How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

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I know this has been discussed before, but not recently, so I thought an update is in order!

Right now I have a bunch of makeup bags and shoe-boxes, but they just make things difficult to find and so I never put things back in. I organize so often, but my makeup ends up all over the place. I am looking to reorganize everything - so I would appreciate ideas from all you beauty gurus! Thanks!

*when I finally do it, I will definitely post a pic to follow up ...


Re: How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

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Yeah they're prefect for smaller/compact makeup. But I find that if I'm going to keep using these, I'll have so much since I need a lot of room for my makeup!!


Re: How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

I hear you on that. I don't really have any room left in the two I already own. On one hand I could say I guess that means I probably should buy another organizer. I also could say I probably should get working on using up the makeup I already have in there :-p


Re: How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

swfupload_6827314285299187821.pngI want the ediva.....but I don't like the X dividers. You don't *have* to use the dividers, but they sure do make things easier. Its very similar to the clear cube, but puurrrrtier because of the rounded edges.



Re: How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

Hi Onomotopoeia9,


I know how you feel! I have a lot of make up bags too and I use them for storage. I really need to go and get those clear pull out bins. I also have a few shoe boxes that I have organized in different categories: Lipsticks, blushes, foundations etc. Its a temporary fix but, it works for now:smileyhappy:

<3 Melissa
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