a Sephora store isn't very do-able, so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled and hope that when it comes around there's something I wan't/need to purchase.


When I do finally get it, do you have any tips that might help me get the best results from it? Thanks in advance. :smileyhappy:


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Don't be afraid to slather it on there! Thin applications don't work well for me, so I will really lay it on on places where I really need it! :smileyhappy: 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I have 3 products that I am ALWAYS loyal too..

1. Tattoo Goo Products




Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Skincare: Avene, Vichy, Estee Lauder, and Clinique


Laura Mercier

Urban Decay







Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Bareminerals (foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow) and Buxom (lip polish & eyeliner)  are my makeup favorites, for the most part I won't use any other brand, here and there I'll try a mascara (which I rarely wear) by Lancome or Yves Saint Laurent. I'm a fan of Ole Henriksen skin care but I am not exclusive & I use Wen hair cleansing conditioner pretty regularly, but I may switch to regular shampoo to give my hair a break.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

For skincare I am loyal to Josie Maran, as well as Alba Botanica and Lush for certain things (Ultrabland makeup remover).  

For makeup I use Tarte, Too Faced, Josie Maran and a bit of Urban Decay, Tarte and Too Faced are my go to though, all of my favourite foundations are Tarte.  

For haircare I need to try WEN but right now I love Alba Botanica and Josie Maran.

For shower and body I love body shop!


My main thing is for them to be cruelty free.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I love Alba, too! I just bought a bunch of their natural sunscreen for my trip next week.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Skincare: Philosophy

Hair products: Paul Mitchell

Eye primer/liner/shadow: Urban Decay

Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz

Mascara: hmmm maybe Benefit

Foundation/blush/finishing powder: still looking


disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind :smileyhappy:  :smileyhappy:


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Loyal to:






Urban Decay


Laura Mercier





Ole Henrickson


and always for nail: Lynnderella


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

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I seem to be brand loyal in phases.  I was very brand loyal to First Aid Beauty for a long time.  However, the one thing I wasn't happy with was their moisturizers.  They just didn't feel good on my skin.  So now that I'm running out of my current skincare, I am starting to try other things.  


I LOVE Lorac.  I really liked the foundation I had from them, but it's been discontinued.  They honestly make the best blushes in my opinion.  I will always try Lorac stuff because it has just been great for me.  


However, I like trying new things.  I just ordered some IT Cosmetics stuff and I have the feeling that will be my newest loyalty....for a while :smileywink:


But overall...Lorac is definitely one I am loyal to.  


Oh I almost forgot.  I am totally brand loyal to Bite Beauty.  I never have that many lipsticks.  I prefer having one or two good quality ones in colors that work for me.  Their formula is just the best I have ever found, so I won't ever stray far from them.  My absolute favorite shades are Fig and Shiraz.  


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I love Lorac too!  I think you can get the prior version liquid foundations in the VIP sale section right now.

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