I'm having a Beauty Moment, you?

I'm having a Beauty Moment, you?

What beauty moment are you having right now?  Are you currently into the bright lipstick look?  All neutrals?  The bronzed look?  Trying a different hairstyle everyday? 


My current beauty moment is mixing blushes.  I'm usually a one and done type of girl, but since I've purchased the LORAC blushes (um, all of them!) that were on sale a while back I've started to mix blush colors- a cream blush layered with a complimenting powder blush; a bright blush muted with a skin colored blush; blush bronzer mix.


Next, I'm gravitating towards lightening up my eye looks.  As it's getting warmer (and stickier in DC) I'm softening my eye looks and layers of colors to one soft color and a bright eyeliner (or just brown or black).

What beauty moment are you having?

Re: I'm having a Beauty Moment, you?

fun thread! I am all about trying different foundations. Getting different looks (glowy, matte, velvet) and matching the occasion to the foundation. I have a ton of samples and I'm trying to find out which full size I want to buy.


I too have been lightening my eye look and using neutrals (LORAC Pro palette lighter shades).  It think it makes my eyes pop more to have a lighter color on my lid.

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