Loyalty to a Brand?

Are there any particular products/brands that you are completely loyal to?  Ever since I discovered Josie Maran's brand 3 years ago, I have not switched my skincare. That is really saying something, because I am a beauty product junkie! Also, I'm super loyal to WEN since switching to it over 2 years ago.  What beauty products/brands are you loyal to and would consider your ultimate holy grail?


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I realized the other day that every eyeshadow palette I own is from Urban Decay! I tried a Lorac palette but HATED it - so that's going into a TSB. 

So, although I wasn't intentionally loyal to UD, I guess at the end of the day, that definitely counts as brand loyalty. 

I'm also loyal to Bite, because literally - there is no other lipstick like their lipstick! It's pigmented and literally STAYS so well. I haven't met a better one, so it's Bite for life!

Also - in terms of foundation, I haven't really strayed from BareMinerals, although I caught myself looking at some NARS foundation these past few weeks, so you never know! 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

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Gosh, I've heard such good things about Bite's lipsticks. I really need to go into my Sephora and check them out.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

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Skincare - First Aid Beauty

Nail Polish and Care - Zoya 

Perfume - BPAL

Lipstick - MAC

Brows - Anastasia Beverly Hills


I seem to be slowly becoming an Urban Decay shadow person - I've used MAC, NARS, Kat Von D, Too Faced, and a million other brands and my collection seems to be slowly accumulating more UD shadows. 

I'll try new things that look interesting from other brands but I find myself only keeping and repurchasing the above. 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?



Makeup Forever


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I am super loyal to Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Spa Water. That's the only thing I purchase consistently. For everything else such as facial cleanser, skincare, foundation, brows, lipstick, etc. I'll try products from all different brands.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I would worship at 










feet if i wasn't christian :smileywink:

But in all seriousness, I will buy from Bite NARS and Tarte for life. 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I own alot of different products from alot of different brands, but my HG products that I always replace would have to be:


Makeup Remover - Mac Cleanse Off Oil

Skin Cleanser - Origins Checks and Balances

Moisturizer - Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Eye Cream - Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream 

Eyeshadow primer/base - Mac Paint Pot in Painterly

Brows - Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash and ELF clear brow mascara

Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear

Powder - NARS 

Blush - Benefit Box Powders or NARS

Mascara - Benefit or Estee Lauder

Lipstick - Mac Faux


LOL!!  Just to name a few.  


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I have Faux, it's a great shade!


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Josie Maran is fabulous. I bought all of the holiday sets and have found every product I've tried so far to work great for me. I will always love Tarte's blushes even though I'm not happy with their "reformulations" that have caused their products to shrink in size (by half!) and have the price remain the same. Something I've discovered today that I love is Dr. Jart's BB cream. I will be getting his BB cream sampler kit to try out the other three variations.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

*high fives killahbabe* Josie Maran is fabulous! :smileyhappy:  The Tarte blushes have shrunk in size??? I didn't know that, those are my favorite blushes too! :smileysurprised: :smileysad:


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Their cream blushes are now half the size. :smileysad: But the powder blushes are the same size (for now)...


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

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Oh, got ya. The cheek stains. Those were always so huge! I can't believe they made them smaller, but still charge the same price. So lame! I'm a big fan of the Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes, the cheeks stain always felt sticky and would sometimes break me out. But, I do have combo-oily skin.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Urban decay and Josie Maran are my absolute favorite brands.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

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*high fives supergirl* For loving Josie Maran too! :smileyhappy:


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Eyeshadow primer- Urban Decay

Face Wash- Peter Thomas Roth

Nails- Orly, Seche Vite Top Coat, Illamasqua

Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black

Eyeliner: L'oreal Lineur Intense (the felt tip is perfect)

Hair Masks: Oscar Blandi, Kerastase

Body Lotion: Keri lotion for extra dry skin (the formula says non-greasy and it actually is)

Body Wash: LUSH Dreamwash

Lipstick: Make Up Forever

Foundation: MAC Studio Tech

Foundation daytime: Clinique CC cream


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Long story short: 

Lips- Guerlain

Eyes- Vacant (Guerlain lacks shades and with Urban Decay and Mac, there is real competition); Plus with eyeliner and mascara needing to be 120% waterproof, BRANDS WILL VARY. (Still like Guerlain MaxiLash) 

Face/Complexion- Guerlain

Cleanser/Moisturizer- Philosophy

Exfoliant/Mask- Vacant

Nails- OPI (see Manicure note) 

But I have a serious brand loyalty to Guerlain- I even have a bag full of just Guerlain make-up products. Plus I collect some of their products. 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm pretty loyal to Urban Decay. I tend to like a lot of the products they come out with. Eyeshadows, liners, setting spray, foundation, powder...


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I have HG products that I will never stay from- Ole Henrickson skin care namely- but otherwise I love trying new brands. Even when I love something, I tend to stray away to try something new after a few purchases.

I tend to obsess over anything new from UD, Dior and Nars.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I am very loyal to Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Nars. I love their products. For skincare I love Murad and Boscia.


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

The only major loyalty I have is to cruelty free brands.  I'll probably try them if they fall in that spectrum.  

Brands I really gravitate towards:




Urban Decay


Too Faced


Butter London

AG Hair Cosmetics




Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Yea, I only use natural and cruelty free brands, so that REALLY limits me on what products to use. I mainly use Josie Maran, Tarte, Buxom, BareMinerals and WEN. I recently bought a few items from Acure...they aren't sold at Sephora, though.

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